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  1. woah those fool, moron and loser. Their bromance are just... JUST GET TOGETHER YOU THREE!!! C'MON, YOU GUYSSS!! KILL THAT LEE WAN IK!!!!
  2. because Kyung Seok is just too handsome anywayyy, Kyung Seok's mom! can you please send your son some money, just a little, so he doesn't have to work with Soo Ah! Kyung Seok can work anywhere but with her!!!
  3. ahh Duel... I already downloaded that drama since last year but I kept saying "maybe next time" maybe I should watch it after this, hihhiihihih <3<3<3
  4. me too sis, me too. I dropped that drama because I don't like the story and Yang Sejong's character was just, hmm no no no for me. but in hereeeeee!!! oh my Godddd I freakin love himmmmm
  5. can't wait for today's episode!!!! acckkkk girls powerrrrr I love everything about this drama, but MIRAE'S CLOTHES!!! C'mon wardrobe department! Mirae didn't dress so old-fashioned like this in the webtoon!!! ughhh, the plaid shirt... and the last red-white shirt...
  6. honestly, me too. I hate Jiwoo, idk man since the college days she's just jealous about her mom and Seoyeon. idgaf about Jiwoo and Daeyoung. I just love Seoyeon and Sun Woosun in this season. THEY ARE JUST TOO CUTEEEE
  7. my fav is Hee sung. In the preview he told Aeshin to run to him and hide if things get hard:" Heesung ahhhh~ don't be hurt and please, pretty pretty pleaseeeee don't be the bad guy!!!!! okay?! okayyyy?!!!
  8. so... BBC ending then... well, I love it <3<3<3<3<3 even tho the case in present year is more connected in this drama, but how Han Taejoo and Sam feels towards 1988 and 1973 are the same. They love being there wohoooo
  9. middle school do kyungseok is Shin Junseop, and I think child do kyungseok is Moon Woojin, he's the same actor who played young Youngjoon in what's wrong with secretary Kim. but idk, maybe it's someone else
  10. I really love the webtoon and now I freakin love the drama!!! the storyline... the storyline that I love and the fact that Kyungseok can read Sooah's intentions since the beginning!!! Kyungseok x Mirae 4lyfe!!!!
  11. but I love the UK ending. Han Taejoo can go back to 88 and save the gang. GO GO GO HAN TAEJOOOO
  12. Kim Huiseong, mah on man I really love this kind of character. my typeeeee hope he's not like his family and be a good person, please please pleaseee :" and Goo Dongmae, oh honey, why are you scaring the one you love like that? if you love her just do something nice, don't scare her like that:""""
  13. I, who couldn't finish season 2 because the way most of character in season 2 eats was just... gross for me, and I really hate Bae Soojin character. Don't get me wrong, I love Seo Hyunjin but her character in let's eat 2 was just, uhm nope nope nope. anywayyyy, this nostalgic feels, it feels like reply series and I love ittttt