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  1. @triplem @Lmangla @Latte_Anyday @stroppyse Annyeonghaseyo Chingu’s So glad to see you guys here. Just started binge waythis drama. It is so good and Intense . Loving it now .
  2. @rolisrntex I have watched that draama 4 times already and was very satisfied with it. @Jackie1048 Thanks for info chingu
  3. Thanks @apdy for recap and translation. But GT doesn’t even check the news because he is so busy trying to beat Proffessor Zhang project. Smh smh smh
  4. Lol .... Ditto. That is what I hav been doing for the past week. I couldn’t stomp watching GY be mistreated the moment JS found out that info. Smh smh smh
  5. Chingu @celebrianna I don’t think it can be help. I sometimes wonder do they have to redeem the villain. Some writer chooses to have villain never feel sorry and that is when I agree with it. But once they try to redeem a vilain that shouldn’t be redeemed that is when the ending of drama is ruined. What do you think? I especially hate open ending drama’s. I start to imagine so many ways out OTP lives happily ever after.
  6. In the Present Guan Ti is being pressured to put his work out here. Little PanWein is a good scheme, it has me wondered is he trying to make Guan Ti FAIL OR SUCCEED. Little PanWein is a rat. He finally got the girl, yet he is stilllll scheming to destroy NX’s company. He worked real hard to separate the THREE AMIGO’s ( BROTHERS) for his own gain but Now he is just PLAIN EVIL IN MY BOOK. I LOVED NX trying to LET LITTLE PANWEIN KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING IS WRONG. Lol
  7. Chingu @moodypie.... Wen Ruo isn’t a good judge of character. Look at rooting for a ZLL who is always crossing the lines but Yet “ THEY ARE BOTH DISGUSTED BY THE FACT ZLL’S COUSIN IS STEALING COMPANY FUNDS”. She yells at him for involving her sister but yet hasn’t told her sister that ZLL stole the pages from the bag. Unless WN knows already but I don’t recall her ever being told what ZLL did. Even ZLL is a bad judge of character . Here is why @[hF9].... Chingu I don’t respect ZLL because he pretends to be upstanding fellow and is very judgmental. His dislike for a man who hasn’t done anything to hurt WN is very upsetting. WN is the one who broke her heart and had a meltdown. You mentioned the Alpha project from what I remember. ZLL did work hard to obtain the Alpha project for a year but the other business man chose to go through a bidding war between apt of companies. I do wonder why did NX go after Alpha project, I choose to think there was something in that project that Shallow Cosmo needed and it was just a coincidence that Daizhon was interested in it . Once the own of Alpha came to China to tour the companies that wanted his project. He had bad experiences with Daizhon and a very good experience at SC. Then he left and then he raised the bidding price for the Alpha project. NX was the only one who wondered WHY DID HE RAISED THE PRICE WHEN THE PROCE WAS SET ALREADY????? Then ZLL got the anonymous email with the bidding price and used it to his advantage to win the bid. It is his fault for using the info. If ZLL has not used it NX would have been stuck with the project. Once the bidding price went up, NX had Gao investigate and found out the researchers has left the project and SC decided to work with him on something else. They didn’t want the research but the researcher. That is what I am assuming this project SC is working on.
  8. OMG !!!!! THANKS FOR THIS MADE MY DAY AND LAUGHED OUT LOUD.... @Morelia.... are you serious the KID is a spy. i hope to god they don't end up together. i hate the KID @themarchioness Thanks for the explanation. I wanted to make sure that naive GT was really getting played. Thanks I feel bad for him and was hoping he had read between the lines. Because he is so naive he didn't catch on. Poor guy
  9. Hello to all my chingu’s @celebrianna @themarchioness @kokodus @Latte_Anyday @moodypie @Morelia @USAFarmgirl Other chingu @moodypie... I too wondered Hiw did she become so strong after the suicide attempts but WN is the one in a state of a guilty conscience. I had hope they showed us WR getting the help she needed. I had a hard time liking WR because the suicide attempt felt like she abandoned WN. WN just lost her father, NX lost his father and the. She truies to die also leaving WN all alone in the world. Her suicide attempt it’s what drove WN in so much despair. Smh smh I too @celebrianna feel the same as you. I am merrily cold to her character but understand what she is doing. The only reason why I am cold is because SHE BELIEVES THAT NX IS A HORRIBLE GUY WITH BO MORALS BUT SHE ACCEPTS ZLL TO BE AMORAL. Taking documents from her sister which could have lead to her being questioned about said documents was WRONG . The fact she only believes in ZLL really upsets me. She never once wanted to know if said documents were reallly related to the Alpha project but her trust in ZLL is so wrong because ZLL put Shallo cosmos in a bad predicament. This predicament has caused another misunderstanding that involves a big company’s reputation just because ZLL is jealous. I haven’t watched episode 36 yet I am so confused Please Please help me someone . I don’t completely understand the conversation Guan Ti has with Little Pan Wein. I could not comprehend it. Little Pan was acting like he wanted to destroy his company and yet GT was fine with it. Can someone please explain it to me. Is that what was said or did misunderstood what was being said. Little Pan even wanted him to sign a confidential contract that may trap GT with Little Pan forever.
  10. @Latte_Anyday I agree and I wish he would get a love line. He is cute is so cute when he pushes is glasses up his nose.
  11. @themarchioness @celebrianna.. Chingu's I think the reason why NX is a stay at home dad is probably because He wanted to still spoil her ( WN) like he did when they were younger. When they were younger, he acted more like the wife and she acted like man in the house. for example He told her she need to take better care of her skin, her hair, proper meals and such. It is like they have reverted back to their younger days. What do you think??
  12. I agree @celebrianna, It is a weird direction. GT was the first one to state what Little Pan did behind his brother's back was terrible. Yet he is deciding to go ahead and work for him.
  13. @cheeriekwan WN is a noble idiot , who will always do things without thinking things through because she doesn't want to hurt anyone. She insist on sacrificing herself and forgetting the other party that it affects too. You are right , she forgot all about NX. She was only focusing on her sister feelings and don't forget she was young too.
  14. Chingu @celebrianna I don't think GT will find something big. GT is trying to prove himself but it might just backfire on him due to the fact Little Pan is the one trying to hire him. Little Pan is determined to ruin Nan Xian but the truth is , he isn't as smart as him. Since I haven't had the chance to watch episode 33 and 34 yet. I can only go by what @themarchoiness wrote. I think GT is willing to go undercover without NX and GF know about because he met with Little Pan and his Teacher. If GT was smart he should have seen the invitation as trap. All Little Pan's plan has been very successful and no one has caught on to his dirty deeds so far.