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  1. Hyun Bin on working with Shinhye... ”Park Shin Hye herself has such a good personality that we are filming well with fun.” translation courtesy @PUTitrightthere_ on twitter [ My Note: That’s the universal opinion expressed by all who worked with her. It’s promising for the anticipated chemistry between them in the drama when the costars are on the same page with good equation, fun and understanding ... really looking forward to it even more after the released trailers..] https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003077306
  2. Reminiscing about Spain in sunset in Tvn’s Memories of the Alhambra Excrept for the whole articles and pics use the link below... Great, now I just want to get on the first flight to Spain! I’m really looking forward to the premiere of tvN’s upcoming romance Memories of the Alhambra, if only because I get to see Hyun Bin (The Negotiation) back on the small screen, with Park Shin-hye (Doctors) as his co-star. And if the three short teasers that were just released are anything to go by, this show is going to be gorgeous to look at. Memories of the Alhambra follows Yoo Jin-woo (played by Hyun Bin), the CEO of an investment firm, who travels to Granada, Spain on business. There, he ends up staying at a hostel that is owned by Park Shin-hye’s character, Jung Hee-joo. The synopsis doesn’t reveal much else besides that they both get caught up in a strange turn of events, which could turn out to be anything and everything with this writer, Song Jae-jung, of W–Two Worlds, Nine, and Queen In-hyun’s Man. Nine, and Queen In-hyun’s Man. The teasers didn’t reveal much about anything, but they definitely succeeded if the whole point of them was to whet my appetite for this show: The shots of southern Spain, the music, the lighting were all so romantic and atmospheric, and now I just want this show to start immediately. Besides Hyun Bin’s return to dramaland and my soft spot for Park Shin-hye, what makes me even more excited is knowing that Memories of the Alhambra is in pretty reliable hands, in terms of writing and directing. PD Ahn Gil-ho of Forest of Secrets is directing, and I’m curious to see how he fares with the suspense romance Alhambrapurports to be. Memories of the Alhambra will premiere at the end of the year, and is slated to start its run on December 1. http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/09/reminiscing-about-spain-at-sunset-in-tvns-memories-of-the-alhambra/
  3. it’s here....simply beautiful trailers ...lovely Shinhye, handsome Hyun Bin in one frame ( finally officially ) and the cinematography ! As someone rightly pointed out...Chuseok Gift for alll Happy Thanksgiving indeed... 1st Trailer..... 2nd Trailer...Park Shin Hye Version introducing 3rd Trailer Hyun Bin Version introducing Yoo Jin Woo
  4. Some new stuff as usual discovered by @Lolastarlight1 First pic with our lead Yoo Jin Woo ( Hyun Bin) and second his bright and amiable secretary, Seo Jung Hoon played by the actor Min Jin Woong.
  5. @alcides14ahjumma.....I wish that was the case because then we would have had something a long time back....... Actually these pics are not from the MOA team/ cast but were taken by a fan/admirer Tamara_Luca_ in Hungary while the team was there for filming few weeks back. She agreed to share them now courtesy LolaStarlight1on twitter. The MOA team still does not seem to have any intention of giving us any news at the moment it seems...September is starting ...just 21/2 months remaining. Let’s see if we have anything in this month....a mini-trailer?... lets see them them once again....the pic to tide us over until the next one.... Th@nks Tamara and Lola!
  6. Finally Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin captured together...filming in Hungary a while back Not a very clear picture but still looking great together....our Yoo Jin Woo and Jung Hee Joo... Pic credit: Tamara_Luca_ via LolaStarlight1
  7. maris1

    [Drama 2014-2015] Pinocchio, 피노키오

    @soziko50bal.....I have to agree with you ...The plot was well scripted, the characters...Dalpo , Inha, grandfather, father, reporters, brother ...all were interesting and their relationships with touches of humour lightening the dark areas.. The acting was top notch, director did his job well and I loved the music too.... a drama that I can watch again....something that I say for few ones only...
  8. @JojoCx3...somehow, I feel we will not realise in some places where a particular part of the drama has been filmed specially when it’s indoors....simply because of similar setting, landscape etc of the places. Did you notice that HB has been in the same jeans and jacket in Hungary which we saw him in Granada, Girona too So, If Chanyeol was not in Slovenia does not mean he will not be there. Just my feelings... Though, something did happen to him because there were blood stains on his T-shirt in the railway station pics in Hungary...as you pointed out so many conjectures because of lack of drama related info.
  9. It seems SH may be returning home today from Slovenia since her stylist is flying back.... So much assumptions and guess work based on the people surrounding the cast and those involved in the drama production.... what have they done to us...turning into a stalker??? @alcides14ahjumma.....sorry to convey the wrong impression but that’s not HB but the actor Seung Hoon Joong playing the character Min Jin Woong swimming in Bled Lake. He plays secretary to Yoo Jin Woo(HB) in the drama
  10. The saga of missing OTP continues...with everyone else being captured on film but them ....our fate that I have become resigned to... Here is Min Jin Woong ( Seo Hung Joon) swimming in the beautiful Lake Bled, Slovenia...He plays the role of the secretary to Yoo Jin Woo ( Hyun Bin) The visuals of this drama are not a joke....from the cast to the setting... would be worth watching for just that even for a non-interested viewer @alcides14ahjumma.... I think you have a long wait as far as seeing HB-SH together are concerned, my dear friend! i see the first trailer coming out in October with Press conference in Nov. We will be very lucky if we see a magazine spread of them together.... Pic ctto via Lolastarlight1 on twitter
  11. according to this , Park Shin Hye and Park Seo Joon will attend Ryo event in Seoul on Aug 27th cr AboutPSJ
  12. The team had been filming in these places for the last 3 days.... Info courtesy..... @Lolastarlight1 on twitter too....fount of everything related to the drama and often the first one.. pic cr 652south @JojoCx3....oh it’s already over! SH must have been busy with other commitments...
  13. @alcides14ahjumma....We don’t have much choice but to be patient! Below too as you can see....never together... But actually now I don’t have any expectations until October end...because right now HB has a MV out and another one coming next month. Also, with Netflix collaborations like MS they don’t seem to start publicity lots before telecast......so I am good.. @JojoCx3....I know SH will definitely go....she is already friends with DO since their MV Annoying brother together and now Chanyeol. But, even if she had not been she loves music and regularly attends concerts Below is HB ( in same jacket and jeans from Granada to Girona to Slovenia ) filming today in the vicinity of Hest ( Art gallery row ) in Ljubljana, Slovenia cr galerijahest via mylovelybinnie
  14. From SH’s stylist they have said their goodbyes to Budapest.... And now from another source below it seems they are headed for Slovenia to continue with their filming abroad... They are expected to return to South Korea in beginning September
  15. Chanyeol filming at the railway station.... No sign of HB and SH....as expected are their scenes so few that they cannot afford to show us a single pic too? pic cr as tagged