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  1. @thunderman1..... It is sad that she was exiled for so long. I wonder does her father know his daughter was blind??? What kind of paper did he give her when he first saw her? An Jie’s brother is so cute.
  2. Chingu's I have tried to watch with no subs but will have to wait for subs to better understand what is going on. I was oping for more people to talk about this drama while it airs. I can't stand Jian An Jie's stepmother. I feel she is fake and trying to push a wedge between the father and daughter. Who else feels like that. @jongski.... What do you think of this drama so far?
  3. Hello Chingu After watching today's I was so very afraid that MinHo was going to revert back to his old ways. I am glad the writer is taking MH down the right path. Min Ho told his mom what he wanted and all she cares about is that her son isn't doing what she tells him to do. She is only thinking of herself. In this iepisde I started to pity Min Ho because he married a woman just like his mom. Someone selfish , rude and I say again selfish. O have to agree with some of you , Geum Byel will be having marriage problems with Min Ho. Min Ho want to be his own man and she loves being take care of. She has no idea how to be independent but to much of others. Mama Byel scolded her today for comparing herself to EB when EB never does that. Soon Min Ho will see that GB needs to grow up and to stop relying on others and to start belong out in the house. I am amazed that GB actually believes that her sister should hold off getting pregnant because she needed to be first. Wasn't she the one on birth control because of her damn relapse. smh smh I had that thought Mama Byel knew what her daughter liked but she actually didn't know , the EV's MIl had to tell her. I like the way HJ's mother had to tell her what her own daughter like for it to finally sink in , she was a terrible mom. Smh smh
  4. @mundane9 I totally agree with you about that drama @thunderman1.... Do you happen to know when the soundtrack to this drama ama will come out. I am so loving the music here.
  5. @awsparkle..... EB's mother is finally feeing the void. Only GB doesn't feel the void and doesn't care. GB being so selfish and not noticing that her mother is sad. I wonder now how is GB and her family going to handle the fact that EB doesn't want anything to do with them. Mama Byel felt hurt when EB walked back on the house and threw her stuff down in front of them. I loved her shocked expression when EB did that. Lol lol I am so happy that Mama Byel actually knows what EB likes. I was becoming afraid that Mama Byel really didn't know her kid at all. All I hope is that MH doesn't revert back to his old ways when when HJ's father smacks him.
  6. @desertflower... I am not shocked at all what Yoo Min thinks that he can still have a chance with SN. After everything he did to her and their daughter. Cha Yoo Min is delusional because he thinks he can win over her but he forgot how strong willed SN is and that he hurt her pride and her pride is huge. He forgot about how much she values her ethic/morals would never have an affair with a married man. Since he is choosing to divorce his wife so quickly shows his lack of respect for the sanctity of marriage. smh smh
  7. I am so angry with this writer , she has turned a victim into a very cruel man (Yoo Min). I seriously consider Yoo Min a victim. I call him a victim because of his lazzzzzy a** mom, who is truly disgusting. She has spent their entire life living off her BIL, no ethic/no morals and never respected her SIL. She doesn't have a job and is always borrowing money to invest in a project that will only rip her off. Even though YM had good role models, I think he and very low self esteem and having to grow up with SN who is confident , sweet and strong willed , it hurt his pride that she was so happy without being rich. Although Yoo Min was unhappy but I think it was because of SN belief and love of teaching at that particular school is what made him unhappy. Yoo Min was most happiest when he was with SN and his daughter YJ. Those times as a family really was when he was most happiest. They had good times and SN understood her husband and I believe she wished she can help him understand why she loved the school they grew up in and it's teaching.
  8. @lynne22... Hello How are u?? @thunderman1..... Thanks for posting the videos. I just finished episode 1 and it is promising. Will continue watching this later . Got to go work now. Do you guys know if their drama will be subbed???? @angelangie.... Join us for this drama. It is really good. I am even watching it raw .
  9. @0ly40...... I am so very thankful to you posting the preview videos to all the drama's I watch chingu.
  10. @Ldy Gmerm.... Chingu, Soon SN will be showing her evil sad. SH's mother hasn't disagreed with her yet. I noticed that SH's mother maybe easily manipulated but she still has morals. Once she finds out the terrible stuff SN has been doing , she will start to dislike SN. Then her mask will start to crumble until her possessive side comes out to play.
  11. @Ldy Gmerm ....... Good to seee you. Missed your pay chingu. You are so good at writing what you think. I haven't seen you in any of the thread for a long time. I thought it was not acceptable for two family members marrying into the same household. This really confuses. Why is it okay in some dramas and not others.
  12. @watchumlots.... You said it , it is a typical theme in Korean daily drama's. HJ's aunt is falling for a con arist and i can't wait for her to find out that he was trying to scheme her family. He himself doesn't know that the Hairdresser owner is from the family he tried to con. LOL LOL I love that since MH's rebelled from his parents he is trying to be a better person. He was saved by HJ and HJ could have left him get beat up to a bloody pulp but he stood by him because it was the right thing to do. I love HJ
  13. @MrsSoJiSub.... That was a risk I knew would happen once she stopped taking those pills. Those pills were killling her slowly as and driving her insane. I think SM's mom will survive this because SM needs her mom and if she loses her mom she might give up. I don't know how SM will react to losing another important person in her life. That is what I fear the most.