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  1. Semua yang terjadi

    di dalam hidupku

    ajarku menyadari

    Kau selalu sertaku


    bri hatiku selalu 

    bersyukur padaMu

    karena rencanaMu

    indah bagiku :heart:

    1. avondale16


      Moga sukses selalu ya.

    2. Sejabin


      Makasih avondale my chingu *huggsssss :kiss_wink:

    3. avondale16


      Sama sama. Hugs from me too.

  2. happy father's day :heart: I miss my dad so much.. RIP papa.. 

    1. LSGLMH_88


      i know it sucks... May His soul rest in peace...

    2. Sejabin


      thanks sis *hugsssss :heart:

    3. stargazer187
  3. can't reach my soompi chingus for a while. connection and electricity collapse until next week. I just borrow wifi connection from a company in here. and can only connect now for a moment just to say "thanks God. I am okey. and also I am very sad in here." .. hugs and kisses to my soompi chingus cuppppssss :heart:

    1. Jee_


      I celebrate with you the gift of a second chance at life, a fresh beginning...and a new mission to spread love, because life IS short...and we have only this present moment to do what we can to spread love... I'm overwhelmed with words at this miracle of love... Hugs, my dearest friend...:heart:

    2. ebullient


      Stay safe and healthy!

  4. My baby supergal99 is it you? :bawling: how could you leave me? hiks :cold_sweat:

    this a song to cheer you




    1. Super Gal99

      Super Gal99

      :grimace: ops ops... o..kay... this song suits u now hahahaaa - no tears left to cry

      Ok ok.. teasing u only ya.

  5. You are my GPS. you navigate me :star:

    1. Sejabin


      :unamused: what are you doing in here baby? :unamused:

  6. What is a valid reason for someone to love someone else? Since apparently I'm doing it wrong ~ Bella Swan

    1. umbrellaguy


      It's only invalid if the other person doesn't agree. Who cares why two people are together?

  7. happy birthday to all VIRGO :heart: my advice for Virgo: stop to too fall when fall in love wkkwkw

    1. Sejabin


      means don't kiss the ground when fall lols wkkwkwkwkwk

  8. I am happy that someone was so panic about me last sunday  WKWKWKWKWKWK 2 status updates on soompi :relieved: lols.. but seriously I thought I will die on last friday. I thought that it was my time to go :relaxed:

    1. Jee_


      Heiiii... :unamused: it was not a joke to really panic and thinking that you might be dead...:dissapointed_relieved:

      But, see...God is so good... He saved you...you now have a second chance at life...a new life...:innocent::blush:

  9. But wisdom means more than being intelligent, because it encompasses understanding, empathy, experience, inner peace, and intuition ~ Nicholas Sparks

  10. Merry Christmas soompiers :wub:

  11. time flies fast :heart:

  12. I am fat.. huuu huuuu uuu :bawling:

  13. selamanya cinta .. :heart:




  14. I love this live.. so much talent in Mulan and RIP for Mike :heart: .. Tiada Kata.. No.. word..  



  15. God has perfect timing, never early, never late. It takes a little patience & a whole lot of faith. But it’s worth to wait  :wub:

  16. my plan today is to camping at office :triumph: I am so fed up

  17. Thursday, 10 of May 2018, 7 PM, at dining room..


    ME: Mom, that song is really good. 'Sayang' by Via Vallen :blush:

    MOM: :kiss: you are so late. it has been popular since 2017. where were you? <~~~~ she is a permanent viewer of NET tv in my country 

    ME: *shock and speechless :no_mouth: she is so updated than me.. 


  18. Just start to watch My Secret Romance kdrama.. still at ep 2 ^_*

  19. You deserve the chance of a kind of love

    I am not sure I am worthy of

    loosing you is painful to me

    I don’t wanna let you down

    I don’t wanna lead you on

    I don’t wanna hold you back

    from where you might belong :wub:


    there’s nothing left to say

    but goodbye..


  20. baby sometimes love just ain't enough..

  21. I wish my future son will have a voice like David Miller :bawling: natural tenor with angelic voice :heart: 


  22. sweetdreams soompi people ..

  23. one of my favorite OST 



  24. and one of my favorite kdrama's scene :heart: