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  1. @Tee- Sama Question Have wee seen this scene yet?
  2. Why would he need a mask to see the Adam of the S Club. Everyone at the club saw him already without the mask. Shi Mok being the " THE virgin" think he needs to wear a mask to go visit the woman. The mask was what I found to be very weird. @Tee- Sama I feel the same way you do after reading @hajikie runner Post. I was like OMO OMO.... That would be so perfect for Shi Mok to realize his true feelings but then I was like They hurt my favorite character like that . Are they crazy????
  3. @ddeokbokkii..... They hinted to us that Soe Dong Jae was the first culprit to kill her when she first arrived at the hospital. In the elevator, He smelled perfume on him and saw a mask in his pants pocket while in the elevator . It seems everyone forgot that scene. Smh smh
  4. @penelop3 I too can't stop shipping them, This shipping is really driving me nuts . Their scenes on and off screen are so charismatic. That scene does look intimate and calm that I wish nothing more to watch it right now. @st4rdust Chingu , I loved him there tooo. He looks good in any role and make it his own. I believe a true actor/actress is when when they play a role that is memorable and you can never get tired of watching it. This drama is the first preproduced drama that I can never tired of.
  5. @st4rdust..............Lee Kyung Young is charismatic, sexy and I love his voice chingu. He is a talented actor and so very glad he chose to play the role of Lee Yoon Beom.
  6. @TumTumTum Chingu, we are all dreading that. I really don't want him to lose YJ. I think if it does happen, he might choose to avoid her but she will not let him go ( This is what i am hoping for) I don't want what Shi Mok said to KJB to come true. I don't want him to lose someone he cares about and isn't mean to him at all. Like @titania1000 said Shi Mok must be controlling me. I love this character because tbh who would dare to investigate all the prosecutors who have been bribed. Who would even try to go against LYB when he is rich and has ties to very powerful people. I doubt his violent tendecies are backbecause the wrriter said he willnever change , I think his illness is back and that he will need someone to advise to get treatment fo his sake.
  7. @cenching...... You are so funny " WINTER IS HERE " ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT Hi @Kim Da
  8. Thank for the info @fluffychim1013. Friends, why does it take so long for cdrama to be subbed??????
  9. Well said chingu @yonaomi123.... I will rewatch it again. It I kinda loved their interaction in that scene. They were both excited when they were discussing the case and bouncing ideas to each other to connect the dots. When she guessed the caller was a woman she was so excited. I think that is why when he called her when he found out who the culprit but it was a joke. He finally understood what the killer wanted. She ran to see him right away and then we go to see his sexy smile .
  10. Like you @ddeokbokkii ... I think Seo Dong Jae is guilty of something. He went after GY for the simple fact he has been LCJ's right hand man for 10 yearssss and he was afraid of being replaced by the one man he hate. That is why he was working with that evil cop Sergeant Soo-Chan to pin both crimes on Shi Mok.
  11. Thanks chingu @Nymeria289..... I am shocked he let them in his domain. Maybe Yeo Jin -ahhh will find away to end up sleeping over his house. I would be so happppy
  12. @larus and @penelop3 ...... Yoo both said something very accurate. I don't think it was Si Mok renacting the crime. Once he renact the crime he is also there when it happened. Rember Chingu's thee is a scene everyone forgot. Two people tried to kill GY. The first time was when she was first found. Then the second time was with Chief of Police tried to suffocate her. Rember Shi Mok was in the elevator with Seo Dong Jae he reeled of perfume and he had a mask sticking out of trouser pocket. Rember Shi Mok coverned his noise and we heard is voice over on his observation of Seo Dong Jae. Hope this helpful in changing the direction of who is the culprit .
  13. @penelop3.... Chingu , I think GY's kidnapper is taller than her. His knees are bent from the look of the pirctures. I think GY is really short look at them heels . In the lift she was a bit taller than him unless he was hunching. Lol lol
  14. @annagriss8 Thank you for the pic chingu @penelop3..... Chingu, from Shi Mok's POV . He wasn't defending or trying to protect her because once they were in the hallway... He says "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ... He says all that just to get a reaction from Eun Soo. He suspected her from then on and realyshe can't be trusted because she wears her emotions on her sleeve for the whole world to see. Smh Smh Smh. Let's be realistic, her every action were DESTROY LYB AND LCJ. Don't forget she tried to persuade SDJ to frame them just so she can seee them burn. In that scene she was so smart about because she will be their third party and never have to raise a finger to dirty her hands. While I am writing this I get this epiphany that what if Eun Soo is actually working with the killer but hasn't sullied her hands which makes her an accomplice. Let's pretend she is working with Mr Yoon. They bonded over the pain of their families becoming broken by the hands of LCJ and LYB. They hate those two people so strongly. Let's pretend hay LCJ is the mastermind PMS why the heck would MR. Yoon want to work for him. If he is the culprit why did it sound like Mr. Yoon lost all respect for LCJ because of his resignation when he confessed about the investigation. Why did MR. Yoon only reported his finding only to LCJ and not Section Chief Kim. I will says this , O am still wary of Section Chief Kim. I believe he is tired of being st the beck call of LYB and he wants the job of Chief Prosecutor. I think if he doesn't get it he will feel that all his hard work working with SM was lost cause. I still dislike people who are opportunistic and I want SM to not let his guard down around that man.