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  1. HD video from youtube credit to youtube channle MUSIC&NEW(뮤직앤뉴) thank you so much and OCN youtube Channel released BTS today credit to OCN youtube Channel Thank you so muhc
  2. Hello dears ^^ not sure you know the link to watch OCN online for tonight ? pls. kindly advise thank you ^^
  3. photos from fans of Sung Hoon thank you so much credit to photo owner name as tagged Korean sister " noble_pumpkin " thank you^^
  4. Hello guys ^^ how are you today? today I'm super busy with all updates ^^
  5. fanmade video from sung hoon fans ^^
  6. the latest Teaser from oksusu app.
  7. godinmedia❣ 글로벌 로맨스 드라마 #애타는로맨스 #제작발표회 가 가다오고 있습니다. #두근두근 관계자분들께 보내드릴 초대장 깜짝 공개! #성훈 #송지은 . ♡4월 14일 [금] 0시 oksusu 선공개 ♡4월 17일 [월] 밤 9시 OCN 첫방송 ♡Dramafever(Warner Bros.) 동시방송! . Global romance drama #MySecretRomance The press conference is coming soon! Let me show you the invitation for the participants #SungHoon #SongJiEun . ♡April 14th [Fri] 0AM PRE-OPEN on oksusu app ♡April 17th [Mon] 9PM PREMIERE on OCN ♡Simulcast on Dramafever(Warner Bros.)!
  8. press conference will be held on 13/4