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  1. I am confused, are there 79 or 78 episodes? How about on VIKI, what's the total there?
  2. Thank you! At least this C-drama has a happy ending. I just didn't want to watch the latest episodes. What a mess!
  3. I can't bear to watch any of the new episodes! It looks so bad for our OTP. Is this another C-drama which will end up badly?
  4. Thank you so much for the info. The one thing about Chinese dramas is that they are so long and I invest so much time in them and then in the end all the leads die. It is so frustrating. I was very hesitant in watching this because I watched Princess Agents which started so good and ended in disaster. I would like to see all evil people in this particular drama to finally get their punishment.
  5. I am very late to this forum, could someone who has read the novel, tell me if this is a happy ending? I am so tired to get so invested in a Chinese drama that I like and everyone dies in the end and I feel like I wasted my time. Things are getting pretty dark with everyone conspiring to bring GTY down. I don't understand why that awful old lady can sue him when he was defending his wife and child's lives. That crazy Kang woman was about to stab ML and her baby.
  6. Does anyone know the reason why they are not showing a new episode today and tomorrow? Was the soccer game a planned thing or just a filler?