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  1. If this change by LH for Sunny is genuine, maybe the writer is working on a redemption card for LH. So I have some thoughts about it. When LH told ED that he changed his feeling for Sunny and wanted to protect her, ED sneered and reminded him of his past failure. Eventually he relented and gave into her like he always did. Sunny and WB declared they would protect each other. WB said he would give his life to protect Sunny. I know he would. Sunny will give up her love for WB if it will save him in some way. It means for these two, love is caring about the other’s wellbeing before one’s own. LH needs to learn that true love is about letting his love, Sunny, go if that makes her truly happy, or protecting her (by jumping off a cliff with ED, since she will not stop from going after Sunny as Sunny is going to learn about the secret of the island) That’s one of the redemption cards I may use if I am in the writer’s shoes. hehe Haha Sorry to say I don’t think WB has to do more. He already showed what is love in many scenes with Sunny (albeit their scenes aren’t so numerous sadly) In one scene, he showed not with his words but what he did in silence. I nearly missed the meaning on that scene. In darkness he stood like an impenetrable fortress. No one can hurt Sunny unless he got killed. That’s how CJH saw WB’s love. CJH knows WB can’t sing openly about his feeling for Sunny like LH does. But still he has to reveal WB’s growing feeling quietly. CJH just did another drama where the love line was like a burst of fireworks. WB is very opposite from his previous character. Maybe CJH picked WB because he saw challenge in playing WS( other actor’s WS) & WB. cr to DC
  2. Exactly ‘it’s just simply heart warming’ is what I thought about their growing relationship. So small like Sunny’s shy expression when she came out wearing a red scarf and WB, showing off a bandage. haha So opposite from Sojin princess’s wowwow- meawow reaction Yes that OST for them sounds simply sweet. PS I don’t know whether you know about the bandage. In FTLY(which JNR and CJH were in together) CJH’s char put a bandage on JNR’s but he lost it to JH’s who later removed it and who got the girl. So now Sunny put a bandage on WB in this drama. And WB showed her he still had it. I thought it was a cute gesture by whoever thought of it. haha I guess it means WB will not lose Sunny this time?!! I feel the writer is too busy with villain characters that she forgets the drama is about the little people who fight against the corrupt, cruel monarch and topple it at the end. For little people like Sunny and her dad, and WB and his mom, the important thing in a relationship (like a family) is about sharing a meal together and showing care and trust. As Sunny said she was a simple minded person so she is gullible. Because of that now she is paying a big price. But she is discovering about herself and learning what is important in life. I like the way Sunny and WB share and lean on each other which is growing ever so slowly. I feel their growing feeling is so genuine and is beginning to develop roots in the ground and the seedling is starting to emerge and opening up with tender leaves. BTW I know the writer is really good at creating many interesting villains but about creating a good character she appears to be rather lackluster. This drama is clear cut between good and bad but the characters on the supposedly good side appear rather two dimensional. Sunny and WB are well aware of these facts: Sunny is an empress and a married woman, and WB is an imperial chief guard for emperor and empress, not just a private bodyguard. Whatever emotions they develop for each other have to seep through cracks drop by drop. It’s hard to see their growing emotions because there was so much ruckus happening with other characters. Their sharing moments are not noise like LH-YR. Theirs are unadorned but genuine. Whenever I saw the clips of them, I couldn’t help but feel touched by their growing feelings for each other. They are ordinary people (or little people) who feel sharing a meal with family and showing care (like empathy) and trust are important. Yeah it would have been better if they got more screen time to show the contrast between them and other crazy characters.
  3. JNR: location photos, this and that Kim Myoeng-su x Lee Hee-jin x Oh Seung-yoon https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20190114084639710
  4. JNR's official fan club sent another a support truck & JNR wrote a thank-you note which got translated
  5. Me too I’m happy that TLE kept up its ratings. Now it doesn’t have to worry about the competition with Encounter(which has ratings around 7%s). But now I have to watch out for a new drama( What’s the Problem, Poong Sang?). The media is talking about these two writers because both of them are known for makjang dramas. http://star.mt.co.kr/stview. https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20190110081156837
  6. ((hopefully not too far off)) Preview LH: How you can call yourself a doctor ED: ((inaudible: ED says something to LY )) Sunny: What are you doing here? Sunny: How you can say it’s okay It’s not Sit still LH: What’s the matter with your hand. Would I die by your hand? WB: It’s possible. LH: What? LH: I got hit/beat by the empress. Every part of my body aches. Sunny: Wake up dog-**** ED: Perhaps you have a feeling for / are taken in by Oh Sunny? I don’t know why you are doing/acting needlessly /foolishly LH: I’m going to the empress right now so you have to protect her Sunny: This charity item is painted by GED personally WB: Empress-mama
  7. cr to DC http://news.wowtv.co.kr/NewsCenter/News/Read?articleId=A201901040058 http://news.wowtv.co.kr/NewsCenter/News/Read?articleId=A201901020039
  8. WB & Sunny cr to DC g_tree: "Not replaceable actor" Choi Jin-hyuk's 2018 active figure has been revealed! In 2019, I hope you'll cheer for us