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  1. I partially agree that we dont know how they were introduced to get married. From her side it seems she just went with it. He also mentioned to her in ep3 that they dont control their lives. So my guess would be he went with it too and tried to make the best of it and ended up liking her. He did cheat though and *maybe* it is revealed later he did it for her because he wanted to free her. Either way whether he tried to love her but she didnt reciprocate and he gave up or he did cheat, she was not interested in him.
  2. is it WRONG to hope CSH's mother in law somehow involved in the death of the reporter mentioned last episode? So want to see her go down.
  3. While some here might be disappointed that CSH rejected KJH but realistically, they met no more than a week or so(unless theres some time skip)? He might be too carefree and she is more considerate of everything instead of going on pure emotion. I know IRL for me if someone i barely know suddenly profess love for me I wouldn't immediately say yes...
  4. I know its drama but it just mind boggling how a ceo is so obedient to her mother. The ex-husband is no good either. Don't care if he felt she was unapproachable and went to cheat but later regrets it. If you leave your spouse for a better life, justified or not, don't look back.
  5. shaselai

    Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    is she healthy now? i read she had thyroid problems (back in feb)..
  6. ok so the cruel palace. There's this chinese drama that's probably more gruesome. It is palace fight too BUT the main female lead had justification to "off" her competition. She came in as an innocent concubine and befriended some others but after her child was killed so she basically throughout the series found out which concubine conspired against her and offed them one by one. One i recall she chopped off her limbs and put her in a pot in storage and made the eunuchs to feed her to keep her alive.... It was some brutal stuff...
  7. Hope you were joking. But actually there are 2 other endings i hate are myth where the protagonist waits hundreds years to save the girl then she dies.. and another chinese drama chinese paladin where everyone dies but main protagonist with a baby.
  8. This ending cant be worse than 49 days... that drama was a slap in the face IMO
  9. I didnt read the novel but i did read somewhere Xiao Yan has a harem of sorts, including the snake lady? I also agree on the cultivating of his abilities - it seems the ring he has is basically DBZ Time room and we were shown him training in there in the beginning. However, later on he never trained there again nor he tried to train in there when had to beat his ancestor. And side note, i still can't comprehend why someone name her name "Jelly". her physique doesnt even justify her name and the name is just weird... Oh yeah, maybe my cousin can play as lead for season 2? he was in 绣春刀II (brotherhood of blades 2) as the prince
  10. I dont think we can name sites(?) but if you google the drama name and the episode you will find a few sites with it... there are some popups but only at beginning and the quality is good enough usually.
  11. well this is what happens when you kick a dog while its down.... it will bite back! Lesson in life - if you are ahead and hiding a secret, DONT stir the pot and give the opportunity for the secret to resurface. Plus he is just a manager, he is not some cheobol head who has tons of money to pay anyone off... No significant figure would really give him time of day.
  12. I am actually more interested in the loveline between the male friend and the sister. Its really cute.