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  1. I hv a feeling that Meng Ziyi will not return as YHY n the girl seen practising with Dylan in the vid is the new YHY, 刘珂君JKL. No pix of Meng Ziyi found but there are a few of the new girl dressed in the Divine Priestess robe with the crown. Anyway, I am waiting for Director Yang Yang’s nx note to confirm.
  2. From wiki, 5th bro is Song Lian, 6th bro is Tie Jiang but 8th bro no info. Hope that helps.
  3. https://m.weibo.cn/2020237375/4344697818111166 director’s note 60 days of EN2 filming. *Chen Mou is Chen Pipi’s father, Master of Temple of Knowledge n Obeseince, he was there in S1 when LQ went on the boat to talk with him n sent him to study at the temple.
  4. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5NzA5MzA3NQ==&mid=2652756504&idx=1&sn=caae5adb8b5796ab96e21659b84320f3 An article written abt EN2, Director Yang Yang gave a little sneak peek to the reporter on the filming set, her view and hope for EN2. Something abt Dylan n SYR and the other characters too. It’s a nice insight frm the Director and it may take 8 mths for post prod n filming may end in May. Enjoy reading it.
  5. Dylan Kuo has started filming with Dylan Wang. https://m.weibo.cn/3237767312/4342509305407184
  6. Hi everyone. Just finished watching the whole episodes in 2 days. It got me hooked as I love the storyline and the couple. Yun xi is a feisty girl who can stand on her own and even melts the Ice Prince, Long Feiye. I just love their scenes and esp the jump hug scenes, lol it was “refreshing”. Even if the ending has 2 alternates, I want to believe Yun xi came back for Fei ye and they live happily ever after.
  7. Yes, I agree with @pad-hari on Dylan’s physique, he is a bit skinny compared to Arthur. So used to seeing Arthur as NQ with his tall n nice physique, he looks regal in his costume and manner. Not gonna discredit Dylan coz we haven’t seen him yet in a proper episode. Am sure Dylan will do fine on his own here. Just need to wait for the trailer to see the overall feel. And this NQ has a nice thick glorious hair too.
  8. I don’t think Jun Mo has arrived coz he was attending some event last night, I saw on his weibo post but deleted.
  9. Fans uploading ceremony for the EN2 filming and I saw Dylan, Sang Sang, PiPi, Long Qing, 1st brother wearing blue costume with directors n crews. Sorry, I don’t know how to paste pix.https://m.weibo.cn/3595175274/4329096538383386 https://m.weibo.cn/1913557417/4329094563003062 waiting for official pix on their official EN page.
  10. yes I know coz I love s1 beautifully crafted fight scenes. Every movement is an art so to watch Dylan in his 1st ever wuxia drama is so exciting. Let’s hope s2 will be good n avoid all love triangles.
  11. Hi everyone, just wanna update that EN weibo has updated new posters of Dylan as NQ n SYR as Sang Sang n Dylan’s bts fighting n stunt practice is also there. I love it and can’t wait for s2 to start.https://m.weibo.cn/6042309589/4326853093582190 https://m.weibo.cn/2020237375/4326861188457535
  12. Hi, hv bn silently reading the thread. Just wanna update that EN2 has started filming and some pix already leaked by fans. Dylan Wang as NQ, Crystal Yuan reprises her role. They r now in Xiangyang filming.
  13. Hi everyone, been so long since my last visit here. MG2018 has made me a big fan of Dylan Wang, Darren Chen n Shen Yue that I opened weibo acct both in Chinese n int’l version and downloaded apps to watch them when they are on live. Just dropping by to inform fans in Bangkok that F4 will be making an appearance for Legendary Party of ICONSIAM on 10/11 and free for public. This is a rare opportunity for foreign fans to see them outside China, so lucky..... and Shen yue will be making her 1st appearance on The Inn 2 this Friday at 10pm on Hunan tv or mgtv app, watch her n Dylan Wang reunited, they are still buddies.
  14. This drama has gained many fans already and I am going crazy waiting for new episodes.... I just love how DMS and SC interacts with each other and each time DMS stared at SC lovingly, I just wanna put myself there n melt....love their chemistry on n off screen in the BTS, I’ll ship them even if they r just friends. And Lei(Darren).... love him too. Also like that F4s can sing together or separetely for the ost, so talented!
  15. The bullying scene is not shown much in this remake :there was one when DMS ordered SC who works part time to deliver food to him and then they bicker, there was one in the cafeteria when other students push SC and DMS n Lei got involved and when the 2 girls reported to DMS abt Shan chai secret meeting on the school rooftop with Lei that they took photo of. It might not be comfortable to watch such scenes anyway. I find it funny when DMS felt jealous each time SC and her best guy friend are doing things together and he tried to butt in but got misunderstood and rejected or when SC showed interest in Lei and he just felt unfair that he was not treated nicely that he decided to confront SC on the rooftop and they had a fight where DMS forced a kiss on her but she begged him to stop. That was quite an intense anger DMS shown out of jealousy. He regretted it but too embarrassed to say sorry. Can’t wait to see SC starting to like DMS later on, that will surely make DMS proud n happy...
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