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  1. Hello to all my lovely Stargazers! I'm totally loving the scarlet I'm seeing scattered in the thread!! Apologies for my tardiness to the first anniversary celebration of our lovely JoonU ship, but I've been sick for the past couple of weeks. I even missed so many days of work, my manager thought I had quit! LOL. But backreading, it really warms my heart to see the consistent love and support for JoonU and for our ship. From the familiar faces (usernames) I've seen from day one to the newer Stargazers, each one of you are an important member of our crew and this ship wouldn't be able to sail if it weren't for your participation in showing your constant, unwavering support. I'm still strong in my belief that JoonU are perfect for one another and one day, perhaps soon, our ship will sail all the way home. Thank you for sharing your favorite memories of JoonU, what made you become a Stargazer, and for sticking by our ship through thick and thin. It's been a great honor to be your captain and thank you, also, for deeming me qualified to be one since I feel that being a captain is more than just about being the thread starter. Onward we sail, Stargazers! And may the fireflies light up the dark night to reveal the path towards home!
  2. Hey Stargazers! Please don't worry about the negativity surrounding us outside of our thread. I'm definitely paying it no mind at all, so just ignore it because THEY CAN'T TOUCH US! We know best the type of behavior we hold ourselves to when it comes to shipping JoonU, the respectful behavior, so the opinions of outsiders don't and shouldn't matter. The truth will be revealed in time for everything. Plus, there's no changing the opinion of butt hurt people no matter what we do, so why waste that time when it's better spent elsewhere? Like gearing up to celebrate MLSHR's first anniversary and shipping our JoonU?!
    1. akinahana89


      It's real. All major K-ent news sites have posted it, including Soompi.

    2. angelwingssf


      Thanks.  I just jumped the gun and posted it to your account, even though it was meant for the group.  Anyway, thanks for responding.  Well, hope his smiles come back to him.  I loved that the best about Joongi and when he was with IU, it was so mutual that they would electrify the neighborhood.  Just my observation.

    3. akinahana89


      Fully agree! Both of their smiles were the most electric when they were with each other. :D

  3. Hello Stargazers! What a ride we've had so far, huh? RL has been kicking my butt as usual, so I haven't checked in with y'all for a long time, but I've been keeping up with all the news. I just want to say how proud I am of our ship for handling the LJG-JHB break up news in such a respectful, calm manner and I'm glad that Soompi Stargazers can truthfully say that we are NOT part of the JoonU shippers that flood IU, JG, and/or JHB with disrespectful comments on their social media. I'm glad y'all are a part of this ship! When the time is right, may our ship sail in the direction it was meant for! Hwaiting!!
  4. Hopefully soon. I'm aiming for end of the month, but I'll have to see how nice RL decides to treat me.
  5. Hello my darling Stargazers! It's been a while since I last checked in. It's not because I jumped ship or abandoned JoonU and my crew. There's just not enough hours in a day for me to do everything I need to and want to. How is everyone? Does everyone love Palette as much as I do and did everyone find as much crumbs from it as I think I did? Haha I finally made an IG account separate from my personal one, so I can ship and post JoonU as often and as much as I want without annoying/spamming my RL friends. https://www.instagram.com/captainstargazer/ Hope you'll follow it~ Hehe. Keep the faith, y'all! Stand strong and believe in JoonU. Who knows? We might be getting some good news in a few months. Haha. Wishful thinking~
  6. I love the explanation behind why the jazz bar was named Carpe Diem. It makes a lot of sense. Also agree with the theory that YJO was the traitor and could have been the one that had been shot dead. Really enjoyed reading this post. With that being said, annyeong everyone! Started watching CT two days ago and I'm all caught up and absolutely LOVING every moment of it. Love the multiple dimensions of all the characters, the cinematography of the 1930s, the way the transitions between past and present takes place, and the slight humor embedded into the dark and mysterious. I'm seriously SO hooked!
  7. Curious to see what Joongi has planned for us after that interesting teaser we were given today. (Why does it seem like JoonU crumbs in a way too? LOL) There was so much tiny detail, things to take note of, and items to dissect. Can't wait to see what that's all about. Feeling rather calm and level-headed for his FM too. I'm still very interested and invested in seeing what he'll do and say, since this will be face-to-face rather than post-to-post. I have faith in Joongi and in JoonU~ ^^
  8. [Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

    ANNOUNCEMENT: As you may already be aware, several of the GongGo shippers have been permanently or temporarily banned. This is because the Soompi staff has found solid evidence of those members cyberbullying others in a very serious and threatening manner, which is ILLEGAL. We have a no-tolerance policy for crimes of this nature and have taken the actions deemed necessary without the involvement of law enforcement. We have shown leniency in this regard. My "ownership" of the thread is temporary until a more suitable GongGo shipper can be found to steer your ship... the right way. If there are any volunteers, feel free to speak up. - Soompi staff (Tagging SP mods @angelangie and @LavelyShai as well as admin @Hanyeoun) EDIT:// For more information on our policies, please click here for the public announcement.
  9. A stargazer who wishes to remain anonymous messaged me with her analysis/comments of Joongi's letter as well. There are some points she mentioned that I had failed to with my post, so with her approval, I'm sharing it here:
  10. @sscllccrazy An amazing addition to my analysis, which highlighted more of the thoughts I couldn't yet put into words! Thank you so much for sharing it and I completely agree with it all!
  11. Ah... I'm so glad to see everyone that has decided they will ship until we sink or soar with me~ My intuition has never been wrong before and has served me well throughout my life. I hope JoonU won't be the oddball here. Hehehe. We've got this, Stargazers! We can make it! Keep the faith and FIGHTING!!
  12. Hello my lovely Stargazers, I see that our ship took another hit from a wild canon today... There are a lot of thoughts running through my head right now, but the few that are startlingly clear at the forefront is this: It's not over. Yes, let me repeat that for everyone. IT IS NOT OVER. Y'all can think I'm crazy, too delulu, obsessed, in denial, or what have you, but I don't believe all of this is going to simply end like this. I fully expect more of my crew to jump ship and swim back to shore. I half expect to be the only presence here on JoonU Stargazer Ship. But I wasn't kidding when I said I'm in this for the long haul. I'm in this until the end. I'm going down or going home with the ship. There is no in-between. Even with Joongi's letter to us, I am unwavering. My faith is still strong. And I believe in the power and love of JoonU. Why? Because I saw, with my own eyes, Joongi behaving in a way he has never done before in front of another woman. Happy in a way I've never seen him be. I did my research and I've plenty of Hajunse to back this up for me as true. I saw, with my own eyes, IU glowing, happy, comfortable, and confident in a way she has never been. In all the years I've been Uaena (since 2009), this is the first time I have ever seen her this way. This is the first time that IU has looked at a man the way she looks at Joongi, including K. There is something more here. This is also the first time she has ever initiated any form of skinship with a man (that hug from Taiwan concert, anyone?) I am confident that those emotions and that happiness was completely genuine. It wasn't Joongi being a flirt. It wasn't Jieun being led on. It wasn't fan service or finding things that weren't really there. Additionally... I wasn't going to reveal this at first but... I did a tarot card reading on JoonU and JHB last week. The night of the dating confirmation. I am NOT a professional, but I have played the cards and practiced these skills whenever I could for the last decade. Ten years. So while I may not be completely accurate, I don't think I'm completely off the mark and shooting in the dark either. The results of the reading I did was this: Joongi is caught between two women. Between these two women is one he loved, on and off, from before and one he loves now. One has the ability to influence him easily and the other is a ray of light. Both of these women love him in return. His fate is unwritten and lies within his hands. He is faced with these two choices and the choice he makes is the fate he chooses for himself. A marriage with one woman will be a beautiful, happy union... but a marriage with another woman will be plain and unfulfilling. Now, I do not know with certainty which description goes with which woman, but I have my own guesses. In any case, with that being said, do I believe Joongi chose JHB? I don't. As I look at Joong's letter now and with each re-read that I do, I grow more and more certain that he didn't choose JHB. No, not really. Take another look at his letter: What is missing from his letter that is present in all the letters previous k-celebrities have written to their fans about their relationship or that one special person they love? Exactly that: love. In his letter, the word "love" does not appear except when he mentions how his fans love him. There are no mentions of his feelings for her, only a very standard description of the type of person JHB is: "bright and warm and... understands me." (Why the hesitancy before 'understands me,' Joongi?) He did not mention how much she means to him or ask for our blessing. He didn't talk about marriage either. This English translation of his letter does not mention his use of the word "friend" but the Chinese translation did. I researched the original Korean version of Joongi's letter and found that it was true. He called her a "friend." I don't recall any k-celeb calling their significant other a "friend" in their letters, unless to say that they have found a best friend in their loved one as well, which Joongi clearly did NOT say. In this whole letter, she takes up a mere two sentence. Again, two standard sentences. He even said, "it took me a while to get to know my heart." When you love someone, are you ever unsure of it? When you truly love someone, could another person ever sway you and your feelings? This, to me, means that his feelings for JHB are not deep, despite the length of time they have known each other and have been dating. I'm not diminishing their relationship or JHB in any way, I am just stating my thoughts and incorporating my own experience into it as well. I question where the strong statement of love is in his letter. His version of "to me, she is the best present" (Rain and Kim Tae Hee) or "she moved my soul in an instant" (Kang Gary and his non-celebrity wife) or even sticking up for JHB after all the bashing aimed at her, Kwon Sang Woo style (for Son Tae Young). When IU talked about K after Dispatch revealed their relationship, she said, "I fell in love with him at first sight... hehe. He’s a boyfriend I’m grateful for and have a lot to learn from too. Our relationship is good, sometimes we fight, sometimes we get sad, we’re grateful for each other.. just like any average couple." So, truthfully, this felt more like a cookie cutter letter to me. More of an apology for the shock of the unexpected than a confession of love as this letter should have done as well. Not to say that Joongi didn't write it with sincerity, but that there was a purpose in how generic it was. When I add this letter into all of the crumbs and cake we had and take the tarot reading I did, it feels like he has been uncertain of JHB and more certain of IU. But before he could make his choice, Dispatch revealed the relationship and since this is the 4th time a rumor has surfaced for them and it is technically true that they are dating, it was confirmed. But I don't think he was ready for everything to be revealed and I don't think he wanted things to turn out this way. I don't think less of him for getting caught between two women since love can be complicated, especially for someone who lacks in experience as he had said, and cheating is not something to even consider as a possibility. I just consider this another hurdle that JoonU must face. If they are fated to be, it will happen, no matter how many twists and turns they face. Anything worthwhile never comes easy. This certainly applies for JoonU, don't you think? I know there will be skepticism and disbelief and questions and doubts about what I said, but that's okay. I choose to believe in this and you can choose not to. In the end, this is why I am unwavering and this is why I will continue onward, no matter if I am alone or with a crew. If, in the end, Joongi does choose JHB, then I will be happy for him that he has found love and I will wish him happiness. There will be no ill will or ill thoughts from me and I know whoever ends up with Jieun in the future is one lucky man who will cherish and love her as much as she loves him, but... This ship isn't sunk until a wedding bell sounds. (P.S. @chi13lou, if we can add to the daily chant for Joongi to make the right choice for him, for Joongi to be given guidance on which road to officially take, and/or for Joongi to be at peace with whatever final decision he makes, that would be fantastical~ Komawo, chingu!)
  13. Hi Song Ji Hyo fans! @mary-ann has kindly volunteered to take over the duties of the thread starter since the original member has been inactive on Soompi since 2015. For a 24 hour period, you'll have a chance to voice any objections or concerns with this pending change. If there are no objections with a valid reason within this time frame, then the transition will be made. Thanks~