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  1. Gang Dong Won and Kim Woo Bin will be in Singapore for Master Gala Premiere next week! There will also be a meet and greet session at Plaza Singapura. Details to be announced.
  2. I have a question re some information that I would to mention in my comments. Can I mention that just came out with news of a new drug that is in clinical trials that may slow the progression of Alzheimer's?

    1. 0ly40


      Hello. Do you know who creates the new forums / threads for new dramas? I couldn't find about new daily drama "golden pouch" that started today and I want to post updates on it. Many thanks for you attention. :)

  3. hello just asking if you can delete this account or better change name if not... change name to ByPass

  4. Yes please report the content. What happened in the chatroom was bad and we won't tolerate the user posting inappropriate language here. please be reminded not to bypass the swear filter. For whose who responded and bypassed the swear filter please edit your replies accordingly.
  5. Megan has difficulty in saying "I love you" for her roles and will try to negotiate with the director to change the word to "like" instead. That's why fans go crazy when she used the word love.
  6. Dears, please do not make unnecessary comparison of tge couple with other artists and follow forum rules.
  7. For those intending to get tics to the tw fm, Baron's official China fan club in charge posted in the chat group that they got confirmation from him that he will be attending. It's a closed chat allowed in by approval only so I will not post the screen cap here.
  8. someone shared the news of Megan's new movie filming from march 15 appears to be an outdated one.. when i googled the title the feed were all from last year
  9. I think that's because he has to use that free hand to tap open the door with the key card, that action more of resembles that than smacking her butt...
  10. no he didn't share his schedule, he said tw fm is not confirmed. the filming of the reality tv show was mentioned in the same chatroom by fans.
  11. for those intending to go to Taiwan fan meet, it seems that Baron has not confirmed his attendance based on the weibo group chats he did with fans yesterday. So you probably want to get your visas ready but wait for further confirmation of attending cast and find out the fringe benefits for VVIP and other ticket categories. @doctor23b don't worry, i have seen guy fans attending korean male idols fan meets in SG, it's nothing unusual these days. I'm just not that hopeful it will eventually come to SG after seeing the chat content in weibo. Baron will be filming a reality TV show in china (visiting 6 countries) and Megan will begin filming new movie from Mar 15.. and with her musicals in Taiwan, i wonder if they can still get time to do the fan meets.
  12. Hi Rebby, if you don't mind, may I know which session of Megan's concert are you going for? There are 2 on 16Apr and 1 on 17Apr. I might be going but I'll be alone. Would love to meet up with you if it's okay I mean... I'm from Singapore too.

    1. Rebby



      i'm going to the evening session on Apr 16 and also the last afternoon session on Apr 17. you can still get the few front seats if you buy your tics now. Would love to meet up with you!

      do you have any other itinerary planned after attending the musicals?

  13. SGD 100 is about NT 2367. you can use this site to convert any currencies