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  1. @willenette @Hannah Truong Thank you for talking about Tunnel. Yes It’s my first crime drama where I cried for the characters. There are so many touching moments. Besides I really like how it ended: It showed the important thing in one’s life is about having people you care about.
  2. Happy to hear JW is looking into his next drama. It sounds like JW hasn’t completely left MS behind. Maybe every morning he wakes up thinking wow no more army bed / army food… hehe cr to DC
  3. **JW will have vlive today 6.30pm(KST) JW said: It's JW It's been a while
  4. ** JW K-FM 4/27 He is cute the way he announced it JW: 2019.4.27 Do you have time? JW Brentwood cr to DC
  5. You are right PP team should have thought about having OTP with funny kimchi scenes. haha At the time I thought of OTP’s names, like ying-yang (winter-summer). The scene where CJH is saying yes to a million won offering revealed to me something about human weakness. Look at CJH’s spilt second expression. It’s like his rational mind knew it’s a game yet he crumbled into this fake offering because that sound of a million was so tempting. I would do the same thing. The idea of having a million is a daydream which most of us have had more than once, right?!! haha I have these two gifs about the scene. I felt Sunny had a resentful expression. Maybe she felt humiliated and at the same time furious. We know Sunny has a strong mind. She thought she put herself in the situation and let her bodyguard, a stranger, see what happened. At the time she didn’t know WB knew about LH and MYR. But WB knew Sunny from the beginning when he thought Sunny was a mindless girl chasing an emperor. Then he learned how LH felt and treated Sunny. He knew what it felt like to be stomped on by the person he loved. There were a lot of layers and nuances in these two characters. You posted one scene where Sunny and WB are having a chat in such a nonchalant way. Underneath their stone faces, one can feel they care about each other. I have a feeling that the writer didn’t write for that scene but one of her assistants wrote it. It’s because the lines carry such a suggestive tone. Whereas the writer’s writing sounds very bland except for noisy cussing. I feel the writer doesn’t know how to create a good character. All other characters on the good side, like LY appear to be flat two dimensional in contrast to the villains. I know Sunny and WB had a lot of potential and in the right hand they would have become such a memorable drama couple.
  6. Dear chingu I completely missed about SHY in that scene. You are so observant. haha maybe we are seeing his subconscious spilling about SHY?? haha So much suspense with these two. Btw SHY is still busy with cf sponsorships Thank you for sharing your delightful imagination about mabbeum, SHY&CJH
  7. GTree announced of CJH’s next FM in Japan. Dated as May 18 Hi So it’s NBA playoff season now. Congratulations for Blazers winning with 125-104 for that game. It seems CJH likes sports. I’m happy his manager took him for the game again. It’s CJH’s second personal visit to the US (He came to CA for Heirs shooting, 2013) The first one was 2016 when they went to Las Vegas to watch a boxing match/or something similar(?) They even had a helicopter tour of Grand Cannon. I’m sure he went gaga from seeing the magnificent natural wonders. Well we will never know someday they might visit OR or WA to watch a game. Unfortunately we won’t find about it afterward. My only complaint is there aren’t too many photos of his visit. Yes I hope he had a good rest mentally and physically.
  8. CJH and his manager flew over to the US for a basketball game in the Staple center, LA. The ticket shows the date is 3/12. Also there is another IG showing the game with CJH in it. I’m curious how this fan found these pictures?
  9. fun scenes (Edit) Training session for saying No Ready Fight! I can wire 100 million won to your bank account right way Yes How can you be knocked down with a single blow Let’s try again How do you feel seeing me after such a long time? I don’t like it. Are you happy to be on the show with Kang Ho Dong? [without hesitation/instant response] No How do you think of Choi So Jong? ((CJH “Oh this is hard”)) I don't like it How did you like of of CSJ’s crying act? That's too much It's shameless and funfun gym Thank you for building my shameless muscle cr to DC (IG) Training session for saying No
  10. Whaha missed these cute hearts. Sorry I couldn’t screencap it. It would be fun to see them up close. I love their expressions. cr to DC
  11. Really these two hosts met a perfect guest who has such a gullible brain to play around with. It’s hilarious to see CJH’s expression as soon as he heard about 100 million dollars. Like him saying I know it’s a game but what the heck that 100 million dollars sound so delicious in my ear. hehe About CSJ Sunbae, you are so right. Just minutes ago they made CJH heart wrenchingly tearful with what CSJ did that night for him. I’m glad to see the way CJH responded to it; without answering but indirectly showing his feeling for CSJ and still carrying on a fun and playful atmosphere for the show. Now about his mom’s food, I think it was that marinated abalone which caught his attention. It seems he is used to mom’s stew. How it looks and smells. Or it maybe his favorite dish? I doubt most of K-men would have sharp-eyed on any dish except one’s favorite one. hehe Still she must be a really good cook. Wow the way Kang ho-dong was wolfing down the food made me wish I had a mom like CJH’s mom. I like to eat but cooking isn’t in my genes. haha whahaha I’m so happy to hear CJH is a human emoji haha What a roller coast, from sugary GMS, DJ to frustrated NWS, and then to human emoji. Well really today I needed to kill time this afternoon so watched big issue(2 eps). PS in case you aren’t aware about the name of Han Yeol-mu(moo) & Goo Dong-chi. Yeol-mu and dong chi-mi are names of kimchi: summer kimchi and winter kimchi. Yup the writer picked up the drama title from Austen PP and gave OTP these names of kimchi to each. At the beginning it was fun to picture Baek Jin-hee and Choi Jin-hyuk with these two kimchi haha PP kimchi couple ((wiki )) Yeolmu-kimchi or young summer radish kimchi is one of the many types of Kimchi, a popular banchan. Although yeolmu radish has small and thin taproots that do not have much use, its thick and abundant green leaves are constantly used throughout spring and summer to make yeolmu-kimchi. Dongchimi is a variety of kimchi consisting of Korean radish, napa cabbage, scallions, pickled green chilli, ginger, Korean pear and watery brine in Korean cuisine. As the name dong and chimi, suggests, this kimchi is traditionally consumed during the winter season.
  12. It looks like a short stay in TH (3/7 - 10) This devoted TH fan went to see JW in the airport(3/10, 5:10pm) She learned about his trip ahead of time(2 days ago) from another fan(?) and even mentioned about where he stayed. (She posted it 2 days ago about his trip info) more IG photos from TH
  13. ** Happy to see many WWCY IG clips with subs. I noticed too his acting has been maturing ever since he returned from a long absence because of a knee injury with MS. But in WWCY, he also revealed a certain degree of maturity as a person too. I would like to think how he made it through the most painful period in his life would contribute to his maturing as a person and an actor. In Korea MS is a very sensitive issue because some people with money and power evade MS or get an easy assignment and some entertainers misused their celebrity status too. So when CJH had a knee injury (especially since it happened during basic training), I’m sure it devastated him not only on the personal level but also as an actor. Thank god for internet When the news of his knee injury and then later his early military discharge broke out, at first there were some people who shouted fake/ cheater so on. But fortunately, because of internet, people learned about a knee injury and it was serious and many people had it for various reasons. So slowly there were less bashing him for getting an early military discharge. Still some though a few felt CJH might have cheated on his MS. So sadly after his early discharge CJH had to hide from the public until his discharge date, Dec 2017. He did well till he ran into a little bump with TLE but it seems his fans came around and gave a big rally for him. ((from wiki )) "Choi went on a hiatus from acting when he enlisted for mandatory military service on March 31, 2015. He had the option to join the Seoul Police Promotional Team, the theater unit under the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, but choose to serve as an active duty soldier. He was discharged from the army after just seven months due to a knee injury."
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