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  1. pretty much sure she is the new spokesperson for this Shanghai shoes company, and the shoes company will make the announcement 3/2/2019
  2. Compared with his last IG, feel like latest IG is from same location , do believe it is old pic (???)
  3. Same here, I stop watching after the third eps too , the chemistry is no way can compare with wwwsk, sorry to say that I just feel something wrong with the cast , but can’t find a right word to explain it
  4. Park Min-young expect arrive Taiwan on the 14th of this month ( Korean Air KE693 flight). The trip lasts for 2 days and 1 night. Because the day of arrival coincides with the Western Valentine's Day, TIFFANY & Co. prepared a special romantic gift for her., is a "Tiffany T True" ring with MYPARK engraved on it ., along with a cute heart-shape silver-plated "Return To Tiffany" teddy bear and heart-shaped cookies.
  5. sorry PD Park , for me personally, after the first 20 minutes I lose interest already @Cheryl295 you are right, is this drama from the same PD park ?
  6. you know why I don't pay much attention to those article (e.g. translation from Korean to English)? because most of them already "lost in translation" . My friend own a translation firm, all his translators are certified (certificate for professional translator is require in USA)., and they're charge by each word. I do believe most of the fans website translation are voluntary(correctness already is a question), i also knew some fans translate the article to the words they want to say and even omit some content in purpose, that's why I am not 100% believe in their translation. (if i am wrong please correct me)
  7. Yes , she said she doesn’t drink much , but lately her IG photo 2/3 of her drinks was about drinking beer lol, .... Again I don’ take artist’s interview too serious
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