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  1. Sorry chinggus..I did not open soompi for a while due to busy at work (new year and all). Is the message thingy still on? and I did not have the luxury to read all the thread yet, but I will..so, correct me if I'm wrong, is there something we must register to send this message? Anyway, here is my message to KJH Dear KJH . BJS would not be possible without you. He is alive because of you. He is funny because of you. He is lovable because of you. My tears of watching this drama is because your sadness as BJS made me cry. My happiness of watching this drama is because your laughter as BJS made me smile. I can never imagine anyone better suited to play that role except for you. I've read the manga and in my imagination there is always you. So, don't let the ratings or the negativity gets to your spirit. To me, FGTD is one of the best dramas I have watched in years. It started strong and ended even stronger. You are always a great actor and, to me, you have nowhere else to go but up. Please be healthy and stronger and come back with greater projects. Looking forward to see you on the screen again. Fighting!! To all the chinggus who tagged me here..Thank you!!..I promise I will come back and read through the whole thread once I'm done with my new year project. Thank you again all...
  2. second you there chinggu..since the title is "Feel Good To Die", it doesn't have to be about the office anymore, though the team could remain. But the timeloop can happen when he tried to resolved his personal issues with Roo Da. After all, it is his first relationship after becoming a changed man...hehehe.. it is expected that he has a looootttt to learn about loving a woman like Roo Da...
  3. To all the live recapper...kamsahanida!!!!! (I'll take back my concern just now) But now, I can breathe easy and can binged watched the whole drama..yipeee!! Thank you to all the chinggus here who have posted updates, pic, videos and also provide really awesome discussions of this drama.. See, u guys in another drama thread @Lawyerh will definitely spam/ frequent that thread (btw..sorry..I keep on typing KJW instead of KJH..hahaha)
  4. Wait.wait..is the Writer going towards noble idiocy for BJS? Like he tried to get them together because he think he is not good enough and so that the drama can go back to the original ending of Roo Da ending up with Joon Ho? Is it? Please no... Is it ending yet? Why am I holding my breath? Hahaha
  5. I just did dear..it was awesome!! And yes I missed those guys too..I do hope they act in another project together..or if there is going to be Season 2, please get a different PD and Writer..jeball...hehehe Anyway, @nohamahamoud2002..I was made to understand, literally, almost all the ardent fans of TGD was either depressed or diagnosed for depression for weeks after the drama ended..hahahaha..just kidding..seriously, it started beautifully but the ending was TO DIE FOR..literally..hahahaha.. Ok, this is not the thread to discuss TGD, coming back to this drama... I loved KJW ever since Lie to Me. To me, he has perfectly symmetrical body structure...hahaha..he is tall, and well-proportionate and he has the best smile I've seen on any Kdrama actors. I was thrilled to find out he was the first choice for General Choi Yong in Faith/ The Great Doctor but due to some dispute, they changed to LMH..But still, the idea of him in the General outfit, characteristically cold but smart at the same time, just give me the goosebumps.. unfortunately, I did not get to see him in that role. But I managed to watched him in many of the revenge dramsa he acted which gave out about the same vibes, though without the General outfit. So, imagine my thrill to find out he will be acting in this drama with BJH, one of my newly adored actresses. Though I was not thrill about the initial premise of his character but I was so looking forward for the development of his character. I wanted so much to see the changes and how he can make Roo Da fall in love with him (btw, I saw a snippet of him brawling when Roo Da was supposedly dead. It was awesome. He depicted his true feeling really convincingly). But when I read the comment in the many forums I frequented and also read the webtoon until the ending, I was not sure if I can take the "platonic love" premise (seriously Writer-nim, why do you think platonic love could draw in more fans is beyond me *rolling eyes again*). Hence, I stopped watching after ep 6. BUT..I have this glimpse of hope that we might get a different ending especially when some fans commented that the drama has taken a bit of different route from the toon. So, I guess there is still hope..I hope so..jeball...(plus KJW is a darn good kisser...hahahaha..PD nim...please dont waste his talent..jeballl..hahahahaha)
  6. Hi..just passing through the thread.. About the highlighted comment...hmm..maybe..just maybe..most of them are waiting for the ending, to see if it different from the webtoon, probably.. i know I am. I like and started this drama because of the OTP and the whole plot is so refreshing and the comedic timing was spot on in the first few episodes. But after I read the many comments about the webtoon ending, I was sceptical whether I should follow through or not. The whole year has been a series of disappointing endings, not all though but at least the one I thought worth to watch initially with very good OTP (at least for me..I brawl for weeks after Mr Sunshine, literally banged my head to the wall after The Ghost Detective and rolling my eyes after My Secret Terrius). For this drama, I decided to play safe. I got out before I became emotionally invested in the story line. I lurked here once in a while, reading all the comments on posts, I can say that you guys who have been loyal throughout this drama do have a very strong heart! Kudos!! hehehe..I too hope the ending is different but anything can happen. So, I will wait till the ending tonight (and believe me I have been very patiently waiting..hahaha) and probably binged-watch it after knowing the ending. I think this is also the same reason why there are not many MVs yet..the fans are literally holding their breath to see if it is worth their time to create any MVs just for the OTP, perhaps, maybe...#justmy2cents.
  7. Chinggu..I am with you about this..since we did not get the actual kiss, I thought the ko-ko kiss would be enough, and then bam!!, SG got the ko-ko too...oh my heart..Like you, I did laugh at the point it was shown..but when i wanted to watch it again with the subbed, I could not put myself through it..hence fast forward it..hahaha
  8. @stroppyse..kamsahanida for the translation dear chinggu. I did watch the subbed version but sometimes I prefer your translations (ever since FIS..hehe) because you literally translate them word per word, which sometimes makes more sense in understanding the underlying context of the scene..thank you again.. Ok..just watched the subbed (yes, it took me that long since I am still "mourning" over the no kiss thingy..hahaha) Anyway, I think I figure out about the last scene. I agree with those who think the whole set up was done by both Chief Kwon and Bon. It is obvious that Chief Kwon would have continuously communicate with Bon the whole time he was on that mission in Poland. Hence, the minute the mission was completed, Chief Kwon wanted to give him the next mission which would involve AR. But since Bon was missing AR so much (it was like 1 year since they last saw each other, of course he missed her so very much ), he asked Chief Kwon to convey the details of the mission to both him and AR together in Seoul, rather than he is the one telling her. later. And then, he asked Chief Kwon to grant him a favour, that is to set up the whole mission-giving thingy so that he can surprise and meet AR at the Namsan Tower. He can asked that favour since Chief Kwon owed him a lot..hehehe.. Hence, that's why we get the whole elaborate set up for AR to take the bag and go to Namsan Tower and why Bon seemed oblivious about the content of the bag..tadaaa...hehehe Anyway, after that last scene, I sincerely hope there is at least a movie for the NY mission..jeball.,,but I also hope the PD would rope in another Writer to write the spy stuffs since I dont think spying details is the Writer's forte (I mean, who still gives mission in a card, printed with large font anymore these days, in a old-fashion briefcase to add in ? Come on. Digital era please. After all Samsung is one of the sponsors, right?...hehehe) BTW, i think this PD/ Writer or both are fans of KES or the PD directing KES's works. The way Bon appeared every time he fetch JJ from the school bus resembles the way SJK walked when SHK first arrived on the foreign land in Descendent of the Sun, the maple leaf is so Goblin and the pretend wedding rings is so Mr Sunshine..and of course, the no kiss is Mr Sunshine all over again...hahahaha p/s..just to note here. I can understand why some people are somewhat "angry" about the ending. Especially to romance buff like me, who started any drama, expecting the chemistry between the leads to "explode" with visual act of love (which include kissing). Even when the drama is in different genre (crime, melo, horror..etc..), I have the same expectation. It is also a form of escapism, at least for me, after going through harsh reality almost everyday, such expectation for any drama will bring joy, especially if it really tailor to the individual needs (which we know it will be impossible, of course). HOWEVER, i totally get it for those who also think the ending is just perfect and rather satisfactory since the drama has actually created a bit of conflict between the OTP due to the time frame between the death of the husband and the start of a new love. Whatever it is, each individual reserve the right for their own preferences and opinions of how the perfect ending should be. Hence, I agree with and respect both sides actually. IMHO, no opinion/ comments are wrong here as everyone has their own preferences. If we look at the bigger picture, the ending actually leave a magnitude of space for everyone to imagine any kind of perfect ending for the OTP (although, as I said this many times, I am not too keen about this kind of ending especially the fact that this year alone, there are too many dramas require me to imagine the perfect ending on my own..my brain just don't have enough space for it anymore..hahahaha). So, let's chill ya chinggus...in the end, I think most of us enjoy the drama immensely for the context, the cute interactions between the main leads (Bon, AR and JJ), the witty ways of the KIS, the surprising but adorable bromances and probably a little bit of the spy stuffs..hehehe..#justmy2cents And as I said before, I have enjoyed totally all the posts here in this thread. Kamsahanida! ..see you guys in another thread..
  9. Then, I guess this is some sort of open ending/ "leave to our own imagination" kind of ending again...aishh...I dreaded this sort of ending though...but, since we all have our imagination/ prediction/ wish for the ending, let me share a brief fan fic of what I think should happen at the end/ Tower Date and what will happen next (if there is a movie, the movie should pick up from the Tower Date): - Bon read the mission card and suddenly he felt awkward but excited (shown on his face) since he knew finally he got to have AR to himself..for the mission of course..hahaha - AR, on the other hand, blushed while thinking about the possibility of doing the mission just with Bon..as husband and wife (pretend of course) - Both feel awkward because none of them know what they need to do, except just to act as husband and wife - Bon, then, took the ring for AR and put on her finger, and asked AR to put the man's ring on his finger. And then he said "we should toast to celebrate our pretend wedding", intended as a joke. AR looked surprised but obliged anyway to his suggestion. They did the toast. - After a while, Bon suggested again "why dont we do a love shot?". AR almost shoot her drink out of her mouth, nervous and surprised by the suggestion. She asked why. And he said "Well, we need to practice to be like a real husband and wife. And I think most wedded couple do this kind of thing to celebrate something...right?". Despite the awkwardness of the request, AR obliged again..hahaha.. - And then when they walked down the Namsan Tower, AR who was so nervous and also somewhat tipsy from the drink, almost tripped (since she was wearing high heels) and Bon catch her hand and his other hand try to support her back (I think we saw this kind of catching-someone-before-they fell gesture in almost all kdrama rom-com..hehehe and cue the OST)..and they looked at each other's eyes, noticing that both of them are actually nervous about all the possibilities after this.. What happen next? Is there going to be any kiss? Well, I leave it to you guys' imagination..hahaha..kinda of sleepy right now..good night
  10. Based on the BGM music of Mission Impossible, I think it is a mission..plus they put the ring on themselves and not each other (which I wish they had done)..hmm..and Bon did seemed to be surprised too with the tickets and the rings.. But we can only be sure when the subbed is up tomorrow.. Despite the semi-unsatisfactory ending, I began to feel a withdrawal syndrome coming to me right now.. This drama has been filling my thoughts and moments for the last 2 months..I am certainly going to miss Bon, AR, JJ (the most) as well as KIS, JYT and the rest of the spy team (a little bit)...
  11. I would totally agree with this..If it is another series, the Writer might drift away again..but if it just 2 hours, probably we will get the kiss (a lot of it) and a possible wedding with JJ as ring bearers...hehehe
  12. Ok..to those who predicted that the case will end by 20 minutes..should pat yourself at the back!..congrats!..hehehe (we should have made a bet just now)..it was precisely 22 minutes..but 20 minutes is still ok..plus 2 minutes when Bon finally killed K..so end of the spy stuff..totally For those wants JJ to have at least 10 minutes moment with Bon..pat yourself at the back too..we got more than that..hehehe For those who predicted the PPL will appear again and again..hahahaha..they did....seriously, i feel like watching several CF compiled together.. For those predicted JYT will not actually died, congrats again!!..it was all pre-planned to throw off the bad guys (and us) as some of you guys predicted For those who predicted we only get 10 minutes (plus the little moments Bon and AR walked or eat together, or in the car together), the drinks on the Namsan Tower and very little heart fluttering lines between the OTP, congrats too!! (and yes..we get another Mr Sunshine element, both wearing rings but for a mission I think..not an actual wedding)..The only time I smile when he asked if she missed him very much. She said "very, very much"..two simple lines that makes me smile...haiii Are we getting Season 2? Not sure if SJS ever did any sequels before.. The most unexpected: THE NOSE KISS between the KIS bros... But..I'm joining those who wants to put the Writer in the ban list...NO KISS whatsoever too for this one...not good dear Writer nim *shaking head furiously* Satisfactory ending? I would say, for myself, on the scale of between 1 - 10, it would be 4.5 ( I like the Tower date..but it is not enough) Again..kamsahanida to those doing live recapping and gif/video posting tonite..
  13. Like some of you guys, I refuse to watch last night's episode with subbed yet until tonight's episode is done. But i take the word by those who have watched it with subbed that it is not as bad or "heart-wrenching: as the live show last nite..hehe. This way, I could watch as if I am watching a long movie with rather slow beginning but end with something intense #stillhavesmallhope..hehehe I'm not surprised by the reaction of the local netizens though about this drama. Most of them are into this drama just because of SJS and were critical of In Sun at the early stage of the drama. In one forum site I've frequented, one viewer even commented that AR and JJ are actually the obstacles to the drama, the one that drag the shows down *big whoops!!* *eyes rolling big time*.. This particular viewer is obviously into the drama because of SJS only since it has been quite sometime he appeared in a mini series (the last one was Oh My Venus, if I'm not mistaken). But if the PD or Writer took consideration of merely the local's taste, then they are in the wrong business or network since MBC is one of the hottest network (apart from TVN) among international fans. So, our opinions matters too...(*cough..trying to make the PD / Writer nim feeling guilty..if they are lurking here ) I dont want to talk about the frustration of slow romance @ the probability of no kiss..I think I have vented out enough last night..hehehe. Like some of you too, I already had my heart broken too many times in the last 1 year (Mr Sunshine, The Ghost Detective, Judge vs Judge, Queen Mystery 2 etc..). Although I buried all hope since last night (and since one of you guys mentioned about the PD nim's response in the ig), I wish, the least they can do (even if it is too late to send this wish) is to give a clearer indicator on how AR feels about Bon. The least. Bon's feeling is obvious, but AR's feeling still in limbo, IMHO..(on that note, I dont mind that 40 years time jump...hahahaha ) Ok..I know, there is 50-50 hope tonight finale will be satisfactory but just in case (because I tend not to write anything if I feel so frustrated), let me first say thank you to all the live recappers (especially @ktcjdrama and @jeonghyang and occasionally @triplem). To all those who have been posting the bts, gifs, yt of the OSTs and to those who made me LOL with all the witty opinions/comments and funny predictions, kamsahanida too..you guys surely made this journey throughout the drama to be really fun and awesome..thank you again..see you guys again in the next drama..
  14. I echo you there chinggu..throughout watching the episode live (with your live written recap to assist me), I kept telling myself "it's ok, let it be done today..it's ok, now we know all the villains already..it's ok, the villains have been caught" and boom, Shim escaped, the King's bag's CEO got hit and probably JYT will be shot tomorrow.. Seriously, Writer nim why bother write about the romance (read: nose kiss and in-laws moment) and JJ, and even KIS, if they are not part or have smaller part for the finale of this drama? *rolling eyes* *face palm*
  15. Is the writer going to "spend" the final, ultimate episode with the predictable villains getting away (again and again) and get caught in the last minute? Am I the only one feeling frustrated, we did not get to see JJ in this episode and the full capabilities of the KIS? We got to see them in action to catch K for about 5 minutes, but then K escaped again..And not to mention, very, very, very little time of the OTP..I guess they will squeeze in the moment when AR visited her husband's grave with Bon, JJ's time with Bon and AR and Bon and AR going to Namsan Tower in the last 10-15 minutes of tomorrow's episode..hmmm #feelingfrustrated #justmy2cents Btw.. @ktcjdrama and @jeonghyang..kamsahanida for the live recap and the snippets of the scenes..great job guys..
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