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  1. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @Mau_Cherry I feel the same way chingu... Joon didn’t seem like he was crushing on her. I especially liked the way KSY wasn’t happy to see Ha Ram having out with Joon. I hope that Ha Ram and her mother bond . I really don’t want her mother regretting not bonding with her only child until it’s too late for her to make up for her mistakes. She sees her child trying to save people , how can she not see what a loving and kind daughter she has. Smh smh. I guess someone people just can’t accept the supernatural side of life.
  2. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Chingu , Ha Ram saves her stepfather . The scenario HR was talking about saving him was in the past. Remember HR bumped into a woman and how she saw a yellow paper being burned. Is that the scenario HR saved the man with a Scar on his face. I don’t recall her saving him twice , can someone help me?
  3. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @Mau_Cherry.... Hi chingu , it’s been a long time since I found you in the same thread as I. Good to see you are enjoying this drama. I feel the same way you do. I hate KSY,selfish girl betrayed Joon and the woman who raised her. I have no idea if Joon had a crush on KSY but he did like her. I was happy to hear that HR’s father changed Joon and made him happy. I have a big problem with HR’s mom. HR’s Father was totally a good guy. He helped a boy find his dream, his daughter was crushing on Joon and he was a really good kid.
  4. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @jjoy84... I am so glad to 416 still there with us. By the way the actor is so adorable and cute. I am loving his devotion to 444. It;s awesome that he became friends with 444 since they are connected to each other in the past..... @bebebisous33.... Chingu loving your theory .... I think his arget iLeo too because we saw him sending letter to him. Another clue is Lee Mi Soo was killed because he mistaken her car for Leo or maybe she was the target because of OMH. LMS and OMH are having an affair. After all we know he has grudge with OMH since he is following him and OMH is trying to find him. He suspects OMH put him in the mental hospital. I think OMH should have had him killed instead of keeping him alive. I think the killer also has grudge with Ha Ram because she prevented those kids from dying. The man with scar get high from killing people. Black was right HE ENJOYS KILLING ALOT ...
  5. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @bebebisous33.... Yes chingu they do look like HMG's step father. HMG step father is weird but I am starting to think that his stepfather isn't the missing reaper. He might be some other reaper. He did try to kill Leo and I wander why he wants to kill LEO. I think he might want to kill Leo because he knew LEO saw HMG when he was overdosing on drugs and HMG didn't even bother to help him.... CHingu's did you notice LEO's Tattoo of a Reaper DOG on his chest.....
  6. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @tw20127.... It seems that the knowledge that she saved a serial killer is still not hindering her instincts to save people. I feel for this character because for someone to predict death must be stressful and annoying. For someone who is kind and wiling to put her life in danger to protect anyone because her conscious won't let her.
  7. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Hello everyone... Just finished watching eisode 11 and 12... Wow amazing episodes. Some questions have been answered and it gave me so much pause to see such things happening. I swear chingu’s I was so pissed and furious at seeing Han Man Goo’s Mom parenting skills. I started hating KsY and wanting to throttle her. This woman interfered with peoples fate and protested herself over everyone else. I know I will have to rewatch all the episode so I can really grasp what I saw. I understand in life there are circumstances that can’t be avoided but how can you leave two underage kids alone for 4 Days .... What!!!!! Bad Parenting. Now I have so many questions???? Whose DRUGS WERE THOSE???? I AM THINKING IT BELONGS TO YSW ??? AM I RIGHT???? YSW got Joon killed, got his mom arrested and is still willing to put HMG in danger. Once she got involved by pushing HR away, NoW Black will be forced to interfere again by saving HR from Death when it is her time to die. He will be breaking the rules all over again and this will really hurt him badly. Poor HR is going to feel bad if something bad happen to him too. He is going to save her and she willllll fall even harder for him. OMS knows she likes to save people and then the dummy goes and show her he pictures of that man. Which pushes her to try to catch the man who is a serial killer..... NOW MG is also the one who released the serial killer to start killling again. How many any of you were happy to see HR’s stepfather having a change of heart for HR. I think maybe he never really hated her but because of the alcohol is what made him a bad man. HR’s mom may have been suffering from postpartum after having HR. I think because she suffered from it and he told her about being GR is what sent her over the edge. HR’s mom is very confuseing to me at times. She acts worried and then she is cold to her. She send food to HR and she doesn’t mind her step son hanging out with HR. So in truth she is just as confused as I am. No will be reading all the lovely comment everyone wrote .....
  8. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @bebebisous33... I wonder will Ha Rim's relationship with her mother ever be mended. Will it take a death scare or actual death for her mother to realized she did lover her daughter. I dislike parents who can't love their own child but love someone else's child more than their own. I wonder if HR's stepbrother is paying for his parents's sin. For all the emotional pain his parents inflicted on Ha rim that the universe said " I will take this child as payment for your sins".
  9. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @bebebisous33.... I feel the same way chingu. HR is already falling for Black /Joon. The faact that HR is falling for Black proves how right we are that their love is fated, meant to be kinda love. I agree Blacks needs to feel loved because of how his life was ended and it took his death for his mom to realized she loved her kid. Or maybe i am reading the flashback from HR perspective wrongly. What do you think chingu?
  10. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @nona88 Thanks for the videos..... can't wait to watch the episode later. @bebebisous33.... I agree YSW needs to pay for her sins. She acts like she loves him but she only looks out for him so she can live. She is always looking out for herself. SHe loves using people for her own benefit. smh smh smh Same goes for MG's mom she needs to pay for her sins. Isn't ironic that Mg still dies before her after all the sins she committed to keep her own son alive. I also think MG's mom is using the other doctor. He seems to be more in love with her than she is with him.
  11. Your right she has fallen for this version of him. I fear of her ever finding Jae Wook's body. SHe ( Hae Rim) is crazy enough to kill him so that fake Ji SUp can remain with her for life. I don't ever see him ever loving a woman like her. So selfish. I will be honest with you that even though Ji Sub is trying to protect his family and hurt them I can't help but feel that he is a good guy. I believe man who are truly good who start doing terrible stuff in the end hurt themselves. While they are hurting themselves they will be a time where they can't continue being bad because the guilt will eat them up inside. That is what i fear for Ji Sub. @maddymappo.... I too pity Ji Sub and SR. THey had a rough life but what made Ji Sub happy was SR and HS and vice versaa. I am such a sucker for people who suffer in the Kdrama land. I just can't help myself... TBH.... Whatever direction the writer goes with this story, I will enjoy it to the end.... I am rooting for JS and SR....... I am also rooting for SR and IW........ I am rooting for MY and JW........
  12. Like I said Jae Wook’s Mom is so scary..... She is trying her best to turn Ji sub EVIL. At least Ji sup scared the crap out of her but the crazy woman had a record of his daughter singing. She had someone try to kill his wife . I wonder if the accident was ruse so they can abort her baby. I hope not. Now Hae Rim knows that Ji Sub and Jae Wook looked alike. I wonder what she promised the man who Jw wants nothing to do with contractor. @Ldy Gmerm @sava2sava.... We all saw how possessive she is to her adoptive life , now she will become every more scary to keep the man Ji Sup. She has already fallen for him and she still think In Wook will remain her always . Lol lol
  13. I noticed in kdrama land that people never see what consequences of their action are wrong. All they see is that they are the ones suffering and don't care about other people than their own blood @musiqueetharmonie.... It is a real shame that they only noticed their sins when they are dying. Some of these characters are willing to go all the way to the end and pay for their sins as long as they get what they want.
  14. I already expected that @finebyme. HG’s Mom is living with DS. Once HG find out it was his mom who broke his parents up he will be pissed at his aunt. His aunt is a very selfish woman and I wished she would grow up chingu.
  15. Ji sup is truly homesick and in love with his wife. When she got hurt , he freaked out and ran to her. Screaming her name and everything and she opened her eyes and saw him. In preview he is kidnapped and Hae Rim still can’t stop snooping where she shouldn’t be. I knew there was a reason I can’t stand Hae Rim. Hae Rim is either stupid or just plain scary. SR’s ex BIL is now a civil servant and it took for him to divorce her to pass the test. This Kdrama universe is so funny. The look on her face when he told her he passed the exam. She was shocked and hurt. LOl LOL LOL What is a shocked to you tooo @sava2sava and @Ldy Gmerm when you saw the preview for episode 37?????