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  1. @athena22 abt the prev,I think they'll make new games(games char based on her,like BS's dream) @athena22 and @lingx2 actually I want to post this gif this afternoonbut soompi can't view it so I changed the gifs, thanks anyway for like Sr.dc @bebebisous33 love your analysis abt AMH I love when he said he's hurt,and show her his heart is hurt and he's not wait till morning. Btw @Earth2KatyD yes you can use all the gifs I share,and make great post with it,since I'm not good express with words,so I'll enjoy other's wordslove all your quote
  2. Sr.dc @sukma_shinhye, @penelop3 the caption is 14 minutes ago,so it's tonight filming.
  3. @ferily 1.36 Btw I have many eyelash for you but still don't have time to share,I'll try tonight,ready for other nose bleeding @Visually-wandering unnie hugz
  4. Found better quality Sr.dc Btw abt AMH wound,my fav scene why fans love his idol feel pain it's in under right side his stomach(I even analyze this LOL )
  5. Sr.dc @evie7 please do not credit me,it's not mine,I just get it all from dc,for everyone too. I used to collect them all everytime I love the star or char on drama And DC like pics and gifs paradise so many treasure there,and I feel bad if keep it by myselfso I share here,and glad people like it too. Btw @Jafstar thank uu