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  1. @tulip06.... Well chingu YE's sister knows about the affair, JS's second mother covered up JS's affair from the father. JS's mother is still nasty to her DIL. HY sent her ex to SE's husband work place and telling SE and her husband to make her sister give JS a divorce. The ex sau they are in love so she should let him go. Ofcourse SE and hubby is like WHAT!!! but to HY's ex it makes perfect sense. I am starting to think HY's oppa isn't a lover but a sibling kinda relationship they had. Sure she used him because he cares for her and he will be doing alo of shady things for her in the future.
  2. Me too ( Chatzy link and live).... I can only chat for 5 days but watch for three days chingu.Looking forward to chatting with you guys. I don’t think that man will ever change because I can tell his life was just as awful as hers. I can’t believe he is working for HY. I understand now why the writer is making YE stay. They want to ruin JS’s family image completely so that when they need help no one will help them when they are in need. Lol lol
  3. Hi......... Where did you see written??? Like @sava2sava said it is expected that HJ and YJ wil end up together. I was never for YJ because he seem like the type who can tolerate a brat Like HJ. HJ acts a lot like hi stepmother. I was expecting this but damn I am still mad at the outcome. HJ ruined his father's company, had YJ tortured but yet still blame DS for her misfortune. It seems HD wasn't supposed to tell DS who actually ave her the purse. We all have to admit HD is a fine guy. In the preview he told her to do the right thing. I think until she ends things with YJ she will still Pine for him. I want her to let him go. I think YJ must have some feelings for her because he looked really hurt that she was leaving without saying goodbye. smh smh smh
  4. @kylab It's very similar except for the male lead didn't waver and he stuck by his girl until the end. He always took the lead in protecting his girl. The male lead saw right through the fake daughter.
  5. I watched episode 39 and it has me wondering what is the genre for this Kdrama daily. It is starting to look like a revenge drama. The mistress is actually loving the way she is driving her crazy . The more YE’s in law and husband stand by he mistress the crazier she is becoming. I fear she might end up in a asylum. We saw her talking to herself. The way her In Law appeared in the mirror and she talks back to them are signs of her becoming unstable. When she went shopping she looked spaced out, bumping into people and wobbly. I am so worried for her. YE’s Mother here from In Law that JS’s household is going through a crisis and she just stands there wondering if it’s about her daughter. Yet she still does nothing to find out. I agree with @ziarama YE should be thrown out. If she is thrown out nothing from that family can ever sway her to help them. If she left with dignity she will forgive them sooner than toward the end of the drama.
  6. @lu09 Chingu, I don’t think he is in any danger. I think he is just executing his plans right now. He doesn’t trust the Chairman because he believes that man is capable of killlo g his own son. I guess now I am changing my opinion now. I tend to change my opinion a lot in Kdrama. HE SURE IS EVIL. Well Okay, Then The Honorable Chairman is really horrible. Well that is ok then because he raised a fake grandson. Someone who is not of his blood and he is now president of Cheong A. I think KPJ is fine and he isn’t revealing himself so he can become The Chairman . KPJ also believes that his grandfather killed his father so that means he already has plans in place chingu. Please have faith in Kang Pil Joo. I believe in him and he will succeed. Pil Joojas been building this plan for a very long time. He isn’t crying to him so he can be welcomed with open arms. He is saying it with a plan in place.I think him revealing himself is just part of the plan he has been working on. This is part of the plan not because he is afraid but started his plan in advance.
  7. Please Help Me! Thread

    @bhavj.... I can only come up with MOnster or Glamorous temptation. Not alot of 50 episode on the weekday schedule. Check here or this one
  8. Please Help Me! Thread

    Hi chingu @bhavj.... Was it a weekend or Weekday drama?
  9. I have no idea why HJ doesn't know JS. Sometime I wonder how that happens. I recall the day he met JS with the mistress. How disgusted he was by the affair? I also recall JS doesn't know him either chingu. I n Kdrama it is always a mystery how these characters lives who are connected but yet have knowledge of them ever meeting. It has always bothered me @finebyme.
  10. Now I will not respond in order but hope you can understand. @philosophie.. Chingu I too enjoyed their live recap.. I swear as I read there recaps I get exicited as if i was watching with them.. LOL LOL @purplebass.... Clapping Well said chingu. That is exactly what i see too. KPJ was satisfied living in that small town. He was happy until the "UNIVERSE" put Jang Boo Cheon in his path over and over. It was like he was supposed to avenge his family. The Universe wanted him to set things right. He wants a normal life and to be happy. Boo Cheon could have been his family in the end but he is dumb and has inherited his mom craziness. I have a feeling Boo Cheon might end up repeating history and end up losing everything. smh smh smh The Chairman is his biggest enemy because he is just as logical as Kang Pil Joo. He uses his brain and is just as smart. I think KPJ find him the hardest to read. The Chairman knows KPJ is smart and considers him a tiger. I recall the time when he kicked him out and had to bring him back because his son and 2 grandsons couldn't fix the problem. I also think Kang Pil Joo is the person who is keeping the prosecution from arresting them for their crimes. I think once KPJ finally leave they will all see how KPJ was never really their dong but their master. LOL LOL LOL Just like the chairman. With this new revelation the Jang Kook Hwan will be pissed but proud because it is in his nature to admire someone's brain. He will also see the similarities between his son and Kang Pil Joo. @bebebisous33.... Chingu well come back. Can't wait for your POV on the 6 episodes.
  11. @sava2sava... I agree Jang Hyuk is an amazing actor. What is he carrying ? Did The Honorable Chairman know his son had another family? What will he do with this new revelation? I have no idea why I keep hoping for that the Chairman did not kill his son? I have seen that in some revenge drama's not all secrets are in black and white? What if he didn’t kill him for malicious but for medical reason. Remember he hates talking about that. Now let’s discuss JBC the idiot , he actually believes he can beat KPJ/ JEC. Lol lol I can’t help but laugh with KPJ. Everything he has is due to KPj and he could take it all away with just anytime he wants. He could destroy him with so many things. The guy who ratted out is his friend and all the documents he has on the family can destroy all of Cheong Ah. He is so dumb because he has no idea what he has been up all these years.
  12. Hello Everyone Episode 78 was very confusing. Ji Sup told his aunt to keep quite until he fix everything and go back to his family. But then his aunt comforted Hae Rim and decided to team up with the heifer who got her nephew killed. I am starting to rethink that Jae Wook is dead. We still don't know who intercepted MR. If it was MR, she would have ended up in the house they tried to hide AA's wife again. Everyone here agree that In Wook is the better candidate for Seo-Ra/Yu Rim. Ji Sup has proven to be not trust worthy and a scum. He let his brother be killed and allowed Hae Rim to manipulate him. He abandoned his child when she needs him most for a child that wasn't even real. Why is it that Hae Rim isn't pregnant yet. Why do I get the feeling from the ending scene Ji Sup is still in love with Seo Ra. I will be honest, Jae Wook's death took me by surprise and kinda pissed me off. I am rather annoyed with the writer by not having Seo-Ra having feelings for In Wook. I am rather annoyed at Seo Ra not giving any hints that she likes In Wook . The vibe I am getting is friend. Also I getting tired of seeing this woman who was so smart acting so dumb after all the manipulation and lies that seems to targeting her. I am Hoping someone can knock some sense into me...
  13. A post from Kang Seo Jun ID ... He is hilarious
  14. @mimisl123 They will end up together once she remembers that JBC's fake father was killed under the order of Jang Mal Ran. Right Now she is upset and hurt. It's going to take time for her to realize that KPJ is still playing a long COn.... LOL LOL I agree with you @2handsintertwined. She will still love him. She was more affected by KPJ's betrayal than JBC's. You can tell her feelings for KPJ was much much stronger than the one with her husband. All my chingu's, I don't believe Jang Eun Cheon wants Cheong Ah . He wants to destroy it and have Jung Mal Ran kicked out of the house. Jung Mal Ran's dream is a dream of foretelling. That dream will occur. Now the wuestion is when will she be kicked out. I wished they showed it to us. It would be so satisfactory and would bring a smile to my face. Pil Joo plan was to destroy Jung Mal Ran but his uncle, his cousin's greed is always getting in his way. So he had to attack them back. Exact;y chingu @purplebass. He wanted to her to leave Cheong A. He is ready to execute his plans. He wanted her as far away as possible. Another thing that pleases me is that she hasn't told anyone who he is? She hasn't betrayed him to the people who wants him killed. I was rather pissed off that Jang Sung Man had no love for his brother? Why or How could a father pit one brother against another brother. I am also starting to think, Pil Joo's father didn't want his kids have anything to do with CHeong A. I think he wanted to keep his kids pure and away from corruption. What do you guys think?? How come Money flower Ost part 2 was released in iTunes but not Money Flower OST part 4 is not in tunes??? Does anyone know what is going on???
  15. YJ has always beeen a wimp and for him to not man up in taking responsibility when he was incarcerated. It’s not like love is the motivation to possess people. He made choice to help someone in need but because his family was having a hard time they decided to break up. I have seen a lot of characters where the man is so much stronger willed.