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  1. 'Black Knight' OST The 7th OST 'Would You' (NiiHWA) will be released at noon today (17). http://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=312&aid=0000305811
  2. Hi, Ep 13 Prev is out!! http://www.vlive.tv/video/55360?channelCode=D4F547
  3. Hi @berries812 ~~ Thank you so much for your hard work, the love & support!! I will support KRW till the end... FIGHTING Kim Rae Won 'Black Knight' Couple & team ~~~
  4. YESSS!... @berries812 KRW, a man who looks.... SO VERY HANDSOME ~~ SO VERY SMART ~~ SO VERY DASHING ~~ SO VERY MANLY ~~ as always...haha...Thanks guys for all those pics & vids. I love it!
  5. YAY ~~ 'the rocky rock' finally came ~~~~ ... not fr Prince... from a 3rd person --- his 'The Prison' co-partner Shin Sung Rok .... still GR8 ~~~ @maria1983^^ @ploy1234^^ @reddevil92^^ @mluv1 @krwtan @dee_zara @jaredrae19^^ haha... 'The Prison' team look having a great time ... celebrating for a very impressive box office outcome & word of mouth...huh... ? shin_sung_rok #프리즌 # 코멘터리 # 레코딩 #Prison # Commentary # Recording --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Screaming with joy* I AM SO HAPPYYY.... thanks, you made my day! I think he has a lots of reasons to be happy, not just one .... he seems the happiest person n that photo... HAHAHA... and we are SOOO HAPPY too!! This man is just a warm hearted, down to earth man.
  6. Thanks for the info... SO glad. His IG is public again.... YESSS!!! AHHH his fans are very supportive, so many comments of encouragement
  7. NO need to ask him, is very private matter... PRIVATE!!! Just don't bother lying... dating isn't even a scandal, people are going to find out sooner or later after all. Well he's smart, never mix business with personal life... He's HAPPY, we as KRW's fans are happy too... we LOVE you and ALWAYS SUPPORT you, just do what you want...take good care of yourself oppa!!! KRW give any reason to warrant hate... Please RESPECT. Hope HB ent take Action Against Malicious Commenters towards #Kim Rae Won...
  8. Hi guys, any news comeback drama for #KimRaeWon? I wonder if it will be a 'traditional melodrama' as he said. Can't wait.
  9. OMG! He's not only good to his sis & mom, even friend's mom too and for us he's the MOST HANDSOME too. HAHAHA
  10. Yes, he is one of a kind, such a good & filial man... AHHHHH who will be that lucky lady, the special one? hahaha
  11. [TRANS: #KimRaeWon IG 070517] # mother # younger sister # home food # chives with pork belly stir # fried squid # season japanese angelica
  12. #KimRaeWon comments on he IG. "This is my younger sister skills. Right now she making chocolate with my niece"
  13. LOOOOVE this side of him so much... quiet,relax,kind,humble,low profile etc etc. as usual. Enjoying well deserved vacation. thanks guys
  14. "Before opening, explosive" ... 'Prison', Wed, March 22nd confirmed the eve of opening Kim Rae-won Han Suk-kyu x 'Prison' release confirmed the eve of "explosively popular" Film "Prison" (nahyeon Director) confirmed the eve of the opening thanks to a favorable reception. Distributor Showbox said that " 'Prison' explosive thanks to the support built blitz confirm Wed., March 22nd at 5 pm the eve of opening," he said. 'Prison' roll guys are the world from prison, their absolute lord of crime and action film former police Stupid newly imprisoned. Han Suk-kyu, Kim Rae-won had appeared. 'Prison' built to confirm the eve of the opening stage greeting was surprised to notice to repay the overwhelming interest of the audience. This is expected to give a surprise stage greeting embraced the memorable to the audience come to enjoy the movie. http://www.dispatch.co.kr/698545
  15. [Interview] Kim Rae-won from 'youth star' to 'actor' "All I had was passion and spirit in my 20s. I was proud of the title, 'youth star' and I only had eyes for what was mine. Now that I'm near 40, I want to be an actor. I want to act for real". Actor Kim Rae-won spoke these words with sincerity and in a quiet tone. He's been in romance, comedy, mellow, action, noire and now criminal action. He's been successful so far and many may think he's quite an intelligent actor but that's not all. He is an intelligent and a hard working actor. He also has greed for acting. Therefore his roles have a high accuracy rate. In the upcoming movie "The Prison", Kim Rae-won takes on the role of Yoo Geon, a delinquent cop who was once called 'the death angel' because of his high apprehension rate but was put in prison for hit-and-run, destruction of evidence and police corruption. He opposes with the king of the prison Ik-ho (Han Seok-Kyu) and risks his life for revenge. Kim Rae-won said, "I loved the scenario and I wanted it more because of Han Seok-Kyu. Teamwork was most important so I maintained a certain pace and tried to create a balance". "There was a time when I was full of confidence and thought only of myself. I thought I just needed to be good with what I do best. This was a mistake. I looked around myself and took in the world with a bigger vision. Now I work with the intention of delivering the director's intentions, the purpose of character and the message of the drama". "Now that I've been acting for 20 years, I feel that I want to become a true actor", he said smiling slightly. I try to keep things natural but I also want the details to deepen. I realize I have become better at working with those around me". "When I didn't know something I just tried everything. I've tried being stubborn and I've even been dependent on the director. Then I found a middle point. There is no progress in doing only what you are good at. You have to try what you haven't tried and do anything an actor should experience. I am still in that process". "Many people have been telling me I do only masculine movies and I think some of them are right. It isn't intentional but I did try to avoid romance". "I started to gain fame with "Cat on the Roof" and it's something I am good at. However, now that I'm in my 30s I think about the direction of my career and I wanted to go from 'youth star' to 'actor'. So I looked into other works. I'm sure I've turned down some good ones but I don't regret it. I wasn't thirsty for reputation but for growth as an actor". He wants to try traditional mellow in the future. "I've had the chance when I was young but now is the right time to do it in my opinion. I would like to try something that has a deep sensation and a message". He mentioned "Cast Away" by Tom Hanks and said, "I really liked it and I would like to try something like that one day". "I loved that it wasn't too light, it was realistic and it also had the message to be grateful for life. I would like to try something like that if it came out in Korea. I hope to meet characters I haven't tried so far". Meanwhile, Kim Rae-won debuted in 1997 with an MBC drama and has been in numerous hit makers. He also exposed himself a number of times in movies but that earned him the Best Actor at the 21st Blue Dragon Awards. "The Prison" is coming out on the 23rd. The running time is 125 minutes. Source : star.mk.co.kr/new/vie... cr: HanCinema http://www.hancinema.net/interview-kim-rae-won-from-youth-star-to-actor--104130.html