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  1. http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=yourvoice&no=201504&page=1 December 12, 2017
  2. # # Li Baoying drama "mother" stills South Hello teacherJesus Love bless lee
  3. tvN New Shui drama # Mother # public # Li Baoying # stills. Li Baoying in the play ornithology researcher Zhou Zhen South 30s, she occasionally as a substitute teacher in charge of elementary school science class, encountered a school girl in need of care benefits Na (child star # # Xu rate ornaments), and is determined to become Hui Na's mother. The play was adapted from a Japanese drama of the same name. It tells the story of a teacher abducting a battered girl and becoming her mother. It is expected that the filing of "witty prison life" will be aired in January next year...baidu...
  4. https://weibo.com/tv/v/FzhDL7hMb?fid=1034:6521e91e3ca303cbd2bcca56fee2c623
  5. Good night na sister and sister should be prepared to help me, but I will not what ah, very happy but anxious, is not useless ah tomorrow morning, I may be the representative of the dormitory bar before going to bed, listening to bedtime, like my sister Laughter, so my sister is still a dream you still love you 11.12.2017
  6. 171208 Saitama FM ~ to see this parade I both envy and moved cr: sojung7189 L Lee Jong-suk coffee bar seconds to shoot video
  7. mobile phone wallpaper Cr.JUK 89M_MANSION
  8. ..LJS Suk sightseeing commune publicity bus cr.dc
  9. ....the best ice cream for noona...
  10. ..the summer...a dream?!....please, repair the summer, little brother..
  11. # South Korean popular gastronomy # Korean BR ice cream There and a # # kakaofriends # # New ice cream cake ~ This is the BR by the 9 kinds of flavored ice cream, ice cream in the middle of a Christmas Ryan ~ Ryan filed, you will find Ryan is holding candy bucket, bucket filled with chocolate surprise friends ha ha ~ also very Cr.Instagram-etienne0303 L struggle to shoot video in Korea seconds Struggle in Korea
  12. http://koalasplayground.com/2017/12/10/lee-bo-young-host-2017-sbs-drama-awards-shin-dong-yup-likely-hand-daesang-hubby-ji-sung/
  13. 2017 #LeeJongSuk #NaTaeJoo Collaboration Lee Jong Suk FansRu