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  1. @Kasmic hahaha can't help since HB-PSH is my new obsession, I do think Hyunbin wouldn't suit some lines/scene or coming off too cheesy but I want to see him in doctor role, does he fit as a doctor..? I wonder why they cut the BTS too, should've downloaded it before it got replaced, but I still like BTS for ep 11-12, 13-14 the most
  2. I've finished binge watching Doctors, I liked PSH's role a lot more than her Heeju in MOA maybe because her Doctors' role was quite different than her usual role I've seen in her dramas, but I think my favorite is Emma because of her cold stare to Jinwoo when she stabbed him lol @rori0711 On the other hand, KRW was good, but I couldn't stop imagining what if HB was in KRW's role
  3. aaaaaand finish watching the subbed. I stand by my opinion before about how the drama continued to be great for me up until the moment Jinwoo turned to dust, as for the rest, I'll just take it. As for the romance closure, @grayscale said it about poetic point of view, although it makes me feel better about the ending, but I still dislike the idea of open/happy-like/sad-like ending I want to ask/rant about the game aspect, instance dungeon, how one become a bug/the criteria but I don't think there will be answers except our own predictions LOL I'm not regretting my decision to watch the drama because I've become to know HB, fresh idea, it kept being amazing until half of the last episode, and I personally think it'll be unfair if I suddenly dislike the drama because of the last 30-40 minutes out of 16 hours+ I spent watching it with starry eyes Great job for the team, actors and actresses, superb acting from our leads (HB oppa you deserve a long rest but I want to see your next project what should I do??) I don't know if I'll ever watch her project again but maybe if the story is interesting (I'll watch without expecting anything) and/or there is my favorite actor/actress (I'll try watching for them) I have a great time joining the thread and posting here, and if someone write an alternate stories about the drama aka fanfiction I'd like to know BTS for final week
  4. @Kasmic I can't bear using that scene for my DP :') I was close to tears just from watching the 1 minute clip of JW stabbing Seo, idk when I watch the entire episode later, huft.. I use a lot of tissues lately from watching Hyunbin's projects
  5. rating for final episode according to Nielsen Korea: Nationwide : 9.933% Seoul : 12.383% personally glad the decrease wasn't big compared to the previous Sunday episode, I still haven't watched the subbed episode, have problem streaming @Kasmic I have changed to zombie DP, I thought I'd changed for zombie Seo, but when I re-watched the Granada dungeon, this one zombie caught my eyes LOL
  6. Congrats for finishing the drama~ hope the actors & actresses, staffs, production team get rewarded, and for our magical couple also supporting casts to get many awards for their performance in the drama
  7. it makes sense... although I still don't like the ending but it does make sense, it might be included in the fantasy aspect since the deaths in real life couldn't be explained, he chose to be in the dungeon (like Seju) so he'd be considered missing in real life but still alive in AR life, and being some kind of protector..?
  8. Jinwoo? oh right because he was solving the bug, I'll change it to zombie Seo, thanks
  9. I think I get your explanation but I... don't know what to think about the situation, no I don't want to think about it anymore
  10. Some of the comments mentioned drama Big, but I haven't watched that, for me the ending is kinda similar to Blood, idk what the male lead is after he was seen/said to be vanishing (is he NPC? or human?) And what about Poll 2? who is the key to the game then? should I change my DP to zombie?
  11. is that possible..? I mean when Seju was in dungeon, I assumed he was still a human, still in his human form. But for Jinwoo, didn't he turn to dust...?
  12. so... the drama already ends? First of all, thank you very much for recapping @katakwasabi @Kasmic @ktcjdrama @bairama @imels I hope I don't miss any names.. uhmm... so it has ended... Idk what to say about the ending hahahahaha the show kept being amazing for me until before Jinwoo turned to dust, and as for the rest of the show... I'm gonna watch it with subs tomorrow and reorganize my thought I did say I want the ending to be clear happy ending or clearly heartbreaking sad ending, but I don't think this ending can be categorized into one of the two endings I mentioned, soooo Idk LOL Good night chingudeul (I might still stay lurking to read comments here)