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    Add and Subtract Game

  2. Sejabin

    Add and Subtract Game

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    Add and Subtract Game

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    Message To Anyone

    I found my pink rosary this afternoon!!!! xixixixi well it wasn't me. wkwkwk It was mas kosim who had found it when I was in my trip in Yogyakarta. hahaha he cleaned my new room and found it. he even cleaned it for me and put it on my pink roses again wkwkwkkw I always believe what's mine will be forever mine hahahhahaahahaha. the rosary destined to be mine so it won't go anywhere qeqeqe
  5. Sejabin

    Add and Subtract Game

    126 huuu uuuuu uuuuuu (huuu uuuu uuuu) dirimuuuuu (you) tak pernah menyadariiiiii ( never realizeddddddd) semua (everythinggggggggg) yang pernah kau milikiiiiiiiiii (that you've ever haddddddd) kau buang aku tinggalkan dirikuuuuu (you throw me, leave meeeeeeee) kau hancurkan aku seakan ku tak pernah adaaaaa (you destroyed me as if I have never exist) *sejabini is enjoying Vierra's songs medley in music everywhere
  6. Sejabin

    what is your problem now

    need a very very very long sleep and a very very very long holiday.. alone..
  7. Sejabin

    Add and Subtract Game

    126 seandainya kau tahuuuuu (if only you know) ku tak ingin kau pergiiiiiiiiii (I don't want you to go) meninggalkanku sendiri bersama bayangankuuuu (leaving me alone with my shadow) seandainya kau tahuuuuu (if only you know) aku kan selalu cintaaaaaaaaa (I will always love) jangan kau lupakan kenangan kita selama iniiiiiiiii (don't forget our memories)
  8. Sejabin

    virtual angel

    @staygold and all of the soompiers wkwkwkw.. to be honest I am STILL scared to spent my times near or around the beach qeqeqeqe.. I will just enjoy it from a far (about 10 km from the beach LOL) BUT.. we can console our hearts when scared or afraid about the sea if our guardian angel is this oppa pict:lynne.esther.wordpress I swear to God I didn’t lurk supergal99-with-her-red-wing gif when I choosed this pict. I just love love love gong yoo oppa
  9. Sejabin

    Add and Subtract Game

    144 flu and doctor prescribed medicine with pseudoefedrin and I forget that whenever I take this I can not sleep. ARGHHHHHH this is 2 AM and I can not sleep. my blood pressure only 100/60 I need sleep hua huuuuu huuuuu huuuu sighhhh.. I think 2 glasses of milks with help *go to the kitchen ah..
  10. Sejabin

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Music is the universal language. The melody speak to me. About love, about joy, tears, and laughter The pianist and the maestro of this band is Kevin Aprilio. He writes these 2 songs, Seandainya and Perih for his band, Vierratale. A very talented guy. He’s personally choose Widi as the lead vocal for this band because of her cute and soft voice character that reminds him of Japanese Mangas.
  11. But wisdom means more than being intelligent, because it encompasses understanding, empathy, experience, inner peace, and intuition ~ Nicholas Sparks

  12. Sejabin

    BB creams

    I use no 21 natural beige for my skin tone but I am not liking heavy make up so I just use it sometimes.. if I must to go to some parties or formal events
  13. Sejabin

    virtual angel

    If I am must to give @staygold a friend and all of my chingus in soompi .. I will give you all.. HER!! HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA the benefit is.. she is crazy, she has comic rental to releasing your stress, you can sit in her store all day and reading comics, if hungry you can ask her to cook ramyeon for you wkwkwkwkwk I really really really want to have a friend like her and of course the best in laws in the entire kdrama land qeqeqe.. WANG BI MAMA wkwkwkwkw she has the best bodyguard, she loves her son very much, she will protect her son and of course her daughter in law from all the enemies. VIVA WANG BI MAMA!!