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  1. Yes, indeed the author has more credibility about the perfect chemistry between SHK and PBG. Thanks for sharing this. I've no doubt about our love for PBG, SHK and Boyfriend, though I do understand that everyone is different and some may not see the overflowing chemistry between the leads. It's obvious to us because we're in love with their awesome acting and chemistry. We've seen the growth of KJH since ep 1 till ep 16 and he has definitely become a man of good stead to take care of CSH. Admittedly, he was a young boy at the start, out to explore the world and lived his life freely with no burden. Yet the moment he fell in love with CSH, his life became focused on loving her and doing all he could to protect her and shield her from harm, to the extent of handling CSH's MIL and Mother with honesty and courage. We've seen how KJH persuaded CSH not to give up on them by suggesting a lay-off period and till the end, we've seen how he persevered to love her in his own quiet ways, by not letting go of her, though she suggested the breakup with him, triggered by his mum, the last straw so to speak. I can't think of anyone else who is able to bring us the great dynamics and off-the-chart chemistry between PBG and SHK in bringing their love story and problems alive and giving so much depth and width to their characters. PBG may be young but he did such a great job as KJH. SHK is so good at making the gap disappear that not every noona is able to. She makes one feel that falling in love with an awesome, handsome younger guy is the best thing to happen ever. She showed viewers how she could be cared for so lovingly by her younger half. Their emotions are explosive. When you're crying and feeling so heartbroken when they're sad, and rejoicing like an idiot when they're happy, and longing to see their passionate moments......wishing you're there to feel the heated kisses.....you know how GOOD PBG and SHK really are. Even after Boyfriend has ended and you still YEARN to see them in the same frame........despite the age gap, their chemistry has been absolutely magical! Yes, they're both so good that they deserve the Top Excellence Awards, the highest of the highest.
  2. Agree with you totally, chingu! Why do people feel the need to bring over the same article so many times? What good does it do to bring joy to Boyfriend fans? Perhaps it's driven by sadism at its worst. As for the clueless journalists - they always create the wrong headlines anyway. I guess it's because they need to make a guilty living by creating hell for the good people. Do we not see the cast and crew nearly freezing in the cold weather while filming? Please check the bts if you haven't, before making things tough for Boyfriend's lead couple. BOYFRIEND did so well internationally because we can enjoy the drama without helluva lots of inhibitions. Once in a long while, we are treated with such a beautiful and romantic drama, full of literary works and fine lines that stay with you. There are so many meaningful messages that one can learn to live by and I hope Korea is able to see the main message - that a divorced woman can have a respectable place in society; that a divorced rich and powerful woman has the right to fall in love with a young guy from an average family and still be respected by society. That mothers-in-law have a part to play in the happiness of their children by understanding how much their sons love their woman. That the sons need the moral support from their fathers. That love means having to persevere and overcome obstacles together. That not one party should give up because it's too painful. And if the sea's job is to make waves, Mine is to think of you, and Among a multitude of stars, one look down at me Among a multitude of people, I look up at the star How romantic those words are. If only the human race has more of such meaningful and beautiful lines brought about by BOYFRIEND, the world would be a better place for all, including the journalists and 'fans' who make things difficult for PBG and SHK. "I wanted to ask you this if we met again. Do you have a boyfriend?" YES. I have a BOYFRIEND, thank God. I have: A heart-warming drama that touches my soul and calms my heart and reminds me to cherish my loved ones, even when things get tough. An amazing lead couple who gave their best against all odds, to bring a heart-wrenching yet beautiful romance amidst gorgeous sunset and passionate indulgence with hot kisses and lips smacking...two beautiful silhouettes merging into one in the fading night sky filled with multitude of stars cheering for them.... No only are they hungry for each other, but We're famished with their love for each other too. So who makes such a beautiful drama possible? It's the ACTOR Park Bo Gum and ACTRESS Song Hye Kyo. Don't you think we should cheer them for their dedication and courage, instead of finding faults? A shout out to the KOREAN journalists, KNETS and non-Boyfriend fans! We're not talking about whose wife. We're talking about the top actress, Song Hye Kyo and the top actor, Park Bo Gum. They have an amazing screen chemistry that goes beyond description. Savour it and not destroy it. And please feel free to have it properly translated to Korean and place it on the major Korean websites! Enough is enough.
  3. I get you, chingu. Seriously. I find it difficult to let go of "Boyfriend" in particular, more difficult than the handful of K dramas that I have watched and that is not much, cos I'm very selective. Perhaps it's the magical settings and stunning cinematography and our gorgeous and talented PBG and SHK leading the accolades....the entire romance drama is too beautiful for words. It's been a long time since I've come across such a lovely drama and I admit that the off-the-chart chemistry of our leads threw me off completely. Their superb acting had us all in a frenzy and scrambling for more.....alas! it's only 16 episodes. I love the story to the moon and back! Save for ep 15 which is hard to stomach still....the PD could have done away with too much hurt and tears, imo. Of course the finale is sweet but could have been much sweeter....oh well, we can't ask for too much, can we? If it were not for the unspeakable chemistry between PBG and SHK right from Cuba in ep 1, it's unlikely that I would give this drama a second chance even. There's just something there, maybe their aura aligns beautifully, or their stars were shining in the same spot at the same time, or their expressive and attractive faces found their way to each other's presence, more like to the PD's presence since he only had them in mind.....well, everything fell in place that made it possible for their paths to cross each other, before PBG enlists too, which might be soon, seeing how cramped his schedule is....he did talk about looking at some project in April earlier on. Do the leads know their chemistry is off-the-chart? Of course. We heard PBG asking the obvious to the journalists right....lol. Although there's a minimal chance of them working together again, as we all know in the K-ent industry which seldom pairs the same couple although there are a handful.....I would still yearn for their collaboration in future. I've never failed to be amazed that both of them managed to pull off their roles so superbly and made us forget their age gap totally, because they were like any other compatible and beautiful couple in the drama. Both PBG and SHK have brought so much joy to so many fans around the world with "Boyfriend". I wish the same joy and much more for them in their personal lives. They may be busy with their own agenda and goals but I would still hope that their paths will cross again, whether it's a new drama, a movie or even CFs or perhaps the impossible for Kyo...hosting a variety show jointly with PBG amongst other members..... Yes, it all sounds far-fetched. But there is a word we can't do without - HOPE.
  4. Wow! Glad that the love for Boyfriend is still going strong! @bebebisous33 You're really awesome!! Your analyses are really interesting and thanks for taking so much time to share with us. Please continue as we're all looking forward to more analyses....You're doing such a great job with Boyfriend! @gumtaek That ep 1 screening in PBG's Japan FM is awesome! Thanks for sharing....looking at the entire promotional vid, I already feel so excited for the Japanese fans to catch the drama. The visuals and gorgeous settings are enough to pump up the adrenalin and I'm sure the Japanese fans wish that the drama could be screened as soon as possible! @stardustvoid @dukesa1122 @twtwb and many other chingus, Thanks for staying here and why do I feel that this place feels like home and that KJH and CSH owe us some future episodes where they progress from Boyfriend to Mr and Mrs Kim? hehe..... And when the kids come along and they bicker over the kids....it'll be PBG's wish come true to act in a bickering role with a 'same age actress'....haha... Btw, why do people feel so elated when they read about PBG's reply that it's KJH romancing CSH and not he romancing his friend's wife? Isn't that a GIVEN from the start? lol.... I thought that was pretty clear. Did someone got mix up with reel and real from the start? OK, I hope for #Season2Boyfriend and if not possible, a #Boyfriend movie with PBG and SHK would be great! Just imagine the cinematography in a movie! We already caught glimpses of that from the drama and it's so beautiful. So I'm wondering if a movie come true, will we be able to stay sane looking at the visuals of PBG and SHK on the super huge screen... Meanwhile, PBG is busy with his FMs. Can SHK please grace some magazine cover and talk about Boyfriend? Now, we can be elated if a miracle happens and SHK and PBG can be seen in the same frame......promoting Boyfriend! And I'm still having the #Boyfriend bug.... Btw, P.O's detailed description of meeting SHK......is daebak! I take it to be her vibes are "electrifying" and "stunning"......to make such an impact on him!
  5. The thing in Korea is that it has always been the actors who take part in lots of interview after a successful drama and not the actresses, especially for SHK, she's always been known to take a back seat and stay out of the limelight as much as she can. Why would she want to throw herself to the animals out there waiting to hunt her down for all the wrong reasons, so I don't blame her. It's enough that both SHK and PBG have put Boyfriend on the international map and lots of fans are loving it and embracing the beautiful love story of KJH and CSH. Moreover, the drama looks set to cook up a storm even more, with the US and some Europe countries waiting to screen it. Could the media please look at the BIG picture and not pick on irrelevant stuff....yawning, SJK's reaction etc When a drama such as Boyfriend is hugely a world-wide success, those are terribly insignificant and redundant stuff..... really. The question the media should ask is "How did Boyfriend do it against all odds"?! It's a wonderful achievement that one should celebrate, especially so by the Koreans. I'm glad that Kyo is reading the book that KJH gave to CSH - at least she's still in Boyfriend mode, just like PBG tweeting about the drama and speaking to the media about his thoughts on the drama. SHK is cheering Boyfriend on in her own quiet way. Yes, I wish the entire drama was shot in Cuba! At least the people are warm and sane and welcome passionate kisses and hugs when they see one....just look at the security guard in Cuba - he closed an eye after checking out the situation..that's the spirit, man! Btw, was there a compilation of all the books and poems shown in the drama? Sorry, I got too worked up about the should haves of our couple that I can't think straight......and why didn't they put those 2 kids to good use to show that there was a bed scene after all..... Darn.
  6. How's everyone coping with a "BOYFRIENDLESS" week? I'm certainly missing the drama and missing the love story of KJH and CSH. I wish "Boyfriend" has more episodes cos it's beautiful and 16 is too short. There are some unresolved stuff like CSH not telling KJH how and where she got him the same camera, not letting him know that she went back to the Cuba cafe to keep their appointment and of course , the missing Cuba scenes...one month of filming would surely mean there are more to meet the eye than whatever is screened right...... I'm glad to have a good ending but at the same time, why do I feel that something is missing....lol. Or wait, I think I know what is missing....the magic and passion of "What happened in Cuba " are dissipated upon landing in Korea.....hehe.... pity. Their oozing chemistry was given a miss back home! Hope everyone is revisiting this wonderful drama and its sweet moments and holding on to the beautiful memories of KJH and CSH. I'm grateful to be able to see PBG and SHK collaborating in this drama which turns out to be so well-loved and cherished because their love story is so touching and so beautiful and will surely linger on for months to come. Even when both start on their new projects. this drama will remain special in my heart because they did such a great job together. I love all the OSTS and especially "Good Night" in the finale when they kissed at the playground with the snowflakes falling gently on their faces....chanced upon this beautiful MV which brings back sweet memories of "Boyfriend"... "The wind quietly scatters The starlight resembles you I'm feeling you Still magical You are You're my starlight You're my starlight Your eyes make me smile You are my sunshine I want to reach you like a dream In this picturesque moment Good Night The wind wraps around us The starlight resembles you I'm feeling you Still miracle You are You are my starlight You are my starlight Your eyes make me smile You are my sunshine I want to reach you like a dream In this picturesque moment I feel you, Stay with you The world is colored with you I'll be a wave and protect you Good Night" The lyrics is so sweet... Credit: Kanako Horikoshi
  7. OH MY.... So did they teach them how to yawn in drama classes or any ACTING degree? Is there a SPECIFIC stereotype way that one has to open his mouth at certain angles or degree and widen from there...lol. Gosh. Don't we all yawn as we like? What's with Korea and its entertainment industry or are they the fans looking for something to sow discord with the drama..... I think the drama is so successful that some are not too pleased with it. The ending is much to be envied of course...compared to some. The lead couple is visually off the chart, their chemistry is superb and the drama is magical. I've not seen such a beautiful romance in a slow-burn manner for a long time. It ignites lots of precious memories...of the reason for loving the person and standing by him/her throughout thick and thin. I think BOYFRIEND has achieved lots that other dramas have not. Hence, its cast should be super proud of themselves, totally.
  8. The video call scene is really one of my fav in the drama and to think that they executed it so well, though it was filmed on different days. It seemed so real. Yes to the veiled sarcasm behind PBG's reply "Do you not see our chemistry"? .....when everyone else is raving on and on about OUR chemistry....lol. In this aspect, he also implied that the focus should be on their superb chemistry rather than on their age gap. Didn't the journalists hear his reply that he could not feel the age gap because they both were well-immersed into their roles? The drama may have ended but their sweet screen chemistry and beautiful acting as a couple lingers on. Will we get to see their joint interviews or cover shoot together? I hope so. BOYFRIEND is an international hit. They should be given a joint opportunity to express their views on the drama. Besides, the best defence is to do MORE joint activities together. Go for it! Like CSH's dad said "Are you going to live that way (considerate) forever"? So PBG and SHK - KJH and CSH chose not to live for others and their criticism. It's a good learning point.
  9. CSH told KJH about his dad: "He said that you're boring because you only talk about books" - this was the Eng sub that did not translate "jagi". Actually, CSH used the term "jagi" which is a term of endearment between a couple, like honey, darling etc... So CSH actually said "Apa said that jagi is really boring because you only talk about books" @xu_lyfeis very observant to notice this....I hope she'll explain it more clearly.....lol.
  10. Since you love SHK and PBG and the drama so much.....Spring in Korea would be lovely... Yes, all that you've said is also my thoughts...that the scenes in Cuba are not much and the hot passionate kisses should have been picked up from where it's left off in Cuba....that line was not pursued for some reasons...lots of closure in the finale which could have been spread over the last 2 episodes instead of something else... The drama is beautiful just that for some of us, the finale has too little screen time for PBG and SHK together, though everything else is settled beautifully. After all, they're the focus of the drama and they're the ones who make viewers fall in love with them. Cheers to your 29th birthday and have a great trip!
  11. I get your point too, chingu. Yes, love definitely conquers all!
  12. Actually, I got the feeling that CSH purposefully said that (not the mum's fault) to ease his mum's mind. It was an assurance from CSH to KJH's mum that it's not her fault to make her feel better. You could see the mum's expression at her - wanting to believe yet wondering if that's the truth. CSH having the same fear of hurting KJH was resolved when she took a break from KJH but ended up running to Sokcho to find him because she was in the tea lady's dark room and developed a film which happened to be KJH's photo taken by CSH when he passed her the camera. That reminded her of him and she realized that she loves him more than the fear of hurting him. Like KJH told his mum: "She wants to break up with me. But I think she only says that because she's worried about you"
  13. Much as I would love to see Kyo drop a surprise visit at PBG's FM today, I think it's highly unlikely cos it's like entering a lion's den with all the female fans going crazy over the National Boyfriend...just look at the crowd and media at their wrap up party..cameras flashing away & the crowd cheering... PBG is owned by the nation now....haha... I noticed that SHK has an endearing childlike quality in her that draws fanboys to her, besides her beauty. In the drama, during the library scene, she was teasing KJH about the tiny book covering his eyes only - that was cutely delivered in her own way. Also, at the last scene, take a look at her innocent eyes darting away when KJH asked her what happened to the camera cover that she was supposed to make for him, it's one year already....SHK was busy making excuses and it was kinda cute....both time it made KJH/PBG laughed genuinely. I think it's so apt of SHK because she needs to keep her guard up in real life (plenty of bashing) so she'll only let down with the ones who are close/familiar with her.....and you can see her being herself and I'm not surprised if she teases PBG in bts....like how she reacted when she discovered that he practised salsa on his own....lol. The effect of the script was nuanced by their superb delivery of their lines and emotions and that made the drama so much more realistic and endearing because we were drawn into the world of KJH and CSH and their love story. We laugh and cry with them. I wish I was one of those shoes or cameras that literally stayed with them through thick and thin.....so that I can walk good times with them and capture precious moments of their passion.......
  14. Haha...so that's why I demand a special episode to cover all the lost kisses to satiate our hunger since the Cuban balcony steamy kiss was dangled as a mere carrot to lure us hungry and innocent rabbits to the drama's den. And we're still being dangled right up to the last episode. Why do I feel they're a little emotional in one of the pics.....I see Kyo holding a tissue and PBG looked solemn too.. I guess they really invested a lot of effort and emotions to bring us a great melodrama.
  15. @gumtaek Hello my dear chingu, That beautiful pic of our lovely couple brings a smile to my face right away! Awww.....They look so sweet together....hehe.. (please let me just fangirl them since the drama ended) Thank you for sharing. PD NIM - I really want to give you hug for pairing this amazing couple. They're super talented and super beautiful. How can we let go of the drama? I can't. I demand a special episode next week!! P/s: Mostly, I see PBG's closed lips smile in the party pics. So glad I get to see him smile showing his lovely white teeth when he's cutting the cake with Kyo......haha.. Gratz for a an amazing drama, both of you!