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  1. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Black is more expressive because it's his first time experiencing love with a human being - out of his world totally. He's discovering his own feelings for Ha Ram and instinctively wants to protect her and stay by her side and has no hesitation about endangering himself for her. Ha Ram has liked Joonie Oppa/Black since young and she's comfortable with her feelings for him. She tends to act more pampered when with Black - putting out her hand to get help from him when she tripped and fell; obediently raising her face for him to clean off the soot; feeling shy when he wiped off traces of sauce from her lips..the list goes on. As the female, Ha Ram is more shy naturally. For me, Ha Ram's love is stable, subtle and shy. Black's love is bold and protective. This is the difference. And Ara is giving the right touch to her emotions - nothing too over. SSH, needless to say, is simply remarkable as the grim reaper who has fallen head over heels in love with a human girl. And I'm enjoying his jealousy and keeping my fingers crossed for more loving scenes! SSH and Ara deserve more recognition for their awesome chemistry and acting prowess in Black.
  2. @giragira "You can love a person without doing grand gestures" - Agree, totally. "I'm just saying it's a shame that all the videos that are going around are like this" - Because the vids are from the same illegal source being reposted. Good that you're not suggesting a one-sided love. Back to the euphoria of the most beautiful wedding of the century with the loveliest couple ever.
  3. @utkim Agree with you that the illegal vid is shot from the angle facing SJK mostly so his expressions and gestures are visibly captured. I'm glad that he is such a caring and attentive husband to Kyo but we all know that already. Their nuptial moments were both emotional and special. Let's not cast shadows in times of celebration and joy; worse still, at a time when they are pronounced man and wife by suggesting a one-sided love. It is detrimental beyond doubt and would cause unnecessary hurt. Anyone could tell how happy SHK looked - with her girlish wide smile and excited gestures and moving around basking in love, warmth and happiness and loving her man totally - giving her hand readily and tilting her head twice for their kiss. Who is to know how much love she bestows upon her husband away from the public eye? When the most beautiful couple marries at last, let's wish them a great marriage and great kids and more love and sunshine as they grow together. This ship has miraculously docked in glittering waters and beautiful sunset. Let's sit on the bank and catch the rainbow together with them.
  4. What a beautiful couple and their lovely families! Thank you to the fans and media for their livestreaming which give us such beautiful glimpses of Song Song wedding. The bride looks lovely and elegant in white and so happy with her smile and relaxed air. The groom looks so dashing and gentlemanly and I guess maybe holding back some tears. _______________________________________________________________________________ Congratulations to Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo on their beautiful wedding today, 31 Oct 2017! It will be a special day for them and their families and fans because this is the wedding of the century! It has garnered global love and attention simply because not only are they visually beautiful, they are the best examples of fame and humility and full of love and care for humanity. Song Song couple is one in a million and truly deserves each other. We've waited so patiently from before DOTS was aired to during DOTS to after DOTS. Today is the day SJK and SHK become man and wife. I wish both of them eternal love and blessings and may they grow together in their journey of love and unity and have many beautiful offsprings whom they will nurture to become wonderful beings just like them. To Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo - Wishing you both a lovely wedding and beautiful memories of today and forever and may you both love each other more each day and fill your lives with warmth, care, love and understanding. All the best to your married lives, cherish each other always and God bless you both with wonderful kids who will bring joy and laughter, love and harmony to your beautiful lives. Thank you for inspiring and touching lives and giving hope and love to others. 31 Oct 2017 will go down in history as South Korea's wedding of the century for our dearest and most beautiful Song Song couple! Gosh. I am so happy for them that I didn't realised that my eyes are filled with tears of joy....till the images blurred before me! LOL...
  5. Been drifting on cloud 9 since SS announced their wedding plan. This is an incredibly touching moment - 1 more day to go. From reading about fans spotting SS in NY to observing their interaction during the press con in Seoul to their 007 mission when departing for the HK press con.... and Baeksang Awards, KBS Awards and in between the many sightings of SJK squeezing time for SHK overseas plus all the clues in Kyo's IG and the various interpretations and speculations... I must say our ship has come a long way yet a short one for our couple to tie the knot! Our ship must be the envy of many others because it sails on its own, chartered by none other than Captain SJK - the cool, dashing namja with his intelligence in managing the fans, media and spotlight. With him, Kyo has enjoyed the lovely cruise till now and I'm sure she is in very safe and good hands as they sail in the sunset together. SJK is a man who gets what he wants, in his pursuit of our lovely Kyo. I'm really happy that Kyo is blessed with a guy who protects her and keeps her in his thoughts constantly. A guy who once said that he'll not disclose his love unless he's caught by the media - and he lived it up to his words by announcing not just their relationship but marriage. Here's a true gentleman - a guy who takes responsibility for the woman he loves. I'm sure SHK must be the envy of many women because she is loved so endearingly by such a cool guy. Likewise, SJK would also be the envy of many guys to marry such a lovely and much-sought after woman like Kyo. I'm glad to be a part of this wonderful SS ship and the shippers here have been very wonderful and responsible. Kudos to all! Well, from my first observation of SJK sharing the same bottle as SHK at the press con and pictures of their early bts till now.....it has been a beautiful and exhilarating ride and the joy of their impending wedding is unspeakable. Congratulations once again to Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo for their wedding on 31 Oct and may they be surrounded with lots of love, warmth, care, kindness, understanding and humility. Like SJK said, they'll make up for their areas that are lacking - with love. So I wish them eternal love as they exchange their wedding vows on 31 Oct and may they bask in each other's love always, in their forward journey together. May they have an awesome time with their family and friends during the ceremony and party and make fond memories to last them a lifetime! Know that shippers all over the world will be celebrating with them in our hearts because they make such a beautiful couple. p/s: Please, SS couple - if you could just take pity on us and show us just a pic or two of your wedding vows and ceremony......or better still, the wedding kiss...I think we'll have sweet dreams for the days and nights to come.
  6. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    I must say that "Black" and its lead characters had a good, intriguing start. Its many puzzles keep the adrenalin pumping and I'll definitely be catching more episodes to satiate my hunger for the cool grim reaper and the death psychic girl. SSH and Go Ara look very promising in these challenging roles and they definitely have more chemistry than I had thought. I'd rather "Black" shines on its own strength than for there to be expectations and comparison with "Goblin". Every drama has its own merits and should be given a chance to develop its storyline and let its audience piece the jigsaw puzzles together over time. "Black" is not "Goblin". And I'm glad it's not. Because I'm looking forward to a different dark drama and it's necessary to to have some dark humor or bloody scenes to align with its genre - a mysterious and psychic thriller with death, murder, pain, revenge and saving lives ultimately at its forefront. It's necessary to depict some scenes and actions to bring the point across that the grim reaper and its human form are separate entities and thus, behave differently, without and with emotions. At some point, I believe the two forms will merge and overlap leading to the grim reaper falling in love with HR. I'm honestly looking forward to the unravelling of many mysteries surrounding the dark plot in this drama. Not to mention the comfortable camaraderie of this cast that sees the best team effort to make this drama a successful and enjoyable thriller with their beautiful and credible acting.
  7. @kyonim Thank you very much for all that you've done to satisfy our hunger for SSCP news! There is no question of you being a 'poor translator' and 'showing up too many times"! The more often we see you here, the happier we are ! SJK must be the most awesome man in S Korea! He's going to be the most awesome husband to Kyo and soon, the most awesome Dad of all! Just like he's been super-sweet when talking about his beloved woman, I think we've run out of sweet words to describe JK too! He's just so proud to have such a beautiful and kind woman to share his life with, and he's so happy to be on a learning journey with her. You can see that he drops her name at every possible opportunity even though she's behind the scene. He wants the whole world to know that SHK is really a beautiful person with a kind heart. I'm sure he feels the luckiest man to be able to spend his life with her. I salute JK for running the forefront of this public relations program for his marriage. He's the one who suggested to announce the wedding. He took charge and launched his publicity activities in conjunction with BI so that no one event outshines the other. He's definitely successful in managing both events because he has been receiving lots of love from everyone regarding his impending marriage, and BI has set new records too. It's really happening - his double happiness! Congratulations to this incredibly endearing guy who is one in a million. He must have had it real challenging when he and Kyo were caught up with rumors and they had to make that quick decision to announce their marriage while carefully weighing the consequences. I bet that was one of the toughest decisions in their lives. And .... much as he was convincing that men should listen to their wives....Kyo apparently followed his lead by agreeing to the announcement.... LOL. Great job, JK! With two such great artistes as a couple, we can only expect good things to come from their nuptial. They will be there for each other always. Rather than ride the popularity roller coaster and have their lives be dictated by others, I'm glad they chose to plant their feet firmly on the ground and focus on nurturing their love and reaping what they sow later. SJK has the qualities of a great husband, father and family man. You can see how the kids are all drawn to him, in BI and at the KBS Awards. As for SHK, Director Wong Kai Wai had described her as a 'strong woman who shine and has the most beautiful features of an Asian actress'. The fact that he noticed 'the bright side of her' and chose her to play the role of a 'respectable, beautiful and elegant woman', spoke volume about her high standing as a person. He went on to praise that 'the camera loves her face' and ' the audience loves her face' and I want to add that now, SJK loves not just her face but her whole being too! And not forgetting JK's dad..... I believe that Kyo will be 'a woman just like a glowing sun' in JK's life (excerpt from Director Wong), as much as JK will be a man who gives it his all and have what it takes, to protect and love her fiercely. Thinking of what SHK has gone through in her life and how SJK has given so much to protect and love her......and how destiny has brought these two together........never fails to bring joy and tears to my eyes. Because their beautiful love story exists not in fairytales but in reality. SHK is basking in the warmth of SJK's sweet love.
  8. @hclover96 Gal, you're really awesome! Kudos to you! That consolidated meticulous time chart of our beautiful couple's love journey from the start till now must have taken up so much of your time and effort and it clearly shows your deep love for our couple. There are so much interesting details of their date and one thing is for sure - SJK is one smart guy. He dates in a group so no one questions if SHK is his girlfriend. Plus he has absolutely supportive friends who could be trusted not to divulge their relationship status. It might also be probable that he purposely make his relationship with Kyo so ambiguous that many were fooled, including some shippers! Lol.... those "noona", "sunbaenim", absence of PDA, fooling around with Kyo like good friends only, strictly no one-to-one date etc... even inviting her to his parents' house saw JinGoo and Jiwon tagging along too.... I believe that SJK charters his own ship extremely well, given his high IQ and good EQ. Kyo is certainly enjoying their exhilarating cruise, riding on high waves now and then. It must have been adrenalin-pumping for our Song Song couple to take on this beautiful love journey together, knowing that they are constantly under the radar and one wrong move could rock the ship or break a heart. I can just imagine how much thoughts and discussion SJK and SHK must have had to execute their plans smoothly and how SJK must have put Kyo ahead of himself and shield her from hurt each time. How he managed to break down her solid wall (built from unpleasant past experience) and win her trust and how mature and unselfish he must be to discuss something as serious as marriage at 31 and at the peak of his career. Like the MC at the KBS interview said - he is young but he has the mind of a 50-year-old! Well, SJK has said that he is actually a serious person but he can be playful at times. Perhaps these contrasting attributes have appealed to SHK - while JK's playful side feeds Kyo's childlike quality, his serious side promises her a steady, reliable and responsible guy who would provide security and stability, not to mention protection and unconditional love, in marriage as a long-term commitment. They really complement each other well, because I bet Kyo must have felt her protective instinct kicked in too, during those times when JK felt vulnerable in certain situations. We have seen that during their KBS Daesang Award speeches. There have been other situations as well. It is touching for JK to assure us that he and Kyo will address their shortcomings with love and do good together by being more conscious of their surroundings. This guy never fails to impress us with all his thoughts and actions. I must say his best shot is getting SHK to believe in love again and to trust him in their forward journey together. It must have taken JK lots of determination, patience and understanding to win her trust. Who wouldn't fall for his attractive qualities and intelligence at the end of the day? It seemed that all along, he had skilfully planned for this ship to sail. He was waiting for Kyo to go onboard with him. He gave her space to turn from a close colleague to a lover. Isn't it sweet of him? And she reciprocated so lovingly, finally having the courage to commit herself to a fairytale marriage. The handsome prince and the gorgeous princess. The knight in shining armour who has rescued the beauty from all the beasts. It's the love story of the century. Yes. Definitely. Absolutely.
  9. I'm sure everyone is revisiting SS's many sweet moments and everything that is connected with SSCP! Here's a clip where JK is so cute.... I can't help smiling at SJK's serious answer at 0:32: "No..no..no..They can't change their husband!" and again "They can't change their husband" at 0:38, in reply to the MC's remark that many girls want to change their husbands and boyfriends because of Yoo Shi Jin. He's cute when he said "If they want to change their boyfriend then it's up to them but they can't change their husband" (3 times!) His emphasis shows clearly that he's a guy who commits for life and believes faithfully in the institution of marriage and respects his vows to his beloved wife. I'm so glad for SHK. Look at his super-long hesitation at 1:04 in response to the question at 1:00....."So now, does it mean we all have a chance?" before he was forced to say "Yeah, Yeah"... That was so adorable! LOL....he must have found it hard to balance his honesty with hiding the truth at that point of time! Well done, Mr Song! Now, you don't need to hesitate and can openly relax and date your most cherished and lovely "Jagiya", under the most romantic ambience! And do us some favors, will ya? 1) Participate in a talk show featuring your beautiful love journey together (every intimate detail to be covered please - when, where, what, how) I'll leave out the "Who" and "Why" because it's obvious, isn't it? A Goddess who gives you positive energy and strength and who wipes your tears away...lol. 2) Do a grand wedding pictorial bridal magazine with beautiful shots (outdoors, indoors, bed scenes, kissing scenes, you name it we want it! All kinds of lovers' shots). We want to see SHK's wedding dresses! 3) Throw a huge party for Dispatch who have protected you both incredibly well. Kudos to them! 4) Present a consolation prize of a carton of soju to MBC since after all, due to their wrongful interference, you can now date openly without worrying and we love to see you both having sweet moments! 5) Appear in the variety show for newly married couples to share with your loyal shippers how beautifully in love you both are 6) Give us a clue on your wedding itinerary and venue, and lastly 7) If we can't be your guests then can we gatecrash your wedding party? Or will it be strictly behind the private sanctuary of solid walls so that people like us can't crash into? Because tons of us are planning to!
  10. @khxy Welcome home, dearest chingu!! You're one of my most cherished partners (hehe..) in this thread, apart from some of the lovely chingus who worked very hard to bring us news, updates and translations. Thank you for constantly being here and behind the scene, giving SS such beautiful love and support. Hope to see you here more often as our beloved couple are having the most beautiful wedding of the century! Btw, I saw from SJK's earlier Street Date interview that his female co-stars already mentioned that he's "a man who can live without the law". This only shows that he has been consistently outspoken with his views and is a strong advocate of justice, which is why we see him speaking up for his beloved woman without hesitation. Especially for her. It's so sweet to know that he put her interest at heart first, in making decisions or plans and never failing to find time for her. I'm very glad that he has clear priorities in his life because despite knowing the commitment of BI's crew and cast and feeling bad about the unfortunate MBC hype, he went for the most gentlemanly approach of announcing his marriage to SHK after getting all the blessings from parties concerned. He would know the avalanche of hatred and hurt coming to his woman from troublemakers, after the Bali trip 'exposure'. It warms my heart to know that all he had in mind was to protect her first. Such a gallant, gutsy and sincere guy is hard to find and Kyo is blessed to have found JK. Most importantly, he understands her reluctance to be in the spotlight for dating a co-star and celebrity, so he held in there for her sake as well, much as he had wanted to share the good news earlier. Who wouldn't, with such a gorgeous woman? And he certainly deserves her, after his patience and perseverance and winning her trust. SJK and SHK have warmed our hearts with their beautiful love story; It's not about who our goddess is or who your bias is in this thread. It's about our love and support for this celestially beautiful couple who has just given us the most wonderful, awesome news ever. It is this news that we should focus on and celebrate together. Let's bring the euphoria here a few notch higher by the day! Let's be crazily happy and overboard! It's so exciting to count down to their BIG DAY! I hope we can at least witness their passionate vows and kisses! If reality is a much prolonged shot of their truck and shipwreck kisses.....I can't promise that hyperventilation won't set in!
  11. "Song Joong Ki has described his perfect woman in a number of ways: someone cheerful and innocent, someone warm like a noona even when she's young, and, most recently, a wise woman. “My perfect type is a wise woman. That’s the most important part,” the actor said at the Descendants of the Sun finale conference." (So what's with all the brouhaha about calling noona?) "If I get a girlfriend, I won't spill the beans," Song Joong Ki said, "But if I get caught, I'll officially acknowledge the relationship." (A true gentleman) "My dating style? I learned so much from Yoo Shi Jin." (Bet we fell head over heels in love with Captain Cool's protective ways!) _______________________________________________________________________________________ BEST NEWS OF THE CENTURY. CONGRATULATIONS TO SONG JOONG KI AND SONG HYE KYO! Kudos to Song Song couple for their unwavering love despite all the intense spotlight on their relationship. I give SJK credit for his protective and persistent love for Kyo. How he spoke up for her time and again, despite the odds against him since the K-entertainment industry is all about saying nice stuff. How he stood up for her when all other guys would have hidden behind their cloak and cared about themselves and their image. I need to thank Song Joong Ki for being there for Kyo always, protecting her and shielding her from all the hatred & injustice Likewise, I believe Kyo has brought sunshine, beauty and innocence to Joong Ki's life - such an elegant, beautiful, unpretentious & caring woman yet childlike and jovial, is a rare find. It's a win-win match made in Heaven. For us who believe unwaveringly - Let's have a toast and a group hug together in this lovely thread! For us who protected our beloved couple from the start till the end - we are now rewarded with the best present ever. For those who have had doubts - it's ok. It's because you love SS too much and your faint heart can't take the rumbles so it tumbles. For those who left thinking that you've been taken for a ride - it's ok. We welcome you back warmly to celebrate this most cherished news. Because we are Song Song couple's loyal fans. We believe in this beautiful couple and we need to emulate their generosity in caring and sharing. I am so happy for both of them. Nothing can describe the wait and the anticipation. But the signs have always been there. The NY meetup. The long flight to Sweden for 1 day. The US and Japan escapades. I remember SJK said that if he meets his woman, he'll do what it takes to spend time with her, no matter how busy he'll be. Well, his actions have spoken. We've all witnessed Kyo's heart melted too, when she shocked us all with her participation at his Chengdu FM. We've seen how she managed to bypass all the brouhaha at the airport, breezing her way through when Joong Ki was busy distracting the crowd. Wow. That was admirably planned. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Song Joong Ki is the best guy to take care of Song Hye Kyo. He is the perfect gentleman. She will do him the honor of having his beautiful babies. Looking forward to more celebrations as their wedding date draws near! Like I said, all's well that ends well. The wait is worth it.
  12. Strange that there are people who think SJK is happy and laughing. One look at his eyes and you can tell the smile did not reach his eyes. When he's guarded, you think he acted like nothing is wrong. It's when you look deeper that you know he's not his usual bright self. I've no doubts that he's thinking of Kyo even when he put up a front to the world. Eyes are the mirrors to the soul. And JK's eyes mirrored his inner anxiety to resolve the issues on hand. Those are not smiling eyes. There is a serious look at times.
  13. Here's my thoughts: For MBC even hatching the idea of hitting below the belt by stooping so low in their quest to force our beloved SS couple to admit to dating - double shame on you! For MBC's amateurish/illegal ways of trying to dig information in Bali by pretending to be travel agents - someone please sue them! Best if UAA or Blossom or even the Bali Resort owners for these lowly creatures/imposters using unauthorised ways to obtain information for 'fraudulent' gain of higher ratings, irregardless of how they hurt our Song Song couple. For MBC promising SS dating news galore in their program next week - I say "GO TO HELL!". Who did they think they were dealing with? Song Song couple is so well-loved and well-respected in Korea and overseas. The fact that no one has divulged information on them till now speaks highly of the love they are receiving from everyone, including the well-known Dispatch who never fails to 'catch' celebs dating! And silly MBC thinks it can outshine Dispatch? Really? For MBC's ultra-violation of SS's privacy - let's petition for it to close down. It has no business operating if ethics are missing and its existence is to cheat, dig, expose and do harm! For the Betrayer of Kyo's private IG - Karma will haunt him because trust is badly violated. If trust is violated and harm is done, double whammy for this guy! It's such a privilege to be included in Kyo's private IG but some people just cannot resist fame and greed. So this freaking baboon said he's not interested if SS is dating or not? Really? Not even jealous? Kidding me. BUT....I'm not worried about our beloved couple even if the situation is volatile because I've full faith that SS couple will handle it well and I've full confidence that our Captain SJK, with his intelligent mind, will be busy giving instructions to the relevant parties behind the scene to turn the situation to their advantage, which means no forced admission except at their own time; BI goes ahead and does well; SS's escapade is private and confidential; MBC now apologises feverishly; waiting for the betrayer's punishment; and finally.....waiting for MBC's apology to SHK for stealing pics from her private IG and overall apology to Song Song for creating unnecessary tension and uncalled for publicity for both of them. Anyhow......All's well that ends well.......you'll see. Angels like Kyo are bestowed with celestial guardians like JK . That's why they are invincible.
  14. Hi Hi @Hclover96 and @utkim! It's really nice to hear from you both in times like this! Really need a calm brain and a logical outline of events to throw shade at anti-SS fans and reassure existing SS fans. This ship is very blessed with lots of faithful shippers who are steadfast in their belief in SS! And I really miss Khxy! Yo, @khxy, calling 1, 2, 3.. come back here, my dear chingu! Where art thou?
  15. Ok. So, for the life of me - I had to check my English grade again....but, where is the denial from both agencies that they're DATING? Am I missing something here? So JK's Blossom Agency (by the way , his cute baby face is really blossoming with his deep love to start a family soon) said he was with friends on a personal trip; while our lovely Beauty's UAA said she was there for a project and did not meet Captain Song. Yup. When Kyo was in NY, JK happened to meet her and hey, let's meet for a meal then. Wow. So coincidental right? NY- they were 'caught' together so both agencies had to admit they met up. Don't you think history is repeating itself in Bali? Kyo arrived first. JK after. Except this time, they were more careful plus the stakes are higher- BI is a BIG project with sensitive historical baggages and it's a serious thing. Remember SS was sombre at the President's Award during the ex-President's scandal? JK is also the type to want fairness & truth to prevail. So BI means a lot obviously. No personal matters should overshadow it, alongside with all the cast's & crew's hard work. UAA said Kyo did not meet JK. The key word that was deliberately omitted was "alone". Because SS had company. Good company too. There..there....the lawyers will say that it's omission of vital information; the Songs plead "not guilty" to meeting up. All for a good cause. Because if BI doesn't do well for some reasons, Beauty is gonna be stoned if they admit to their escapade. And JK being the protective guy, won't allow for that to happen. How could people forget that this guy has high IQ? Others have said SS shippers are crazy and overboard. I agree because I can't promise not to go crazy and overboard when their big day eventually comes! This ship trains us well, comrades.