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  1. Ah i really like the interaction between the four leads and Eun Wooooooo, he's so freaking 2D like he was born to play the character of Kyung Suk xD one week left and yohooooooooo xD
  2. The third teaser just showed us the real Mirae that was hoping for a good life when she achieve a new face and the way KyungSuk look at her GASSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH those eyes are dripping honey T_______________T
  3. They keep prolong the premiere and it's killing me. The premise of the story might be so cliche but really guys, this is making me so excited and yeah this thread is so passive and the new still is so faking good *.*
  4. YASSSSSS FINALLY AN AVIATION DRAMAAAA WOAAAAAAAAHA. i better sign my self here or maybe leave some mark because i am freak of aviation xD I hope this drama will be good
  5. oh gosh, this is my first bromance drama and i already hooked up with this drama. and gosh they guy with glasses and the other guys with goatee beardy are very adorable <3 imo, the guy with a beardy i think as a female lead here hahaha and the guy with glasses the female lead. I support the " rainbow" thou but my mind found the beardy guy is the female side xD
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but please enlighten me if they dont do dubbing in this drama because i found some dubbing scene in every episode until episode 4
  7. a man who wants to save a woman's life that already ruined by him ------- it reminds me of Secret after all. I like this typical of drama nowadays. Angst and angst everywhere but i don't expect for happy ending from this drama. btw Kim Jung Hyung reminds me of Kim Kang Woo here like seriously :O
  8. i am excited to see this drama because i really love this webtoon since this is the first webtoon that i read in Korean Language. I have a high expectation from this drama because the webtoon is so freaking good. I was hoping for Sehun EXO as the male lead because his physical appearance but i find his acting is quite awkward. I am happy to see Eun Woo and Soo Hyang get paired but this thread is so passive :|
  9. ruzikie

    [Drama 2018] Mystery Queen 2 추리의 여왕 2

  10. Gash, i need to stop to pull out my hair because of this craziness of this story. Stop making Taehee like a damsel in distress, it ' annoying and please don't make the story like confusing story writernim, You better put yourself together and write the whole story correctly. The writer should kill Shi Hyun instead so it will not prolong Taehee's pain and gosh, we're almost near of the drama but the bet, GOSH, DID THE WRITER FORGET TO PUT THE BETTING STORY ? GOSH I AM BEYOND DEVASTATED AND ANGRY IN THE SAME TIME.
  11. I am here for Lee Joon Hyuk. Gosh this dude is so underrated actor in South Korea. I like him since City Hall in 2008 but i am shipping Bo Young with Min Ho already, so what should i do ? LMAO
  12. i am so left over lmao. The fact that Shi Hyun already feels the same like Tae Hee is gonna burn their whole friendship with Sooji and Sejoo. Sooji should behave and stop acting like a brat because she would lose everything she has on her hands.
  13. YES, NO TRAGIC ENDING PLEASEEEEEE. I am tired to see another tragic ending but since this is a dark drama. I guess it will go along with the dark finishing touch.
  14. Chinguu yaaaa, why i feel Sooji will end up like Rachel Yoo in the Heirs where she was left with some disbelief because a bright girl like Cha Eun Sang aka Taehee has many people surrounding her with love meanwhile she lost it one by one. @icyphoenix yes, i hope Sejoo interaction with Taehee will bring another scene like a green jelly bean for Shi Hyun dammit girl. Woo Do Hwan is so smirking hawt and i can't resist him .RAWR !
  15. YES YES YES BETTER BE SHI HYUN AND SOO JI TOGETHER but i am freaking greedy for Sejoo and Taehee interaction more intense so it would break Sooji's pride.