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  1. 17/04/24 Park Min Young for Esquire Korea
  2. 22/04/17 KBS PD's IG update: "Seven Days Queen, ha ha ha, Its dawn outside and we just finished shooting, it so romantic here guys"
  3. Stills from the recent script read of upcoming sageuk Seven Day Queen have been released. The drama is about the tragic Queen Dangyeong of the Shin clan, who had the shortest reign in Joseon history at only a week. She becomes caught between the power struggle of two brothers, her husband Jungjong and his tyrannical older sibling Yeonsangun. Park Min-young (Remember—Son’s War) is set to play the queen, while Yeon Woo-jin (Introverted Boss) and Lee Dong-gun (Laurel Tree Tailors) are set to play Jungjong and Yeonsangun, respectively. Chansung (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi) and Go Bo-kyul (The Lonely Shining Goblin) will be playing characters who support Jungjong as he starts a revolution to overthrow his terrifyingly cruel brother from the throne. I’m pretty excited for some of the veteran actors in the cast, including Jang Hyun-sung (Woman With a Suitcase) and Kang Shin-il (Whisper), who always give strong, grounded performances no matter what roles they’re in. It also looks like hilarious Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju uncle Kang Ki-young will be the resident radical scholar/funnyman, which I’m completely stoked to see. Other actors that were present at the script read include the younger counterparts for Park Min-young’s and Yeon Woo-jin’s characters: Park Shi-eun (The Good Wife) and Baek Seung-hwan (Beautiful Mind). PD Lee Jung-seob (Healer, Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho) started off the script read by saying, “Thank you for participating. Let’s work hard together to create a good drama.” According to reports about the four-hour-long meeting, Park Min-young showed her characteristic lovability as she was acting out her part as Chae-kyung, the woman who later becomes Queen Dangyeong. Yeon Woo-jin expressed a focused energy as he immersed himself in becoming Lee Yeok (aka Prince Jinseong), the future King Jungjong. But it was Lee Dong-gun who surprised everyone by showing a 180-degree reversal from his normally cool, suave image to portray the power-hungry king, Yeonsangun. The KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama Seven Day Queen will begin broadcasting after currently-airing Mystery Queen ends its run. I’m kinda digging this weekday queen theme… http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/04/seven-day-queen-team-puts-in-their-first-four-hours-at-script-read/
  4. I don't worry about that Min Young can make feel comfortable all her partners, i'm sure of it.
  5. @minwookie thank you so much for the script reading photos! All cast is such beautiful.
  6. More from InStyle!
  7. Finally we have script reading photos! The cast is perfect, and our King and Queen is so gorgeous
  8. 19/04/17|Weibo Update #ParkMinYoung| [Loves, are you okay? TV drama 7 Days Queen [very happy] please a lot of attention and love ❤ ️
  9. 19/04/17|Weibo Update #ParkMinYoung| [Loves, are you okay? TV drama 7 Days Queen [very happy] please a lot of attention and love ❤ ️
  10. More photos from InStyle Korea 2017