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  1. I do that too. When I was little I couldn't swallow pills and if I drank the water after I had the pill in my mouth, the water would go down but the pill would be stuck on my tongue so I started drinking first so I could swallow the pill and water together. It's too bad that the DVD was cancelled. At least we got some good news about the cast vacation. I wonder if CEW will be able to go. He's been missing a lot of Astro's activities but I hope he does since he deserves the reward.
  2. I have so many scenes that I liked so it's hard to choose an ultimate favourite. Let me think and narrow it down to my top 50 I mean 10 scenes. Not in any particular order just what pops into my head. 1. Birthday hugs and kisses with mountain scenery in background. So pretty and full of love. 2. First (& second) kiss on the couch. 3. Back hug in the kitchen 4. Rain scene after SA hug and KS wanted to know how MR felt about him. I liked how KS was desperate to hear MR's feelings about him and not what others will think about them. 5. MR falling back onto KS when sorting garbage. 6. KS and KH sharing their food. I mentioned this in a previous post. I like the natural way a brother and sister who are close would act. 7. When MR was drunk and he pulled her close when they were crossing the street. "Something in your eyes..." is playing in my head right now. 8. First date at the movies and MR imagining the popcorn scene then eating popcorn with straws. 9. Mother and daughter reconciliation. 10. Deleted rain scene. No other description is needed since everyone here knows what scene that is. It's so great that they show women can also be independent and happy and don't need a man to have a happy ending. Tae Hee and KS's mom's last scenes were unexpected to me. We're so used to getting everyone making up and getting back together for their fairy tale ending but having the women show that they are fine on their own and don't need a man that doesn't respect them is the best. Both women had the last say, got up and walked away. I wish Kdramas were more open to season 2 but it's so rare that it happens. They could call it My ID is I Have a Girlfriend.
  3. I was finally able to watch the last episode and catch up with all the comments in the thread. There’s not much I can add when I feel the same as most of you. I loved this drama from the first episode. And it didn’t disappoint me in any way. What surprised me the most was how every character felt like someone I’ve met or known and because of that it felt so real to me which made me enjoy it even more. Sometimes I want to watch a show to escape reality but it’s the reality of the show that pulled me in. I was expecting it to be a rom-com but it was so much more. I loved the story, loved the message, loved the characters, loved the romance, loved the friendships, loved the actors. I want to thank everyone who made a contribution to this thread for helping me keep my sanity while waiting week to week for each episode. I was so invested in this drama and it’s great that’s there’s a place I could come to read your thoughts and get your updates. Hope people will still hang around this thread since I’m not quite ready to let go.
  4. I’m out & about so couldn’t really follow the whole episode today. I hope you guys will be around later after I watch the full episode with subs. Caught this this clip and it’s so beautiful. This is what I was really hoping to see. Wish we could have one more episode since it looks like SA took a lot of the episode but even if they did I would keep wishing we can follow MR & KS forever.
  5. This is the young actress that played middle school Mi-rae. It’s nice to see her. She’s very pretty and she should be recognized for the part in the drama. She took on a role where no one would see her face so it’s good that she has exposure now.
  6. I agree. Maybe I’m cold hearted but I don’t feel her back story evokes sympathy from me. She said her close friend had plastic surgery and stole the guy she liked so she’s grown up thinking let’s do the exact same thing to others. If a guy likes someone just steal them away and make them suffer as much as she did in elementary school. And everyone with plastic surgery is exactly the same so just hate them without getting to know the person. When everyone thought she was dirty and ugly no one took the time to get to know the real SA so she feels justified to treat people like that too. Lets see what they do with her in the final but at this point it seems like she’ll only redeem herself because of a tragic incident which is sad because she should want to be a better person because she understands what it’s like to be bullied and hurt by selfish people.
  7. I couldn’t join the forum when the episode was airing so I feel like I’m late for the party and it’s too late to spazz over the kiss. But i’ll do it any way. AAAHHHH, my heart. It was a beautiful kiss. I understand the concessions they made because CEW is a young idol but In my opinion they made it work. It is supposed their very first kiss ever and having it overly passionate wouldn’t fit in with their innocent characters. But they showed enough that it wasn’t too innocent and it was so perfect for a first kiss with the sentiment that KS accepts MR for who she is, they support and love each other. First girlfriend, first boyfriend, first hand holding, first date, first love, first kiss. I forgot first back hug. Thanks @dramaninja for the gif and reminder.
  8. Going to miss them. Even when they look at each other out of character I get chills. CEW & ISH are so sweet.
  9. More stills, getting ready for their high school date. Looks like KS had to go home to his father's house to get his old uniform?
  10. Hey, I was doing more searches and guess what I found. The same picture posted was used with this article. http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?page=1&branch=&source=&category=entertainment&art_id=6559380 Here's a general translation. Not the greatest but it's understandable: [OSEN = Kim Eun Ae reporter] The ending of 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty' is the viewers' curiosity is hot. The romance of 20-year-old newcomers Kang Mi-rae (Lim Soo-hyang) and Do Kyung-seok (Cha Eun-woo), whose JTBC drama 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty' In addition, the official said, "The two daughters of the chemistry department, which has suffered from their appearance but is walking on a completely different path, raises the curiosity of the viewers, and the internal growth of Soo-a (Jo Woo Ri) . Mi-rae, which started last week with broadcasting and started a love affair with Kyung Seok, gives a thrilling feeling to the show. She is happy every day because of her love with her favorite person, but unlike 'Face Genius', she was burdened by people's gaze toward her love called 'Gangnam Beauty' I will. In the episode 15 preview (https://tv.naver.com/v/4030082), Mi-rae says "It is a little sad to continue to meet so secretly," finally decided to release love affairs in front of everyone . Especially, the couple who will become the official CC (campus couple) of the Korean university will show them fully dating responding to the deterioration of viewers who say "I want to see love story of two people" on the 15th broadcast. It is anticipated from a uniform movie date like a youth movie to a first kiss in a romantic atmosphere, and expectation increases. On the other hand, unlike Mi-rae that overcomes the trauma of personal appearance little by little, it is focused on the matter of Soo-a who is in the crisis of the worst ever. At the beginning of the semester, the image of chemistry and idol, which is a natural beauty but good in nature, disappears and Soo-a hears the words "this guy and this guy are going to meet him and he is not strange?" Besides, the story of Soo-a, who is suffering from a hidden camera who has been taken by someone, it is noteworthy how the story will develop. The official said, "Thanks to the hot love of the viewers, I have put a happy ending in front of you." In the remaining two stories, I will ask you for your interest and love until the end, because the last internal growth of Soo-a will be drawn. " 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty', 15th today (14th) at 11 pm JTBC. /misskim321@osen.co.kr [Photo] JTBC Source: Korean Here's the preview with Eng subs from Dramafever.
  11. It looks like HD pics so I would guess they’re official pictures from JTBC. The kiss scene is looking more and more promising. Thanks so much for this it has made my day!
  12. This is so cute. Buying something for their first girl/boyfriend. Remember those feelings of your first love. *sigh Cr. valeriemperez.tumblr
  13. @NhicarT Are you talking about the current outfit she has on from the last episode. It looks the same to me too including her shoes which you can't see from the pic below but it doesn't make sense since KS is wearing a different shirt. Maybe they originally shot that scene for promo purposes and was not meant to be in the drama. New pics from episode 15
  14. I just can’t stop speculating about the preview. I started to think maybe she went home to her parents house and she’s just imagining or daydreaming about their first kiss. When he gets close, she’ll shake herself out of it calling herself crazy for thinking about it. Something similar happens like this in the webtoon. She remembers a kiss scene she once saw on tv and keeps seeing it in her mind. It would have been better for my sanity if I didn’t see the preview. I should take up a hobby instead of watching kdramas.
  15. If they do get interrupted MR just has to tell her parents that KS has to go home so she will walk him to the bus stop. MR could be the one to make it happen on the way to the bus stop. Then like the Webtoon KS will go for the kill. I feel like I’m writing a fanfic.
  16. I didn’t notice the couch but I saw there was a bluish looking wall behind them and I was wondering whose place that could be. You can definitely see it matches the twitter pic. Appa Kang may be the one that lets us all down. Why are they at her house anyway? Is the internship over and she’s gone back home to stay with her parents like she originally told WY. Could KS be staying over too so instead of going on vacation they changed the story that he’s at her house for a couple of days. I’m getting carried away now. I will have faith that JTBC won’t be that cruel to only tease us with a kiss scene. I don’t think they’ll necessarily tell SA’s backstory but will try to get sympathy for her because of Dong Woo. No matter how bad she is, a person doesn’t deserve to be terrorized by an obsessive stalker. This is the one person she never gave any encouragement to but because of her looks she was targeted by him. In the preview she looks like she’s losing it in the scene on her bed. Even so, I still hope that it’s wrapped up in a few scenes in one episode.
  17. OMG. The preview. Thousands of fans are waiting for this kiss scene. There will be a revolt at JTBC if it doesn’t happen. It is so much fun how everyone is spazzing over the 30 second preview. What would I do without this forum to pass the time? It’s only 49 hours 17 minutes and 45 seconds before episode 15 starts.
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