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  1. What do you want to see him kiss? A girl, in the drama 'Bad guy'with Han ga in. A boy, in the movie 'Antique' with a French dude, they go hard though. An inanimate object,statue, movie 'Pygmalion no koi'. There, thorough kiss-analogy.
  2. I would totally shipped if it was BSH though *priorities*
  3. Sadly, to break your illusion, KJW is seated opposite to the guy with dorky face and though he's cute, I ain't shipping them together.
  4. How should I thank you!? Dude's insta is full of 'science'. And he has a russian blue as a pet, STAN.
  5. Some scientist in Dramabeans found out from the source that is instagram that the hot handyman of Mo. and co goes by the name of Lee Jae Won. You are all welcome. Edit: Just saw that scientist in Dramabeans is @Prettysup. You is a great scientist.
  6. Second this request. We need his name for science @Prettysup Thanks mate, I have something to do next weekend now.
  7. Does anyone know when will the drama special air? Next weekend?
  8. Well I meant in the drama, he was the guy (lee I guess was his name) who was MTG's handiman, lately who was driving him around lmao
  9. Wait! Since when MTG's manager was THIS hot! His wrist game is on point.
  10. @MiAmour yes, it is. Here's the clip of them coming in for the party (if the video doesn't work, someone please correct it) http://tv.naver.com/v/1514640
  11. @MiAmourKJW in all black?! AGAIN? I have never seen him in anything other than black or dark grey if he's not doing a photo shoot. LHN looks super kawai but Jang Hyuk needs to change his stylist. It should be still very cold out there (I'm freezing in Tokyo, Seoul tends to run even colder) but all is well for the fashion, it's not pretty if you are not in pain. Edit: That Usain Bolt on heels looks gooooooood! Dude is chic! @lexiconThe way KGJ mentions his death is what raised my suspicion, she HEARD he died. With all the shady death certificates in the drama, if they want to pull a season 2, they can find a loophole to bring back MTG, in whatever shape (I prefer mummified like Jang madam ).
  12. Finally finished it. My thoughts on the last scene: Could this be hallucinatory after effects of a certain drug? Because there is just no other way to explain it. You can alter realities in brain but that reality is too unreal in real time. You can not control a heard of mental patent with weapons and make them attack one single person. They would create a riot among themselves and a doctor should know that. My opinion is that he certified MTG as dead to make further experiment on him with these weird richard simmons drugs (there was a illicit drug case few epis ago) and tbh that would be more painful than dying once. And a possibility of a second season remains alive in the horizon with this doctor as villain in future
  13. I can not bring myself to finish it cause I have all ready been spoiled with the ending. Should've guessed the ominous with KJW's luck in dramaland. Hopefully everybody is now reminded how good he is and he will get roles more often. I also happen to love Lee Ha Na, I find her pretty and proper, and the final checkmate was that she never tried doing aegyo even once. Will stan.
  14. @MiAmour Thanks! He looks tired, relieved and sexy all at the same time
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRhqkzBgtvV/?taken-by=jaeuck.kim Don't make us wait for another three years :/