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  1. i keep all their ep on my fon..always repeating watch their moment especially ep 8 anytime anyplace..and tht why i could remember wht bolin said to jihyo..hehe.. you mean the video on bolin ig at the time jihyo had problem wth RM..the video showing view of city with bgm not very active with an ahjumma who do hv an ig
  2. in ep 8..bolin said to jihyo..what will the future be?..time will give us the answer.. so for now we as fan who love bolin n jihyo.. just can wait n see what the answer about their relationship in the future..let pray the answer will not take too long..the sooner more better.. bobo momo may god bless you two with marriage..
  3. @tdjunlimited tq for the rating..still maintain no 1 spot..daebakk.. latest ep jjang as always..they never fail entertain me..
  4. @songjihyofan yes we have no proof..but knowing jihyo stay at taiwan tht night make me excited..kekeke... so wht i think ..yes im pretty sure they met..
  5. @uchita..chincha SJH stay one more night at taiwan.. wow wow wow..knowing this im thinking just like you...theres something going on between them..
  6. why no update about the rating for the latest ep.. 162... calling for @kjmcth..plz update ..tq still downloading ep162..will watch ASAP..never missed watch every ep 2d1n s3..