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  1. SBS, why, oh why??? :angry:



    And lastly, in Korea when the drama is produced, actors have more spotlight than actresses. To me, this drama was really a big project and the very first drama that I appeared in as soon as I was discharged from the army … such a big project ... I want to share the glory of this award with my partner SHK-ssi, who lessened my burden and being together with me made me feel so reassured.

    cr to Ace chingu for the translation


    Here's some beautiful gifs of an amazing man to lessen the frustration a bit.





    cr as tagged

    1. utkim


      i am so angry :angry::angry::angry:

  2. Too many coincidences? lol Giverny flowers (from the same shop): JK gave this to the restaurant he was at on the day of the Ordinary Person VIP Premiere Kyo gave this to her friend Yezi: Unas candles: JK gave this to the staff of Battleship Island Kyo gave this to her fans who attended her fan meeting cr to 格子的圆圈 I was watching a bit of the NGs on the DVD and I find this part so cute, her laugh and she touched his arm (please look at the car's side mirror)
  3. Hehe, can't wait to see little Songs :tongue:



    Kyo with her friend's baby (the pregnant friend at her FM) and JK with his little nephew :wub:



    @angieknows, woman, you need to post on your wall so I can rant.  My poor eyes are still bleeding because of you :bawling:  Luckily, I shared the love with @utkimand @khxyso I didn't suffer alone.  Sharing is caring, lol


    1. angieknows


      Awwwww. So cute. Thanks @hclover96! Looks like Kyo's bangs have grown out ... ?


      LOL. And I dunno what you're talking about? What is this thing that was shared? What suffering? :blink::huh: :lol:


      And ummmmm ... I think my wall needs a break. Haha.

    2. utkim


      Cutie :wub:


      lol gotta wash my eyes after your love sharing @hclover96 :lol:

      I'm suffering Angie :wacko:

    3. angieknows


      Lol @utkim I dunno why you are suffering :huh: But I'm sorry whatever it was you were put through :wub::lol:

  4. c032b0c7ly1fdtoweqve9j20u00u0dmk.jpg

    This lady in the pic with JK is the wife of comedian Jung Jong Chul (he has a small part in JK's drama, Tree with Deep Roots).  Her husband is the one who posted this pic.  They were there for the VIP Premiere of Ordinary Person which stars Son Hyun Joo and Jang Hyuk (they are part of JK's drinking group).


    Beautiful Kyo :wub:



    Sigh, we can not expect SS to be together 24/7 nor for JK to lead a monk-like existence when Kyo's not there with him.


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    2. zashibear


      Beside it will be expected since this year there will less SS instances for them to be seen together. The project they did is one year old already. They will be moving on to new projects so it is expected they will not be seen together.  We need to get used to it. 

    3. piyek lestari

      piyek lestari

      Love it, when the man away, someone update her IG. :wub:


    4. angieknows


      High five, @hclover96! I don't get why people are so suspicious and weak-hearted. :mellow:

      @utkim :):wub:

  5. @twtwb, thanks as always for saying what needed to be said so eloquently. Here is the full translation of JK's speech for the PD Award. Thanks to Ace chingu for the translation and @angieknowsfor her help. Thanks to my favorite 妹妹 for the original screencap in Korean The restaurant where they celebrated in Kyo's IG post is the same restaurant they went to eat at after the Baeksang Awards last June.
  6. Hi @dlvelasco, unfortunately we won't be seeing SS together on that date. SBS-in is a new channel that is going to be launched in Indonesia. They will broadcast k-dramas, k-pop and k-variety shows. They will be introducing popular Korean stars on their channel and our SSC is the fourth one to be shown (Super Junior, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, Big Bang will also be featured). It will just be a compilation video of their previous works. I think this part of the commentary says a lot about Song-Song's relationship. If he's just a mere co-star, he wouldn't have known about this particular preference by Kyo's manager. Please note he's not calling Kyo "noona", he's just calling the person they were talking about "noona". Thanks @utkim JK is truly an amazing and capable man!
  7. @jl08 @mooischat0, thanks again for your explanation. I think at this point regarding the translation, we can just take it as we agree to disagree. Since our Korean friends took their time to explain and wrote out this detailed explanation for me, I just want to post this on the thread to clarify why they translated the commentaries the way they did and not word-for-word. This will be the last time I'll be talking about this translation on the thread. I do apologize for this and I'll be happy to continue discussing this subject through PM instead There was a fan account on Feb. 24 from a Korean fan who went to JK's TOPTEN fan signing in Busan. She asked JK: "Is oppa's watch from a sponsor company?" JK replied back: "No, it's my own watch, a treasured one - a watch that I really like." Thanks to my favorite 妹妹
  8. Poor @hclover96. You've had a very long day. LOL. Hang in there. There's more. LOL. Good thing our friend has been very detailed.

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      @Amy Phan, I don't think you'll be able to top your last rankings list :lol:

      Just want to declare my love for all you lovely ladies.  @angieknows, @thm55, @kikyoislove, and @Amy Phan, thank you for all your help and your generosity, you girls are truly wonderful :wub:

    3. thm55


      :heart::heart::heart: me too 

    4. angieknows


      Ditto! LOL.

      Thanks for the love, @hclover96! You've been great to us, the thread, and pretty much the whole ship! :wub:

  9. Hi @mooischat0, thanks for posting your translation of that specific part. I appreciate your explanation and you're definitely not a villain nor baddy, haha. I've double checked with the friends (a native Korean and someone else who is pretty fluent in Korean) who did the translations for the commentary video and while your translations are literally (word for word) accurate, we also need to take the context of the whole conversation into account. Word for word translations don't always convey the right interpretation because sometimes they overlook the substance, tone and context (kind of like Google Translate in a way). We also need to look at what they were talking about right before this part. Kyo was complimenting him and JK said "you're so generous with your compliments (you praise me too much), sunbaenim". Another native Korean also confirmed that Kyo meant to say "(you don't call me sunbaenim that much) so I have to work with you to finally hear you call me sunbaenim". She was being a bit sarcastic, but in a humorous way teasing him. So if we are looking at the context of the whole conversation, the original translations should be correct. If you need more explanations, I'll be happy to provide the original Korean text and detailed explanation through PM Here is the full set of gifs so it'll be clearer to understand the whole conversation: Please note that when we make these gifs, we don't gif the whole conversation sometimes and remember these aren't video clips, but rather, soundless snapshots.
  10. @michidaa, yes, that's the sexy Valentine SS was talking about and JK said Kyo's sexy at her FM Haha, Kyo was having so much fun teasing JK. She jokingly complained that he only calls her "sunbaenim" when they are working together. Hehe, we can only guess what he calls her in private when they are not working.
  11. Im leaving you a public confession! Love you SSSSS @hclover96 :wub:

    1. hclover96


      Bwahaha, I'm flattered, but what brought this on, @Amy Phan?  Did @angieknowsand @thm55tease you again?  :lol:

    2. Amy Phan

      Amy Phan

      No no no, I just feel the need to tell you that hahaha :) wuahhhh


  12. @jl08, thanks dear for the much needed post. It's slow and quiet these days, but that doesn't mean this thread has to turn into a place where people have to post their doubts and spread negativity. A big thanks to all the shippers who have posted positive and heartwarming messages. Let us all try to be a bit more positive here, after all, it's called a shippers' paradise for a reason @angieknows, this is for you JK is so cute here. It's such a typical boyfriend behavior too, trying to play it off and reassure the gf that other women are not sexy lol big, big thanks to @thm55and Ace chingu
  13. Kim Yoo Jung mentioned Kyo in an interview with Taiwanese media last month. She said she's a fan of Kyo and that her favorite childhood role is playing the younger version of Kyo in the movie "Hwang Jin Yi". http://ent.ltn.com.tw/news/breakingnews/1967535 I like KYJ also. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see these two lovely actresses work together, preferably as sisters
  14. The gif to Angie's post.  Hehe, he said she's pretty in the morning ... scarily pretty at night :tongue:



    Thanks to the amazing @thm55and ace chingu!!!

    1. angieknows


      haha. Kyo wanted confirmation if he meant it. LOL. Duh, Ki, of course, any girl would want to know.

      LOL. You should gif the talk about that girl Valentine, too. LOL. 

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      Hehe, I was planning to, but need to recharge first, lol

    3. utkim
  15. LnRz-G.gif


    A million thanks to our awesome twosome chingus (you know who you are) :wub:

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      "Why are speaking politely, suddenly?" LMAOOOOO