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  1. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    Today 19.01.23 #COMPAGNA photographer Kim Je Won take pic with #ParkMinYoung
  2. I must say that crazy King so SO HOT but HS do not give up and he do not give him Queen back you'll see He is not that clown HS now. Man its still only beginning
  3. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    Soohanbang New CF of #ParkMinYoung
  4. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    More photos beautiful Min Young
  5. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    #KimJaeWook offered to star in tvN’s upcoming drama ‘Her Private Life’ along with #ParkMinYoung.
  6. Min Young confirmed her next drama it will be romcom 'Her private life'
  7. I'm absolutely agree with you. It's okay be fan of your fav couple, but please think what you say. I understand your delulu minds but dont say so dirty things about MY and about PSJ too. In Korea people with the same last name can be bloody relatives its fact And Min Young is catholic so her future husband must be too...its fact too So please dont say dirty thing about her. When she will be ready she will open her heart to us It will be PSJ or someone else? Its not matter They made great couple on screen! hope to see them again together in project. And now I'm waiting1 for her new drama. Dont be mad at me, I like this thread , you loved them so much, thank you for that , just dont be to cruel