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  1. Cintaku kandasssss 

    cinta kini hilang tak berbekasssss

    owuoooo :joy:

  2. 716 it’s not like a fan. It’s more like I can’t concentrate what must I see Ye Hua hair or his face or the storyline.
  3. following celebrities gossip. HAHAHAHAHA
  4. +2 yeah everything can happened. Marriage is not the end of a journey. It’s the beginning of a life lesson. LOL. Pastor said nobody come to me and asked a marriage sacrament and also at the same time think about divorce. And of course catholic church will never granted a divorce until you have a special mental cases. But yeah.. women will have to protect themselves LOL.. just in case if the husband will run away with another woman make sure that he will walks out from your house with only wearing his boxer. LOL *I am still with a little nausea and a little migraine and a little pain in ulcer but an internal celebrity gossip in this country entertain me in my weakness WKWKWKKWWKWKWKWK
  5. In the marriage it is important that all save is in your account under your name. If bad things happened like divorce, in Indonesia what’s in your account is yours. Assets including house, car, land will be divided in to two. So make sure that is him who bought that LOL wkwkkwkw and also make sure that your money is your money. But if you have a happy marriage, don’t forget to insurance him. If he gone first then you and your kids are safe. Financially. NEVER insurance yourself. If you die first, he will took that money to married again. Never do that. But insurance for cover your health still good. But NEVER take life insurance for you (woman) never. am I too evil? +2
  6. 700 lurking on fb and IG wkwkkwwk
  7. Actually I mean the real CEO of always law firm wkwkwkkwkw he is my favorite CEO but seems the only CEO in here is for the main lead hahahahah.. but my favorite CEO is still Always Law Firm CEO
  8. Where’s uri CEO in Touch Your Heart kdrama??? and his cousin that producer nim too!!
  9. +2 that is a kimono for wedding. I googled it. Hahahaha.. well I wish LM will back to her own consciousness first seems like she really loves this man but he is now someone else’s husband.. hope she can forget him and find a good guy
  10. +2 her make up maybe over but I watch her interview videos yesterday from some years ago and her last interviews when her brother die. from the way she speaks, her words, her body language, I think she is a nice person. Hahahaha.. at first I did not comfort with her over make up and style hahahaha but later oh yes perhaps that is just her LOL.. what I like from her is she never angry or make a strong and harsh stratement when people bullying her. Hahaha she just accept what people said. For the actress at first I feel empathy for her but later I think she is too childish because she is first who said “teman makan teman” on october last year. She makes drama in interview (this is something what the singer never do that is why I respect her).. and then the chaebol said in interviewed “I don’t think it’s teman makan teman. I’m single and the singer is single. What is wrong with that.” Seriously that guy is a mere human a mature guy, he has his own thoughts. He won’t ask to anyone if he wants to date any girl or married any girl. The actress makes al these things looks like her drama and she is the victim. She doesn’t considered that that guy also has a feeling and he doesnt want to be with her anymore. She is too childish. If she is a woman with a big heart, she will said in the interview something like “yah memang sudah jodoh.” But seems like her heart is not as wide as what people think. actually I felt strange what is the fatal incident that chaebol guy said that makes him leaves her because if it’s because of her s3x tape, he must will leaves her earlier and will not wait for 5 years. Then I found a video, once again in the interview that actress and a shaman. That shaman said in tv that “that guy is laki2 yg masih berada di bawah ketek ibunya.” I mean.. please.. no guy wants to be embarrassed on public like that. It’s him and his mom. This is why I think that actress is too showing of. Yeah perhaps it’s normal for her in front of camera since her s3x tape also can be seen in the whole country but please there are people who doesn’t like spotlight specially to talk about their private in front of media. She is so childish. I lost my sympathy. She is the drama queen. We can not blame the singer to accept his marriage proposal because that actress was also accept him to date for 5 years even in the beginning he already said I cannot married you. What was she seen in him then? Why she wants to be together like that with a guy who can’t give her that? Plus that guy also help her in doing business.. See.. they both not only seen him as a mere human. But the singer is the luckiest hahahahaha.
  11. +2 from their picts seems like they were friends but not a kind of friends like you know.. like Ameera ali and me ^_* they were not too close. But the chaebol were only dating the actress.. after a fatal incident he leaves her then he become closer with the singer. But I think that guy is a guy with logic. I mean any guy will think serious before decide to married. There must be something in the singer that makes him wants to married her. Right? Marriage is a serious decission. We can not just meet people and said het let us married ^_* @Lawyerh juicy gossip.. peras mang!! Hahahahahaha
  12. +2 to be honest I stop re reading my old comics because of these 3 people. I read their IG and watch their videos. hahahahaha I am so kepo LOL @Super Gal99 babyyyyyy!!! You lurked me!! Wkwwkwkwkwk *huggssssssss miss you
  13. +2 hu um.. we were gossiping about SR and RB and LM this morning hahahaha. There’s a funny netizen who said on SR IG “So pity of LM. Date for 5 years but then he leaves her and married perawan tua old woman.” Then another netizen replied “lah so pity of SR. married too late because her future husband ditahan LM for 5 years akhirx jd perawan tua.” HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHA if I want to search for something funny or to laugh I will just open their IG and read all the war between LM team and SR team there wkkwkwkwkwkwk LOL
  14. +2 I JUST KNOW THIS seriously? Kamu serius kan? Tidak main2 kan sayangku? (Please reply in Indonesian. I need prove) wkwkwwk Okhay kissing therapy teacher nim. Wkwkwkwk
  15. Everybody here are camping on the thread and @Ameera Ali also taught us about the kiss scene there hahahaha +2
  16. +2 at the beginning it’s not a one sided love. She (that virgo celebrity) and her bf were having a 5 years romantic relationship. They were very close like husband and wife. Went vacations together, that guy taught her how to do business (that guy is the owner of plaza indonesia and many businesses. His dad one of ex Indonesian president soeharto right handed in business so he is from a very very very very rich family) but then 9 years ago that girl was having a po*n video scandal so this guy family couldn’t accept this girl. And she went to one of our entertainment show and a fortune teller there tells something that this guy felt like an insult for his big family in front of media in here then he breaks with her and leave her. 6 months later this guy married to a celebrity in here too and this celebrity also a friend of this virgo girl. So this virgo girl makes drama on her IG saying that “teman makan teman”.. she even writes a poem like “bermimpi seperti nyata memeluk seperti nyata berjanji seperti nyata ternyata semua hanyalah mimpi..” this makes unappopriate reactions from netters to the wife IG when posting about her wedding. HAHAHAHAHAHHA I am enjoying their updates now LOL this is a hot topic in Indonesia now wkwkwkwkwwk. I pity the wife now because the netters totally abused her like she is someone who stolen a guy from this virgo girl while actually she is not
  17. +2 Last night I watch about LM SR RB on youtube because I could not sleep again LOL but seriously after my 1st unsuccessful love story when I was 17th, I think it’s better to not be too serious if dating a guy. Just think that they are just a friend for go out malling, watching movie, and eating. But also don’t be too close since we’re still living in the eastern cultures. If something bad happened we, women, will aways get the bad risks, while guy can always fly and go easily and found another girl. Haishhhhh the world demand us to be smarter than man
  18. Here’s a kisses for your red cheeks to cheer you up *cuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh +2 I am following celebrities gossip in my country because I cannot sleep again hahahahaha.. btw virgo woman always stupid if in love virgo always love people to the point they can forget their brain to think logic. Sometimes this can happen. If their ex bf will get married they will act crazily to defend their one sided love they can even insults the wife of their ex bf this is crazy. If my bf will be married I will forget him and find another bf. Like there’s no other man in this world Haissshhhhhh.. this is why when dating you can not date just 1 man it will make you to think about that man 100 %. Date 5 men so you will only give 20% off your thoughts to each of them. And when break up it’s easy to move on because only 20% of your heart get broken. Haishhhhhhhhhh
  19. Hang over all day (I am not a drunker and not drink alcohol) so I decided to re reading all my old comics
  20. 640 thanks @Lmangla !! hi my chingus *huggsssssss miss you all
  21. @Lawyerh yes I love Yoko Matsumoto now I am re reading all comics in here since I only spent my times on bed hahaha.. today I read the nightmare’s invitation. After this I will read SOS again So agree I don’t like new comics.. sometimes I still browse in internet to find old comics but still with good quality. I have a friend that help me to search and will sell it to me hahahaha.. I love shopping but not a shopaholic. but since I live in Palu now and all malls already destroyed after the earthquake I can only shopping if go to other city. Mom loves to go to Surabaya she said she loves Surabaya more than Jakarta to shop hahahaha. But it’s good with no mall in here. I can save enough hahaha.
  22. 612 his palms are big. it remains me to Hong Jong Hyun's hands and Ji Chang Wook's hands a kind of hands for capturing our faces when kissing or capturing our hearts. the hands that will not let go easily.. ughhhhhhh P.S I blame song ji na writer nim because she writes faith and healer and the king loves, I remember all those guys hands ughhhhh well LMH hands are not big but chubby. like my ahjussi friend's hands LOL WKKWKWKWWKKWKWWKWKWKWKKWKWWK *run away ah.. tuink tuink tuink tuink.. good night everyone sweetdreams I love you all with my pure and clean and clear heart
  23. 610 a very manly kissing oughhhh my heart !!
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