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  1. [OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 3 ♥

    my lovely june couple cr owner cant wait for between us tour here in my country and cant wait for snsd comeback..... and all the best for their bday in this month
  2. [OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 3 ♥

    Hyuni weekend drama cr owner Seohyun riding a wave of refreshing, stronger heroine characters who control destiny w/ their own abilities & powers http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003102644 …
  3. [OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 3 ♥

    CN Blue Between Us concert cr owner WowKorea:韓流ドラマK-POP‏ @wow_ko 4 Jun CNBLUE、単独コンサート「2017 CNBLUE LIVE [BETWEEN US] IN SEOUL」開催。ヨンファとジョンシンは同じ産婦人科で2年の時間差で生まれた縁も。。 (2枚) 「CNBLUE」の韓流LIVE: http://kt.wowkorea.jp/album/50145.html …
  4. [OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 3 ♥

    Yong2 shoot his new variety show cr owner