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  1. @thunderman1.... Thanks for video chingu
  2. Annyeonghaseyo Chingu's Chingu's when I first start watching this drama I felt so bad for Yoo Min. He lost his father who he adored completely and I thought The younger Yoo Min was righteous like his father. As soon as his father was framed as corrupt cop, he started acting up. I wonder why he changed so drastically , most kids who suffered such a loss usually grow up to clear their parents name of any wrong doing. When he got the chance to live a good life he still harbored a lot of hate toward his uncle /father because he hated the life his uncle lived. So i have come to the conclusion that Yoo Min didn't have much faith in his father neither did his wife. YM's mom is very selfish and greedy. She almost burned down the home she worked her way to live in and tried to frame a child. She has spent all her lives living off her son and BIL. My prediction to what is going to happen. Soo Nam is going to get kicked out of that house and will lose the family that has been good to her . She will be mistreated and abused for something that had nothing to with her . Once her MIL teaming up with that Heifer because she wants her son to be married to the Red Head because she is living a life that doesn't belong to her . Once they find out she isn't really the Chairman's daughter, they will be in the same predicament from the very beginning. They will alll be looked down upon because of their greed and the Chairman will never trust them. I can't wait for them to get wind of this information .
  3. OMO OMO!!! @awsparkle.... What bothers me is that MA has become very scary and NG is so frustrated that he can't help her. He is trying his hardest to keep her alive but I fear all MA really want is to join her son in the afterlife. I love that he gave her the ring and being his own person he has decided to keep investigating so he can find out the truth. He has finally found the truth as to why MA has gone cold and hot with him. I hope he chooses to lie to the rest of the family so that those shares get donated to the society. I think he will marry her because he loves her and because of hiw his mom and uncle hurt MA . They stilll haven't asked her for forgiveness and what really richard simmons me off is that MS knows she did something wrong but still finds away to push her guilt aside. Chingu you right MS, YH and DH are very dumb. All they should have done was do a DNA test , instead DH tried to kill him without proof but because MA was the person he almost hit , he believed NG isn't Min Joo. MS also got NG's info but it still hasn't triggered anything from her memory. I love the way HJ treated DH after finding out about him being a fake. I love how disgusted she was of him. DH had the nerve to almost tear up at his guilt when he is truly disgusting and so predictable. I am rather disappointed that YH is really pregnant and she might actually have a child with a murderer. She has no pride and still plotting with the father of her child killing people left and right. YH isn't worried about her child's future and that is just to terrible. I wonder why he writer is letting her keep her child when it's clear as day she will never be a good mother she is too selfish and cruel to raise an infant. With everything going on does she think she will be able to raise her child after the scandal and arrest that will revealed in their future.
  4. @awsparkle....Thanks for the translation and wow you did a great job at translating the text.
  5. @carlemyers I will bet he willl Marrry Her NoW to keep her from acting restlessly. I think NG should start plotting to get rid of DH because I am positive he will have a better chance at destroying DH because DH isn't to bright.
  6. Annyeonghaseyo Chingu's Just finished watching episode Just finished watching episode 108 and from my understanding, MA basically planned her own murder because DH is so predictable. The look on his face and she also got witnesses to DH trying to murder her. If MA dies, MA's warning to MS that she is going hurt MJ just like MS hurt her child twice. NG willllll never forgive MS if MA doesn't make it and he willlll hate his mom for the rest of her lives. Now I am so scared to watch episode 109 and I don't think I will be watching tomorrow. I plan on staying away from this thread willl all my will power. I can't even choose which character I think should get run over. The look in MA eyes is a look that MA is ready to move on and join JM in the after life. This was suicide/revenge plan she set in motion. She said her goodbyes to NG. She made sure that She sent NG back to where he belongs with the Shins. If NG had agreed to marry her, I don't she would have gone to that extreme. MA's plan to have DH kill her was brilliant because this act will be DH undoing. Why??! Because I believe MA , MH and JM are the only people that he can't actually kill with his bear hands. Sure people that has never been in heart ,he can easily move on. I feel that JM is a constant reminder of what a terrible person DH is. When he does run MA ovee, he will try to move on but this will nagging at him all the time, he will break down and then pull himself together but he will keep breaking down. He will relive it over and over again until he has meltdown where he will never be able to get back up. The look in DH eye when he recognized MA was priceless. This is is my thought on episode 108 Raw......
  7. I believe MA would do something like that after alll she was finally able to protect the people she loved from getting hurt. It proved that MA has not really gone to the bad side and she can finally find some peace and go to JM in the afterlife. All MA wanted was to stop that despicable DH once and for all . Now there is no going back for DH since he has tried to kill two people who had once loved him. All I am hoping for is that MA doesn't become paralyzed or her amnesia again.
  8. That would be terrible because , actor/actresses should be awarded for their talent not air time. @euraka Inreally hope they do not award her because she seriously needs some more training in her craft. When Kong Hyon Joo was denying committing this crime, she looked like a hysterical person instead of acting like someone who is actually slowly losing her mind. I wonder if she is supppsed to lose her mind or is she just overacting .
  9. @tulip06 The actesss is an extremely good in this role. She is so good that I sometimes fall prey to feeling sorry for her but I still want her to finally get the chance to reunite with her son. I feel that if MS had raised her son she might have actually not have become such an evil person. I think having all the good too shoes in the family would have actually stopped her from destroying someone's life like she did to MA.
  10. @Ldy Gmerm ..I agree, she will not let her BW know the truth but I am not sure about DR and CR. I loved how she finally stood up tomber husband when he asked her to go see BW to help his daughter. One of my favorite scenes in today's soodenwas when BW told the DR she will help his daughter but not in the sense of helping her get out of jail but to do her time and repent for all the horrible things she did to BW and her family. The DR's facial expression was " HOW DARE SHE " I thought OH SHE DARES richard simmons****. Your daughter is selfish, obsessive , greedy and has no moral but she would dare to judge someone is beneath her because she is rich .
  11. @whome.... I thought maybe my judgement on the actress acting was based on I didn't like the character but once she had do some intense scene I thought OMG!!!! Her acting is just awful. I couldn't even bring myself to pity her. All Indid was fast forward her scenes because it really bored me to tears.
  12. Chingu @ina111 Kamsahhamnida ...감사참니다 , I hope I have written it right... I finally mastered some of korean alphabet. I am using the laptop Microsoft ME keyboard having a a hard time distinguishing (ㅎ ) and that ( ㅊ) . I can write J and H but not when i am using key board. If somone can help me find the right Hanguel Keyboard to practice my Hanguel. Please send me a message I would really appreciate it.
  13. Annyeonghaseyo Chingu I thought a wealthy man falls in love with Do Ji?? Where does it say the wealthy man will fall from his stations???
  14. I tooo thought the same @euraka.... That is the title of the drama. NG will know something is up and he will let her use him once he finds out the reason of her deciding to Marry Him or he will find out before before he Marriew Her. Either way I stilll am hurting for NG. I am hurting for Ma big time and I misssss the old MA so much. I believe that NG is the only one who willlll stop her from destroying herself completely.