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  1. Stargazers, did anyone else see all the SHR references in the teaser?!?! Water Lily Hae Soo represented water in SHR. Lily is IU's English name. The water lily also represents the water related scenery for SoHae moments, like the lake, the pond, etc. In BBJX, 4th Prince's secret place on the lake was amongst the water lilies. Handwritten Letters This is the theme of Night Letter (Through the Night) as explained by Composer JaeHwan. Handwritten letters were passed between SoHae. Wang So's poem. Hae Soo's letters to him while she waited for him to come for her. The moments Hae Soo practiced her calligraphy with Wang So's handwriting and the way she kept practicing beside him as he went about his daily duties as king. Here, even the way IU is holding the letter is similar to the way Hae Soo held Wang So's letter. The Back Turning The way IU turned back to look at the camera in this shot is very reminiscent of the way Hae Soo turned back to look at the palace when she was leaving Wang So in episode 19. The Posture / The Rice Wine Bottle This scene is also very reminiscent of the scenes in which Hae Soo was writing to Wang So. I originally thought the flower vase was actually a rice wine bottle because the baby's breath blended in with the window scenery. Still, it could be a double meaning with the baby's breath representing everlasting love, innocence, and pureness and the vase, itself, appearing like a rice wine bottle that represents the drinking sessions she had with Baek Ah and also all the times she had served rice wine as a court lady. Marbles Marbles for Eun~ Enough said Hand Shadow I actually can't recall this one, so help me out. Wasn't there a scene where Hae Soo covered the sun or the rays of light with her hand? The Setting The vibes and the setting itself is very much like the ones found in SHR. Interesting choice, isn't it? Teapot Teapot for Hae Soo's job as a court lady, for all the tea she served, for her attempt at finding and serving Wang So his favorite tea and pastry. Lastly, let's not forget the caption that came from the photo teaser, taken directly from SHR: "If we could be together right now, how great would that be?" The overall vibe I'm getting from both the MV teaser and the photo teasers is that IU is waiting for someone to come back to her, almost like how Hae Soo was waiting for Wang So, both when he left after Eun's death and when she was waiting for him until her very last breath. Except, this is a lighter, more hopeful vibe. Definitely a bit melancholy. It's very beautiful though~ I think she's the recipient of the "Night Letter" rather than the sender, but I could be wrong. It's just a guess right now. Hehe~ I can't wait for the full MV! Thoughts on this, Stargazers?
  2. AHAHAHA. You Might Need Me is giving me such a hard time... I'll work hard on it though! Also have a new story in the works too.
  3. Hey y'all! Just saw the break up news and wanted to offer my congratulations that your ship is now on smooth waters! I'm captain of the JoonU ship and we were in a similar situation ourselves until back in January when we received our own break up news, so I know how happy y'all are going to be about this. Hahaha. As a fan of Gong Yoo since his Coffee Prince days too, I sincerely hope this ship sails all the way home. This man has been lonely and single for far too long already and needs some serious loving!! Sail on!!
  4. I believe it was a self chosen English name. I'm not sure what the thought process was behind it or what other names she had considered before. It's why IU's Twitter handle has the word "lily" in it. Not sure about oppa's English name though, but I feel like if he did have one, it definitely wouldn't be John. LOL Hey, why not?! Let's do it! Official symbol: fleur de lis! We're so sophisticated now. LOL LOL
  5. Hi Stargazers! Long time no see! I had to take a short leave from mod duties and Soompi, so I couldn't check in here for a couple of weeks. Looks like everyone is doing well and still smoothly sailing with the latest teasers from IU about Night Letter (SO EXCITED!!!!!!) Was talking to @NerinaC yesterday and was telling her, not JoonU related, about chipmunks getting into my backyard and stealing my potted flowers (LOL) when we realized something about the flowers I was talking about. I'm happy to announce that we, Stargazers, now have an official flower for our ship: STARGAZER LILIES Stargazer for us, obviously, and Lily is even IU's English name! Isn't it coincidental that there's a gorgeous flower that is so perfectly suited for our ship? Although Jimong says there's no such thing coincidences... Hehe~ Even the symbolism of the flower describes our JoonU and our ship perfectly: And if you've ever encountered these beautiful flowers before, the fragrance is AMAZING. There is no way to deny that these flowers aren't meant for our ship. A natural occurrence of already there knowledge that we just happened to stumble upon, just like everything else about our JoonU. That click as everything slid into place and we realized how perfect this flower is for us Stargazers was such an indescribably positive feeling. Haha. What do you guys think?
  6. @NoonaE Just know that I'm applauding you for your post right now, conveying everything I was thinking but couldn't quite put into words, especially as more Uaena than Hajunse. It is a good reminder of the type of man that Joon Gi is and a better insight into his personality that, maybe, some of our shippers here don't know very well yet. As for your worries regarding Jieun, I can say that she is definitely giving off the same vibes as Joon Gi. It's just that she can control it a little (barely) better than he can. Haha. She's also so very cautious just because of her situation with past "scandals" and the "recent" break up news. I was listening to the live audio streaming of Joon Gi's Singapore FM, so I definitely understood that feeling when he finally, FINALLY sang "For You" and THEN POSTED IT ON HIS IG AGAIN!! My heart is still soaring because of that right now. Haha~ So, don't worry, the three of you are not the only ones! I can't wait to see what Joon Gi and/or Jieun surprises us with next... and I can't wait to see how Joon Gi interacts with PMY as his candy. I'm actually willing to bet that we can uncover a lot of crumbs from it and get an even better insight into the current progress of JoonU.
  7. Regarding Joon Gi's surprise filming for My Ear Candy, I actually have a rather plausible theory. I've shared it only with a few Stargazers, but they are all in agreement that my theory makes sense. I think My Ear Candy is a simple stepping stone for his relationship with Jieun. A stepping stone to going public and gaining approval/support from his fans, especially all of those really possessive ones that never want him to date or marry. As we've continuously seen, Joon Gi has been really obvious about his feelings for Jieun. The Instaflirting, the way he acts around her, etc. It wouldn't take much to expose. Haha. Even Jieun has been pretty open, albeit subconsciously, about her feelings for him. It's a certainty that they will want to go public, just because they can't seem to contain their own giddiness and love from the public. The problem, again, is gaining fan's support. This is harder for Joon Gi than it is for Jieun. His fans are used to him doing everything for them and can't accept that Joon Gi has someone important in his life now and will want to put her first before them. It doesn't even diminish his love for his fans, but they are probably scared and jealous of being replaced, even though Joon Gi wouldn't do that. lol. I mean, a career is kind of hard without fans, right? And he truly loves all his fans too. So his appearance on My Ear Candy serves the purpose of slowly easing his fans into accepting the side of him he has never exposed before. The side of him that's charming and flirty to a woman. The side of him that is obviously in love with a woman. Since it is Joon Gi, they will tune into the episodes. No doubt about that. And they will see him in a way they've never seen him before. Once they have been given that view, Joon Gi can use another stepping stone and another and another until he reaches the point where he can go fully public with Jieun. I think it's out of consideration for his fans since he wouldn't want to just suddenly spring a confirmed dating news on them. From his historical timeline, he went from being an actor who only looked at his fans to an actor who wanted approval to date but never got it (2015 FM). This time, Joon Gi is determined to date, regardless of whether or not his fans approve, but he's keeping them in mind and easing them into that concept. You can see how the steps have increased over the years until Joon Gi has reached this point where he's willing to go on a variety show of this type just for the people he loves: seeking love and approval for Jieun from his fans and helping his fans to slowly accept he is this kind of man, a man that needs and wants love too. So, I don't know about you, but I'm personally really excited to watch his episodes and see if we can pick up any crumbs along the way. ^^
  8. INSTAGRAM GAME UPDATE: 1a. Another "For You" reference (@akinahana89) [Joon Gi JUST posted an SG video clip on his IG account... of "For You". AGAIN!! KYAAAAA~~~] 1b. Clip of "For You" at upcoming March Singapore event compiled with "For You" from HK FM (@NoonaE) 2. Criminal Minds role status (@chi13lou) 3. More yellow and gold themes (@akinahana89 @farida1012) 4. "All In" or "I'm all in" (@meahri_1) 5. "This is it" (@akinahana89) 6. "All the way" (@akinahana89) 7. Star emoticons (@akinahana89) 8. "Happy" (@chi13lou) 9. A clip of Joon Gi singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz (@akinahana89 @Lampel @riuenu) 10. A picture of one of the recent SHR cast get-togethers (@chi13lou @nsyavita @meeibe16 @kilovekyo @riuenu @junee22) [Z.Hera's IG story with the BBQ after the Retrial movie premiere hints at a SHR cast get together. Joongi and IU's voice was clearly heard, amongst many of the other SHR cast members] 11. A clip of Joon Gi singing "Not a Bad Thing" or "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake (@WH) 12. A reference or cover of "Fields of Gold" by Sting (IU covered this song before too!) (@latinoona) 13. A more specific love related photo or video, especially for Valentine's Day (@nsyavita @sooji28 @kilovekyo @junee22) 14. More cryptic, hidden messages (i.e. "22 post" where, in Hangeul, '2' is similar to 'Lee') (@mooncookies24) [Joongi's eye post where "JE" was hidden in his eyes] 15. Something similar to "we can make it" (@mooncookies24) 16. References to Joon Gi's song "Now (Jigeum)" (@mooncookies24) 17. A direct announcement that he's dating Jieun (@sooji28) 18. Any variation of the phrase, "You are my Valentine." (@gijoe8) 19. "Today is/was a good day." (@desvlo) [Joongi's "Have a good day my angel's" post from February 8th] 20. Lovey dovey, "I won't give up on us" songs (@NoonaE) 21. Song lyric hints (@kilovekyo) 22. Changing captions/IG profile descriptions (i.e. "Thx & Love U all" to "Thx & I Love U all") (@marimari00) 23. A clip of Joon Gi and Jieun singing a duet of "Lucky" by Colbie Caillat (@riuenu) 24. A photo of Joon Gi and Jieun together (@riuenu) 25. Proof of Joon Gi and Jieun guesting/attending each other's birthday celebrations (@WH) 26. A tiger reference of any kind (@berny) List for Jieun: 1. A clip of Jieun singing "Loving You" by Minnie Riperton (@nsyavita) 2. A clip of Jieun singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz (@chi13lou) 3. An updated clip of Jieun signing "Marry You" by Bruno Mars (@riuenu) 4. A clip of Joon Gi and Jieun singing a duet of "Lucky" by Colbie Caillat (@riuenu) 1a has just been fulfilled!! KYAAAA~~~ I LOVE For You!!
  9. I LOVE THE CRUMBS WE GOT TODAY! JoonU now has the name of Gucci Couple too. Hehehe~ Love it!!
  10. DongHae Shippers, One member has just as much right to voice their thoughts and opinions as much as the next member, regardless of whether or not others agree with them. Likewise, the rules applies to one member just as much as the other. No exceptions. Posts were not censored or deleted due to non-shippers, but because the content did not comply with the rules Soompi has set forth. The rules were created for a reason and we, the forum staff, expects our members to comply with those rules in order to keep things peaceful and appropriate. This is not the first time we have had to take action to ensure that our rules are being followed in this thread. If a refresher is needed, you can find our general forum rules here and our Shippers' Paradise section rules here. It is very specifically stated that we do not allow offensive, disruptive, and insulting material or comments (towards a celebrity and/or another member) to be posted on our forum. As such, the inappropriate contents found within the censored posts is a violation of said rules and the actions to correct that behavior was taken. Please keep the rules in mind for all future posts and this situation can be avoided. SP Mods: @akinahana89 @angelangie @LavelyShai
  11. Haha. Actually, I said "Soompiers" in the SHR Was Here video project which was confirmed that Joon Gi received it, so the familiarity could have come from that.
  12. Who knows?! What if he does? LOL We are the most popular place for JoonU shipping, you know~ Hehehe
  13. Joon Gi Oppa said, "What's up, Soompiers?!" I DIED. HEART ATTACK! But, the Live video of the Soompi Awards Winners suffered from a lot of technical difficulties and they are still attempting to fix the issue. The officially official videos, announcements, articles, etc. will be released probably tomorrow when all the bugs have been fixed. Please be patient until then! ^^ By the way, does Joon Gi normally say things like "please be healthy and happy" during acceptance speeches? I know he says that to his fans a lot, but I only noticed them on his IG posts or random videos where he's updating fans or just saying hi. I don't think I've ever heard him say that for when he received an award, right?
  14. Hi @lulu0516! Long time no see~ ^^ Glad to see your appearance here again. Whether or not they are dating now, it's clear to me that IU is much happier and feeling at peace with herself. That is most important. When the time is right, IU will let us know in her own way that she has been dating, like how she did back in 2014. The real Uaenas will be able to dissect her words and realize her message just like last time. At that time, we'll have to celebrate for sure because I've no doubt that Joongi will treat her the way she deserves to be treated - like a queen! ^^
  15. From the perspective of a Uaena since 2009, I see things a little differently. ^^; IU is a very, very grumpy and cranky person when she's overworked or overly tired. She won't ever show it in public or in front of fans because she honestly loves what she does, but once the high of her events and activities fades and she finally feels how utterly exhausted she is, she can become like that. Her poor managers are usually on the receiving end of that crankiness. LOL. With that being said, IU took a flight from SK to Taiwan. She prepared for her concert. She went for rehearsals. She performed her concert, including dancing, and went overtime by quite a long while since her fans didn't want her to leave. That night, she didn't even return to her hotel until around 3am. Then she guested at Joongi's concert, went to the night market, took the flight home. All in all, these are VERY tiring events and IU is such a dedicated worker. To me, her bad mood was more of an indication of just how tired and worn out she was, not an indication of sadness, depression, or being heartbroken. In fact, IU has a very special glow and a radiant sparkle in her eye right now, even during her trip to Taiwan. She is at peace with herself and truly enjoying her life right now. This is very noticeable to me. Previously, though, this was not the case. I have never seen her shine this much back when she was dating K. She never had that "I'm in love and I'm really happy" glow as she does now. For the duration of her previous relationship, I saw her giddiness when she and K first met on his radio show. I saw how content she was for a short period of time after that. Except, I didn't know K was the cause, I just knew she was happy. I suspected she had a boyfriend, but that wasn't confirmed until more than a year later. Unfortunately, I started seeing that happiness fade and the IU I knew had slowly changed. She had become a bit hollow and her eyes didn't shine quite like before. She lost A LOT of weight and looked unhealthy. She dressed differently. It was all abnormal. I worried for a long time and hoped she'd be able to find herself again. SHR was a true miracle in that it actually helped bring the old IU back, but with an added dose of self-acceptance, love, and happiness. Even without this JoonU ship, SHR is a blessing, but with JoonU, SHR is even more than that. I will always be the most thankful for SHR and the family it has brought her.