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  1. @hclover96 @utkim Hi chingus! You're both such angels for sharing updates/ news/fans' artwork/translations etc with the thirsty shippers here! I really like that you both give credits where due and make this thread so sincere, warm & friendly! *Hugs"! I miss @khxy here...lol..but of course she has been active with backroom translations and updates too! Let's give ourselves reasons to be happy for SS couple, especially after reading SJK's WKorea interview. I was pleasantly surprised that a guy who previously said he's paid to do his job and was a rising star then, has now made his life choice clearly by telling the world that FAMILY & PASSION is now his priority. He definitely knows what he wants from life and the direction that he's heading towards. He wants to marry and have beautiful babies with his beloved most cherished partner. A partner with whom he wants to secure first, above all else. He's only 33 and at the peak of his career. But he was realistic when he said popularity don't last forever. I know we'll be rewarded handsomely for our dedication and patience. Here's a toast to SS and to us, their loyal fans!! The BEST for the last! Cheers to the most beautiful couple!
  2. Shippers' Paradise Shipping is a fandom practice that involves imagining relationships between two fictional characters from a show, movie, or book series. Shippers gather in the thread to share their love and passion for the couple, thereby creating a paradise for everyone. It's a place to chill and bond and to discuss observations, developments and updates, especially of juicy news that'll make our day. When in doubt, refer to the above. Still in doubt, give yourself a break from this thread while the rest of us can continue to float in paradise. I'm so glad that SJK never fails to 'fight' for his loved one on receiving his awards. He always make it a point to remind people that SHK has a major part in the success of DOTS. Such an awesome partner!
  3. Objectively speaking.... Frankly, I just can't imagine SJK saying "After cut, I don't listen to you anymore". Yes, SJK is very smart and full of his own ideas. There's nothing to stop him from doing loads of ad-libs as he had done so in DOTS many times. He's a man of his own when it comes to pushing his own ideas and I don't think he needs to listen or not listen to SHK. Nor does SHK expects him to be a follower and not doer. I would think that the crux of the conversation was after SJK's "You are very generous with your compliments, Sunbaenim". Look at SHK's raised eyebrows (of surprise), pressed lips, sideway glance and 'skeptical' smile (like disbelief). From the preceding sentence and her reaction, it seemed reasonable to deduce that JK hasn't been following protocol (calling sunbaenim) for a while as is the usual practice in the entertainment industry there. We all know that he had been referring to her as Hye Kyo-shii many times in the bts and elsewhere on stage too, probably because he is comfortable doing that with her. (And aren't we happy too, that he seldom calls her sunbaenim except in formal circumstances like the Award speech). So this segment of the commentaries is a cause for celebration because we know that 1) They meet outside work (that's why SHK seldom get to be called "Sunbaenim") 2) SJK takes it upon himself to address her on an informal basis (obviously since SHK was surprised to hear him call her that) 3) "I'll serve/treat you well" which is exactly what JK has been doing with or without calling her "Sunbaenim". Hey, didn't he run to her with tissues ahead of others? Obviously they were having a private joke about that. If it's about not listening to her, it doesn't seem right for the preceding sentence to be "You are generous with your compliments, Sunbaenim". Nothing in this sentence that would lead SHK to say anything about SJK not listening to her. It's clearly the "Sunbaenim" that kicks off the raised eyebrows. So it's a good thing that "After cut, he won't be doing it anymore" (calling her sunbaenim as he's comfortable with Hye Kyo-shii to bridge the gap). @hclover96 Thanks for your sharing and keeping this thread happy!
  4. Gosh. I'm speechless at the level of deluluness here...especially about SHK being pissed and venting out in a magazine. If it's not absurd, it borders on fantasy let loose. "When she is asked if she doesn’t believe in friendship between a man and a woman, she answers, “True” [meaning: she doesn’t believe in friendship between men and women]. I don’t have friends who are men. And although I’m close to Yoo Ah In after he joined the agency recently and Song Joong Ki after working with him, to them, aren’t I just a good noona who treats them well to a meal at restaurants?” Do read the above Q & A many times, if in doubt. Let me summarize from that short paragraph. 1) SHK does not believe that men and women can be merely friends (Implying if she has a friend who is a man, it can only be a boyfriend) and 2) Regarding the 2 guys, YAI & SJK, who are close to her, doesn't the journalist think that they see her as their good noona who treats them to a meal? To me, she was teasing the journalist about what he thinks. There was no mention that SJK treats her as his noona, nor she treats him as her dongsaeng. It's more like "Don't you think so?". The focus is obviously shifted to the journalist's point of view and away from hers. Simple as that. So I don't understand where the heartache nor disappointment is coming from. What was in SHK's reply that denies her relationship with SJK? She actually guided the journalist to see it the safe way that she wanted him to see. That's one smart woman. By the way, like seriously, do you really expect her to go public in a magazine? After all the effort to protect their relationship? Btw, SJK had many opportunities to put their record straight if Kyo is merely his noona but NO, he's enjoying the couplehood speculation with her over a meal. He sent his Manager to protect her. He grabbed her hand in public. He thought of her upon receiving his award and felt injustice at her being left out. He exudes possessiveness to the max. If looks can kill, that pink shirt interviewer at KBS Awards ceremony interviewing Kyo would have been dead by now; or have you forgotten the Towel Affair in JK's Chengdu FM? For her, she let him hugged her intimately at their win. She let him touched her many times. She waited for him. A more than 360 degree turn if that is possible, from her usual self. Previously she would have avoided her male co-star like the plague! Noona? Dongsaeng? LOL......far from it! No more doubts and bringing over irrelevant or haters'/ gay speculations post please. For newcomers, please DO NOT quote images. The one who can put all doubts to rest is our dear chingu, Sigang. Please come back and update us with juicy SS news, Sigang! Ignore the one who drove you away. You have all of US! Come back for SS's sake! Anyway, let's work together to keep this thread what it should be - A SHIPPER'S PARADISE FOR SHK AND SJK. Let's keep it sunny and happy.
  5. @Chellsee Thanks for the lovely pics of SHK. She looks absolutely gorgeous and so delectable. Shippers invest lots of emotions in their ship and that can override rational and blatant observations for some to the extent that they're defeated when what they're looking out for are not there for them to see...on the surface. Till they hear SS's wedding announcement, otherwise, they tend to lose faith for some reasons. We're treated to the Directors' Cut where we see the progressive stages of our beloved couple's close interactions - hey, it's real. They were that close then. We ought to be happy for being given a chance to see them laying their foundation for their intimacy today. The ease that they find each other's hands to hold; the speed that their glance conveys their needs and thoughts can only come from long-established understanding, like Kyo glancing at JK when he wanted to hold her hand and give her a close hug during Daesang announcement. She responded swiftly with all the right response. And don't tell me any guy can just touch Kyo's waist, hand and hip and leaned so closely beside her to talk to Puppy that their face and shoulders were touching intimately. Don't tell me Kyo can just grab JK's hand (at the top of the steps) or link her arm naturally with his at Baeksang Awards on the red carpet? And at KBS Awards, when she nearly tripped, she reached out so naturally and he was even watching her closely or he would not have responded so quickly to support her. Some things don't have to be spelt out for all to see. Both are not attention-seekers. They prefer to keep a low profile because they cherish their relationship. We have heard of their private celebrations and meals; their overseas getaway; their capability to disappear from the radar (eg the night in HK after their PC) and many instances of deflection methods used to protect their relationship. They have such great ninja skill that even the best stalker can be thrown off-track. All I can say is that SS couple calls the shot and you can't simply have Kyo divulging anything with JK in some stupid interview after all their effort to protect their relationship. It doesn't make sense to me to expect an avalanche of information just like that. But it makes absolute sense to me that the way SS couple touch each other exudes couple vibes that can only mean they are in it for real. The way they can't resist touching each other at public events speak volume about their true status. And the way SJK execute their 007 mission at the airport departing for HK last year - if you aren't convinced that the guy is a smooth intelligent boyfriend, then I'm afraid you're not up to his game of protecting his Beauty. SJK is not a dongseang to SHK. He is very much the Oppa in their relationship, if you haven't already realised that. To label himself a crybaby is just a smokescreen. He is very much a man to our lovely Kyo; a man who is so determined to carry their relationship to the end when he flew 12 hours to spend time with our gorgeous beauty just for one day! Which sane person would sacrifice so much unless it's a guy crazily in love? A guy who is so determined to sit next to her on the couch during her FM that he, a nice honest guy, resort to maneuvering his way with YAI so he could sit next to her and have her serenade "I love you..." with him. And can't you feel Kyo radiating with happiness? Feel the aura of a woman in love, waiting for her Knight all the while during KBS Awards, despite her bodyguard indicating to move off? Time does not stop just because they're in love. They've commitments to fulfil. All I know is that SJK is as determined a guy to fiercely protect SHK and their relationship as much as you and I are determined to believe and trust in their love. You would remember how he made no bones about his unhappiness with the media and fans for invading his family's privacy at a presscon. It's the same guy protecting his woman now.
  6. @hclover96 Omo. My dear girl, you just made our day! Thanks for your positive confirmation of the watch. I could hug you! Yay! What you do not know does not make SS any less real. There are things privy to them alone but we've enough indications, whether intentional or not, to know that SS is real. They just love to tease us and don't we love being teased!
  7. I'm enjoying the posts - every shipper here is awesome in his/her own way and I'll not bash anyone whose life has been turned topsy turvy because of choppy waters perceived by him or her. Probably there's sufficient suffering by the incumbent. As for our lovely couple - I can only surmise that if not for SJK's intelligence and high EQ, this precious relationship might not have been what it is today, because it's his call all along, in protecting his love. So yes, Kyo is very blessed. And who more safe than Kwang Soo and YAI for projects with his beloved Kyo? You figure that out. 23rd is a special date so there'll be anticipation.....and so let's anticipate, shippers. If not, there's always a reason known to them for choosing yet another date. Who cares because it's a matter of time for nuptial celebrations. Go on, SMILE. We have reasons to be happy. Go scrutinise the Directors' Cut Versions and all the BAA and KBS moments. Take note of all the little gestures between our couple. You can't miss them, like JK staring carefully at Kyo's gown when going up the steps; like his hand behind her back and waist; like their secret smile...the list goes on. Stay tuned for good news. Btw, the only time I ever felt like throwing darts at someone was when our dear Sigang was stopped from sharing beautiful SS news with us. We really need her back. Seriously....Sigang was quenching our thirst till she was rudely ticked off. History better not repeat itself. I'm grateful to our chingus for sharing updates and news. It kept us going. @twtwb @hclover96 @utkim @khxy @angieknows @wen5471 @felicialoveskpop @superbigcat etc (I'm sure there are more and you know who you are) - thanks for all that you've done. There must have been tremendous effort put in and that makes the waiting worth it for the good news to come....
  8. Super happy with the Shilla and Laneige updates! Thanks to @hclover96 for keeping us in the wonderful SS loop! @utkim & @khxy dearies, please come spam here together soon! By the way, the chingu we should love to call back here is Sigang who has first hand reliable SS news! So Sigang, where are you! Come back soon. We really miss you!
  9. @hclover96 Hi to my fav chingu! Thank you so much for your post and there is no need to apologise because all SS news are appreciated. I know you're busy so no worries. Truly appreciate all that you've done in this thread. I also want to thank @khxy whom I've forgotten to thank at times...lol. She's been such a great SS shipper, always ready to share what she knows about SS too. I love her baidu and weibo sharing together with yours, dear. I'm happy that SJK's dad put up the KiKyo signboard at least for the first night of 2017, lighting up the new year for our dear couple. Since he took the gifts meant for SHK too, well, I would like to imagine that she's very much a close part of his family as well. We can see that JK has his dad's good manners and excellent upbringing of a gentleman. JK shows all these in his beautiful moments with Kyo, especially in Baeksang and KBS events. He has different ways of showing his care and adoration and the main observation is that he behaves like her man and she, his woman. The hand behind her back, the looking down of her climbing the steps to make sure she doesn't trip, the way he came to her rescue to disallow the drunken scene, the cue from him in her beauty blood type scene (he knows she is shy doing that so he plunged right into the scene).....the glance he threw at her after the break to make sure she's fine (when she was talking to the red blouse lady)....it all shows their deep affection for each other. He cares obviously. And I love him at the President's Award where he really behaved like an Oppa to Kyo when he was firm about her moving inwards so that she's not left out at the side. Just look at the adamant look on his face.....he even guided her with his hand behind her elbow. SJK may be younger but he's definitely the Oppa in their relationship and I believe SHK loves it. Let's hope they will turn up for JIS's "The King" movie today, even if they don't walk together, so long as we can see them in the same frame, I'll be elated. I miss them much and let's all pray that they will have events together soon, like maybe DOTS get-together since they won the Daesang Award and JK also won many awards for DOTS. I still cannot get over all the KBS sweet gestures.
  10. @hclover96 and @utkim Dearest chingus, Thank you for sharing what you know about our beloved Song Song couple with us. I'm sure shippers here are elated to be updated and informed about Song Song news! Frankly, I'm looking forward to very good news and Shilla is being so open about it. Really miss this beautiful couple. We need shippers like you both who are willing to share and not hoard information or tell others off for sharing information. Sigang is sadly missed by many and I'm sure many of us hope that she'll be back with good news because we love SJK and SHK. Calling Sigang, where are you, our dearest lovely comrade? Please come back! By the way, I can see lots of SS beautiful moments in the KBS show that our lovely chingus have shared with us through their fancams. It is so beautiful that it does not matter who inititates what or who held whose hands or who touched who first. You can see that both are so truly cherishing each other and could not help all the involuntary touching and look and the biggest bonus for the night was when our cool Captain reached out for his lady's hand, held on to it dearly in front of the audience (making sure everyone knows for sure) and sealing his ownership with that beautiful hug! So who cares who initiates what? I can only say that both were restraining themselves and about JK not holding Kyo's hand to help her up the stage - well, if you are realistic, it is better to have both hands holding that long gown for dear life than to have one hand holding the gown and one hand being held by the guy where chances of tripping is greater. What matters most is that JK was always beside her, looking out for her and reacting instantly when Kyo needed help. He looked out for her all the time and made sure his hand was behind her, just in case. This speaks volume about their caring for each other, inclusive of kyo putting her hand behind him after his teary speech. See, we should look out for the things that matter, and not focus on what's done previously. They could have learnt from it and be more subtle now but still, they could not hide their deep affection and care for each other. So yes, let's give them the love they deserve and I'll be here to spam when the good news arrive. Meanwhile, we can still rejoice in their Daesang award and enjoy their KBS intimacy for the time being. It will come.
  11. Song Joong Ki, despite his boyish charm and irresistible charisma, has a serious side to him. He is witty, smart and considerate. Yet he shows his vulnerability when he is in the presence of his most cherished partner. He allows his guard to be down with her. He is childish and gigglish at times with her. All because she holds a special place close to his heart. Look deeper at the KBS night with all the wonderful fancams. Don't just look at what's on the surface. It's the small details that really matter. If anything else, Joong Ki's assurance at SHK's FM - "In the future, many different things will happen - happy ones of course. There will not be bad ones", speaks of a deep assurance and commitment which one cannot miss, towards his special lady. Believe in his words. Believe in their private moments. Believe in Song Song love. It's a beautiful love between 2 beautiful beings. One can't expect PDA all the time, when both are private persons. You have to look at the situation. KBS is a Public event after all, held on a large scale. They probably have learnt from the high publicity given to their BAA affectionate moments. Coupled with the political situation in S Korea, it would be the furthest from their mind to hit the headlines with their PDA! Not with SJK. Not with SHK. So chill. Trust and Wait. We will rejoice when the time comes. p/s: He remembers their first meeting. She didn't. It had mattered to him - enough to share the details at her FM. Being the good guy that he is, he was apparently at the same clothes store with SHK, to buy elastic pants for his.....erm.....beloved oma. But really, who knows if that wasn't a planned meeting? SJK is a good/sly planner, remember?
  12. It was clearly a huge relief to know that SS couple won the Daesang Award jointly. They both deserve it, especially Song Hye Kyo who had been by-passed so many times. To me, SJK was overwhelmed, amongst other things, because: 1) He was emotional over PBG's emotional speech, acknowledging his initial difficulties and feeling grateful to JK for being a great help to him 2) He was reminiscing DOTS filming if you look at his expression when Gummy was singing. He had so much fleeting emotions on his face. Perhaps he was internally grateful for DOTS for putting him on such a high pedestal, winning accolades after accolades and giving him the escalated status to super-stardom right after army. I think it was an unexpected gift to him, being so soon. 3) All the pent-up emotions of seeing Kyo not getting her share of the accolades, ceremony after ceremony, are all let loose when the winners for Daesang were announced and you could see the gesture of a huge relief when he stood up. That must be the most painful part when he was waiting for the results. He definitely felt more anxious for Kyo than for himself because after PBG won the Top Excellence Award, he must have known that he stood a good chance of the Daesang Award but he would not have been sure about Kyo's because she had been by-passed many times after all. So I guess the pressure of trying to prepare himself should Kyo not get it was eating at him. So he let all out after. 4) He was overwhelmed by his own achievements in a span of one year and was grateful to his parents and cast support and especially grateful for the opportunity to shine in DOTS after army. So he was grateful to the producer, scriptwriter and staff all at once too. 5) It has been an incredibly successful year for him in nearly all aspects of his life (including his personal of course) and it must have dawned on him that at last, he was getting the highest acting award with his beloved partner by his side, for the first time. He was solemn and calm in previous awards ceremonies when he was alone on stage. So I guess Kyo must have that effect on him - making him feel grateful and blessed all at once. 6) He had just finished filming a tough movie and the emotions might have a carry-over effect sparked off by the final Daesang announcement. I must say that Song Song is playing down their relationship very well but we could still see moments when they had private gestures and unspoken words that only two people who are extremely close can establish such an understanding. It's good that they're taking time to bond outside DOTS and not succumbing to external expectations. Any announcement will be at their own time, knowing JK's meticulous planning style and their preference to keep their dating private.
  13. Congratz to our beautiful couple! They won Daesang together! They totally deserve the win. Daesang is the highest award. Hope they will announce their good news too! Can't wait. It's a great beginning for SS couple and for us, their fans. Happy New Year!
  14. @Chellsee Thanks for the wonderful news that SS is attending the KBS Awards on 31st! This is the best pre-Xmas news! Thanks for all your updates in this thread! @Hclover96 Chingu, you rock! *hugs*! Now, my Xmas wish is for SS to clinch the Daesang Award together & my New Year wish is for SS wedding announcement in January.
  15. Yay! Even Korea Government is acknowledging the global love for our SS couple! Yes, their fantastic contributions to Korea!! At last.....SHK is given her due recognition! Korea supports SS love!!