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  1. hahahaha yes , and modest . hahaha i'm sure you do OMG , now i always stay and analize his past . i say : did he do this before ??? did he ? and i begin to analyze all his past After the army he was more serious ...and grumpy . hahaha but now he's happy and smile all the time ...and look , he take care of his skin , but of course only for the good of drama and for the character . and i say to myself ...okay , okay ... let's say is all for this , but why are you still talking about this after so much time ? and then i say ...because was his last role ... i want to see him next . after he will have a new role , let's see him then . he will still talk about HJH and what HJH did ...and what KRW did for HJH role ??? and then i'm like ... in the end they are also humens ...we are also humens . but hard for me to remember someone who will take so much care of each and every single detail . he's so well organized . when i saw him in vlive he was careful to arange all . wander if PSH likes him like this . well organized . is not easy to live with someone like this . well ...i also know if she's also like this ... the house will look great all the time . BUT FOR ME HE ALWAYS WAS CAREFUL WITH HIS STYLE . of course we can say some of his past outfit was ""what is this ? '' ...but are otfits from 10 years now ...and even more . and i don't see him like he do a big effort . not at all ... he seams to be happy to embrace his new ''him '' . c'mon ...we all change in this life . we allways try to improve ... this is exactly what he did . i don't see any superhuman activity from him . he just go to dermatologist .. buy some new beautiful outfits ... and what i wrong to try to look younger ...when you feel younger ??? hahahaha i believe all this . AND EVEN MORE . and he's still young . i'm still young . i still can run , and buy younger outfit ...and i don't even have a younger , much younger partener . hahaha and i still like to look the best . is not like we ever die bofore our times . hahaha i believe he will be an amazing father . and how do you know that he already has someone ? hahahahaha yes , what's the hurry ??? hahahaha
  2. YES , YES ...even the dematologist know . hahahaha hahahaha kim's army DO YOU THINK SO ??? same question so you have a good point for the next one .. hahaha hahaha yes , always must be women on the set . better young and beautiful
  3. Morning , morning !!! A GREAT DAY TO ALL !! oh , @berries812 ... you are always so hard working woman thank you for all ...and i can't wait to see if our Prince will have 5 million for his movies ... than the FM . TILL NOW ALL IS GOOD . interesting interesting LOGO .
  4. oh , how sweet !!!!! in his mind ... :)))))) this man is amazing !!! yes , fans knows what to say YOU ARE GOOD , YOU ARE SO GOOD don't worry but he start rrom the beginning to take care of his skin ??? like ...he already was thinking about her face touching his face ????
  5. same . talk to us , mr. KIM !!!!!
  6. i wish ...nothing like this . hahaha well ...seams that we will remain with our dreams ...for now . hahahaha
  7. i ... well ... when i saw clear evidence , i want from them cleaar evidence . not from my dream . ha ha like ... we need to relax ... not use so much imagination .
  8. yes , always this ... what about the clear evidence???????????? hahahaha
  9. UNDER THE ROCK ... hahahaha well ..since when all this stop us ? maybe we will find a picture were we can analize all . shadows , floors , and carpets .