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  1. What Song Are You Listening To?

    when I was a very kid my favorite singer is Whitney Houston. I watch The Bodyguard when I was 9 and Run To You is my most favorite soundtrack. then when I was at high school I heard this woman and I fall in love with her voice and her singing style Run to you is one of a difficult song to sing live (it requires wide vocal range) but Christina Aguilera nailed it. " can't you see the hurt in me.. I feel so all alone.. I want to run to you.." @lynne22 I love regresa a mi ^_* I always love live performances because we can see the real talent from the artists.. this is my favorite live of Unbreak My Heart. I think this song was made only for Tony.
  2. right now I am...

    bored and afraid and scared ..
  3. fun chatting

    you don't like us in here anymore? huuuuuuu .. uuuuuu... remember.. isn't it you are too old for hating feeling? I believe you in 'no hates' and 'no offense' I don't trust you. you are a celebrity. everything happened seems will be broadcasted everywhere in soompi soon. if you have a problem then just go to problem thread. type everything there and back again in here to having fun I want to pinch your cheeks now..
  4. fun chatting

    @supergal99 1. your tummy is bigger than me. if you hug me from behind your hands will be like full O but if I hug you from behind my hands will be like U <~~~ they can't reach to each other.. (I am now only eat very little start from yesterday ^_^) 2. are you feel like you won't have complete teeth soon? I think you will have complete teeth until your 60s or 70s ^_* 3. no. pu. I think you are lurking us here if you are not posting in here. btw why are you too sensitive these days.. is it pre-menstruation syndrome? 4. take a deep breath.. inhale.. exhale.. inhale.. exhale.. 5. don't go anywhere we will miss you *huggsssssss
  5. fun chatting

    @supergal99 why are you keep typing last post? are you need more than back hugss (?_?) ... how about cheeks kisses? cupppsssssss (^3^) cupppppsss.. cuppppsssssss
  6. Add and Subtract Game

    568 why @supergal99 keeps saying last posts? mmm.. I think she needs more back huggings *huggsssssssssssss
  7. fun chatting

    no.. I work at BKKBN so I have a lot of friends around Indonesia because I don't know. BkkBn culture is friendly hahaha.. whenever we met BKKBN people and if we said we are BKKBn too they will just smiles very wide and will be very welcoming us. this is organization tradition I guess hahaha. we also do a lot of video conferences every year and anual meetings. like if you work in human resources division they have their anual meetings every year and will held at different places. now BKKBN mostly held meetings in Sumatera. they said they want to visit all city there and after that will be move to another island. oh ya Hari Keluarga Nasional 2018 /National Family's Day of 2018 will be held in Manado and usually our president will attend ^_* (this is why if you work in BkKbn you will, naturally, have a very lof of friends around Indonesia) xixixi.. oh and a lot of gossips too. and scandals. and will spread faster to entire of this republic. it is national wkwkwkwkwk I love my office yellow is dying laughing until you crying hahaha and green is just casual laugh wkwkwkwkwk hahahha @cenching my cousin who is live in Banjarmasin now speak more Melayu hahahaha
  8. fun chatting

    @cenching @dotonly I am from sulawesi so my bahasa indonesia is a bit just a tinyyyy bit different hahahahaha... I have some friends from Bengkulu and Palembang even Aceh, Riau, Lampung .. and when we've met I would like to hear their accents and they said my accent is interesting too wkwkwk.. oh it is very excited when we have national meetings. (I like to sit with different people at breakfast) one day I will sit with my friends from Sumatera and the accent will sounds so Melayu then the next day I will sit with my friends from Maluku or Papua and the accent will be different again hahaha
  9. fun chatting

    hei it is malay hahahaha.. bincang2 hahahaha.. talking2.. wkekke
  10. fun chatting

    hei we both are young okey.. I am too in my 30s ^_* sometimes people called me ma'am wkwkwkwk or aunty hua ha ha ha but in front of others that just few years older than me or a lot of older than me they still called me sweetheart or honey or darling so I feel young hua ha ha ha.. we both are young. 50s are old. 30s is the new 20s .. 50s is the new 30s ^_*
  11. fun chatting

    @dotonly ahahaha are you busy in finding some clues too? xixixixi @supergal99 change your pict.. I like it without that daddy.. you are cute
  12. fun chatting

    @supergal99 I understand you of course .. the feelings are mutual wkwkwkwwk nah what's up after I left you for 6 hours? I found that my stomach looks like I have 3 months pregnancy wkwkwk I am stress now how will I survive my supermodel's body wkwkwwkwkwk I can't watch secretary kim yet. I will save it when I will be in Toraja next week. will be boring I guess. thousands of people around you and you will feel... weird. forget it. I will continue the tudors now they are about to cut anne boleyn's beautiful head.. btw yes what happened with aisling? she might be busy now I rarely seen her or we are in the different threads perhaps. I like her posts .. very unique.. reminds me of bambina. but a bit short and cute.. wkwwkwkwk oh but you will never forget someone's post.. it was like you read The Holy Bible .. so talented..
  13. fun chatting

    @supergal99 because of my crazy-laugh-thing? wkwkwk btw yes I want to be as skinny as catherine duchess of cambridge. feels like it is easy for her to loose weights. I am still under 50kg I don't know perhaps between 47kg but you know that fat only goes to my legs and butts.. I want them to go to you know.. chest part.. hands part.. arms.. there are the right places wkwkwkw (talking about blunt I am more blunt than you .. forgive me ... *cupssss your cheek) NB. I don't understand that weird part and lonely part. forgive me for my limits wkwkwk @dotonly this is a disease.. wkwkkwwkwk
  14. fun chatting

    @dotonly OMG thank you for your loves *hugssssssss hello everyone *huggsssss happy monday from my place I just finished re-plant some flowers in my garden and water them.. now I want to watch The tudors series and later will watch secretary kim ep 3 - 4 I think there is no leaving in soompi hua ha ha ha ha.. I came in here first at 2011 .. then I leave.. then I come again at 2013 then I leave then I come again at 2016 and lurking at DOTs thread before one chingu successfully drop my mood to keep lurking there then I come again at 2017 until now hua ha ha ha ha ha btw I am surprise that queen elizabeth and her husband are still strong like horses at their 90s.. I read that they only eat grilled fish or chicken and avoid shrimp and garlic and no junk food mmmm.. I always think our eating habbit will effect our live. I try to keep natural for any food I eat. I want to be strong like a horse too when I old. btw am I too serious? hahahahah or wrong thread? lols okey gtg grup hugsssssssssss @supergal99 you are funny. btw why are my posts becoming longer nowadays? I think I spend a lot of times in soompi hua ha ha ha ha ha ha.. this is a disease lols