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  1. from what I learned about german people or girl (from my friend Euginia) German people is a kind of people who will think straight. I mean if it's about tutoring then it will be tutoring. they won't do that flirting thing with you. and usually German people don't flirt. they are not like Asian. Asian talk much than German. German people only do or talk what is necessary. if you ask about A they will answer about A. straight. btw I like German. 

  2. @kokodus :joy: usually if we watch cdrama they will tight the guys hair hahahaha


    @sushilicious I also afraid how if we dream about eating something and we eat that long hair? WKWKWKWKWK :joy:


    @staygold HUA HA HA HA HA HA :joy: well if I sleep with someone usually I will make bun with my hair because I didn't want them destroyed my hair hahahaha (when my hair was too long and reached my b*tt). now my hair is short hahahahahaa



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  3. thank you @Lmangla and @sushilicious for this event :kiss_wink: I wish we can do this often. xixixixxi :blush: and for all chingus in here HAPPY VALENTINE, saranghae!!  :wub:


    @Ameera Ali you found me to play together with you. so thankful *huggssssssss I am so happy :blush: so these our snacks :heart: (medium portion for you and small portion for me) 


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  4. will washing my hair finally after 2 weeks HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA :joy: my mom is really getting angry to me LOL .. well this is not me. the real me used to be will spend my times at parlor? salon? 3 times a week yes to wash my hair. WKWKWKKWKWKWKWKWK and will finally take a shower after 4 days ^_* mmm.. well if we collapsed on the bed we can not get up and take a shower right? WKWKWKWKWKWWKWKW *dirty sejabin mode ON :kiss_closed:

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  5. 552 :bawling:


    my bad habbit. go to the toilet with my iphone. I went to the toilet 1 hour ago and JENG JENG JENG :kiss: my iphone dropped into the water.. she can't swims.. so I take it from the water, dried it with my pajamas (I am wearing pajamas), dried it again with my hairdryer, then I burried it into the rice. with a hope that my iphone can resurrect soon :no_mouth: there is no apple service in my devastated city. oh gosh :sweatingbullets:

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  6. 578 :blush:


    if there were no wordssss

    no way to speakkkkk

    I would still hear youuuuu

    if there were no tearsssss

    no way to feel inside, I would still feel for youuuuuu

    and even if the sun refuse to shineeeeee

    even if romance run out of rhymeeeeee

    you would still have my heart until the end of timeeeeeee

    you're all I need my love, my valentineeeeeee :wub:

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  7. 550 :kiss_closed:


    @kokodus is it because you like a hot guy?   I mean YH doesn’t need permission if he wants to kiss her. He will just press his lips on her (he is good in kissing not like usually we watch in cdrama) .. MY is very calm :heart: I can’t believe she forgets those moments when she stabbed her heart for MY after she slept on the same bed with YH :bawling:


    @lynne22 he is so very aggressive right.. YH..

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  8. 556 :no_mouth:


    my secretary boss (she is the 2nd in command in office) she treats me like I am a criminal because Of my absent from work. 5 days absent. But I have my doctor sick letter. But stil l don’t like the way she treats me. There is no normal human in this world who wants to be sick and stay on bed :bawling: why she doesn’t count when I am on my leave but I still went back to office to work? Why she looks so richard simmons? She is so richard simmons richard simmons. I can’t believe she is a woman

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  9. 550 :kiss:


    am I the only one who feels that I lost my desire to continue watching eternal love after I found out she will be with Ye Hua? :sweatingbullets: I like Mo Yuan better. I think I will drop Eternal Love now. I like Ashes of Love better. I mean no one change the male lead since the beginning. even though the actor who play Ye Hua and Mo Yuan is a same person but it's different character :no_mouth: I watch it because I like Mo yuan from the start. his stability and calmness. and they make him die for sometimes. and in the middle of the show they change it to Ye Hua with his aggressive personality with his long hair :expressionless: I feel like.. wth :bawling: I don't understand why must they create Mo Yuan then.. ASHES OF LOVE IS THE BEST :heart: I will watch something western to console my heart :tears:

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