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  1. Check this out Jung Han crying. He cries so manly and beautiful. It just broke my heart seeing him cry. He needs to have the chance to talk to KY. He should show her the ring. A beautiful ring, something she will love and cherish forever. @dramaninja Chingu , I have no idea what you are talking about. I do know this is a daily and she will have to fall for it so the drama can go on. I think our OTP will be safe.
  2. They are materialistic cows and they know it chingu @stroppyse. They don't care about being materialistic because their twisted minds. They believe money will bring them happiness but as we can see money hasn't brought them happiness at all. Look at how they act when they lose money, if they appreciated money maybe their husabnds wouldn't be so quick to get scammed. IF THEIR WIVES WEREN'T MONEY HUNGRY, THEY WOULD NEVER GET CONNED BY SCAM ARTIST. Greed is what makes people do dumb stuff without thinking. SH and HG's mom are so materialistic , neither can spot someone who is sincere with them. They treat their husband like punching bags and don't appreciate them. Both mom are using each other and ironically, HG's mom doesn't know what JE and SH did to her daughter. smh smh smh
  3. 2 @stroppyse... Welcome chingu , the more the better. I too can't find anything salvageable for JE's character. I have remained quite for sometime because I haven't anything to say about this drama so far. I agree the OTP is very cute and are so goo to each other. HG has truly boost HN's confidence and remained loyal to her that now she is able to stand on her own two feet. I am so mad at the fact JE is going to abroad or will get the chance to be happy with DG. DG is another character I hate because he shows no loyalty to his family who has been there for him for a long time. I fear that even if he finds out that HN is JE's cousin , he will remain quite because he pities JE more than HN. HN who lost her memories and family. HN who is being mistreated badly by SH and JE because of their "GREED" AND " JEALOUSY" will be suffering some more because DG doesn't have the stomach to hurt JE and her mother. SH who mistreats him and Yells at him, he chooses to protect them instead of making them do the right thing.
  4. @wangnyeo ... welcome chingu I too am a new fan . Have you seen all 40 episodes .. I want to talk to someone about it.
  5. @staygold....I am getting the same vibe of NIF. It is slow and very tempting when little clues of the past is shown. I do wonder if the Emperor love Ning Yi or is afraid of KARMA.
  6. @staygold @mrsj3n @Wotad Chingu's I wonder is this drama worth watching ? I started watching this drama and I admit I love it but knowing how this drama ends break my heart . Not sure if I should watch it at all. I pity Ning Yi and wonder if I should pity him when younger Yi looks so cold and the adult Ning Yi looks so broken.
  7. I believe episode 54 will air on Friday. Picture below has the date.
  8. Hello Everyone Can someone tell me where I can watch online version with subs through direct messages .
  9. With this new development of Han Joo Won attempted suicide , I believe that President Shin is very dumb fellow. Although he is greedy and will continue to hurt his daughter and Han Joo Won , he will regret it. Why will he regret it? He himself doesn't really know how he truly feels. I think HOW ruin or death will take a terrible toll in his life. Yeon Hee , Hwa Kyung and Myung Joon will continue to distrust each other, feel guilty and will have to face Woo Jung's rather in the future . My only concern is who will HELP WOO JUNG SEEKING REVENGE. I wonder will it be the mysterious person in the correlation chart. Woo Jung has had no accomplishments , no job and she is alone . She is the type to put others before her. She begged her father to help her mom and he refused. She wasn't even asking for herself but for her mom. @msmy.... they haven't reached their lowest point yet chingu. The only way WJ will be forced to seek revenge is only if someone she loves dies. The theme in all kdrama dailies a main character loses a family member they seek revenge until their loved one stop them from going to far.
  10. It sure does because we are still trying to sound the letter out first. So they should make it clearer so we can see. @mqiuwen Some write Hangul with curves instead if it being straight that is why it is hard to determine what is what .
  11. @mqiuwen.... I was thinking the same thing but the letter aren't so clear. I am learning Korean now too but can't quite read Hangul when it is written like in the correlation chart .
  12. Hello @mqiuwen Chingu can you translate this part of the correct art for me... I am dying to know what it means. Well we'll, President Shin told WE to never come find him for anything because he won't regret hurting JW and WJ. He believes their relationship is ill fated and wants nothing to do with each other. I predict Joo Won will succeed hee next suicide and leave her children mother less. I think the death of JW is the only way WJ will seek revenge on the family.
  13. @awsparkle... So very true chingu, even her mom said it she is so predictable . She hasn't changed once and she is still the same. As I continue to watch the drama , I am starting t think that SH refuses to change or evolve. I have a feeling that SH will do something so horrible that there will be no way SH can ever forgive her. I have also come to the conclusion that JE's misery comes from Karma. She is paying for her sin and lies. The universe doesn't want her to be happy until she put things back in place. She will always be miserable because of the secret she carries. This is the flaw to all villains , they think its their enemy that makes them unhappy but the truth is it is themselves that keeps them for their own happiness Irony in for someone to be happy is so funny. I also think that DG will cave in because JE is going to hear that JE is sick or something until the truth comes out . Now if DG remains loyal to JE til the end, then I guess DG will truly be the ' WORST FRIEND EVER TO APPEAR IN KDRAMA LAND".
  14. @dramaninja.... I fear that once the truth comes out, SH and JE will truly suffer. JE and SH ruined SJ's Boutique reputation. Almost destroyed HN's reputation and livelihood just to keep them from reuniting , hired a thief, made her declare her daughter dead to the world and made her compensate Ha Nee Apparel. Sadly SH and JE don't even think they did anything wrong. JE is still trying to hurt Ha Nee just because she can. When JE was dating DG, she still talked harshly to HN. I have to disagree love didn't change JE at all but made her even more petty because sharing is something she knows nothing about. Some may think Ha Nee was selfish when she was younger but I think differently because Adult Ha Nee is kind but Adult HE doesn't know how to share. Everything she (JE ) does is out of malice for example she brought coffee and then made sure HN knew that her relationship with HG can hurt him. Smh smh smh After incident SH stays home but never apologizes but expect JH to forgive Me just because. JE is telling her SH needs to stay by JH 's side to prevent JH from finding out who HN really is so she needs to apologize. Let me show how ungrateful she is
  15. Chingu @jojoanna... I want to shake him silly, scream at him and Walk over him for being so dumb . We can't really blame him for his short comings. After all he is his parent biological child, he has all their traits especially being dumb. Who falls in love with someone who treat you like dirt, make fun of you and insult you to your face. Smh Smh smh He told HK how jealous of DB he is because DB is so perfect.