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  1. Hi everyone, all are welcome to join us, to donate rice (cash) & we call it Rice Wreath Project. Any amount are welcome. Rice Wreath donation is meant for SangYun upcoming drama 'About Time', premiers 21-May & usually, press release, few days before premier date. We aim to donate 100kg (cost USD386) of rice to poor families and children in South Korea. This donation will be made by the name of the star (Lee Sang Yun) Please indicate your nickname & country. Payment can be made to PayPal account: simsinh@maybank.com Currently joining Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Australia, USA and Vietnam. https://dreame.co.kr:127/en/ our previous drama Whisper project ThankYou. LeeSangYun_soompi a charity project find us on instagram promoting boss, leesangyun_sally , leesangyoonthailand , leesangyun_soompi