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  1. Noticed this in the latest making video... When the director suggested to Ji Sung to react to HJM's line, his first try got rejected (too many LOLs), but seems like they used that reaction in the end in the episode? Hahaha. Rehearsal: Actual:
  2. Just seen episode 6 without subs... Ji Sung's character, Joohyuk, is becoming increasingly annoying as he keeps trying to stop his friend and Woojin from getting together. I'm hoping the coming episodes can redeem him a little as right now his character is just really doing all sorts of wrong things. It doesn't matter if his current wife is cheating on him or not - this does not make his own actions right. That said, I'm still enjoying this drama mainly because of the main cast and the flawed characters make it more realistic. Also, the ending of Ep 6 makes this drama 'Familiar Husband' instead? Lol.
  3. Phew I’m so happy about the ratings!!! It’s even more heartening because I don’t see much promotion at all by TvN for this drama as some of you have mentioned earlier. The tvN YouTube channel only uploads like 3(!!!) measly videos per episode excluding the previews, which is much less than Sec Kim previously Come on tvN! You’re sleeping on this drama! Anyway, some thoughts on Eps 3-4: - I don’t like that they’re making Hye-won go down the having an affair route. Wanted Joo-Hyuk to slowly realise his own shortcomings and how much happier he and Woojin can be if they’d just not let small problems build over the years without needing an external factor (JH’s wife in alternate timeline having an affair) - I love all the office shenanigans - Enjoying jealous JH when he sees his friend and Woojin hitting it off - Han Ji Min is reaaaallly pretty (same thought every time new Woojin appears onscreen lol) - Happy Joohyuk’s actions and squeals at the start of episode 3 reminded of Ahn Yo-Na from KMHM (don’t tell me I’m the only crazy one?!) - Got slight chills when WJ’s mother called JH her Son-in-law at the end of ep 4. Wondering if it’s part of the fantasy element taking place or just her Alzheimer’s making her say something ridiculous?
  4. Made some gifs of the laughing bts cos they were too cute and giggly. Hope tvn continues uploading more of such bts!
  5. New Behind-the-scenes! Ji Sung and Han Ji Min at the end of the video when they couldn't control their laughter had me laughing too I notice JS has a bit of problem once he starts laughing, he can't stop, similar to his other drama's bts lol.
  6. For those keeping an eye on the ratings, Familiar Wife recorded highest rating (TNMS) of 6.5%, which is higher than the other Wed-Thur dramas on the SBS/MBC/KBS stations. Also in comparison, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim recorded a 6.3% for its first episode. Here's to hoping the ratings keep rising for Familiar Wife! Source: http://newsis.com/view/?id=NISX20180802_0000380514
  7. I’m not too worried for now since this drama is currently 3rd on Naver search 2 hours after the first episode ended... So it seems there’s some buzz surrounding it. The comments on the videos are also mostly praising HJM’s acting and saying that it’s interesting so far. Of course there are comparisons with Go Back Couple but only 1 episode has aired so it’s too quick to judge! I, for one, enjoyed Ep 1. There were really some scenes that made me laugh out loud.
  8. Can't wait for Ji-Sung and Han Ji-Min's new drama! They just woke me up from a 1.5year hiatus lol. HJM is so cute in the BTS video! Dancing to Seo Taiji and Boys Comparing her version to the original: Hope TvN uploads lots of behind-the-scenes...
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