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  1. https://www.deviantart.com/miicinderella/art/Hermoshooo-LEE-JONG-SUK-649038068
  2. .my dear book, are you coming with me, right ?!.....16 episodes..!...KOREA'S GOT TALENT...!!!!!THE CHAMPIONS..!
  3. https://www.soompi.com/article/1297397wpp/watch-lee-na-young-lee-jong-suk-get-hearts-racing-romance-bonus-book-highlight-video
  4. ....really..?!..............https://www.soompi.com/article/1297569wpp/lee-jong-suk-says-romance-bonus-book-reminds-lee-bo-young-can-hear-
  5. Swaying blooming flowers 33 minutes ago from iPhone client Photo of the resume edited by the owner Swaying blooming flowers 2 hours ago from iPhone client "The first meeting of Enhao and Jin Zaimin representatives!" "Romantic is a separate appendix" tvN official website HD stills update
  6. Stjerne_ 6 hours ago 'Roman history is a separate appendix' stills, and Enhao and the delegates meet for the first time. Can you see the first episode? Stjerne_ 6 hours ago Wooyoungmi single breasted coat cr moko white is good~ Stjerne_ 7 hours ago Li Zhongshuo for Highcut, transformed into a sensuous literary youth
  7. Suk_push9 27分钟前 from HUAWEI nova 3 罗曼史 是 别别 附件李钟硕 Cr. @ hestia5023 Mr. Lee Jong-seok, who took a picture with his mother for a while . This time I have totake pictures andcome to pick up. The skin is so white that it is too good ... praisetoo. I also want to go after the shooting location. ㅜ ㅜ Na Young, Lee Jong-seok If you want tosee thefirst time you do ~ ~I hopeto be apawn shop~ ~
  8. 华颐nice 34分钟前 from microblogging video  Lee Jong-suk # romance with separate volume appendix two days countdown to the show really really want to come, I hope a little faster car Enhao we hurry to meet it! L -yee nice microblogging video
  9. + Follow Red _ tong 今天 13:03 from the iPhone client  Lee Jong-suk If this is life, and that precarious journey, I will hold you this bright light
  10. ....a day with....Michael Jordan..?!
  11. ..MOTHER, please sleep less...read more...!!!!!!!!
  12. ....only two days...!..26.01.2019...day flag...romance is a bonus book...!!!!!..sweet.....sweet....sweet cotton candy comedy..
  13. ....esquire,you said it yourself....!!!!!!!