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  1. Park Min Young 박민영

    [SBS Star] Actress Park Minyoung Bids Farewell to Her Agency Korean actress Park Minyoung has become a free agent. On November 16, it was reported that Park Minyoung's contract with her agency Culture Depot has expired. On the same day, Culture Depot released an official statement regarding the news. The agency stated, "Hello, this is Culture Depot. After discussing with Park Minyoung ahead of her contract expiration, we decided to end her management hereafter. We would like you express our sincere gratitude to the actress, who has trusted and been with us since 2013." The agency continued, "Culture Depot will continuously wish her the best on her future endeavors, and ask the fans to continue to love and support the actress. Thank you so much."
  2. Park Min Young 박민영

    Actress Park Min Young To Part Ways With Agency A. Kim November 16, 2017 T Actress Park Min Young’s contract with her agency, Culture Depot, has expired. On November 16, Culture Depot released a statement regarding her departure from the agency, wishing the actress the best on her future endeavors. The statement is listed below. “Hello. This is Culture Depot. Following discussions with actress Park Min Young ahead of her contract expiration, we decided to end [her] management. We sincerely thank Park Min Young who has trusted and been with us since 2013, and Culture Depot is cheering on [her] future as she continues to promote actively not just in Korea, but all of Asia. We thank all the fans who have loved Park Min Young so far, and ask that you continue to show Park Min Young your unwavering love and support. Thank you.” cr soompi
  3. Park Min Young 박민영

    [17.11.14] (Showbiz Korean)
  4. Park Min Young 박민영

    Park Min-young, FA came out .. Culture warehouse side "exclusive contract expiration" (official) The following is the official position of the Agency 's Cultural Warehouse that has expired the exclusive contract with Park Min - young. Good morning. Cultural warehouse. Our cultural storehouse has agreed to end management work after discussing ahead of contract expiration with actor Park Min Young. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Park Min-young for believing in us since 2013, and we will continue to support the future of Park Min-young, an actor who will play an active role throughout Asia. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the fans who have loved Park Min Young for the time being. Thank you.
  5. Park Min Young 박민영

    wow shes so beautiful here!
  6. Park Min Young 박민영

    #parkminyoung: Thank you for invited me to join this fun event. I really cried a lot this year through "SDQ." But this story over. Hopefully, next year, it will be more funny story. Сant wait to meet with you again
  7. Park Min Young 박민영

    [ASIA ARTISTS AWARD 2017] #ParkMinYoung
  8. Park Min Young 박민영

    ParkMinYoung is filming for Netflix Korean Variety Show #TheCriminalIsYou in Lumpur.