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  1. 702 I can’t stop laughing at this @Ameera Ali the eyebrows of those emos are unique btw I want to watch that romance bonus drama but not available in Viu I will wait until I can watch in somewhere..
  2. 698 @Ameera Ali your emo remind me of someone I can tell you look at me I know what you feel every look will make you hard to breathe GG!!
  3. I feel not well. Something between wanting to go to toilet and stomachache and wanting to vomit. But they said it’s not a disease and just keep strugling All I want is just to drink melon syrup with ice cubes
  4. Perhaps 1kg of cheese stick. I am surprised too. Who is this person in me? I want my old self back!!
  5. 704 I think I will go to office and took my laptop. *sighhhhh.. they will held 3 events this week and no money and I need to do something so these people will get what they need ARGHHHHHH I HATE FINANCING *singing in desperation Malam ini tak ingin aku sendiriiiiiiiiiiiii (tonight I don’t want to be alone) ku cari damai bersama bayanganmuuuuuuuu (I look for peace in your shadow) hangat pelukan yang masih ku rasaaaaaaaaaaa (the warmth of your embrace that I still feel) kau kasihhhhhhhhhhhh (you, my love) kau sayanggggggggg (you, my darling)
  6. +2 @cenching it is better if the lips still moist without lipbalm btw why are you guys in angry mood? Sushi too.. we feel a mild earthquakes this morning. From bmkg it’s happened in Poso, 57 km from Palu. And since that Poso experienced more than 20 aftershocks until now ~_~ but yeah I can not run now. When it happened I was on bed. Just open my eyes a moment and sleep again. I don’t care anymore. *singing I surrender all mode ON
  7. +2 yes. Specially to criticize mr. kwon feminin bag in TYH, his chanel lipbalm, .. if think again.. I can’t bear it if a guy who wants to kiss me is using lipbalm.. I will give him tissue before kissing me ~_~
  8. I always cry with kabhi kushi kabhi gam. When he meets his mother after years in London xixixixixi queen for 7 days kdrama will make me cry a lot too
  9. Playing bollywood movie and crying a lot when watching
  10. I want to be able to leave this bed and go work
  11. 638 me too dislike accounting. I do it from monday to friday but I don’t like it at all. What I like are to have fun in soompi, opening youtube and IG and sleep and holidays and shopping and playing Hay Day and gossiping and in my normal days, eating aka wisata kuliner
  12. +2 @Ameera Ali yes why? Do you like female strippers? btw why do I feel these days our topic is about naked #gemesin this is perfection. I’m in tears I have never listen to this kind of powerful breathing but could produce a very sweet tones since Whitney Houston.
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