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  1. Sejabin

    Message To Anyone

    to: my precious friend from the past I am sorry for saying this too late, is it almost 7 years? 8 years? surely time flies fast.. but thank you very much.. for the love, for everything you've done for me, and for the memories. I am sorry for hurting you, was.. I hope it isn't hurt anymore.. I wish all the joy and happiness will always follow your steps.. from, a friend

    I have met many daebak people in my life and this song will always reminds me to one of them :heart:


  3. Sejabin

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    a precious friend from the past gave me this song a few years ago.. I wasn't dare to listen to this song until last year. well, I listened to this first when he gave me but I didn't listen again until 2017.. the feelings was too intense and I do feel that I do not deserve that intensity.. but it's described how deep and how beautiful his love was.. this is a very beautiful song. very emotional. usually I will prefer to listen to the live version but this studio version feels like more than live ^_* this guys are daebak!!
  4. Sejabin

    Add and Subtract Game

    600 need to wash mom's hair now. she is sick. gtg.. have a nice monday
  5. Sejabin

    True or False.

    false.. no passion left in me wkwkwk the next person is taking care of a sick mom
  6. Sejabin

    Add and Subtract Game

    600 @dotonly ok.. let's play ping pong hiehiehie btw I read webtoon on hp. I downloaded the app. try to read it chingu. it's so much fun!!
  7. Sejabin

    Add and Subtract Game

    602 I feel empty without dotonly in add team
  8. Sejabin

    Add and Subtract Game

    602 @dotonly .. come back soon..
  9. You are my GPS. you navigate me :star:

    1. supergal99


      Oh... let me guess... erhmm... Siri ??

    2. Sejabin


      :unamused: what are you doing in here baby? :unamused:

  10. Sejabin

    Add and Subtract Game

    616 @dotonly seems I have a twin xixixixi .. hi @sundrear happy satnite everyone. I just watch Equalizer 2. the messages are good but some conflicts aren't clear.. I just can not understand why he must kills them all in his hometown
  11. Sejabin

    What are some best Facial Mask?

    for me it is Laneige Water Sleeping Mask for my mom, she use honey + yoghurt as mask before sleep.