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  1. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    Reunited after 10 years. Met on the set of Ja Myung Go
  2. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    18.07.20 DFactory Creative Art Director Lim Ji Yeon share IG selfie with #ParkMinYoung yesterday while filming #COMPAGNA
  3. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    Shooting for Compagna 18/07/19
  4. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

  5. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    [Facebook Update] #ParkMinYoung for #Shiseido Ginza Tokyo clear stick UV protector.
  6. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    18.07.16 #ParkMinYoung also updated her Wiebo account. "I receive a gift at the filming venue. Although the weather is very hot, with the support and love of fans, i will cheer up, Thank you very much, really Love you."
  7. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    Park Min Young Shows Impressive Range As Her Character Recovers After A Shock In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” With Park Min Young getting great reviews for her acting in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” new stills give a glimpse of how she’ll be showing her talents in the next episode! See Also: 7 Times Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young Were Couple Goals In Episodes 9 And 10 Of "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim" As the drama progresses, more and more attention has been focusing on Park Min Young. She plays secretary Kim Mi So, who’s known as a legend in the offices of Yumyung Group for being perfect at her role of assisting vice president Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon). It’s said that she’s been getting lots of love from viewers for her performance, as she makes their hearts race with excitement, stirs up emotions of sympathy, and makes them laugh. On top of that, Kim Mi So’s outfits and makeup have made her serious style goals for many viewers. Park Min Young has been in first place on the list of Most Buzzworthy Actors for two weeks in a row, proving her status as one of the most popular actors of the moment. New stills for “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” that were shared on July 11 show Park Min Young showcasing her acting range while her character is in the hospital following the shock of suddenly remembering the horrific details of her childhood trauma. The photos include her looking pale as she lies in the hospital bed, crying sadly, looking curious with wide eyes, and also smiling brightly and cheerfully. The varied emotions that can be seen in the photos are making fans wonder what happens to Kim Mi So during her time in the hospital. https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/11/park-min-young-shows-impressive-range-character-recovers-shock-whats-wrong-secretary-kim/
  8. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    [Official] The casts and crews of #WhatsWrongWithSecretaryKim are going to have reward vacation around mid-August after the broadcast ends. The exact location has not been decided yet. It is scheduled for 5days and 3nights.
  9. OksanaS

    Park Min Young 박민영

    18.07.09 #ParkMinYoung update her Weibо : “Hello Long time no see “