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  1. Thanks for the info @poptartz
  2. @poptartz What are you looking for chingu?? Are you looking for soundtrack?? Maybe I can find it for you? i found the soundtrack on spotify Chingu , I was able to play the soundtrack. I am using my iphone to listen to the soundtrack .
  3. I will agree with you chingu @lovecarnation.. Ming Dao has a whinny voice and I don't really like him much. I thought the plot was good but wasn't sure if it was good because I thought he was Ming Dao. I am so glad I didn't let my prejudice get the better of me. I agree Ethan is a better actor than him. I Ethan
  4. I feel JE is so pathetic and hypocritical @ajummapunkinssi.. She judges other people when she was manipulative since she was very young. She saw herself as a victim when in fact she was jealous of her cousins things. She sees her aunts pain and loneliness and thinks she alone can fill the void her aunt needs to filled. I find JE to be ungrateful for not seeing things for what they are.
  5. @mrsj3n Nicely done chingu @carmolita I did the screenshot , He is an amazing actor......
  6. @carmolita... Chingu in episode 44.. give the exact time to the scene and I will take a screenshot and post it for you
  7. Hello chingu's I have a question it is about Long Feiye WHo was his mother???? I am quite confused to who is his biological mom?
  8. I have been tryint to post these since 12 Pm EST. Ha Nee meets her future In Laws
  9. Hook line and sink, JE has scored a big brownie points with DK. He fell for “I want to die speech” so now DK will feel very bad for her. He might even start to date Ha Nee so that she can get the guy she likes. Ughhhhhhhh YUCK!! Once the truth comes out he will feel like CRAP. LOL LOL LOL GIFT FOR MY CHINGU
  10. Chingu I will DM the link where it is being subbed.
  11. Chingu @dramaninja She doesn't and doesn't have any skills. She did try workin gat SJ"s Boutique but JE's mom kept humiliating her and looked down on her the entire time. She made so many mistakes that even I was annoyed by it. smh smh smh
  12. @rikimaiu... That is one thing I hate about JE. She doesn't care for her aunt when her aunt actually loves her. I wonder if JE even loves her own family. Sometimes she is warm and sometimes she isn't. It makes me wonder if her being nice is all an act or not???? When watching kdrama with this kind of theme, I fear the Female second will be forced to violence to get what she wants because they are so cold and don't have a heart. What do you think Chingu's???
  13. @zoks I agree , I can’t wait for the next trip up his sleeve . Lol lol @xiashenghan.... HK is so clever and I hope he keeps staying clever because it would really poss me off if he loses that cleverness. Did I you see the look she gave him when he showed her the coupon and you can hear her voice in the background. @dramaninja I too agree with you, SH will disclose the fact that HN is her daughter. This secret won’t last for long. It is already killing her . She loves SJ and she loves her sister, I think eventually she will chose to tell the truth. This secret will eat her up to a point where she might get sick. I don't wish her health to be affected but it will. @ajummapunkinssi said "HG, his father and Leo will all love HN.. while on the opposite side the mom and sister will hate her... " This is so typical, the sister and mom are always a problem when it comes the male lead finding happiness. They always think they know what is best for the male lead and being greedy for money. TBH they are only looking forward to being in laws with a wealthy family and their status in society