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  1. The D-cut is a treasure trove! I keep discovering new scenes that will trigger my emotions. I guess I can forget about ever moving on. That ship has sailed. In the “please like me back” BTS, JH had to cry uncontrollably like a baby and it took her some time to get there, but all along the way Wookie was by her side to support her and comfort her. He was patient and tentative, rubbing her shoulders, holding her hand and not once did he let go. His back was towards the camera but it was obvious that he was wiping away tears of his own....like the sight of his Ji Hyunie crying can bring him to his knees. Reels of his future milestones started flashing through my mind... 1. Wookie tearing up as he lays eyes on his bride as she walks down the aisle. 2. Wookie hearing news that he’s going to be a father. 3. Wookie sharing the news to his mom that she’s going to be a grandmother. 4. Wookie crying when holding his newborn’s feet for the first time. 5. Wookie looks on proudly as his children are handed their diplomas on stage. 6. Wookie giving away his own daughter and entrusting some young lad to care for her and make her happy for eternity. My only hope is that at each of these events, Ji Hyun will be where she is always meant to be...by his side! That’s not much to ask, right? Ugh....the feelings! I just can’t anymore....
  2. Why is it that when she’s rubbing that dog’s belly that I picture her doing that to Wookie?!?! What the hell is wrong with me?!!!! (Dont answer that question!) *sigh* ugh! #sufferingfromwithdrawals
  3. She reminds me of Eun Bong Hee in this picture but almost didn’t recognize her without a No JI Wook sucking on her face.... aghhh I miss them!
  4. How To Post Images On Soompi?

    https://goo.gl/images/Aq6NNZ Test http://
  5. Welcome on board and what an introduction! Nothing like a big slap in the face with sugar for a first post...lol!
  6. So I've finally made my way to the regular BTS discs (11-14) and just when I thought it was going to be light on the skinship, I got proved wrong. There's a particular scene when Ji Wook brought a drunk Bong Hee home and she was laying on the bed where he was about to touch her hair and she turned away...His hands were in what I would call a Danger Zone!!! My mind officially went in the gutter and it has no plans to leave.
  7. I’m pretty sure everyone in this thread would be what you call a part of the “general mankind population”, so it’s no surprise that there are some folks who are beginning to feel uneasy or impatient. We don’t know them personally and they don’t know we exist, but if doubters are looking for facts, they can look no further than Wookie and Hyunie’s inner circle and they will find a handful of closet JiJi shippers. (Clear example is the actor who plays Chief Bang....he watched the commentary and melted into a pile of goo during the proposal scenes. Hahaha I love him!) I also think their fairy godmother and SP PD are shippers too. Even if doubters were to question our so called theories, I think it will be much more difficult to overlook those close to them and their reaction when seeing our couple’s interactions. If these people who have known him for a long time and have the same reaction as the “general mankind population”, does this mean that they are delusional too? I ask this question to all doubters and still waiting for an answer. Their silence fuels this ship for quite awhile.
  8. As a concerned member of this thread, I invite you to take my hand and step back from the ledge....lol!
  9. Does anyone know how long his vacation is this time? There seems to be a pattern of IG upload overload for a couple of days and then radio silence from him leading up to when he has to go back. I'm thinking since Hyunie is busy filming this week, he may be spending his first part of the vacation publicly and saving the quiet times for her? If we go by this theory, maybe it's not so bad to NOT get updates from him?
  10. Impeccable timing again. If his next update has anything to do with going to see an opera, I’m going to take it as a sign they’re together. Quit playing games with my heart....lol! NJH is breathtakingly beautiful, and I’m a girl. I can’t imagine how Wookie can refrain from liking her IG posts. If he does hit the like button, I’m sure he will break the internet...kekeke!
  11. Lol...I guess his manager is paying a heavy price for his cheeky comment about Wookie going to the gym while on vacation. They are so cute.
  12. I attribute my newly developed laser focused eyesight to countless hours of the 27 min kiss cuts to say that the guy injured isn’t Wookie, but maybe his manager???
  13. I would like to go back to my post regarding Hyunie’s 2 IG posts that got likes by his assistant (the hand and the tomato yogurt). Looking at them at face value, they seem harmless, but sitting here I have some serious questions! I would like to add some logic to reasons why his assistant chose to like these 2 specific posts. 1. He is constantly surrounded by pregnant women so therefore has developed a unique taste of strange food combinations. Honestly, who actually likes tomato yogurt???!!! I mean tomatoes and yogurt separately are great, but together??? 2. He has a fetish for hands. I guess some people prefer eyes or the mouth, so sure....why not hands? To each their own! Lol! 3. Both of these posts are Wookie-related!? The yogurt is as close to a milkshake that I can think of and the hand picture looks like it was taken from a car window....perhaps someone made a visit already? Lmao! I’m seriously steps away from being admitted to a mental institution.*sigh*
  14. I too tried to take the rational route and everything leads me back to the same conclusions!!! I’ve accepted that I can’t be rational...lol! No two people who have no relation to each other can have that many coincidences! Also, can anyone explain why his assistant likes 2 of her most random IG posts (the tomato yogurt and the one with just her hand)?!!! I will take any logical explanation...lol
  15. I don’t know who can NOT ship them after being around them or watching their interactions.