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  1. @lynne22 .... If you do pick it up the link is posted above .
  2. Sneak Peak into upcoming chapter credit to etvolfluff Saddest scene in the book. It really broke my heart.
  3. Good guess @n3bula go here to read novel https://volarenovels.com/return-of-the-swallow/ros-chapter-1/ Info on the writer go here. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/return-of-the-swallow/?pg=20
  4. @angelangie It hasn’t been adapted into a a drama. I don’t think it will . If it did they wouldn’t be able to do it justice. If they found the right actress to play Qin Yining might be really hard.
  5. @angelangie YEs so much better.......it got better on Thursday. I had the opportunity to go see Captain Marvel.....
  6. I started reading Return the Swallow two weeks again and I caught up to the latest chapter. This is the story of Qin Yining. An orphan who has found her birth parents. When she was abandoned by her kidnapper she was left by a creek and was found by her Foster mother who then call her Little Creek. What a cute name uh.... She grew up with her foster mother until she was 8 and then went up to live in the Mountain. At the age of 14 years of age, He birth father found out about her and went to find her. Now @angelangie @lynne22 @n3bula What do you think happen once she went back to her birth place. GIVE ME A GUESSS???? THANKS FOR OPENING THIS THREAD CHINGU
  7. @chrissydiva.... Now we have reached the stupid phase of the drama, then SH finds out he is the heir and that Ae-Ra was the one who kidnapped and dump him in the streets. The leads will become smarter again..... lol lol lol
  8. @angelangie.. I am using icy hot lotion. It made the pain a bit bearable. Thanks for the recommendation... I will go buy that tomorrow.
  9. It was going well until I pulled a muscle on my back ... The pains is going to keep me from enjoying my vacation
  10. @lu09... I saw the preview, SH’s mom will come forward about the baby. Since there is no paperwork/legal documents for the adoption, Esther will go to jail for kidnapping. Lol lol Two charges of kidnapping , making Lee Soo Ho dead through the Police will add another charge for Esther and Nam Joo. I hope this drama doesn’t let all these crimes drop because they have caused so much pain to our OTP???
  11. Well welll , She is going to find out about NJ being her son. She , NJ and Esther will work together because of DoRi. Now Ae-Ra has two people who can inherit Aura Group. NJ being so desperate for real love will start to care for her but during that time they are working togetherAe-Ra still has no love for the son she abandoned. I find this ironic , DK1 complain about his father not loving him and his mom when she herself was never truthfully. She joined the family so she can get revenge and had a child out of wedlock and did everything she could to control her husband. A woman like is way to cruel.
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