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  1. I am now cried all my eyes, but the episode was simply incredible. My prince, I doubted so much about you, but he remained a worthy man until the end, I am so proud of him, he will be worthy of a king for his people. CK, my God, how much pain and even that final act is all her grief and pain is not hate or anger, it's only her pain, and her prince was so well respected He was ready to die from her hands, so that only her heart did not hurt so much, so she did not suffer so much. Yeok I love you! And I must say the YWJ, LDG and PMY's acting in this episode WAS UNFORGETTABLE!!!
  2. They should give them these awards, actors so emotionally played that they can not be forgotten. And after the 17th ep, when our couple played the most views... in their eyes, there was so much love...so many feelings, it's incredibly... simply no words. I will be very disappointed if I do not see them at the awards ceremony and if this drama is simply forgotten in Korea. Its a winner of acting awards!
  3. So I think Yeok is killed many people becouse now CK is so sad here he took her hand but she so sad and when she tried to kill him it was with such pain and anger on face... Well like sayd when you want to kill a beast you must become a beast yourself I wonder if CK forgive him it?
  4. oh thank you so much! Well I think Yeok took revenge to his brother and all his people... her parents also... so CK meets new evil Yeok...
  5. oh that scene already! So why she did that, and we still have tree episodes, and i'm still hope for happy end for our couple!!!
  6. Oh I'm gonna miss this couple so much! They was so perfect on screen! My Fav Screen Couple Ever! KBS please give them Best Couple Award!!!
  7. [17.07.25] Naver x Dispatch Park Min Young "Seven Day Queen".Shooting Highlights.
  8. Jo Jung Suk support Min Young send her coffee track they work in same agency and they are good friends and often sopport each other
  9. Jo Jung Suk supports Min Young send her coffee truck they work in same agency and they are good friends and often sopport each other