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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BhYf3WIHwQD/?taken-by=ynkentertainment April 10, 2018 ynkentertainment IG Update of LeeJongSuk Source: ynkentertainment
  2. Lee Jong Suk Sets Up New Agency And Partners With YNK Entertainment D. Kim April 2, 2018 Following his departure from YG Entertainment, Lee Jong Suk is having his own management agency partner with YNK Entertainment! The agency released an official statement to announce that they signed a management contract with Lee Jong Suk. “Together with A-man, the management agency that Lee Jong Suk recently set up, we will be responsible for the actor’s domestic activities,” said YNK. The CEO of YNK Entertainment commented, “He’s already at his best place as an actor, but Lee Jong Suk still has infinite potential when it comes to acting. Because he is an actor who has made leaps and bounds, we will work to create a new vision with him.” Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk will soon be filming for “Hymn of Death” with Shin Hye Sun, who is also under YNK Entertainment. Source (1) https://www.soompi.com/2018/04/02/lee-jong-suk-sets-management-company-ynk-entertainment/
  3. [STARCAST] You’re the only person in my eyes, Lee Jong Suk naverenter | 2018.03.30 09:29 last updated | 2018.03.30 14:04106 Hi there STARCAST readers! Today I’ve brought you the news about actor Lee Jong Suk, who is much more welcoming than spring! But before we go meet him, here’s a quick reminder for you! Take a deep, deep breath ★☆★ 'Hoo- Ha! ' WHY? Because when we talk about this man, your breath would stop for a while simply by looking at his side face! 원본보기 Because he’s Lee Jong Suk who is so attractive that we would even make your heart stop! Let me invite you to the day of Lee Jong Suk filled with his charming sides ※ Calm down ※ [ episode1. Lee Jong Suk, a sunlight that announces the start of the day ] I’m so desperate to see him from the morning but where’s he? #Visited a cosmetic brand commercial site in search of Lee Jong Suk #Everyone make some noise! Ho! Continue reading: http://m.star.naver.com/leejongsuk/news/end?id=10809516
  4. "The Song of Death" Cast had their 1st Script reading yesterday on March 27, 2018 and they will start filming end of April. Source: osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110865136
  5. LeeSangYeob to make special appearance as Shin Hye Sun's fiancee in SBS's short drama Hymn of Death Via: K-Drama News!@kdrama_news
  6. Update: Lee Jong Suk Confirmed To Leave YG Entertainment, In Talks To Sign With YNK Entertainment Updated March 26 KST: YNK Entertainment has responded to previous reports of Lee Jong Suk joining the agency. A source from the company commented, “It is true that we are discussing an exclusive contract with Lee Jong Suk. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.” Source (1) Original Article: Lee Jong Suk’s contract with YG Entertainment is coming to an end. On March 26, YG Entertainment confirmed that the actor’s contract will expire on March 31 and added, “After thorough discussion with Lee Jong Suk ahead of the expiration date of his contract, it was decided that his contract will not be renewed. As we have until now, we will always have confidence in him and cheer him on.” Following YG Entertainment’s official statement, a news outlet reported that he will be joining YNK Entertainment. The agency houses actors like Kim In Kwon, Kim Hyun Joo, and Shin Hye Sun, who he will also be acting with for an upcoming short drama series. Stay tuned for a statement from YNK Entertainment! Source (1) (2) https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/25/lee-jong-suk-confirmed-leave-yg-entertainment-reportedly-joining-ynk-entertainment/
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