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  1. @USAFarmgirl.... Thanks chingu, sometimes I surprise myself and have a good theory for a drama that comes true. It would be the best gift because there is always light when surrounded by darkness. It is all about knowing where to look and not to give up hope. I love reading your POV too chingu...... I hate forgetting to write what is on my mind.....
  2. @BaiZiHua I haven't seen yet because it hasn't been subbed yet.... But I was loking at the pictures of him , It has me crushing on him.
  3. @USAFarmgirl I agree chingu,he is showering her with gifts. He is loving her , making her laugh , giving her little of adventures and trying to give her a reason to want to truly live. I think that another gift he could be giving her is another baby. Now that would be the best gift and that will make her want to live again. Shelter, money and love isn't enough to give her the edge to want to live again. Don't forget he is terminally ill, once he is gone she will be depressed again. SO maybe a baby is what the writer is truly aiming for....
  4. @Alila Nguyen Thanks for the explanation @helpmeimpoor I love your username and thanks for the explanation. Although I am enjoying this drama, I am not a YX fan and I do agree he really loves Ge'er. TBH I have watched up to episode 16. I will be catching up soon. WHy does YZH become controlling? He has no right and YZH knows how Ge'er feel about him. I felt YX tried to hard to seduce him, WHen he forced the kiss, I was quite disappointed in YX when he already knew she was still in love with ZF and she still has a broken heart. He never gave her enough space to mend her broken heart. Falling in love with someone new after a break up isn't good. YX did alot of good and alot of bad. In some scenes YX was controlling and I am glad that Ge'er didn't let him get away with it. @BaiZiHua... Vic Chou looks so much better in that drama than this one.......
  5. @rolisrntex I have been wanting to respond to this post but was trying to find the write words to express myself.... I am so loving and agreeing with your wife's theory. It makes so much sense and I am so tired of HY secrets remaining a secret. I still think that the writer shouldn't wait to reveal all HY's lies towards the end of drama. I hate when writers do that because it leaves us viewers so unsatisfied. For the past year, I have been avoiding watching previews because they aren't accurate. Then tend to change the sequence of each scene to lure us viewers to watch the next episode. for example when HY got slapped by IS we all saw her smack him first and then he smacked in the preview but when the episode aired ( IS SMACKED HY THEN SHE SMACKED HIM). This me watching previews --> While watching the real scene --> NOOOOOOO, It should have been IS having the last words with HY. With her having the las word only shows that IS is still willing to forgive her for all he did for her.
  6. @bebebisous33 Chingu Seol Ok had told her friend Kim Kyung-Mi that he gave the ring to someone else in the first or second episode. Eveytime SO thinks about the ring she mentions that he gave the ring to someone else. In episode 5 is when we find out she doesn't remember the face of the actual person Wan Seung gave the ring to. Wan Seung was so drunk that he can't remember what happened and since they both refuse to talk about it we will never know. LOL LOL I agree YM is responsible for the man's death and I also blame the man for his nasty personality for not being able to seek help from the residents of his area. If the man was nice , she might have actually seen him. YM and all the students studying for the exams are really cruel. They are all just focused on themselves that they forgot their basic knowledge on common courtesies. Walking around without paying attention can get anyone killed, the comment she said she doesn't have time to have stupid argument when bumping into someone else is just wrong because that is considered bad manners and can cause a fight depending on the persons mood too. Wan-Seung and Seol-Ok are the talk of the precint, everyone thinks they are dating. LOL Lol I am kinda happy that Seol Ok is finally falling in love. I rather love Seol Ok jealousy side. GSW and Dong Ha calling Seol Ok Ahjumma/ahjumeoni and Wang Seung correcting them by saying dont call her that. LOL LOL
  7. I thought the same thing the drama only has 120 Episode... If drama is 150 Episode long .. I will come back until 100 Episode to start watching it again. I can’t watch YE her mistreated for that long ......
  8. @hushhh.... She isn’t sane chingu and I think they all know she is still suicidal. They call her often, try to check up on her and always push themselves into her life. Sadly the only one who doesn’t care what happens to her is her ex colleagues. For example: Seeing SJ work as a cashier really shocked her and she had a guilty look on her face . Remember she couldn’t wait to fire her because she wanted her out of her life. I think she even told SJ to commit suicide since she doesn’t care for her life at least then she wouldn’t have to see her. Like the time she barged into SJ’s house and started throwing thing around the house until she saw the video tapes , baby album and then she picked the stuff up but still had the nerve to leave the apartment mad after she made a fool of herself. Once she found out SJ was seeing someone she had to tell her hubby. Smh smh @Amulya Kolusu .... I want to know everything that happened when SJ’s daughter died. TBH I don’t want to see it but I thinkn SJ needs to talk about her pain so that she can breathe: live again. I think with MH she is starting too but if he is ill, will she be able to recover this time.
  9. Well said @Amulya Kolusu about YD, so glad to have another fan thinking her mom had something to do with MH not being in YD’s life. IF MH’s is dying , damn SJ has no luck in her life. She lost her child and now she is going to lose someone dear to her again. Sadly fate has been trying to set MuJin couple for 10 years. Is this fate’s way of hurting these two all over again. Fist make them happy and then take hem away again. Smh smh I fee bad for SJ’s Mom because she really love SJ and I love how she said that SJ is the ALMIGHTY TO HER NOT GOD EVERYONE LIKES TO TALK TO. That was so meaningful to me.
  10. Chingu. I am seriously suspecting YD's mom played a hand in MH being an absent father. WHen YD's mom was flyig back to Seol, she said has headache because she is coming back to Seoul. Maybe she doesen't have good memoriesss but I think YD deserved being thrown in the freezing lake. Don't forget she started it the fight with SJ. She bumps into the flight attendant (SJ) which made her spill the shampagne. Then she made SJ wipe her shoes while she had them on which cause SJ to drop her camera SJ asked her to turn of her cellphone YD refuseddd YD asked for champagne and SJ said no because she is underage what does she do she mkes SJ give her coffee and then pretened she was having an alergic reaction. Then she got SJ fired Now she has pressed charges on SH which will land SJ in jail. YD is so spoiled and selfish she did not appologize sincerely in my opinion. She also had the nerve to give the barrista guy US dollars to compensate for his injury. I think YD's mom seperated her daughter from her father. I think she also made him give up his paretal right when she remarried. I remebered MH said 7 years ago i was her father and I did what you wanted but NOW I AM HER FATHER.
  11. @lu09 I feel thlike same way chingu. SR is a product of her mom and brother. All theee are stupid and when they hear about Money they put on the brightest smile you ever see. Sadly the smile is fake and HY knows they don’t mean it at all. SM’s smile is the worst unlike her son’s smile is not ugly. These actors/actresses are doing a great job .
  12. OMG!!! @USAFarmgirl and @gladys57.. Chingu’s I am so at awe with this OTP. They are so cute together and their scene together are so priceless: @gladys57... Thanks for naming the OTP MuJin couple I will start referring them as MuJin. I love this drama so much but there is only one trend I am sick is the rich girl falling for the poor rude guy. I am so sick of this particular theme. Truth to be told I wanted to give Yi Deum a chance but I am so sick of her. I find her annoying and pathetic. She is rude and has no morals. Her mom also gets on my nerve. She has the nerve to be jealous and proven to us viewers shhe a complex, “I DON’T WANT HIM BUT NO ONE CAN HAVE HIM”. She arrive at his house without no notice and then she wanted to make sure she looked good. At least her daughter found it strange that her mom looks shouldn’t matter. YI Deun the. Decides to snoop and all over the house to find out if the woman her dad is seeing loves there. Smh smh ... Then she confronts SJ a criminal with no fear. That I doesn’t make sense. I really dislike his girl.
  13. OMG!!!! I could not watch today’s episode because now everyone is going to be attacking YE. What truly richard simmons me off is that’s SR is also a monster. She isn’t keeping quiet out of fear but out of greed. She wants to be TMO madam but what she hasn’t fully grasp is the fact that she is helping HY rob her family blind. She has no loyalty toward her family and sadly it goes for her family to. Right about now they all care for HY and hate YE. Sadly their opinion of YE has not changed and are truly horrible. Because of their greed and bad moral, I am so happy that they are being used and manipulated. I can’t wait to see them poor and having to rethink about how dumb they are. I couldn’t bare to watch SR lie about how HY fell down the stair. I swear as I watch it she seemed so scared for HY when she should be shocked at this woman literally Throws herself down the stair. She had so much hate for YE, I think YE will be her downfall. Smh smh