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  1. @Lmangla oh my........ JCW! My healer feelsssssssssssss..... On other hand, regarding the news.. this is exactly what we've been suspect for months... Not that I surprised because as far as I know people here had enough concern for this... Pray that wgm would stay longer though... For me personally I sign up for the first time in soompi because of one wgm couple (yongseo) so my soompi life without wgm will be incomplete...
  2. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    Just finish back reading, thank you for all information that being shared here.... Oh my God! My dream comes true..CTJ n JCW are playing best friend too in the new drama... Ahhhhh can't wait for May
  3. Me too, only pop in to read post too last week, real life calling.. Haha.. Yes, agree... I think the local ahjumma audience will really like the new couple..notice they approach the virtual marriage like old case marriage, the matchmaking by parents, it is refreshing concept for wgm,.. Not like dating phase like many wgm couple cope up with.. So it sure is new flavour.. I just watching the island and GJ-Sleepy segment for these past few episodes, they are great.. As for rating last week 4.2% and this week shoot up to 5.1% and wgm finally became first spot in the time slot for the first time in a while! Congrats to wgm, finally! But..I think it is due the fact that sbs and kbs change their programs in that time slot for rerun of other programs (not the rerun of popular programs ugly duckling (sbs) and TROS (kbs) like before) but nonetheless I hope more people tune in to wgm for next week after give a try to watching the new line up!
  4. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    I've been watching RM for years, and in my opinion.. while I have soft spot for CTJ, and would like to see him more in VS and his appearance In RM is gold, but with show like RM, or IC, or 1n2d it's like a tough spot for the newcomer,things like add a new member would be really controversial .. I don't want him to be stress out by the fans of the show who still want the old member to be back.. Oh my God! Two of my favourite actors...! Ji Chang Wook and Choi Tae Joon in one drama!! Ahhhhhrg I hope there's no triangle love story... Please make them the best friend ever with different love interests...
  5. @cdcotr that YT video..pfftttt....ouch! two of my ship there (yongseo and goongjin) oh well goongjin ship was already become titanic, but the strange thing is I spent my leasure time to rewatching old couples.. Done my rewatching time with taebom, I gone way back to yongseo and then gonglee couple..but after them I find some urge to rewatching googjin too.. I don't have any drama to watch after goblin end and WGM time in Saturday is mile away.. I find it interesting to rewatching old wgm, it's like I possess a pair of new eyes and watch it in different feeling.. others have share their view, and it is worth notting that maybe the thing about become attached to couple means we will always find extra reason to justify the errors, like what @colourgrae said, there's little thing here and there but the way we brush it off because we want to believe they can make it someday even after WGM (hopeless romantic much, like me hahaha) is blocking the view. Now that I passed the stage of denial and feeling betrayed because my goongjin ship sinking, I find it is easier to even planning to rewatching their segment again and maybe to accept if in the future my other rest ship will become the next titanic, it will be sad but it might won't make me hurt so much like goongjin case..Think I've dealing with my problem now.. for couple in this new line up..since I don't think I attached to any now, I wonder if I can give a different view, like noticing small error in the couple relationship,despite the fact that I'm a hopeless romantic lol. I gues you mean Min Young is much older then her? I think maybe that's because he might apologizing in advance, maybe a late reaction for him in case of her big laugh when they first met? He might thinking DY was laughing because she find it funny to be paired with him (not knowing it was because she was nervous).. Or maybe because he worry that their big gap of age was too much burden for her...as for him, I reckoned he was please with their age gap before they met.
  6. Nice to see familiar name @USAFarmgirl.. I'm sorry if I might mistaken you with someone else but I think I remember you posting a lot in wgm main thread in 2015 (when BE couple still in WGM),even from before I think around jjongah couple time of wgm..or am I wrong? I'm sorry in advance but your user name really familiar.. I'm in the middle of rewatching this couple again after I finished rewatching Yongseo couple, My God..the memories just keep flowing, it is a nice feeling..
  7. I'm sorry I join the convo so suddenly, but not gonna skip introduction, I was starting as yongseo shipper and become CN Blue fans..and I became kind of regular viewer for WGM (so rather than wgm shipper thread, I mostly hang out in WGM main thread) ever since then too.. I indeed follow BE couple since beginning.. I like BE couple (and I think many yongseo shipper feel the same) they are too sweet and I feel like it was endangering my life and my teeth because of the sweetness hahahaha though unfortunately their stint was too short in WGM (for whatever reason, but they left so suddenly in my opinion)..
  8. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    I'm worried about the news on CTJ's circle friend being dragged to this rumor I hope it won't be a harm on any innocent people relate, especially him...
  9. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    @nazeeyaa thank you for sharing the post...
  10. Rewatching old WGM season 2 and being nostalgic again to my shipper feelsss hahahahahah. Well aside from that, I realize once again, WGM used to be some kind of priority and more engaged of private life for the cast. They were often talk about something which never took place in wgm episode and turned out it was the talked from outside wgm filming because they were communicating not only for wgm filming, or how they were always wearing their couple's ring in most of their other shows or activities and not only for WGM filming use, or how they were meeting 2-3 times in a week, normally at least 3 times a month, but few times for certain episode as result of that didn't have schedule to filming wgm for a month (and had something to do for their scheduled) but when they met again they talked about how long they couldn't met but they were still contacting each other (and in case they lost contact to each other in such time, there was a couple who literally talking about it in their episode and talked the problem out)... I wonder how all this are such a rare thing from most wgm couple recently... How their communication outside wgm filming become a very mysterious and untouchable topic. . But well then again, it is individual choice.. How far they let wgm entangled their own private life...How personally invest they are when doing wgm.. It's not like most couple in old episode really known to become real couple, but still
  11. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    Thank you @emgphils
  12. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    @Myisha I'm telling yesterday that the timing is peculiar with BM and CMY (the new couple of WGM) guesting in RM and now CTJ is on RM after BM guesting is like the cherry in the top of cake of peculiarity... Well I dunno, maybe just me though,don't mind it..
  13. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    @mymireya thank you for remind me, that's right I forgot I still haven't backread much in this thread, was about to but something's comes in the middle and in the end I forget about my plan to backread.. Okay. I'm just searching the article and soompi article comes up.. And yes, that photo in article.. That is the CMY of new wgm couple..
  14. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    @mymireya yeah I've heard about the web drama but I haven't find it so still hasn't watch.. I would watch for TJ, though the storyline wise isn't really captivating me.. But if it will has season 2, I guess season 1 is quite good..