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  1. Both CWB and LH have to die for all the killings going on. It's a setup for LH to do something selfless when he does get killed. YR will become a monk somewhere because these dramas do that stuff to make us crazy.
  2. Yoona dating Lee Seung gi ruined that drama. The skinship went nonexistent from the moment the news broke. You can actually tell from which episode.
  3. Why am I'm getting the feeling that they want her to act like Gui Gui at certain points? It doesn't feel right...Like playing awkward body movements, awkwardly. Also I don'y like how they keep attacking a girl's looks. I know they're doing it because this person is stuck-up and mean-spirited but, they should stick with her behavior instead.
  4. LMAO. I leave for a day and people are talking about death? JA can't die because DH can't handle it. Then what would be the point of all this catharsis? He'd be back where he started and worse off.
  5. I haven't seen this much discussion about what a male lead's thought's and intentions are since Cruel/Heartless City.
  6. Drug wife is probably taking different meds for depression because of the trauma of her past relationships and the child she doesn't know is her nephew. She smothers GJ in the attention and love she couldn't give her own son. What I don't understand is why the writers didn't show her doing a smidge of the same towards nephew. She's rather blasé towards nephew, which doesn't make sense for someone who has the characteristics she's been given. I'd think she shower in child that crossed her path with attention. This is the only problem I have with her as a character. I know they did this to give more reasons for resentment but it gives less nuance. It would've been better to show she gives almost equal attention and love to both boy/men but, if she were forced to choose, at a crucial moment, it would be her picking the adoptive son that should cause the resentment. This coupled with TI misunderstanding that she knows he's her son would have felt more cohesive for me.
  7. Chairman seems awfully familiar with DH. Having been with the company as long as he has it's not unlikely that DH has been on a camping trip or two early in his career at the company. And since Chairman is a habitual creature I'm sure that actual site/plot is owned by the chairman as well People have fishing camps in Louisiana, which elsewhere would be something like saying we're going to visit the family cabin. So perhaps it's the same thing. DH not being willing to play the suck up game probably hadn't visited the place in years, in contrast to JY (who is as close as toilet paper) has regular access to possibly restock the Chairman's spot with supplies. (And a little adultery).
  8. I also think they are building something with all this heavy breathing we listen to episode after episode.
  9. He makes money playing the games. Wait lists and stuff. Perhaps the closest available bed was outside the city. Plus, we wouldn't want our crazy dude to be able to find her. Even if what's owed is paid , he still crazy. They are magic windows. They've gots cats on them.
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