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  1. Jerry Yan 言承旭

    Vic Chou appeared a spring break ⋯ Jerry Yan barking: I think the flower Ze class 0 Reporter Zhang Xiaohan / comprehensive coverage F4 Both Jerry Yan and Vic Chou boarded the 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Dinner at the same time. Although Jerry Cheng was asked about the marital event after he was in a different venue, he quickly responded to the wedding The vision and imagination, from time to time will imagine the picture with the son / daughter walking on the road. >>> More [2018 Spring Festival Gala] related news ▲ Jerry Yan boarded the latest Spring Festival Gala appearance, handsome new height. (Figure / Photo from CCTV cctv.com) According to reports from Land & Media, "Sina Entertainment," Jerry J was interviewed after the end of CCTV Spring Festival Gala on the 15th. During his visit, he also took the opportunity to sing the "meteor shower" together with reporters from the press media. After listening, he also responded sentimentally: "I just really Very serious, very serious, very serious to listen to everyone singing "meteor shower", I want to tell everyone, full of moving in my heart, thank you for giving me so many memories, wonderful wonderful memories Oh, let's all come together, OK? OK? Although the performance of the moment is cold, but Jerry Yan covered with warm packs full preparations, a good mood, he was in high emotional conditions, can not feel the cold, see a friend Zhou Yimin performances, excited about the television In front of the jump and called, I hope he can comfort each other feel his support cheer, "he is still as handsome, or my heart that handsome, very affectionate Huaze class." ▲ Jerry Yan saw Vic Chou super excited. (Figure / Photo from CCTV cctv.com) In addition, as the only F4 has not been married, he also inevitably be asked the topic of marriage, Jerry Yan quite sure marriage is a must, "will be very much looking forward to see a small temple, and my father and I will be small Daimyo Temple grab candy, two young ghosts walking on the road, this picture I think kinda cute. " At work, he is currently approaching a costume drama and reality show. Although he is not sure which film to shoot first, he still looks forward to seeing the fans and the audience different in 2018. >> Jerry Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry Yan) February 17 at 1:51am · Cr.: - Jerry Yan Global Family @ weibo.com # Jerry # # and Youku interview full voice record Jerry Jerry for the majority of fans Welfare! Soul singing "Confessions balloon", singing the famous song "Meteor shower", Youku media back, the majority of fans sent a New Year's greetings! Are you ready to listen to him, listen to him sing? Listen to him confession? The following interview record, take you into a warm and soft real work idol Jerry! Ready to be teased right [grinning] 1. Goddess Happy New Year! We have just finished watching your performance in the Spring Festival Evening, are very excited, come first to ask you good? Jerry: Hello, Hello! Hello everyone! I am Jerry Yan! Everyone worked hard! I just show, and then here with everyone happy New Year! happy New Year! I miss you! 2. God just singing in the mountains cold it? Jerry Yan: On the Spring Festival night super touched, although the scene is really minus 10 degrees, everyone is trembling, but the singing is full of moving in the heart! 3. gods can sing meteor shower? Jerry: "Let me see the falling meteor shower on this earth, let your tears fall on my shoulder!" Just on the stage a lot of people think that F4 or 4 handsome handsome boys, I think it is very interesting Memorial 喏. 4.Tai'an to participate in the Spring Festival Evening, Shandong what impression? Jerry: This is really cold here, when I came in to see Xiaoming, we are cold to trembling, so the body posted a lot of warm baby, but super good on the side here, because it is spectacular, at night The lights on the hill feel good, the key is to be able to see you I'm so happy so happy, miss you all! Super touched on the Spring Festival Gala, although the scene is really minus 10 degrees, everyone is trembling, but the singing is full of moving in my heart! 5. new hairstyle look good, how long cut? Jerry: I just saw that picture (Taoist temple stills), I just saw the audience to see my hairstyle, and then said as if Temple back, I have been laughing on my own, ah, this time I saw my new Hairstyle, at first glance really have the audience feel like I have seen the sudden appearance of the past, so special! Ha ha. 6 Excuse me, there is no chance and Tong Li Ya cooperation Jerry: Yes, I have been in contact with Tong Liya, and I have always been very concerned about her. I think I have a chance to cooperate with her. She is also a fantastic entertainer who can learn a lot from her. I Also hope my show can be more different than before. 7. You are on the Spring Festival Evening with Aberdeen, he is in Beijing, you are in Shandong, have a mutual exchange of information with each other? Jerry: Yes, especially looking forward to seeing Zaizi's performance, wow! He is still the same handsome, and then I was that handsome handsome affectionate Hanazawa class, the feeling is different, I was in front of the camera, have shouted at him in front of the TV screen, more cheer for him! Do you know that you have so many "girlfriends" on the mainland? What feeling? Jerry: I want to talk to my "girlfriend", sing a song for everyone, we listen! "Dear, love you, love diary, who is drifting memories! Dear ...", Oh, forget the words, but this song is good to hear, want to give to you, this is my mood now, think Tell your feelings, love you, miss you, Mua ~ ~. 9. This time and Huang Xiaoming Zhong Hanliang cooperation, before you know it? What is the exchange of cooperation? Jerry: This time with Xiaoming, Zhong Hanliang there Xialiaoao to cooperate, I feel they are great, often singing, everyone's physical contact with the exchange, are so real Oh, I think everyone is calm, so sing this song Especially when there is that feeling. 10. How to spend the Spring Festival this year? After the Spring Festival What are the new work plan? ? Jerry: Currently talking about a costume drama and a reality show, do not know which one will be done this year, the super look forward to there will be a different Jerry Yan appeared in front of everyone. I have always told myself not to forget the beginning, no matter how the modern era changed, I was the very simple Jerry Yan, not because of a lot of gossip you and change myself. 11. If apology is useful to the police, can you say it again? Jerry: "If apology is useful, then what should the police do!" Happy New Year! Haha! 12. What's the plan for the gods this year? Will not want to get married? After all, f4 left you Jerry: married ah? Will ah, still very much looking forward to seeing a small temple, and then my dad and the small temple will be together to grab candy, we are naive, naive, childish ghost, hiding on the road. That picture I think pretty cute. 13. God even if you are married, we still love you, can you afford a start, we sing the meteor shower together Jerry: Okay, I'll come forward and accompany you to see ... I want to hear everyone singing a good time, I am now listening, everyone singing to me for a good time? You guys are great! Wow! Good touched moment really moved so touched! I've just listened very carefully and carefully to the meteor shower sung by everyone. I want to tell everyone that my heart is full of moving. Thank you guys for giving me so much memories, ah, wonderful awesome memories Oh, we all come together, okay? 14. Thank God, really touched, this New Year's Eve because you are different Jerry: Then I want to sing the last sentence slightly, "You will see, happy ...... in!" Because of you all, I think my life has changed, and thank you, in 2018, I must be more Often see you, and then shake hands with each of you, say thank you, bye! @ Jerry Yan Jerry boss too warm ~ listening to the voice was not teased me to forget! [Hee hee] http: t.cn/RRuN3c5 Weibo video # Jerry # # and Youku interview full voice record Jerry Jerry for the majority of fans Welfare! Soul singing "Confessions balloon", singing the famous song "Meteor shower", Youku media back, the majority of fans sent a New Year's greetings! Are you ready to listen to him, listen to him sing? Listen to him confession? The following interview record, with ... VIDEO.WEIBO.COM
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