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  1. Hello friend, @Lmangla Thanks for your tag. Very interesting. Too many beautiful women - yes, every.single.one.of.them. - from dramaland have inspired, shocked and moved me. Too many floating in my mind atm, lol. I shall collect my mind and pick a couple or more. I will be back. Btw, why are there so many from K-dramas? Can we have more from C's or HK's or TW's or J's, please? It's International Women's Day (妇女节) today. Happy WD to every one of you beautiful ladies/women out there. CR: G-search Incidentally, like it or not, it falls on 3.8. (三八). Whatever it may be, it's always good to have a celebration, a day of inspiration, recognition and encouragement such as this for sisterhoods of the world. *group hug* CR: G-search
  2. Oops. Hi! For future reference, would the 'writings' be exclusive to Soompi? Or, would the 'writer' be able to retain the copyright of every 'piece of writing' for one's own blog or other online or social media?
  3. Yes. It's 'Coming Soon' on Viki but no air date yet. I read somewhere that mentioned April/May. Just check back here. https://www.viki.com/tv/36277c-the-legend-of-white-snake Ohhh... they are such a feast for the eyes
  4. lol. But, thank you. I will be reading your comments, although I am way behind the regular posters and so I just lurk.
  5. Indeed. Their love is 'The Everlasting Love in Ancient China". Watched ep 1 and really loving the flow of how these two are so fated to be together. I love Joe Chen's 'strong woman' character and Chen Xiao as her ever-supportive, ever-loving, and of course, ever-gorgeous partner. These two have very good chemistry and are very compatible in their performances. Looking forward to be wowed with more of them, and more of the beautiful costumes and settings. Yes. It's her. Yes. Both opening and closing songs are good. But I love the ending song more. Waiting for the MV of the ending song. Agree. Joe Chen acts really well, and looks really good. To be fair, Chen Xiao is just as good. Hopefully so. Also depends on how much historical fact the writer will adhere to, and how much fiction will be added in the mix. This is an OTP to root for. Too bad, as history has it...aish. Still, hope the writing would bring out a more optimistic, inspiring and insightful tale of their accomplishment and their everlasting love.
  6. Have you seen this OST MV with some plot reveal within it? No release of trailer is definitely not due to bad acting. These two are very good performers. They are one of the reasons this drama would be so worth watching. Love them both
  7. New posters. The costumes are beautiful! This OTP looks really good. Hope this drama will not disappoint, even though the history of it was otherwise not too good. Let's hope the screenwriter will do a good job in 'telling this legend well'. Today's the premiere!
  8. Oh no. You are not odd While I love LBW and HL too, I'm really piqued to find out what 's in store for this hostage prince. Also, while I started off really looking forward to HL+BW pairing, mainly because of Yanxi, and still loving this pairing (till now), I'm being drawn toward HL+YR for their fresher chemistry. When YR tells HL (ep 17) 'never to look for me again', I truly felt a squeeze in my heart . Can't wait to see YR out of the underground and back in the palace as the king.
  9. Hmm... Quiet because drama lovers/posters are discussing the drama elsewhere, including here in the Yanxi thread. I chanced upon it while checking out something about Yanxi. So, posters, @lyserose @sharonfu18 @ChloeR @wangnyeo @blessedchild @deslynn88 @EveryoneElse , please do discuss a specific drama in the specific thread for the drama. Some of us may not post, for one reason or another, but we sure do lurk. Believe me, there are many lurkers. And, as the drama progresses, there will be even more discussion on it. Cheers @sugarplum892 @angelangie Sorry mods. Didn't mean to 'crash the party here'
  10. New schedule if you're catching the raw version. Now 2 eps daily, everyday. Still 8 eps behind the IQIYI VIPs. Original schedule. Sat to Tues. 2 episodes per day, after first 10 eps (premiere).
  11. The youtube vids referenced above have been taken down. I wonder why though. I thought it was an official channel. So, currently, there is no other subbed versions. Only raw versions.
  12. This did premiere on the 21st. It has a Youtube channel and is being subtitled in English by some fans. For anyone who is interested, and is looking for engsubs, check it out. I love this Ghost Blows Out The Light series. I thought, thus far, that the Ancient City of Jingjue with Joe Chen and Jin Dong is still the best and most thrilling. Hopefully, this will not disappoint. In fact, from Ep 1 of Wrath of Time, viewers who have watched the ACJ will find some answers to their queries. For instance, why are there 'eye-shaped designs' on their shoulders after having been to that ghost cave? What are they? And more...
  13. Yes, the JJY/YML version, having seen just the trailer, is looking good. From what I've read, this 1992 remake will largely stick to the plot of the original 1992 version but with some novel interpretation somewhere, and lesser songs, lesser episode count. Doesn't seem to have cartoonish effects though, lol. One is more than enough, I guess. Luckily, that Yang Zi version was 'bearable to pretty fun' because of the OTP . Indeed, there is an animation movie. But, surprisingly, it's pretty good, if you love animation movies (like I do). CR: Images to original sources. The animation movie is pretty good. There is a green snake in the drama. How could they leave it out? It's one of the main characters in the plot. Actress Xiao Yan is the green snake spirit for the remake. Apparently (hearsay but not official) coming in April, 2019. Can't wait! Powers for XX? Haven't read anything to that effect. As for their past lives, there's some chatter and that may be shown. We'll have to just wait and see.
  14. Good going! Thank you. We do need Viki to get the license. I agree. An open mind is best for optimal enjoyment, be it from released trailers or from historical happenings. Crossing my fingers for a not-so-messy or not-so-ridic plot development.
  15. lol. The meditation works! The year did not have to pass by quickly. The BEAUTY(drama) is coming to us in an unexpectedly sudden and surprising new schedule instead. Frankly, I'm not 'prepared now' haha. I'm so in love with The Crowned Clown and Hua Bu Qi, and both sets of OTP, both plots... In 3 days... Thanks. You are right. I thought, maybe we'll be spooked again (and we may, let's see). I could hardly believe it, since the news/rumors I've been reading hinted at a year-end schedule... (but I "believed", as per your ID lol)... Oh yes! If "believed" stated so, it will be so, right? lol. It sure is. Hopefully, there'll be no more changes. And, hopefully, it will turn out to be another awesome YZ project.
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