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  1. @ktcjdrama - - JIS and her exBF were good in waikiki.. Actually, all of the leads there i found good in acting.. Agent Yoo was also in waikiki btw. Surprisingly, my liking on JIS escalated more in Terrius.. Not sure if its because of her chemistry with SJS & the twins haha
  2. @triplem@triplem - - probably inside the hourglass is a chip or even the usb JYT took frm AR
  3. I will not be surprise if this family becomes like The Incredibles.. Only no superpower hehe I have this crazy thinking that there could be a story behind on why AR has a natural instinct being a spy.. I dunno, maybe her dad or mom were retired agents? Oh i dunno... My imagination is running wild and a bit frustrated coz need to wait for a week to find out what happen to our OTP.
  4. Waah this will be frustrating if they hang the episode like this... Too intense! No supermom & thunderman looking for J-J if they are both captured!
  5. Omg.. So JYT was really in danger! I guess our thunderman & supermom will come to the rescue.. Most probably this will also be the start of realization of feelings, being jealous and bromance between our 3 main leads hehe Thanks for the live recap @triplem and @ktcjdrama
  6. I like it when bon is reminiscing the twins and AR was always in it.. So maybe unconsciously, he is missing not only the kids but the mum as well hehe I am so excited to hear what AR will say after the unexpected hug! I think JYT will be in danger later.. He seems only trying to survive as well and following the instruction of his boss. Well, i remember i speculate that it is too early for KB to tell AR the truth.. But i never ever thought that he will be busted by AR this early, and on top of that, being together with the other 2 agents inside the secret room lol Writernim.. Can u continue to give us an ending with a hug? Hug & roll on the floor., witness by KIS.. Check Hug inside the secret room.. Witness by NIS agent.. Check Hug in J international ofc.. Witness by JYT.. Soon? Hug in Namsan tower.. Witness by Candy.. Soon? Hug in KB house witness by ABXYUncle & J-J.. Coming soon? Kiss in the church witness by All... Coming very soon?
  7. I cannot exactly pinpoint for now what i want to know about the 3 main leads in this drama.. HY, HS or YJ Is HY good? She seems selfish. HW is good since everyone in the prison actually cares for her. YJ is looking for his mother. But someone is trying to tell him about something else. The preview made it more confusing for me. Seems like there will be a teamwork bet HY & HS. Honestly, i dont like it. HY is too cunning for HS. One thing i am curious to find out is what will be YJ reaction & treatment to the 2 female leads once he realize/believe that body switching really did happen.
  8. @aisling i am also looking forward to AR "spy" look in a killer night dress.. I remember seeing her in Laughter in Waikiki in a wedding dress and she was so stunning In a way, the separation of bon to AR & J-J will help bon recognize his feelings for them and much better realizing that he is longing to have a family. Twins will definitely miss their thunderman sitter and the fish pets.. They would probably sneak to go to Bon when their mum is not around. I am also looking forward on AR & JYT screentime coz it is always entertaining
  9. Just like how the profile of AR was made by her new boss, KB also did that naturally since he's hiding. And that fake profile is what JYT had on his table. I am sure KB will come up with a valid excuse about the man's name under his apartment leasing agreement. But until AR understand/heard the excuse.. Her reaction to distrust KB in taking care of J-J is natural for a mom. As for the call of her boss to KB, i think this is an opportunity for the KIS guy to remember somehow that she is "dating" KB.. I still think KB real identity will not come out this early. I am more curious as to who is the lady in red heels.. She could be 1 of the kis mom.. Coz that will be a real twist IMO, which kdramaland is known for.
  10. Same here... Also curious about this scene.. Maybe to look like its a ritual,,,, which eventually will make Bon bring them to his apartment more often. Who else noticed that Bon tends to wait for AR now in front of their apartment building? He is so cute when he looks secretly sideways when he heard footsteps and know that its AR... pretending to walk towards their building after throwing his recycles the second time around.. U are so busted Uncle haha Me three!!! I also like him... Almost everyone that interacts with AR becomes likeable to me haha she is indeed unstoppable... His priceless reaction (among many) when AR finally told him the truth about her husband's death and the reason why she hides it from him lol
  11. So many inputs i gain while reading everyone's comment I am curious as how u interpret the reaction of bon & AR when they are doing the grocery and bon selected the milk... Bon looks like asking for AR's approval is it? But he supposed to buy his own grocery so why need AR's approval? Haha i feel like AR treat Bon like a kid.. 3 bottles meaning 1 for bon & 2 for the twins.. Or i just assume it on my part Anyways, that scene is quite sweet for me! Oh nvm, i think all the scenes with bon & AR on this episode are sweet @aisling i totally agree about JIS character AR!! Her warm personality melts everyone even his ex boss! All the people around her wanted to protect her. But she also has her own way of protecting them i am excited to see more...
  12. After watching latest episode with eng sub and seeing the preview, so many questions pop-out to my mind:- EH in order to protect his love, remain at taesang roup.. I guess he accept being chief secretary? Did the promotion still take place? Who offer SA to go study abroad? CR admitting she found the man she love and that kiss… Could there be a possibility that Chairman Moon will become CR allies? The exhusband said he wanted MCR. I dont think its for romance but for revenge. So probably next episodes are fight between CR and his exHusband. And i also see a glimpse of argument beetween our otp.. But one thing i like about their relationship is that they easily make-up and understand/support each other!
  13. I have seen her in comedy drama Laughter in Waikiki and i like her since then! Actually i read frm an article long time ago that she will act opposite SJS.. But totally forgot it.. When i watch 1st episode, coz i am curious about the story and to see SJS, i was surprised to see her. Then i remember about the article hehe anyways,, i like sjs but not fond of all his drama.. Terius behind me could be the next drama that i will adore Master's sun is still #1 though
  14. I miss Our OTP.. I keep on rewatching the scenes where CR & EH interact hehe EH admitting he is inlove is so cool! I maybe frustrated on the development of the story but i am still excited on how they will overcome these obstacles together. Actually how to describe their current relationship? Lovers? Comrades? Friends?...