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  1. That is what I thought too. I clearly remember seeing baby GTY and mom heavily pregnant. Thanks @selen4ever @matrim @darkphoenix123 for backing me up. Maybe it is different from the novel. If it is , it makes so much more sadder because GTY’s mom never got to hold her son and making him an orphan as soon as he was born. I have to say GTY’s father sure is a cold man to get married so quickly after the death of his wife. Smh smh Smh
  2. @lynne22 @angelangie Ha Ha Ha !! I have no idea how much smh - -> ( Shaking My Head moments) is that what you are talking about. I came to late the conversation to know what you are taking about. I wrote and I am trying to get over Ever Night but can’t seem to let go of this novel. I only wished I was this dedicated to Ever Night 2 before it airs on line. Lol lol Please
  3. OH!! I got confused @linhlinh111 when O watched the scene where GTY’s MoMo told him about what happened in the past. Thanks for the correction. Going to rewatch it.
  4. Agreed @leeza77.... HOGWASH and you know what they knew that too. They hurt three people , GTY ‘s mom, GTY and his unborn sibling. Hearing that dumb excuse will not stop the suffering it had caused all these years. Smh smh
  5. @m0us3y @fra8 He was sulking because she did not come to him about the rumors she heard that was about her. Remember that day, RuLan told her what is being said about her and that these gossip monger are still talking about his past who likes to visit Brothels. GTY wants her to be more open so that they can both share their pain , happiness and discuss how their days was. I hope that makes sense.
  6. UnniSarah

    Webnovel Discussion: Ever Night (Yoda Version)

    However, what surprised her was that the lad did not argue or get angry, so well-behaved to accept her blame. She could not help but laugh and wave her hands, and said, "Since you're curious, I'll let someone show you around here. Don't forget to go back home to rest after finishing." - - > Madam Jian scolded Ning Que and charmed his way in to Madame Jian's heart. Ning Que is a charming lad and very cautious lad. Ning Que had always been quite good at dealing with people like this maidservant, and that's not because of the princess who was now in the palace but because of the little handmaiden of his who was so cold and seldom smiled. If he was able to tame someone like Sangsang, or at least he thought he did, it should be a piece of cake to handle Mistress Jian's young maidservant. - - > Ning Que belief to have tamed his handmaiden has proven how arrogant he is when we all know, Sang Sang just let him believe she is tamed when she is always in charge. "Don't you dare spoil the young lad! He's a scholar aiming to enter the academy, and he's still a... you know what I mean, so if you're not planning to give him one of those big red packets, just leave him alone already!" "Oh dear, look at our poor Xiaocao, what got into you? Your big sisters are just curious about this lad and want to play a little, don't you get upset! So he's a scholar aiming to enter the academy? More the reason to check him out properly, should we?" <--- Dewdrop said "Upon seeing this woman, Ning Que's eyes brightened up and exclaimed in his mind, " She's the one !" - - > In an instant Ning Que falls for this sexy woman Dewdrop our full figuered Dewdrop. smh smh In the eyes of the lady (Dewdrop) and the personal maidservant, Xiaocao, Ning Que currently looked as though he was mesmerized by that full-figured lady and had turned into a foolish penguin who could not move an inch. The little maidservant became unhappy as she stared at the full-figured yet delicate-looking lady and said, "Dewdrop, this is an order from Grandma, you dare to defy?" Favorite Scenes in Redsleeves Dewdrop was the current most popular lady in the House of Red-Sleeves. Though she did not manage to participate in the top courtesan contest for consecutive two years, she was very popular with men with her pretty little face and dew-like delicate fair skin. Even so, she dare not defy Mistress Jian's order. She rolled her eyes, giggled as she stepped forward and held Ning Que's hand. She said, "Since it's an order from Grandma, I would definitely obey. It's just that I really adore this kid a lot, and especially love it when he blushes. Come, follow me to play in the courtyard." Naturally, Ning Que would not reject the offer as he allowed the lady to pull him by his hand along the small stream, through the flowers and trees, into the courtyard. The lady, who was following behind, chuckled yet did not stop them. However, that maidservant, Xiaocao, shouted, "Grandma said no one is supposed to serve him!" "Ah? Are you serious?" Ning Que was taken aback as he turned his head around. In his heart, he was thinking if Mistress Jian had such a high authority and if words were to spread, would the brothels in the whole Chang'an city refuse to serve him anymore? If so, what should he do? The maidservant, Xiaocao, looked at him complacently and said, "Else what do you think Grandma means?" Ning Que was speechless. Now he understood why the history books always said that the scary people were not the Emperor, but the eunuchs who gave the fake orders. At such thoughts, he could not help but feel depressed in his heart as he could understand the endless miseries they caused. Despite all these, he still felt a need to follow the popular lady, Dewdrop.
  7. UnniSarah

    Webnovel Discussion: Ever Night (Yoda Version)

    Welcome @Snow Guardian and please visti often.. First visit at the Redsleeves bordello and meeting Mistress Jian. Chapter 40 It seems Mao Ni does love to talk about future and present time at the same time Many years later, standing along that lonely mountain cliff, Ning Que recalled the scene of meeting Mistress Jian for the first time. He still could not help but look back, and sighed for a long time, with a self-deprecating smile and emotion on his face. I just noticed this as I am rereading the novel. I always Praise Mistress Jian for keeping our Ning Que so pure for our Sang Sang. Don't you all agree???
  8. Master Yan Se and Ning Que are both shameless @lynne22.. That is why they got a long so well. Remember when he first read the Chicken Soup Calligraphy. He believed this was written to his wife not servant. But Doodrop told him Sang Sang was his handmaiden but Yan Se already knew the truth. LOL LOL
  9. UnniSarah

    Webnovel Discussion: Ever Night (Yoda Version)

    @n3bula Vast Sky is Haotian/GOD . She isn't human. Sang Sang is a god /Haotian itself. The God and the religion that people pray to in the novel. Also the God that Xiling pray too. The irony is Haotian/Sang Sang had to experience love, friendship and pain. All these emotions are what made Haotian not love Humanity ( my opinion ofcourse). But her love for The redsleeves bordello , Chen PiPi , Jun Mo especially HER LOVE FOR NQ could not be completely erase. Her time from childhood with NQ were the most memorable. Hugging her feet, NQ and Spicy noodles were what she treasured the most and VICE VERSA with Ning Que. Ning Que spent his entire life trying to protect and keeping her from violence. I HOPE THIS MAKE SENSE Welcome @pad-hari to our wonderful thread
  10. UnniSarah

    Webnovel Discussion: Ever Night (Yoda Version)

    It hasn’t been translated yet @n3bula. @kiara_bleu .... We all interpreted what the machine translated differently. As I read it I believe the more NQ and Sang Sang are together her memories and feeling re-emerge . Some memories resurfaced because they were forgotten. For example Once Ning Que can move freely in the West Temple this happens HE HAD TO TELL HER WHAT HE DID FOR HER. So now she remembers with feelings that she doesn’t want to feel. ome day 某天 , he takes the bamboo broom to sweep ” entertainment show ” on the flat roof snow, the weather will be quite severely cold, like his present mood, on his present facedoes not have the smiling face, like cold hills. The bamboo broom rustle has delimited in the snow, is the writing brush writes on the micro coarse bud paper likely, onthe flat roof was swept the innumerable say|way liao chaotictrace, seems looks like a grass script.Takes pen in hand to write the grass script that person, some mood amenomanias. At this time, the wind and snow suddenly got angry, keepssprinkling to the cliff, just swept clear 50% flat roofs, thenturned round instantaneously snow, that grass script like thiswas destroyed. Ning Que stops moving that sweeps away snow, is grasping the bamboo broom, stands in the wind and snow, looksthat the gloomy sky asked: „ Actually must arrive, actually do you want to make what?”Sang Sang said: „I have washed the inferior foot for you, has made the inferior food, has towed the inferior place, has brushed the inferior bowl, you do now, is inferior to me to make1% that.”After Ning Que silent moment, said: „You know that this is useless, I truly owe you to be many, but you also owe me to be many, among us forever does not have the means to reckon up.”Spoke these words, he turns around to look to the palacesaid: „ In Mount Min, I have carried your many times, I have washed the inferior diaper to you, feeds you to have the inferiorfood, I have killed many people for you.”Sang Sang walks gradually, unemotionally saying: „ This isthe universal emotion of humanity, pities the young heart.”In the wind and snow, the Ning Que mood like that is coldlike the wind and snow, like that gets angry like the wind and snow.„ After you grow up?”„You get sick, I hug you in the bosom, warms you with the body, your also I? From Academy to Lan Ke Temple to towardYang City, your foot is I have washed again, your how also I? ”„I kill at the back of you toward Yang City, kills the wilderness, when the entire world wants to kill you, I have carried youam carrying on the back, these your how also I?” Sang Sang arrives at the column bank, crosses the hands behind the back to look at the human world in wind and snow, numerous outside precipice raises in the snowflake, presentedmany pictures, these pictures are somewhat fuzzy, is actually such clear. That is Hebei said that rain after great drought, that is in the cub that in the Mount Min trap struggles, that is in combing the Blue Lake bank is shearing the youth of mounted bandit headjubilantly, that is raising the young maidservant who the wine pot and roast chicken do sway to walk, that is the omelettesurface in old pen room, that is in the morning sun toward Yang City. Under the morning sun, he keeps running at the back of her, keeps brandishing the blade, she happily by his shoulder, in the hand is gripping weakly actually tightly Big Black Umbrella.
  11. UnniSarah

    Webnovel Discussion: Ever Night (Yoda Version)

    @n3bula ... The nagging has nothing to do with MSS. He has never met MSS yet. Nagging definition - -> (of a person) constantly harassing someone to do something. Sang Sang would constantly remind of his Choice if naming their shop Old Brush Oen Shop - -> IT IS A TERRIBLE NAME. Remember NQ rushed to name his shop so he can get a discount for his noodles. Meanwhile SS was a sleep at the time he went to buy food. CHAPTER 36 Having been copying thousands of calligraphy volumes for many years, Ning Que was rather confident of his own skills. However, it was a pity that here in Chang'an he could not make use of certain masterpieces [TN: referring to the famous calligraphy work of Collected Poems from the Orchid Pavilion] that he was most proud of given that his true home was another time and another place with a different history. And there was no answer if any spectator asked about the ninth year of Yong He and the Kuaiji Mount which obviously did not exist in this world. As a result, he had to copy some existing collections of poems and some widely-circulated scriptures. Even so, he still believed that after the paper volumes were hung on the wall, there must be countless high-ranking government officials, celebrities and men of letters who would come to appreciate his calligraphy as soon as they heard about it. "Alas, the threshold will be trampled off in two days, so we'd better get ready to get it repaired in advance." Immersed in this sense of vanity, Ning Que stretched his right hand and casually ripped off the paper volumes left by the original house owner as if they were a pile of rubbish. Just as he was about to call Sangsang to find a frame shop to frame and hang his own masterpiece, he found the little handmaiden sound asleep in the corner with her arms wrapped around her knees. "Well, I was just about to ask you to go and get two bowls of those famous Chang'an style hot and spicy shredded noodles..." Looking at the soundly asleep little girl, he just shook his head and covered her with a blouse. Then he pushed the door and went out, following the highly appetizing aroma of chopped green onions and the sound of vendors selling breakfast in the beautiful morning light. "Uncle, how much for the shredded noodles?" "So expensive?" "You see, my shop is just over there... so can I get a better price for being a good neighbor?" "That's right! That's the shop, still waiting for me to name it." "Actually I do have a name in mind, but I just need to make a shop sign... Did you say what name?" "Old Brush Pen Shop." ... ... The fact that Ning Que casually made up a shop name for the sake of getting cheaper noodles did upset Sangsang slightly, even though she had no better idea as of the shop name either. For this, she nagged at Ning Que for several years thereafter. @kiara_bleu Although SS would share the same characteristics as the old Sang Sang , she doesn’t remember everything. Like she doesn’t remember her illness, or having sex with NQ. But she remembers the washing feet, the spicy noodles. When she separated their assets the Black horse knew Ning Que was in trouble and he was scared of Sang Sang. What I found amazing is What happened once he fell asleep.SS and NQ woke up apart but she found the carriage and the black horse. Meanwhile NQ was grieving and very lost. Then she found the Butcher and the drunk. Smh smh
  12. UnniSarah

    Webnovel Discussion: Ever Night (Yoda Version)

    I would like to praise Mao Ni for his thorough description of Calligraphy. Ning Que love of Calligraphy is well known. He can write anywhere and sometimes he would write wherever and whenever he has the itch.
  13. UnniSarah

    Webnovel Discussion: Ever Night (Yoda Version)

    Finally back at Chang An needing a place to live Who the hell has an itch to spank someone’s butt?? Ning Que is very SHAMELESS smh smh I wonder is this future being told or typo????? WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? @n3bula @raziela @kiara_bleu @angelangie
  14. UnniSarah

    Webnovel Discussion: Ever Night (Yoda Version)

    Hello everyone Times where Ning Que can’t have an upset Sang Sang. So chose to bribe her.
  15. @ForgottenSoulx.... I love him too, he seems like a nice person who is man richard simmons who has a lot of love to give. Lol He isn’t bad at all .