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  1. @lu09... I saw the preview, SH’s mom will come forward about the baby. Since there is no paperwork/legal documents for the adoption, Esther will go to jail for kidnapping. Lol lol Two charges of kidnapping , making Lee Soo Ho dead through the Police will add another charge for Esther and Nam Joo. I hope this drama doesn’t let all these crimes drop because they have caused so much pain to our OTP???
  2. Well welll , She is going to find out about NJ being her son. She , NJ and Esther will work together because of DoRi. Now Ae-Ra has two people who can inherit Aura Group. NJ being so desperate for real love will start to care for her but during that time they are working togetherAe-Ra still has no love for the son she abandoned. I find this ironic , DK1 complain about his father not loving him and his mom when she herself was never truthfully. She joined the family so she can get revenge and had a child out of wedlock and did everything she could to control her husband. A woman like is way to cruel.
  3. @lu09 @Ameera Ali @newyee @mel22 Thanks for update chingu. I was cracking up to all the post.
  4. @angelangie... I started reading this novel chingu. It is really good but the translation is very slow. Only 45 Chaoter was translated . Very interesting.
  5. @n3bula Her awakening was well written. It was so intense because of Sang Sang truly hates this world and so will Haotien. Remember Sang Sang was tired of living in this world and decided to leave. Now I think the physical description of SS because of her power. Haotien power is so vast that it will mess up her physica form. SS hating this world make it easy for Haotien to not feel any guilt on killing people who offend her. Her feelings for NQ is what Haotien needs to suppress becauae they are raw and intense just like her hate for the real world. You can see how much she dislike every thing until she spend more time in this world. The small things that usd to make her happy in connection to NQ will certainly re-emerge because they are strong. She has always been with him without him she would feel empty like NQ does... I think every action she does was to stop her need or love for NQ... NQ and SS’s love for each other is special because now matter what wrong they commit, they would always forgive and understand why they did what they did. Thanks for sharing
  6. Episode 50 was really an eye opener. We all saw only one child for San Ha but it made me really hate the mother. I know why she did it but it disgusted me because she lied to her daughter. She made her daughter be in pain and now she will find out that her SIL was kidnapped and did not abandon her daughter. I am looking forward to seeing this witch in pain for what she did. She has moved on and never felt any guilt for abandoning her grandson. Now that she took the adoption papers, it will end up in the mad of NJ not LSH. It would be way to easy for the OTP. It won’t happen. Cho Ae -Ra Finally is in pain. She murdered her own son but still blames Esther. She sent someone to hurt Esther instead her kid dies. Now what will she do with this new info. Cho Ae-Ra isn’t a good actress , her eye will always hate LSH. She can either try hard make him succeed or get rid of him. If she doesn’t get rid of him , her secret will be found out.
  7. @joccu @mel22 I am so glad someone brought it up. Let me say been so busy since Friday and now have the time to talk about episode 50. So I looked it up Is Left handed hereditary so here is the research @Ameera Ali... I am quiet confuse about this too chingu. Who the hell separated them and why???? NJ toolbar SH to the hospital but once the bay was borne he was nowhere near them??? But we saw Ether was watching them once they took SH where the baby was buried. Why would NJ be involved. We all saw Esther was worried once she remembered the lady but forgot about it because she thought it was impossible.
  8. How the hell did she get involved with the baby swapping if there was??? She was still pregnant after SH had the baby. Or am I mixing up who gave birth first. Why was Ssthee involved in SH’s baby. Why was she monitoring her when she hid from her all these years. Smh smh I still can’t quite shake its two babies instead of one!!! Chan sleeps like OSH, DoRi is left handed ( why Ae Ra is forcing her grandson to use his right hand????) Maybe she switched the babies but damn Esther is EVil. After all the suffering she went through she had to do it her oppa LSH who has always beeen by her side. I love the fact Esther declaration that OPpa would forgive her and would stand by her. Not!!!!!!! In her dreams, who he cried for was hurting his wife OSH!!!!
  9. They won’t make him savage..... In Season 1, NQ in the novel was savage and they didn’t show it. Even the the fight with XH wasn’t brutal. They showed how much SS is willing to sacrifice for him, will he do the same for her in Season 2???? That is the question @Rouzmary
  10. @O I totally think OSH’s mom abandoned her grandchildren. I believe OSH had Twins, how could there be such a coincidence that both children are left handed. I think Esther lost her baby. I know that each pregnancy are different but OSH’s belly looked so much bigger than Esther’s when she was pregnant. Remember we did not see what happened after OSH’s passed out after giving birth to the first child. I don’t think the mom gave up on the child because of hate but because of their financial situation which in my opinion is still wrong but o can see why she did that. Her reaction at the mention of the child makes me very suspicious. If you noticed both children have their hair styled the same way. Why is that??? Maybe I am thinking to much who knows???? OSH’s mon Love bothe her children and is very protective of them.
  11. Hello everyone Please be Warned !!! I can’t help feeling this way . Blame the actor Jin Tae-Hyun Outstanding performance in episode 48. I know how you all feel towards Kim Nam Joo shi But I can’t help fee sorry for him. I will agree toward Oh San-Ha his mind became warped. This guy has done everything he can to obtain his objective to hurt his mother which all comes down to him wanting to be loved sincerely. I agree @Ldy Gmerm with you , I don’t think he will save his mom but will make the sacrifice for Oh San Han because of guilt and he sincerely likes/love her. Like I said above Kim Nam Joo is craving love, when Cho Ae-Ra become allies, she will use him to protect herself and get her revenge. But once KNJ finds out her secret and will find out that She I ou loves DK1, he will finally see her for who she is. Then once she loses KNJ , is when she will finally understand that her kids had to pay for her sons because she is evil. Chingu’s I BET YOU CHO AE-RA’s father went to jail because she he really did mess up and all her sins were for nothing. For example Here are title of drama where the Villain is out for Revenge for their parents , turns out to be all false Teacher oh Soo Nam, Shark
  12. @Rouzmary Welcome to the thread. I too am properly reading the novel. Since I started reading it in webnovel, I am trying to accumulate a lot of spirit stones so I can read the novel. Now that I have a lot , I will start where I last left which is chapter 78. So I am back now @n3bula @Snow Guardian
  13. @dulceres... I was hoping someone here would clear my suspicion of OSH’s mom but really happy someone is having the same thoughts about OSH’s mom. She is a shifty character, selfish, loves her kids and family . OSH’s is such a funny character she used to love LSH until he dated and then married her daughter but yet she couldn’t wait to send her daughter to Kim Nam Joo ( an orphan) who needed backing unlike her SIL made something of himself with no backing and his own brain. I hope my suspicion is so wrong because I would hate to hate her really badly.
  14. @Ameera Ali.... I understand chingu but DoRi is still exhibiting his selfish side due to his mom and grandma spoiling him rotten. He is still adorable and I think raised by the right person he may get the chance of becoming an outstanding citizen when he grows up. I agree is innocent and want him raised right. I wouldn’t want to be raised in a orphanage look at what happened to his mom.
  15. Hello everyone I am terrified that Oh San-Ha’s mom might be involved with the declaring her grandson dead. It would really break my heat if this happened. Last drama I saw First love again, wher the female lead’s mother lied to her child and told her daughter that her child had died. She never once thought or cared to look for her child. It infuriated me and I could never warm up to the mother know matter what. my eyes , I considered her Evil. e Episode 47 Lee Soo-Ho dramatically changes Remembering
  16. I agree with you @tulip934 let’s give a round of applause to their hard work...... Episode 47 Was done so well Chan - -> Oh San Ha and Lee Soo-Ho’s son He is so adorable and kind. He has already exhibited trait of Oh San-Ha. I will be honest here, I dot think Chan’s adoptive mom a good mom. I actually agree with OSH’s mom. There is no way any mothe would leave their child( a sick child) with a stranger. Is this a hint that OSH and LSH May be able to get to raise their son in the future. I know @Ldy Gmerm , @dulceres @mizkorea think he should stay with his adoptive mom but how can she just leave him all this time with strangers. That is so weird to me but it might be okay in kdrama style!!! What do you guys think??? @Ameera Ali It seems that Chan is their child chingu.
  17. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why hasn’t anyone commented on today’s episode. I can’t stay long but let me give you the details @Pam_Van Fossen @Ameera Ali @dulceres @shaking50 @Mucky @lu09 @newyee @mizkorea @tulip934 @mel22 @marrez1 Everyone OSH’s son is ALIVE!!!!!! I knew he was alive. ESTHER JANG is truly a EvIl Bbbbb . I can’t believe she actually stoop that low. She does deserve to have a child. Now I am actually scared that something might happen to son so she can finally seee what she did wrong. I really do hate when children get hurt due to their parents. OSH’s son is sick but I don’t recall if they told us what is he sick of. I don’t get why Esther chose to try to sell the necklace and then try to say she wasn’t at fault. That she was innocent, we all saw her take the necklace. What is wrong with her???? Is she senile????
  18. @Ameera Ali.... I love your GiF . He is truly a sexy man . In all his dramas his hair were always perfect . I loved loved his hair Jang Hyuk has great hair
  19. I agree with you chingu @angelangie @lynne22 Thanks for tagging me . I myself can’t choose because they are all hot. Tagging @n3bula @pad-hari Can you help us choose. By the way Choice 2 and 3, I have no idea what drama that is. Can someone please Give me the titles. Much love to you all
  20. @n3bula Actually it isn’t expensive. It’s just that I am trying to buy it through the web instead of the iOS app , apple makes us pay with taxes. Ugghhhhhh. If I can’t buy through the web, it will have to be with iOS app. * crying * Prices 50 - -> 99 cents 150 - -> $2.99 400 - -> $7.99 500 - -> $9.99 1000 - -> $19.99 2500 - -> $49.99
  21. @n3bula I am planning on buying some spirits stones since I have a good pay day. Lol I am planing on reading while I am on vacation. So I am going to need it badly .... lol
  22. @n3bula.... As you read it his novel, always take into account that Ning Que is a serial person. He will think upon it because after all he believes in making himself happy. But it is just a thought of a possibility. As long he doesn’t take action then we shouldn’t hate him. I believe MSS is just “POSSIBILITY “ but NQ will not be a warm person because of SS pushes him to be a better person. Love that you are keeping this thread a live . Thank you. Where I am reading this book, I haven’t had the unlock the chapters yet because I don’t have enough stones to unlock them all.
  23. Hello everyone @Lmangla... Thank you for tagging me . I want to participate in this thread Here is my List The Innocent Man Seo Eungi/Moon Chae Won The King 2 Hearts Kim Hang Ah / Ha Ji Won Song Mi-Kyung A word from a warm heart Han Hye-Jin Hold Me tight /Let’s hold hands tightly and watch the Sunset Will come back and complete post
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