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  1. That is the million dollar question and if you are seeking a definite yes or no answer, you will not find it in this thread. It is true that JCW has rumors with all his lead co-stars, but unlike the past rumors where he has denied and shot down those ships, he has not denied or confirmed anything with NJH, so take that drastic difference with a grain of salt. However, that drastic difference is the reason we are all still stuck in this thread along with 1622 pages (and counting) of “are they or aren’t they dating” theories.
  2. I remembered getting whiplash last year when interviews started rolling in, suspicious jewelry postings, concert and tv partial confessions aired, especially from Wook’s side. I was a bit worried that things were going too fast that it would eventually ruin a good thing. After reading the latest interview from Hyunnie, it was like a quiet response to his concert answer. Hypothetically, to me it’s like she is telling him “Slow your roll turbo, i’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Serve your country well and when you come back, we will see where destiny takes us...” (Ok maybe those weren’t her exact words, but in my mind that’s how she says it...lol). My point is, Wook was probably anxious before his enlistment and who can blame him? If I found a beautiful person whom I connect with but had to separate for a long period of time, I probably would’ve reacted the same way. Here she is giving him the luxury of extended time. Time to court and savor once he finishes his duty. Of course this is all hypothetical, and it could be that she isn’t even talking about Wook, but as a shipper I naturally make comparisons. I watched her behavior from SP and 100 days and I will put my conclusion in the spoiler as to not offend anyone: Also, is it too much to ask Park Seul Gi to interview her?? I’m gonna need a section tv interview from Hyunnie!
  3. Wow, The pages are flying again! I guess we all miss our sweet couple! Real life pull has been no joke, but since we are reminiscing I thought I’d drop in and say hi! When I first heard about operation 0917, I’m not gonna lie....I had know idea what the heck a rice wreath was. Like absolutely no clue! I didn’t even think the words “rice” and “wreath” could be used in the same sentence. I honestly thought that it was expensive because of all the man hours it takes to glue each rice grain to make a wreath. I’m an idiot...I know! It wasn’t until I saw the pictures that I realized what a ginormous effort it entails, so a huge “thank you” to all involved in organizing and to those who carried out the mission....!!!
  4. Oh this is an interesting theory that you’ve proposed, since we both know they’re both as subtle as a moving freight train...lol!!!
  5. The recent military references have been so random. I think this is the first time I’ve heard of any military references in a saeguk. I swear there are closet JiJi shippers everywhere (I’m pointing at you, writer-nim....hahaha). I haven’t watched HDH yet but just from the previews, I feel that I might be hit with the 2nd lead syndrome and there’s still the question of why CTJ declined this role....perhaps he saw the love line with NJH and didn’t want to face his BFF’s wrath....lol (total delulu mode right now...ahahaha!!)
  6. OMG....How does one stay rational??? A video letter to soldiers after a commentary about a new drama is not random at all. It's perfectly normal....NOT! This is exactly why I cannot move on...(face palms self) LOL! My gut feeling tells me as we get closer to his discharge date, there will be mini hints or clues, coincidences, heart attacks or whatever you call this....Stop messing with my mind you two!!!...hahaha I still love them though.
  7. She does look stunning as always! If anything, her new press conference reminded me what a normal press conference should look like and not like the SP one where a certain main lead who shall not be named went absolutely nuts!!! Lmao! God I miss SP!
  8. Interesting how both posts are related to having dinner. Quit playing with my rationality you two!! Lol! Hyunie’s cryptic dates and in her EBH hair bun again... I just really miss them so don’t mind my delusions for a minute... happy 1600 pages!
  9. I’ve been traveling for work so stable internet connection has been a luxury and the first site I visit is this thread...lol. I clearly have my priorities set. Anyways, @jj0709 JCW has been out of the spotlight and in the military for a year now. Any rumors that you are seeing online currently are baseless speculations and serve as blank ammunition to try and sink this ship. Knowledge is power so i suggest reading from page 1 of this thread for clues, hints, evidence or whatever you are seeking. On a happier note, I can’t wait for September after seeing the previews for Hyunie’s new drama! Also, seeing Hyunie’s new pics, especially her in the cream dress, she reminds me of a young Lee Young Ae...both classic beauties!
  10. The MBC interview is GOLD!!! I had my doubts and tried to be a rational shipper, but this interview had other plans for me. It's been a year and I still can't start or finish another k-drama, so clearly I have not moved on and don't have any intentions to do so. After witnessing this pabo head over heels declaring his love on national tv, I decided to go all in aboard this ship, regardless if it will dock safely or crash and burn! It is soooo out of character for JCW to be so revealing about his love life, so for him to do so in such a public setting, you can be damn sure there is someone who is worthy of this declaration.
  11. Lol!! I had to literally face palm myself at your comment in bold. Sometimes I’m almost embarrassed for Wookie, especially when he thinks he has an ounce of subtlety in his bones!!! It’s cute he thinks that he can play the subtlety card well when he’s actually a raging bull in a china shop! Who plays an uncut BTS of a kiss scene that’s been seen by gazillions of people and not think at least half of them will question if he’s trying to send subliminal messages?!?! Hahaha...this boy....he’s such a walking contradiction, but I do love him for it!
  12. Real life is getting to be so demanding, but I had to de-lurk to commemorate today. It was a day when we witnessed a usually composed, professional, and very very PRIVATE JCW go absolutely bat crap crazy dropping all kinds of hints, clues, grenades, and bombs that did nothing to calm the rumors. Of course, there's always that possibility that he's talking about some other girl who is not NJH or he is talking about no one in particular, but his actions that night seemed to convey a different story. Why inflame speculation if you want to enlist quietly?!?! JCW also doesn't seem like someone who falls in love at the drop of a pin. From what I read about his ideals and thoughts about love, it sounds like he's been searching for the kind of love that is unconditional, everlasting, steadfast, destined, and pragmatic....I sure hope he's found her!
  13. NJH looks absolutely gorgeous in these new pics! It is amazing how she can look innocent and sexy fully clothed against a backdrop of unmaintained grass. What a lethal combination. Poor Wookie! I'm actually torn when looking at these photos. A part of me thinks its kind of cruel and mean of her to tempt him while he's stuck in the barracks with a bunch of young men, but the other part of me is like NAH...you need to be reminded of what you can have when you're discharged in May 2019!!!....LMAO!
  14. Yeah we know Wookie....smh! We’ve witnessed this first hand. He is so transparent....lol!
  15. @Changsky I forgot how crazy his fans are....boundaries, people!!! It's great to see him looking mighty fine and healthy. I should really stop there or else I may cross some boundaries of my own! Lol!