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  1. 630 guys have you ever feel the feel when we feel like more energized at the evening? Wkwkkwkwwk like vampire? (like @Super Gal99 ) <~~~ a vampire too I give my hands to you with all my hearttttttttr I can’t wait to live my life with you, I can’t wait to startttttttttt You and I will never be apartttttttttttt my dreamssssssssssss came trueeeeeeee becauseeeeeeeeee of youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  2. morning: -wash my face with garnier sakura - take shower with any soap but usually I bought Malaysian products and I forget what is that. it's something milky - hand body lotion from the body shop British Rose - laneige day cream white snow dew - loose powder from the body shop - single eyeshadow from the bodyshop - local product to draw my eyebrows - NYX eyeliner - etude blush on - lipgloss and lipstick from the bodyshop - eau de toilette from the bodyshop british rose - hand cream from the body shop british rose - spray mist water for my face from Evian Night: it depends with the schedule - face mask scheduled will be laneige water sleeping mask. but sometimes I use SK II mask sheets or Garnier Mask sheets. the point is 3 times a week put face mask on your face - if it's not face mask night, I will put laneige serum white snow dew? I forget the exact title. and sometimes loreal eye cream - don't forget lip mask from laneige - don't forget eye sleeping mask from laneige the point is everyday put something on our face to dehydrated it. - luluran or body scrub every 2 weeks - face peeling every month I hate being a woman. we are too complicated and too much maintenance ~_~
  3. to close the in February, one song that I like very much from Japan ^_* I always like MTV unplugged version because the music arrangement always beautiful @USAFarmgirl thank you that song is the collaboration between Malaysian and Indonesian musicians. the singer, Siti Nurhalisa writes the lyrics and Indonesian arranger composed the music for her. they recorded it in here too and making the MV in here too ^_* .. btw I very close with my uncle because I grew up and spent my childhood in my grandmama's house uncle is a professional local singer in my city, Makassar Indonesia and during his childhood he was trained to sing classic professionally. actually he is a classic singer but nowadays people rarely sing classic in my country so he later sings pop. he was a national champion of classic singing when he was a college student ^_* #1 in whole Indonesia at that time (around 1980s) xixixixi he has many senior singers friends in Indonesia but he doesn't make singing as his professional job. if there's national singing competition in Indonesia such as Indonesian idol, usually he will be one of the judge before they sent the participants to Jakarta and compete there. but music is not a job. he said to me let us do it as a hobby. hehehe ^_* (sorry for the long paragraph. heheheh)
  4. Why must roses and letters? it’s to cheap to prove something. If I were you it would be a gold bangle or a necklace huaHaHaHa ..
  5. 594 a love letter it’s been so long since I watched kdrama with love letter confession. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH last time was Eun Soo in Faith kdrama. She writes something in hangul to CY daejang
  6. I am waiting for VIU uploaded this ep completely ohhhhh I like the way he confesses his feelings. A Love Letter old school type and very romantic. I want a love letter too I hope it will be a very cute kiss scene in the drive theater ^_* well this is just my wish xixixixixi Can’t wait for the surprise
  7. I hear this almost everyday since my friends, Alief and Dinni back from Kuala Lumpur wkwkwkwkwk they play this song everyday because their goal now is to move to Malaysia and live there HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 14 years ago my uncle taught me how to sing with word full with 'A'. there are 5 alphabets that is important when sing. A I U E O and the hardest one is 'A' .. or in English 'I' .. so my uncle told me to listen to this song above. He said Siti Nurhaliza articulation when singing is perfect ^_* He said I must to learn from her. it's like when you sing 'A' or 'I' at the same time you must to blow your breath too so it would sounds more beautiful.
  8. @Ameera Ali you are very senior in drawing arrow and reading arrow a dongsaeng like me need to learn more
  9. +2 are we talking about that next door girl?
  10. and there is no expiration date to do aegyo how come packmule mama oppa noona said something like expiration date to Oh Yeon So huuuuu uuuuu uuuu there is no expiration date for women to do anything including aegyo.. ( well perhaps if being pregnant there will be expiration date xixixixixi) it's the year she was born. 99 years after Christ was born but she is still sexy ^_* +2
  11. 518 @packmule3 mmmm.. can I ask.. are you oppa or noona? Or mama? btw.. Supergal99 is as old as the stone era (sorry my Supergal99 baby. I still love you to the moon and back ) and she was very active in abs events!! It’s just she added white towel to my half naked adam levine pict there. There’s no limit in doing what we like right? My oppa friend is almost 50 but he is the big fan of kpop girlband ck ck ck ck ck.. also. Kim Hee Sun was so old when she acted with LMH in Faith drama and we all love it yesterday I also beg to my big boss, our head office boss he is 52 and I called him ‘uncle’ like this “huuuuu uuuuuu uuuuuu “ btw I am almost 35 (in 10 months I will be) the point is.. if a 50 soon to be oppa can be a kpop girlband fanboyish or a oldish supergal99 can be very active in abs event then why there must be a limitation to any girl and woman in doing aegyo? We want justice!! We want to do things we’ve like as long as we do not hurt anyone Long live feminism!! N.B. I think this is my progesterone effects. Usually I am not like this
  12. White rice, fried chicken, carrot soup, bubur manado, fried egg, banana. All in a very very very small portion. I also eat cheese cakes and biscuits and candies. But ulcer always in pain ~_~ .. huuuu uuuuuu uuuuuu
  13. Bad night exactly. Earthquake and pain in ulcer. I took antacid but it doesn’t help much. If that earthquake didn’t happen, I must be still sleeping now in peace and will not need the antacid. Plus in my condition now I cannot run fast if the earthquake come. Earthquake is suck. Oh plus flu. Oh goshhhhh I must to look to vitamin C without ascorbat acid. Suck.
  14. +2 @packmule3 KSH has a big voice. Just to listen to her voice character, I think she can’t be cute like Yoo In Na’s voice. she is cute with her looks of course. But voice mmm not ^_* @themarchioness thanks!! @Ameera Ali what I hate about earthquake now is It’s already difficult for me to sleep now without earthquake, so if it’s happened again like this night, I must to struggle just to be able to sleep again. Sighhhhhhh. I hate earthquake ~_~ Plus It’s adding pain in my ulcer if I am in shock. Sighhhhhhhhhhh
  15. 498 woke up because of earthquake I want to run because all windows sound “brrmm” but my ulcer too hurt so I just like this on bed 0_0 .. if not mistake it already happened twice. I was dreaming but it was feel like earthquake the second one was a bit hard so mom also wake up. Oh God. I can’t run spontaneously if happened again. I hate earthquake
  16. Thai tea milk tea taro milk tea nuttela choco milk tea but I always order milk tea if they have milk tea
  17. 938, @Ameera Ali have you watched this? One of my fav moment in RM wkkwkwwkwk
  18. Eat less.. nothing we can do. Those diet supplements or more exercises will be useless if we don’t eat less. Take more water, less carbs, more protein and veggies and fruits.. less sugar. Limit your snacks too.
  19. 876 I laugh when they take DOTS scenes haHAHAHAHAHAHAH I love youuuuuuuu ichi marayooooooooo only youuuuuuuuuu Wkwkkwwkkw
  20. 828 I love Touch Your Heart because: 1. Her producer is too funny Ha Ha Ha Ha. He send her texts like my friend Eunsani was always did. Full with cute and sweet emos I love it!! 2. They always playing around in office (Always Law Firm) the only one who do the job and gain profit for them there is Mr. Kwon HAHAHAHAHA.. how I wish my office will be like that 3. Nothing too serious in that drama except the law cases. 4. Now I know if you angry to someone who didn’t eat pasta with you then you must be like him/her ^_* cua he.. sya la la la la 5. Oh Yeon So can wears jeans to office 6. They all are veteran actors. I love veteran actors than all those newbies. Even if this is a romantic comedy but they all are act. Their mimes their eyes their body hands always full with gestures. That’s acting! Oh the only junior I like is Kim Go Eun and that one from 2PM junho. 7. All Crews in Always Law Firm are crazy hahahahah except Mr. Kwon and that ahjumma hahahahaha.. 8. Yoo In Na gave me good recipe to beg to my big boss. This what I did at office a few hours ago.. Me: entering my big boss room with this face uncle Tenny: why????? Me: huuuuu... uuuuuu.. I can’t stay at office until 4 PM these days. I am so sick huuuuuu uuuuuu uncle Tenny: .............. Me: huuuuuu uuuuuuu uuuuu I already vomit 2 times today (it was 10 AM) uncle Tenny: sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay, just stay until 12 AM then you can go home. Me: thank you uncle tenny uncle tenny: we will find someone to help you with your tasks until you feel better Me: thank you, I will go home now huuuu uuuuuu uuuu uncle tenny: then I told this to my friend and Alief said if it was her, she will slaps me Hua Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Wkkwkwkwkwkwkwkwwk I LOVE THIS DRAMA
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