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  1. BTS translation https://tv.naver.com/v/4105770/list/256798 , if you can't access naver, please try BTS in this link. scene (where EC showing 1 bullet left in his gun to AS) EC: We just need to use this one bullet well. AS: What a great lover. scene( EC escaping with AS) EC: Let's go stepping out and EC surprised by misstep? Trying one more time scene( LBH and KTR jumping before the shoot to act real, they're holding hands ) Staff: Get to spot LBH: Me? (holding KTR's hand) Other staff: No, no... Scene KTR: Did I lean against the wall? (asking to LBH) LBH: Yes KTR: Oh, I didn't know. I'm sorry. ( Go Aeshin / Currently in trance ) LBH: You were acting while in trance. KTR: Yes ( eagerly ) LBH saying wow... and KTR hitting him with her hat. Scene where they're still jumping KTR jumping.. and LBH starts jumping vigorously. (Banner saying chemistry explosion!) LBH suddenly stops.. saying : my pants snapped. KTR: Really? LBH: My pants.. button. KTR still jumping and saying "Ting~~" Scene where KTR and LBH stopping under the arch. Scene in the cell? in US legation (EC and AS spending a night till morning) LBH wore slipper. KTR holding script? Staff: (to LBH) Maybe your legs are too wide open? LBH: I can get wider. (showing) KTR: Just about right width. KTR pretending to snore then waking up with smile LBH was looking down with emotion but with KTR waking up that way, LBH also perks up. LBH: I was sleeping too KTR and LBH laughing LBH saying his lines : Because I need to go back to US.. (with emotion) KTR pouting. LBH asking to staff: Am I to look at ring on my hand or Aeshin's hand? staff: Sunbaenim(LBH) 's hand please LBH looking at his ring with feminine gesture(?), KTR doing the same KTR sleeping, leaning on LBH Take 1: KTR's stomach rumbling 3 times PD : cut ok KTR: My stomach is saying lines. LBH: it feels like I'm talking with 5 persons. Let's do it one more time Take 2: LBH's stomach rumbling 1 time ( Banner: This time Eugene, can rumbling have chemistry? ) LBH: My stomach answered you.
  2. Yes, I believe so(unless noted Inst. in CD1 ). CD2 seems to have the instrumental musics and narrations. I am sure they'll release something like standard version of OSTs later, considering current one is limited to 10K copies. They're currently weekly top Ballade best sellers in yes 24 and weekly top ost best seller in aladin. Also, Seo Yujeong(actress of Hongpa) appeared in entertainment show "Happy Together 3 ", episode 555. She talked about her experience shooting Mr. Sunshine. esp. with Lee Byung-Hun. (Photo from http://www.kyeongin.com/main/view.php?key=20180921000018439) Park MyungSoo asked "how is it to act with LBH" to SYJ. She said, "I was very very surprised". "Usually while acting, it's not easy to stare at person's eyes speaking to him/her, but if you watch acting in Hollywood, they are staring at each other, thru out their acting." "Maybe because of LBH sunbaenim's Hollywood movies, he seems to focus his eyes on you while acting, drawing you into his eyes, really a master's work."
  3. Main difference is color of cover/box (Eugene ver is dark blue, Aeshin ver is pink???) and , and for pre-order customers they give posters(60cm x 45cm) Eugene version poster has three men, Aeshin version is Eugene-Aeshin doing eye identification. Nothing else seems to be different. Other site is also selling, this one is selling for US(Item is for set ) http://music.aladin.co.kr/shop/wproduct.aspx?ItemId=168883801 FYI, Here is the track list for 2CD. I believe these are identical in 2 versions. CD1 01. The Day all winds stop (The Day Overture) 02. Park HyoShin - The Day Original Ver. 03. Elaine - Sad March 04. Kim YoonAh - Days WIthout Tears 05. Kim Suhyun - Sori(Sound) 06. Melomance - Good day 07. Savina and drones - My Home (Eugene's Song) 08. Ha Hyunsang - Become The Wind 09. Park HyoShin - The Day Original Ver.(Inst.) 10. Park Won - Stranger 11. O3ohn - Shine Your Star (Prod. by ZICO) 12. Nu'est W - AND I 13. Paek Ji-Young - See You Again ( Feat. Richard Yongjae O'Neill) 14. Shin Seunghun - Like a beautiful flame 15. Sejung(Gugudan) - Paramour 16. Ben - If you were me 17. Hwang Chi-Yeul - How can I forget 18. Jung Jaeil - Far away dream CD2. 01. Richard Youngjae O'Neill - Mr. Sunshine (Title) 02. Greensleeves (Musicbox Drama Ver. ) 03. Eugene's step( Eugene's narration ) 04. Sad ending 05. Wild flower 06. I choose it. ( Aeshin's narration) 07. Like a flame 08. Aeshin and Hamandaek 09. Something bad (Huisung's narration) 10. Days without tears (Piano Ver. ) (Feat. Kim Huisung) 11. Walking side-by-side 12. Black bird 13. One more step 14. Age of romance 15. Glory 16. What is "Love" 17. Enemy of the world (Dongmae's narration) 18. Sad waltz (Dongmae's theme) 19. Choose to bite. (Hina's narration) 20. Waiting (Hina's theme) 21. Death Of Mother 22. Ghost Ship 23. Sniper 24. Battle 25. Tumultuous Joseon 26. Elaine - Rise Again ( Feat. Will Bug ) * Some of the titles are translated, instead of official english title(Too lazy to find all of them, sorry) Never felt like visiting Drama location site, but oh well, I love to go there and check out room 304, bakery and apothecary....
  4. @charray, @rubie, yup, those are some of Blue Dragon Film winners for 2016/2017. LBH won best actor and KTR won Best New Actress on 2016. Jumped on limited edition Mr Sunshine OSTs. It's probably the first time for me to want more narration in the OST disk., because there's only 1 Eugene's narration... can I have more? http://www.yes24.com/24/goods/64604891 What's included in the set is, 2CD + 1DVD(highlight) All singers signed photo Huisung's flower letter Zebra word card Apothecary letter Lettering sticker Pinwheel bookmark Tarot card I want Eugene ver. cover with Aeshin version poster...
  5. The valley was the dumping ground for dead slaves, so that's where Eugene's parents are. Graveyard we saw where Hunter Jang's maintaining was for the dead from past wars(with US and Japan). They seem to near, but not the same place. For that voice over, that's the valley. (And that voice-over and the scene made me cry.. every time).
  6. Well, article doesn't say anything about his role. People are speculating whether it'll be last emperor, or grown-up Domi. Yes, this is truly wonderful news! And about the preview(for either later episode, or special), I trust no one.
  7. My interpretation is that Aeshin symbolizes the new Joseon. Remember that old grandpa Go represents the spirit of old Joseon, that's why Mori Takashi targeted him. So that's what I think writer is projecting here. And realistically, I feel that there's no time to introduce new conspiracy.
  8. Glorious morning! FYI, I would like to fix the some netflix subtitle mistake. In Eugene's narration on NY train station, Dear Lord, Father of Joseph. I'll devote the rest of my life( to this cause). For each and every step I took... I clung to a vain hope. Just keep (her) alive. Just for that reason alone, I will go like the wind Korean sentence tends not to have subject in it, but in this case her would be it by the context.
  9. Mr. Sunshine has become my not-so-secret pleasure of the weekend.(I gushed too much to my family and friends about this drama. ) I'm so sad this will end this month, and triple worried that how I can stand waiting for 2 weeks for next episode already. My ramblings on today's episode. - Eugene had said he would risk everything for the confession of love from Aeshin. And.. he did. - Huisung being so happy that Aeshin came to him to hide. But I have to ask, Huisung, where did you get that red woman's gown in your room so quickly? - Takashi was a psycho, and he had very complex attitude toward Eugene. I think he wanted to be friends with Eugene as an American, but he looked down on Eugene as Joseon person especially as a lowborn. I felt that what he said to Eugene while in Eugene's room showed this clearly, but subtitle seems to be too light. Takashi: So live as an american, Eugene. Stay as one. As a loyal soldier for America. What Takashi said in Korean is, Takashi: So live as an american, Eugene. Stay as one. Eat what they feed you and wear what they give you. Takashi seems to be very status-minded, and this sounds like he's treating Eugene as a slave. Well, Takashi is very sensitive about what people says to him and twists his word to hurt. Fortunately Eugene seems to be immune to it, except when Takashi made a threat to Aeshin. (Wow.... really easy to hate this character. Kudos to the actor and writer here ) Eugene already made his mind up to kill Takashi, but i think this adds urgency to it. so that Takashi will not be able to return to Joseon. - Did I say I hate this era in history? - Hina/Huisung working so well together. Hina's such a great character. But this escape wouldn't have succeeded, if not for Eugene's shot. Telepathy? And Takashi got afraid when Eugene took out the gun. - Joseon is already powerless. Even from previous episode, hunter Jang had to just watch while Eugene fought against Takashi over Hongpa's death. Hunter Jang is also desperate person and desperate people can do anything, just like grandpa Go did. And Eugene knows that he's walking into flame that he knew will burn him. and set his mind on the course. - When Eugene explained the meaning of love to Aeshin in the tailor's shop, I thought that's too grand, but ah.. they're actually having that kind of love. A love that is more difficult than shooting a rifle, more dangerous and more passionate. When scene went back to episode 8 Hug scene, AS said "we can stop at any time"... But when you're in love, you cannot stop that easily. - Eugene tries to make students ready for coming storm. Ready or not... the storm will come for them. Hope they survive. - Eugene going around saying farewell to everyone he knows. And lots of people rooting for him. At least this time, he is running out of Joseon but with the love of people and people who cries for him. And the last memory of Joseon for him is beautiful Aeshin in western suit. - Scenes in Room 304 - Bakery - Train(or ship?) compartment, they're EC and AS's love taking last 3 steps to full bloom in front of our eyes. I love every one of them, but Aeshin asking for his ring, which he didn't tell Aeshin but kept it in his shirt pocket and AS putting it by grabbing his finger, and her confession of love and ..... ends with Eugene's sigh of relief(?) and dare I say, happiness? - Eugene protecting Aeshin in entry to Japan. A competent man is always attractive, esp when he tries to protect you. - Eugene's last desperate attempt to change Aeshin to live a safe life. But AS is a strong woman..here's someone who will follow and sacrifice all of her to great cause. Just like grandpa Go and her parents. It's in her blood. And Eugene's another sigh... - AS met Song Young in Japan! He's her father's age or more, but fighting very well! There seem to be no end of people who wish Aeshin to live, I'm hoping that it's a clue that she'll live. - I'm happy that Eunsan's apprentice Go is not a traitor. - Eugene went to see Kyle before he did anything! and Kyle noticed Eugene's ring right away! It's a fake marriage but not fake in meaning, but Eugene's smile is sad. - I think this dress of Hina's only one I hate.. but Hina still looks good even with that dress. And Hina and DM, don't tempt fate! - So-ah! What a girl, and still beautiful! And what a shot, Aeshin! - Takashi being pycho to the end of his life. Using his wife as a cover. And Eugene walking on the roof like an angel of death. - Hina is back! Oh my god, so strong. To have someone like Hina to back you up. - Hotaru's love is destructive... that she'll do anything for the love even if the love don't want it. This time, it will possibly lead to DM's death? - Haha Song Young, so AS's parents will reincarnate in DOTS world? - A lot of people wishing AS to live. That, somehow encourages me that AS will live in the end? - Eugene and Aeshin taking pictures where AS's parents took pictures. EC's joy at finding AS still wears the ring. To the question of photographer, asking their relationship, EC replying them as a husband and wife. And AS smiling at EC... - Hotaru's telegram leads ronins chasing AS. And EC to the rescue, very recklessly. running toward the fireworks and EC admitting he ran to her. And his brilliant mind works to save both of them using 1 bullet! Preview to tomorrow's episode! ( Netflix version) Tired looking Eugene under handcuffs. AS: You can resent me. AS running in the woods under disguise and mask. AS: Since you met me, you're making such a long detour Eugene in prison cell DM: Like I saved you once, I'll save Lady Aeshin this time AS under attack and DM fighting scene changes to parade in Japan with Joseon flag, I can see Joseon ministers and court ladies. One of them is AS in court lady's hanbok. Scene changed to cliff near night sea?, Mushin boss shashing DM with his sword. DM falls to the sea. HS: His muzzle is always pointed to the right direction. Scene changed to Hina crying over DM's cloths(?) A minister?: (Japan) gave tremendous regards to Joseon imperial family, but with this betrayal, Japanese government will not stand by and do nothing. Scene changed to show Ito(maybe?) coming in to Joseon(?). Japanese army dragging Joseon people under rope. Japanese flag flying. Japanese army kicking Joseon people all tied up. Again scene with Japanese millitary killing Joseon military school students. Seunggu: I(actually in korean, he indicates himself as vassal), Jang Seung-gu, will become a traitor. Seunggu(Hunter Jang) fighting, running under fire ) HN: Shall I take part in winning Joseon's independence? HN shooting her gun to japanese soldiers on tram. Explosion in corridor, with japanese soldiers EC: I am going on another picnic to Joseon. AS fighting in the bar. This seems to be the bar fool/moron/lower frequented. EC walking beside the train(A350 Manhattan), he's in civilian's clothes. EC: I'll become a real outlander.
  10. Hi, here's for tomorrow's episode text preview Episode 22 text preview After taking refuge in US legation in Japan, Eugene(LBH) and Aeshin(KTR) get separated indefinitely without any promise, Aeshin to Joseon and Eugene to US... Meanwhile, under Japan's rising atrocities, fate of Joseon is on peril. Can I say I loved every minute of today's episode? I didn't like the fact that AS is using EC, but oh well, Eugene showing such a bright smile after giving up everything for her. Eugene, if you're happy, I am happy. And.. yes, if your love will set you free like that... do whatever you want, Eugene.
  11. That actor is for the character RA member Song Young, who's working in Shanghai. We saw him first in Joseon court, discussing fate of Joseon people who were captured by US (from the attack on Gangwha island) in the episode 1(or 2? sorry my failing memory), and then one of 2 friends who came back with baby Aeshin from failed assassination attempt on WI from Japan.
  12. @mistergenie, here you go... but another sad clues... Text preview for episode 21: AS(KTR) tries to get to Japan using Eugene(LBH). Eugene takes her hands even though he knows her intention. Arriving Japan, Eugene has a premonition of sad parting with AS...
  13. Translation for BTS from @rubie Mr. Sunshine AS-WI on good terms for real EC-AS, betting on holding laughs!? (ft. Takashi, king of practice ) 1st Rehearsal for scene where AS kills WI. B: AS comes to kill WI AS: I should have come sooner. WI: Are you done (with your lines?) AS:Yes I am done. WI(then it's my turn): Stop your BS! ( throwing pillow) AS: Bang! (leaning side to avoid pillow) Argh! WI: It's poison pillow! (laughing) AS couphing for poison pillow reaction. Staff: She shot you while you're talking. WI: There's no time to listen all the talking. It'll be dawn if you do. (WI is) Too much talker. (real shooting begins) (WI couphing blood after being shot) staff/AS: the blood is grape juice. he's spitting out grape juice. (scene change to Matsuyama's office in hospital. Takashi is practicing and hunter Jang looking). (Seungu kidnaps Takashi from behind) Dir: One more time with the line. (Sasaki role actor is actually Japanese pronunciation teacher too. He's correcting Takashi's pronunciation). (trying one more time, this time perfect lines and acting!) 2nd (Rehearsal for EC-AS scene together , trying lines ). BH: Don't hold it(her laughter) TR starts laughing right away. BH: Your face shows it too well. TR: Hey! I'm trying to hold it with my last breath! They're laughing together. TR: Ok, I'm serious now. I'm not looking. BH: Ok, for how much, 10K won (about $10) betting? TR keeps laughing, uncontrollable. BH: Wow, are you that happy? BH: (serious but with little bit of smile) It's 10K bet, pay me. (TR laughing) (scene changed to actual shoot, ending with heartfelt confession of Eugene)
  14. @tzupi, I still think Lord Go's request was cruel, but I agree that trying to kill head of Japanese military is not a futile thing. To Joseon people and to those who supports them. But can Lord Go ask other people to give their sacrifices, in Eugene's case using the love of Eugene? I don't really think so. and he didn't think so when he asked for signatures for scholar's protests. Somehow, when only and the best option was Eugene who's not really Joseon person in Lord Go's eyes, it was ok. Even though it was desperate request before his death, It doesn't feel right to me. In the end, Eugene decided to do it after Hongpa's death... And while I know main hero will be entangled in main events in the story, I'm emotionally invested in main characters' struggles to feel for them. To me, drama wouldn't be fun if it fails to move my feelings. Going back to preview, I assumed any Japanese style street is in Japan, but now that I think about it, it could be Japan town in Joseon. Esp. with Takashi, why would he be in Japan. Also, seems that the store shown in the first scene(where Eugene and Aeshin's running together) seems to be tailor's shop. So the fighting scene where Aeshin is hiding could be tailor's shop?
  15. Next week's episode preview (On street of Japan, at night) Eugene shoots a handgun, holding hands with Aeshin, they seem be running away from close chasers. Eugene: how far are you planning to go, using me? (In train) Aeshin looking away sadly. (On street of Japan, at night, during festival) Takashi is holding a baby with some young woman, looking at festival with smile. Next scene shows that Eugene with black guise, under mask. seems to be on roof. Next scene shows Aeshin in a room in black disguise, saying Aeshin: I said If I see you ever again, I will kill you. We can see Dongmae at gun-point. (On backstreet, at night, still in Japan) Aeshin sees someone with umbrella coming to her. The man has his shirt sleeves folded up. Aeshin seems to carry a rifle. Not sure next scene is connected, but Aeshin seems surprised. (fighting scene in the bar) Group of men are attacking someone. Not sure who is being attacked but, I think that hairline is Eugene??? Aeshin is hiding behind someone/something in black. Takashi talking to Eugene: A young woman who was a noble may get hurt, again. Eugene looking, angry. (Dongmae and Hina walk on the beach) Dongmae: Villains are supposed to die early. (scene changed, inside the Dongmae's room. Dongmae shouting, with tears, trying to cut Hotaru? Hotaru's hurt in the face, showing something to Dongmae) (short scene with Aeshin takes aim at someone) Dongmae: So that good people will live longer. (scene changed to show Dongmae's boss in the big room. LJM sit in front, seems that LJM is trying to kill himself by biting his tongue, gangs trying to prevent that.) (scene changed to show gangs spilling out from the building with swords out) (Huisung looking at something gravely) (Hina thinking something) Huisung: While being sad, (?) cheered for my life. (Japanese military are attacking from all sides, Korean military school students and killing them, some students trying to escape, and our 3 younglings trying to get to weapon storage) Eugene: Courage leads the history. so become a lion. Next scene shows that Eugene in black disguise, with rifle, walking in backstreet of Japan. (In train compartment, Eugene and Aeshin holding hand. Seems that Aeshin is doing something to Eugene's left hand. maybe....a ring?) Aeshin(with a single tear running): When Joseon is at peace, I'll come. Eugene looking at her(?) with sad/determined face. Aeshin in navy coat, red hat, running on street. * Edited to add, I was assuming any japanese looking street is in japan, but on 2nd thought, it could be Japanese town in Joseon. Esp. with Takashi.