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  1. Hi @jayakrisI was logged out of the forum! Took me a couple of days and many tries to remember the password. Early sign of dementia! I'd have to agree with those who think YSJ is a good person. I don't think she was aware that Bang kidnapped baby NJ. Her reasons for not wanting them to meet was to keep him from mooching off NJ. She is meddling in NJ's love life because she is afraid his future FIL will ill-treat him. She also doesn't like that he makes himself too readily available to JA. Even when they were back in the boondocks, she always said that NJ loves JA more than JA loves NJ. She said JA was only using him. I think she is being an over-protective mama. Ordinarily I would find it annoying but I guess there are other more annoying characters that she seems pretty harmless to me
  2. I heard differently when I saw the episode. What I heard was NJ told Bang he would only accept him if his mother accepts him. If Bang wants to come by the house or whatever, Bang would also need his permission. But Bang was told in no uncertain terms that he cannot leech off NJ's Mum or make any demands of her.
  3. Actually I always found it odd. The ED is so cruel. She would even get rid of both her sons. She is just trying to persuade an old lady to sell her the land and not try to harm her or kill her for it! It's quite unbelievable! Wang Sik may want justice for victims but sorry, I think it is not the right way. He stole the money. He is playing Robin Hood! I loved everything about WS up to the scene of him distributing stolen money in his name. I can't reconcile with that.
  4. NJ would not have stopped him from saying that. He did live with the guy for a few years. What he said to him was that his memory of him as father was a poor one. He did not have any good memory of him. But he thanked him for giving him his mother. And also NJ is not the type to bother what people thinks of him. That is Siu's department!
  5. I don't agree with that. NJ's instinct is not to help Bang but to protect his mother. He told him if he ever harrases his mother again, he will cut him off. NJ agreed to get him accomodation and the brilliant lawyer gave him a job to keep him close. So they can keep an eye on him and do damage control. NJ never referred to that guy as his father. For a guy with NJ's character, that says a lot. I find Seung-Joo very whiny. If she dislikes that NJ gives so much attention to others, she should not have started a relationship with him. There is no way that NJ will stop instinctively reaching out or responding to others in need. It is in his nature. SJ should either shut up or find another boyfriend.
  6. MS seems to take great joy in pointing out his wife's stupidity. Well, he is the greater fool who married her! And in that scene where they saw NJ and JN at the hotel... stupid woman told stupider guy not to jump to conclusions. A sad day when he doesn't realise he is the stupider one! Somehow the scene where Dad and Daughter laughed behind Ms Stupid's back didn't sit right with me. She is stupid but he chose to stay married to her. It was quite unbecoming for them to gleefully laugh at her. She is the secretary to the big boss. It a very important role. Yet stupid thought it was a low-entry job and just anyone can fill the post. It will be his fault if she makes a terrible mistake that would cost them $$$ and reputation. I am so waiting for that to happen. Yah, I got annoyed with Seung Joo too. Yes, NJ is not the most attentive of boyfriends because he wants to save the world! But he never pretended to be otherwise. You don't start a relationship and then try to change the other person. That's a relationshp breaker for sure. Seung Joo says NJ is a meddler. But so is her. She doesn't leave him to his own devices and run off to help others because very frankly, who does she have in her life other than NJ? I don't even need to use up all the fingers of one hand!
  7. I always smirk to myself when her Mom goes on and on about DG2 and NJ. When she finds out that NJ was the villan! hahaha! And what's with NJ saying to himself that when the time is right, he will reveal that DG is a fake. In the first place, creating that fake DG benefit Esther, not him. And when DG2 is revealed as a fake and DNA testing is done .. voila, our other grandson who we thought was dead is alive & well! This Esther's "acting" is getting on my nerves. Where do these people go for acting classes? Lately there are so many of these villains who feel the need to lift their eyebrows, curl their lips, jerk their heads all at the same time! After awhile, it gets quite painful to look at the hideous overdone expressions. ACT, not make monkey faces!!
  8. WB believes that Hyuk killed his mother when he ran over her with his car. He didn't know that YR was aware that his Mom was still alive. She told the Emperor that he had killed her and she would help him cover his crime. @laivlaI am still wondering what that scene with the Emperor going to the garden where he supposedly buried his dead wife was about. That was it and everyone has now forgotten about it! No further questions on how she died, where she is buried, who killed her, etc. If they felt so strongly about it, they shouldn't have started this drama then! It is an immature and vain idea. Throughout history of every country, people in power have done great good and horrible wickedness. There is no country that can say that they only had great leaders - great, saintly leaders. It is not national pride but lack of reality to think otherwise! All the moments the emperor spends with Sonny, we can clearly see that Sonny is faking her feelings. And for me, it just clearly shows they cannot end up together.
  9. Esther hired someone to waste San Ha's time (to get her in trouble with the family). She paid the person for the mobile phone he used to contact San Ha. And with her bare hands, broke the phone in two and threw it away! hahahaha. Koreans make great phones but they don't know you just need to remove the SIM card. You don't need to toss the phone and most certainly, not break it apart with your bare hands! All along I felt sorry for NJ. He looked at San Ha with so much expressions of guilt and admiration. But I just saw the episode where he was the one who made her family go bankrupt. Whatever the Chairman and his family did to make NJ end up an orphan doesn't make it right for him to go after revenge this way. He would use innocent people just to get what he wanted. how much different or better is he than the Chairman? And speaking of better, DK2's mom said to herself that her husband is so pathetic because he's the son of a mistress. It looks like she left Soo Ha on the road to die. So is her son more pathetic?!
  10. Dont' worry; you're not alone. There are just as many of us who don't want the emperor and Sunny to end up together. Because the emperor knows how to soften his character, it is easy to overlook the evil he has done. But we remember I don't see him as being in love with Sonny. I know many people think he has fallen in love with her, and if she is by his side means he will henceforth be a good person. He is lonely. His pillars of support - evil mother and evil mistress are not with him. He has no-one else to turn to. And hey, he sees his Chief of Guard has fallen in love with his empress. You know that a guy can be oblivious to you. But when he notices the gal has an admirer, he starts looking at her differently too. Guys are weird but they are wired that way!
  11. MYR and the guard, Kang were in a relationship. Does that mean the boy DS is their son? She claims to love Kang but the way she treats DS is not loving at all! And why does the writer want to now throw in this ill-fated love? Are we supposed to pity MYR now? The writer seems to be wanting us to love the Emperor and MYR who have done atricious crimes!
  12. I have been away these last few days so I missed your news @jayakris. I am really sorry for your loss. It is comforting that you and your family was with your Dad when he passed. As I am sure he must have been comforted to spend his final moments with his loved ones. @sava2sava, when SH found out about NJ, she asked the lawyer if a DNA test was done. The lawyer affirmed it. She said she would do her own. But what gave her away was her statement "the baby is dead!". I think she asked scumbag to kill the baby. But he kidnapped NJ and gave him to NJ's Mom to raise. I don't think Siu will do anything if he finds out. When he found out that his Mom had asked Jina's roommate to switch the designs, he was all ready to sack the room mate. But he told Jina he would handle things quietly because his Mom is involved. I am still not fully convinced he has left the darkness and is walking in the light!
  13. I used to like SJ but i find her reactions to NJ rather childish. She is in her 30s! And most of these reactions were not done in private but done in front of their colleagues. NJ is the team lead. Its unprofessional and downright rude. I don't find her cute at all. Sorry but i always think people with 'no filter' who say they are frank etc are often just plain rude and insensitive. You can be frank and yet respectful at the same time. She accused her father of jumping to conclusions. Yes he does. But so does she. She is supposed to be the good person, the "joan of arc". But i really dislike pouty people who manipulate others with their sulking and temper tantrums.
  14. Sorry to cut your post. Do you mean the mental hospital? If yes, the former chief of guards was the one who took Yura out of prison. Apparently she saved his life and he was returning the favour. The ED came by just as they got out of the mental hospital and whisked them away. He himself spouts lies to others. He lied to Sonny and deceived her. That's how she became the Empress. I don't feel pity for him. But the actor makes his character adorable at times. and i have to chant like a mantra "murderer!".
  15. Season 2 is rather dull compared to Season 1. Season 1 was all about hope. This season seems rather dismal and I feel like it might be kinder to kill everyone on the show than to struggle to made another episode! And this Ja Kyung - what exactly is she trying to portray? She seems to want to come across as someone mysterious. Attempting to add an air of sophistication and even sex appeal in her portrayal. But she needs to cut her hair, lose some weight, lose that double chin to achieve that! There are many plus-sized women who are very sexy but they ooze femininity, self-confidence and sex-appeal. Ja Kyung has none of these qualities so she comes across as a clown. Making the drama even more tiresome. Bring back that Mr Jo with the bounce in his steps and a 'just do it' attitude. This Jo is just dragging himself!