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  1. c032b0c7ly1fdtoweqve9j20u00u0dmk.jpg

    This lady in the pic with JK is the wife of comedian Jung Jong Chul (he has a small part in JK's drama, Tree with Deep Roots).  Her husband is the one who posted this pic.  They were there for the VIP Premiere of Ordinary Person which stars Son Hyun Joo and Jang Hyuk (they are part of JK's drinking group).


    Beautiful Kyo :wub:



    Sigh, we can not expect SS to be together 24/7 nor for JK to lead a monk-like existence when Kyo's not there with him.


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    2. zashibear


      Beside it will be expected since this year there will less SS instances for them to be seen together. The project they did is one year old already. They will be moving on to new projects so it is expected they will not be seen together.  We need to get used to it. 

    3. piyek lestari

      piyek lestari

      Love it, when the man away, someone update her IG. :wub:


    4. angieknows


      High five, @hclover96! I don't get why people are so suspicious and weak-hearted. :mellow:

      @utkim :):wub: