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  1. HEY YOU HANDSOME yes you. Stop being too sensitive these days okey. Because my ulcer is 100000000000000000000000 times more sensitive now. It’s too difficult to be a woman now ~_~ love you, Sejabin, the cutest
  2. I can not be sure now. To be honest I am frustrating of what to eat now. Anything can trigger my ulcer when normally it usually doesn’t happened. Example when I eat banana ulcer and GERD attack me. It makes me afraid to eat. And I vomit the whole day and of course soup too. I think now my weights only 45kg if this still happened until the end of March perhaps I can reached 42kg. I don’t know anymore. Perhaps I need to pray more. Sometimes I feel like I will die. Well perhaps not yet. I am a food lover normally. I only struggle so I will not go to the hospital. I hate hospital.
  3. +2 is he use lipstick? I think only lip balm xixixxi
  4. +2 perhaps in real cenching as blingbling as inces xuxuxuxu.. Now if think again only people like incess who loves to drink tea .. ok now I’m curious about cenching makeup style hmmhhh.. tea anyone? *dgn suara manjah incess
  5. +2 japan england scotland south korea Hong kong (disney land) venice italy france vatican monaco spain and more except dangerous places @cenching your fav place = inces fav place
  6. 990 my friend who experienced 2 miscarriages told me that’s because she has mioma? Miom? Like tennis table ball size. She wants to have a baby again but doctor said there’s no option they must take her miom. It’s so sad. If they take her miom they also must take her uterus? A kind of. So she can’t have a baby again in the future. So sad
  7. +2 actually I try to watch the crowned clown to distract me but at ep 1 I see that torturing scene and I feel my ulcer come so then I went to ask the fellas and annoyed dhakra there WKKWWKKWKWKWKWKWKWKWKW Better than watch the crowned clown LOL ok I will be back to that drama and skip those torturing scenes
  8. Seems you have a problem with being ignored. That is why you don’t like when I give opinion about as long as he left enough cash and paid my cc bills I will let him.. while me I never care about being ignored or not that is why I can give opinion about go shopping.. you have see me in this forum for almost 2 years and you see that I never care about being ignored truly.. dhakra.. sometimes you are too sentimental of being ignored.
  9. 1. I WANT SEPTEMBER will be tomorrow so I can back to my normal me without ulcers and GERD (perhaps I didn’t pray enough) 2. I want to experience this JUST ONCE in my whole lifetime. Amen 3. I want to be able to eat vegetables and soup and fruits again. I hate eating these biscuits and all these sugary food but I have no option. I always limited my sugar level but now I cannot control it since this is the only friendly food for my ulcers 4. I want these difficult times passed away soon 5. I want this pain dissapear huuu uuuuu uuuu
  10. Mmm.. nah this is what different between me and you: 1. You want your advice to be taken, while me I just share. 2. Our sex of course 3. Dhakra loves attention while me I just type 4. He loves to insist that other opinions are wrong and seems he is always right. While me I don’t care. Oh perhaps because I am a girl. Ughhhh.. okey then you own this thread based on your sex sighhhhhh (though sometimes I think your advice is too traditional)
  11. Nah mochalate love our sharing advice too.. oh gosh you are sometimes too traditional btw my opinion is good too. Don’t give too much attention to a guy. They will act too much. Short and to the point. Heiiii.. I rarely share about me in here because it will be you who will give the advice hahahahaha. But I still remember your views about a ahjussi. It takes pages in here ^_* wkwkwkwkwk how I wish we have more fellas in here. Our option is only traditional dhakra sighhhh..
  12. +2 I already called the cuatomer service and they reported to me there are some untrusted webs tried to use my cc on certain dates of January and February so I said to them I haven’t use my credit card since January and they tell me they will help to block my current credit card and will send a new credit card to me. And I must to send that report letters so they can investigate this for me. I already open my appleid there are bills records history there but there is no 2.000.000 bill history. Plus if we shop in itunes, the bill will send to our email and I have never received that 2.000.000 bill in my email
  13. it’s usefull.. you, need, to, be, more open minded ^_* so what? Most of guys like that. I just give more variations. Sometimes more options are good. Sometimes people will argued like that girl and his guy.. nah rather than argue I just give a view to avoid argument. Go shopping
  14. If it’s me.. as long as he left enough cash for me to spend in the mall and paid my credit card on time, I will let him go with his friends. I will tell him, fly away baby.. spread your wings wkwkwkwkwk if he protest about my shopping habbit then I will protest about his 3 AM habbit and make a deal. Wkwkwkwkwk.. don’t give too much attention to a guy they will act too much.
  15. 976 @USAFarmgirl I can not contact itunes because in my appleid bills history there is no 2.000.000 Rp bill. But it is in my credit card bill I will never ever let anyone even if it’s apple staff to log into my appleid again never and who wants to downloaded songs and games and movies for 2.000.000 Rp. Only crazy people do that. Sighhhhhhhhh I need farmacrol forte now ARGHHHHHH
  16. 978 Guys Have you experienced this? Or any of your friends? So I have unknown bills in my credit card from itunes 2.000.000 Rp. My eyes were like this this morning O_O .. I am lying on bed mostly since January and have not shop anything. Then I checked my appleid bills there is no 2.000.000 Rp bill from itunes. But the bill is in my credit card. So I caled the bank and they said they will help to block my credit card and will send new cc for me and they afraid that Someone may have hacked my appleid. The problem is I only connect my credit card with my appleid from my iphone and no one use this only me. Once I open my apple id with barcode scan in the store in Makassar when I bought this handphone but it was last year. And I remember I left the store and forget to ask the staff to log out from my appleid. They open my appleid from web but the bank tells me if I can send email to them about surat pernyataan tidak pernah melakukan pembelanjaan sebesar angka tersebut they will help me to investigate and if I really did not do it 2jtnya nanti kembali but in 100 days.. note. Since when itunes sells somethin that cost 2.000.000 Rp? Oh gosh I feel like someone backstabbed me. LOL sighhhhhhhh
  17. +2 ohhh I can’t wait to watch the next eps of TYH kdrama. Why must we wait in this agony for a week then a week then a week? Why they don’t give us 5 eps a week WAE? @Ameera Ali nah if a guy can cook breakfast and dinner that means he is romantic ^_* nowadays guys will just took us to order Kentucky Fried Chicken I’m an healthy eater. I can’t with a junkfood guy @Lawyerh Crazy rich jakarta HAHAHAHAHAHA I did whatsapp with my bff this afternoon and said “hey let us gossiping. You live in Jkt. What do you think about SR and RB?” And she said “don’t ask me about those crazy people.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAJAHAHAHAAHHAHA. Usually this friend of mine is a good gossiper. Before the media tells that luna has 5M in her bank acc, 10 years ago my friend already told me. I told her, hey how do you know? She said ‘my friend works in panin bank and she said that to me.” She was also the 1st who tells me that olga got AIDS and she was the one who seen raffi ahmad menggendong yuni shara in the elevator. She was in the elevator with them. If I want to clarify new gossip I will call her HAHAHAHAHAHAH. But her reaction this afternoon was just “don’t ask me about those crazy people.” Hahahahahah
  18. HAPPY. Because I joined a community and it is not only me who must to suffer like this with my ulcer and GERD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAJAH sometimes you will be happy if you know that you are not the only one who feel this WKKWKWWKKWLWLWKWWK
  19. +2 1. Yes he cannot aways eat together with his wife. He said his wife wants to eat together and always eat on time. it’s romantic actually. @Ameera Ali how do you think about eat together xixixixixi ^_* 2. He said he has a samurai soul. Is he from a samurai family ?_? I just OMG she wears her billions Rp necklace to the press conference. What’s for? HAHAHAHAHAH OMG incessss incessss..
  20. +2 then I must be watch him in some dramas btw me too dropped yong pal. I just watch it because I want to see Kim Tae Hee. Hahahaha I haven’t watch I have a lover yet chingu.. I will try it later then ^_* @cenching hahaha actually they are pity. They must to explain things that they don’t need to explain at the press conference because of netizen reactions LOL I mean if I love or married someone I don’t need to explain why to people but yeah too pity because the wife is a public figure hahahaha.. @Ameera Ali yeah I hope it will be a lovely wedding scene @cenching @Lawyerh the necklace guys.. hahahaha.. the necklace OMG hahahahahahahaha she wears that open shoulder dress for the necklace xuxuxu.. btw LM also too pity yeah.. now she’s been surrounding by all the newly wed updates.. seems like being a public figure it’s not an easy job
  21. He was the father in Yong Pal.. right? Kim Tae Hee was the daughter.. I remember his charismatic face.. wkwkwkwkwkw.. +2
  22. +2 I want a wedding scene too!! @Lawyerh He was kim tae hee father in her latest kdrama wasn’t he? I forget the title. Btw that ahjussi is charismatic.
  23. But yes minyak tawon is realy good. If you got sariawan just put minyak tawon. It will healed fast. Also if you got wound or anything. Kutus2 I think have difference effect. It is just I never put minyak tawon for hemorrhoid hahahaha. It is just I can not believe she will suggested that hahahaha dasar org indo
  24. So after all this ulcer and GERD drama for more than 8 weeks, yes.. it is effect my digestive system and guess what I got constipation and leads me to my hemorhoid and I called another doctor friend, with a hope that she might can give me a better solution for my hemorhoid since I cannot take any medicine. She is an intern in Australia now. And what did she said to me? “Put minyak tawon on it. I use it too for my hemorhoid.” I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. A doctor who is studying abroad in a place like Australia suggested me to put minyak tawon ~_~ she is the best Yes a traditional oil that produced from south sulawesi and yes very famous in my country and you can only get the original minyak tawon in south sulawesi. Don’t believe any seller who sells it out of the area. Minyak tawon company only sells this in south sulawesi area in Indonesia.
  25. Eating biscuit after GERD attack.. sighhhh ~_~ oh GOD now I know what is via dolorossa feel never I feel this way before in my entire 34 years life
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