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  1. Annyeonghaseyo Chingu's I have a question. I saw episode 7 and 8 with subs and it has left confused. I think I will have to binge watch all the episode again. Maybe you his can help me. YJN said she wasn't the one who seduced HD's ex boyfriend but I could have sworned she and the first move. She told him about her son and started crying and he comforted her wasn't she the one who made the first move. What does a man do when a woman cry?? Doesn't he have to comfort her?? Is it the man's fault that some woman always get their wires cross when they initiate the seducing and blaming it on the man for being kind enough to save or comfort them. They take this as a sign of affection when it is just him being a gentleman??? I wonder how did PhJ know that HD's ex wanted to go back to HD and YJN wouldn't let him?? The shock in her face when he told her that was soooo promising. I fear for PHJ because he is starting to remind me of his father. Look at how obsessed his daddy is over YJN. I hope he keeps respecting HD and try to win her heart the right way and not through evil means. Does anyone here believe that PHj's halmeoni may have killed PHJ's mother??????
  2. @euraka... Chingu, I thought I was misreading him but yes . I think he will become an ally once she gets her memories back. He is also giving her advice on who to trust and not trust. Chingu I knew the writer was going that route . I also think once DH becomes a regular, the madame might even betray DH's mom once she sees MA will be bringing in the big buck. She will lie and say she sent her when she didn't and DH will have all the time he wants with the woman he wants. Ironically, MA likes NG now and subconsciously she still love DH. Since MA have amnesia Do -Hoon will try to woo her back and then her memory will come back. Without her memories MA will need to learn to trust DH again and DH will be sooooo jealous to see trust MA has feeling for someone else. Lol lOL LOL. I think of this is the best way for MA to get her memories back. Her mind isn't ready to remember that is why it's taking so long.
  3. @euraka These male lead never know when they are in love.... Wished today's episode was subbed already. I sooo wanted to understand whay Do Hoon told NG. I feel that NG iss sooooo in love with her. HE went on a date and he was completely bored. .. I loved the bored look and no interest in the date. DO Hoon's expression was so on intense that all I can say , you will get what is coming to you. When he finally realize the mistake he made by abandoning his wife just for the sake of his parents, he will beak down and wish to rewind time when Mo Ah was the wife who adored and loved him fault and all. She was his family, his whole world and I wonder when is he going to realize how much he loves her. smh smh smh
  4. Annyeonghaseyo Chingu's Preview for episode 69.... Do-Hoon will be stalking his wife and oaying her a visit whenever he can. LOL LOL
  5. @euraka... I agree , MA need to get He memory back asap. They are dragging this story line to long and if they have a time jump, I am afraid that JM will bond with his stepmom. I don't want that at all. Don't forget he is still young, he might forget his mother.
  6. @rikimaiu... That is how i feel too chingu but in the long run SI will not end up with JW. Even though JW is in love with her. His siblings will be the cause of his downfall and will ruin his relationship with SI. I feel bad for SI and she doesn't look like a woman in love bt then again , SI has spent her entire life being cautious after losing her brother all those years ago.
  7. @chasen8888..... Well said chingu on everything you said. Thanks for the recaps you have and will do in the future. Truthfully just reading your recaps i can actually visualize each episode and don't need to watch it sub. So Kamsahamnida chingu.
  8. @stroppyse... I agree chingu, they are both scary and neither of them have love for another person.
  9. @Ldy Gmerm.... Well said chingu, i would like to add some more details on who YJN is attracted too. I think the man she chooses to fall for are around the same age gap as the son she abandoned. She is doing this for pain and finding someone who isn't pretending to have some kind of affection for her. I believe YJN misses her son but can't quite understand why with all the money she has she just doesn't go to find her son. Chingu, KS can't use the connection to YJN with HD in a positive way. HD haste that woman with a passion. I am afraid if he uses it will hurt him when he reallly likes HD. I think HD and KS like each other but they aren't in love yet. They are at the beginning stage of caring for each other. I enjoyed how their relationship blossomed from friendship to a possible romance. Unless he uses that connection in a negatively about how YJN hurt them both and ow mush they hate YJN but KS doesn't hate his mom. He is hurt that his mom abandoned him and never looked back. The pain i saw in his eyes are so intense that i know for a fact that YJN will have to win him over and have that mother and son relationship to heal them both. He will never reveal who he is to YJN. I also think that HD isn't over the pain she suffered from the loss and break up with her ex boyfriend. I believe the ex boyfriend loved her but in some twisted way he did not want to be dependent on HD anymore so he chose YJN. He saw the hardship she was enduring just taking care of her family and even now they are still relying on her. too wish the subs would come out
  10. Me too too chingu... me too chingu @andy78 glad to see you here chingu. Annyeonhaseyo chingu Yesterday scene was so HOT!!! between HD and KS. I notice that tooo @littlex2000. It seems YJN has a thing fall for guys who are not into her at all. THey despise her at first and only tolerate her because she is sad/depresseddd. PHJ will never want her but he will want HD and she will be furious about it.
  11. @AlexMao and @camichi ... I am in agreement Witt you both. I feel that the brother will never bond over being related because Hyun Seob has taken such good care of SJ since he was young. HS has always been protective and loving to SJ even though his adoptive family made life difficult for him. I still feel that we still don't know about HW's life in the States. We only know that he studied hard and worked hard and build his empire. He helps out orphans in his spare time and so forth.
  12. @chocolatepie.... Thanks for the recap chingu. Chingu, I have no idea why they are taking so long to reveal the heartache Hyun Seo dished out on HW'a father. I am getting real pissed off.
  13. Kamsahamnida @athena22, @Ainee Etp, @carolinedl, @ferily, @dlyfie87_at_gmail.com_stv, @lingx2, @briseis @jeonghyang @zagigirl For recap , videos and screen caps .
  14. @starlight116 Chingu, Hyun Seob and his neighbors bullied HW's father which pushed him to suicide. HW did go real far to ruin HS's family but HS was lied to about HW's father was drinking the day His daughter was in the accident. He ruined a man and because HW lost everything 23 years ago he wanted revenge.
  15. @USAFarmgirl.... Well said chingu and so true. MH just keep falling more in love with her in every way. He listens her to her, is very protective of her and likes her family.