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  1. @epinklyn I Dm you the link to read the novel... Please enjoy chingu.. I ahve been taking my time to ready this novel so I can remember everything that I have read.
  2. Well said @angelangie and true.
  3. @epinklyn @Cheng Chao Welcome chingu’s As I read the novel, I have so much respect for Ning Que’s character. He is playful, cold and has major trust issues. He never shows his concern for Sang Sang to anyone. He is loyal and doesn’t care to be a hero .
  4. Me neither chingu @angelangie... After all she was friends with Kang Se Na. All the things EMily did that disgusted me. 1. Came to korea to get money from Se Na 2. Blackmailed her friend for money 3. Investigate Kang Se Na 4. Came back to blackmail Kang Sena and was also violent towards her 5. Marries JH knowing he is in love with another woman 6. Threatened to take away hubby's son from mother x2 7. Lied to hubby about asking KY to let him see his son 8. Barged in to ex wife's house and make lots of noise 9. Very ungrateful to Hot Hunks sacrifices 10. Joine hands with the woman who tried to kill her 11. SHE IS DELUSIONALLLLLLLL
  5. At viki it is up to date @mrsj3n. Episode 19- 20 is coming out for international viewers and 25-26 for Mainland viewers.
  6. Chingu @Leila Essalih I DM you with the link ok. Yes the it is Night Fall Question Chingu abou the novel
  7. @Leila Essalih... I don't think it has been translated in French . It has been translated in Thai and English .
  8. I have been turned off by what has been going on in the last two episodes. 1. HK's father is truly a coward and very pathetic. He actually believes protecting Se Na is going to protect his secret. the man hasn't realized he partnered up with a murderer. She is a monster, she got her husband killed and took his company from his family. Also she kicked her FIL out of his home. 2. KY's father is DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB . All he ever does is smack JH in the face . He doesn't even treat his EVIL Daughter in Law like he does JH. He makes me sick. He acts like a gangster. 3. I hate that GY let her father mistreat JH like that. It pains her to see him hurt but she can't even defend him. She doesn't even trust her own father with the truth. 4. Cell's Beauty employees, WOW WOW!!! They are something else. They aren't even loyal employees. They have never defended KY and seem to dismiss all the rumors about Kang Se Na but not the rumor about GY. 5. DeRanged , SHe is the dumbest of them alllll. She let the woman who tried to kill her befriend her again. She is now threatening GY in taking her YS away from his mother because she thinks her husband is cheating on her. DeRanged claims to love JH but she doesn't know him at all. I believe her love is not real but an obsession. Even SN knew Emily had some kind of feelings for JH . She is so pathetic....
  9. Happy Wednesday Chingu's upcoming New episode of Ever Night
  10. I believe the subscription is for removing ads, VIP viewing and faster subtitles @rhaps
  11. @angelangie I tried to get a subscription with them but it didn't work at all...I even joined wechat to get access
  12. @angelangie @pangia you guys remember when Chen PiPi discussed the object fate, NQ said he would flirt with it, sleep with it so they can be one. Now isn’t he doing just that . Lol lol lol I haven’t gotten the chance to make the GIF yet so please bare with me chingu’s.
  13. Facts you need to know about Ever Night the Novel
  14. @Moonlight Hh Wel come to our thread. Please let us know what you think of EverNight?
  15. @angelangie Chingu , I thought the musician cultivating brothers were making them dance for a reason??? Ning Que really can't dance though he seemed so stiff. Chen Pi Pi is doing a much better than him unless this is all fake???? I would love to know the truth