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  1. If anyone need link to watch live tonight, please PM me ok Just to share, DongJoon(LSY) will be having his 6th Japan fan meeting in Tokyo, Shinagawa Intercity on 30.7.2017 for details page 730 LSY soompi or ARA
  2. Haha, hi Bee, its great to have you back! You can call me Sab. You are right, there is still room for improvement (LSY's acting). just few years in soompi but in terms of age...i can't call LSY-> oppa serious? Adult melodrama...bring it on, i love melodramas As for whisper, scene i love most...YJ's crying scenes at hospital rooftop with background ost english song, beautiful
  3. will watch live tonight :o) hope can join in SS recap ok @sakura2016 yes please, help to tag everyone if possible, the more commenters join in, the merrier right? Hope we can break 1,000 page @bedifferenf I love this otp LBY & LSY but in Whisper I discover PSY hehe... I like your ID 'be different' ...think different ! (Apple-Steve Jobs) you got taste too...yes SangYun's hands/fingers are gorgeous LOL shall we dance?
  4. It is possible, since DongJoon's character , stated as , warm hearted who is always willing to help weak people....
  5. Yes, perhaps they are busy? @jadecloud @ghsforever @mdsy @stevie8 @kappy @smp567 @moonss70 & many others Airport lovers are not here too Let us continue to support Whisper! Fighting!
  6. Hope OST will be released next week...please @sakura2016 you have to watch 'Airport' too lol LSY won actor excellence award at KBS 2016 drama awards ^^best couple with Kim Ha Neul...ahem top 3 kiss
  7. @sakura2016 there were/are so many commenters in 2014 SBS drama Angel Eyes soompi thread. It moved soo fast fuh! Chingu, beginning of Whisper -> episode 7? At rooftop...English song was...gone oh dear! (...I can hear the voice that cares...from you) let's hear it's beautiful :o)
  8. While waiting for episode 9 tomorrow... let's chat about my boss LeeSangYun romance dramas How can we forget 'Angel Eyes' Chingu haha...our dream wedding