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  1. Sorry to say that , The STARPLE thing made PP fans look bad I kind of lost my interest voting
  2. May be is my imagination, pay attention @1:38 his right arm ,suppress physical reaction is tough
  3. After I watched the video, I felt she’s trying to look like nothing happened, trying to act natural but a little bit over act.
  4. believe he's the photographer traveled to Berlin took all the beautiful photos of Rachel.
  5. The news media from Weibo said that when he returned from Los Angeles, he was sick (coughing). Her IG said "cold goodbye" is talking about herself or him?
  6. but she's the one taught Psj how to use the app kakatalk, remember that interview ? lol, I doubt that she does not know how IG works after 3 yrs of use, and she had Twitter account before , and she still has weibo account .
  7. the fingertips has to PRESS on the "follow" button lol how many accidents she made so far? if she is a 70 years old lady, may be, because can't see clear and on laptop/desktop, you have to "CLICK" on the "follow" button
  8. you can have this Hemes Appaloosa des Steppes Scarf around US $1100