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  1. #집사부일체 #masterinthehouse by SBS 6.25pm Sunday KST with Master Choi Min Soo, known as one of the most acclaimed actors in South Korea. #choiminsoo
  2. Actor Lee Sang-yun is considering the appearance of the SBS New Moon Drama "VIP (original work)". Lee Sang-yun 's affiliated office J, wide - company said on January 16, "VIP" is one of the works that received the offer and is currently under review. "VIP" is an office mystery love story. In the growing season of walking women who strive to overcome the hardships, three other adultery female appearances, another secret they have has gradually appeared and continues to stimulate the viewer's curiosity. Lee Sang-yun found that he received an offer of the team manager Park Seong-joon of the department store VIP professional team in the play. Lee Sang-yun side "SBS drama" VIP ", under consideration receiving casting offer" /2Hdxdqs#イ・サンユン#이상윤 http://m.innolife.net/index.html
  3. https://tv.naver.com/v/4891029 Boss lend his voice as book audio character https://audioclip.naver.com/audiobooks/D30EB8B0D3 SangYun participated in making audio book as a voice actor
  4. Audio book? https://instagram.com/p/Br89ALnBwCl/