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  1. I agree with you @katakwasabi I wish I could turn back time to vote against JJY's comeback!!! If he's never returned... probably we can still enjoy 2D1N as it is.. without JJY... I am not sure why I get the hunch that CTH's case is too overdramatized.... Now that he's removed/withdraw from Radio Star too... https://www.soompi.com/article/1311473wpp/radio-star-confirms-cha-tae-hyuns-departure-shares-upcoming-plans Gosh... It's just too sad!!!!!!!
  2. I cannot understand for those who made the petition to abolish the show... Really cannot understand... Is there any other way I can help to help the petition NOT to abolish the show?
  3. my heart sunk to read CTH’s name was mentioned. Out of them all I am most worried about him... gosh this scandal is really getting worse and worse each day.....
  4. Thanks @The_Doctor I have done what I must. I love this show to bits and I don’t want just because of one sinner, the show is halted! It’s just so unfair..........
  5. A mixture of anger and sad... more to sad... why why why is this happening... This is one of the best reality shows there is in the world. And there are a lot of families love this show. Just because of that one person!!!!! What about the staff and especially the other members??!!! Not their fault that he’s a sinner. Gosh.... I hate this!!!!
  6. I hope that JJY's case will not drag ANY of 2D1N members..... I really hope so...... Everytime I open Soompi these days, always shocked with the news of new persons who are related to this case... This is a harsh reality... What JJY did is horribly, terribly wrong... So, I am begging in my silent prayers for CTH, KJH, KJM, Donggu and Defconn NOT to be dragged.... No matter how close they are/were.... I really, sincerely hope that none of them are involved..... I really enjoy 2D1N since Season 1... Great reality show to make me and my whole family laugh and bond together... So, this scandal is really devastating... Especially to recall how he's so close to KJH.... Dearest CTH, KJH, KJM, Donggu, Defconn, all the staff and producers, writer... PLEASE STAY STRONG!!! We love you!
  7. I really, really enjoy the show... I love all the casts.. Yoo Yeon Seok (from Warm & Cozy, Romantic Doctor Kim, Reply 1994), Son Ho Jun (from Go Back Couple, Terius Behind Me, Reply 1994), Choi Ji Woo (since a long time... Winter Sonata time to the Three Meals A Day, Grandpa Over Flowers), Yang Se Jong (Romantic Doctor, Temperature of Love, 30 but 17), Jo Jae Yun (hated him in DOTS ), Nam Joo Hyuk (Three Meals A Day, Weightlifting Fairy).... All the handsome guests... Their hard work and bright attitudes were really amazing... I bet they're very, very tired to do all the stuff they're doing... I used to work in a cafe before, so I really feel them! But they're all smiley and warm towards the guests... I agree that the guests should have donated more! I mean... if my favorite actor brew me a cup of coffee.... that $10 coffee would cost more than $500! Moreover not only did they brew the coffee, they did all the preparations by themselves, cooked the food, and washed and clean all the dishes!!! Gosh!!! I am glad Na PD created this show.... I really enjoy this show... and so sad it's over soon....
  8. I am still repeating Encounter.... now on the stage of concentrating on the voices (didn't watch just listen to the drama) and still head over heels crazy with Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk..
  9. I am not here to judge JJY.. He's a family... I am sad he'll be no longer in 2D1N, but I am sadder with the cause of his disposal... I hope (if he really did/does the nasty things he accused for) he would find his way back to the right path... I hope all the other members will be okay.. I hope they would find a replacement... I don't know how to feel... I am worried about the other members and the show, too...
  10. So glad to see Joo Won's IG updates... I miss him so so much... He's in Koh Samui today, right? Ahhh how I wish I could fly to Koh Samui to see him Hey @booha lovely to see you here! I really hope to see Joo Won in a new drama soon.... I miss his acting... I wonder what character will he play next....
  11. Oh good heaven. PBG sings the OST I love his voice!! Thanks for posting the video here @gumtaek I am still rewatching from Ep1 again. Still giddily in love with Kim Jin Hyuk
  12. I just finished watching the Finale on my big screen. One sentence to describe Encounter... A perfect Melodrama. I was so glad and happy to see the happy ending. Their love story is just so beautiful beyond words. Really, it’s just a perfect melodrama. I would want to watch this over and over and over and over again. People say this is a boring drama. I guess they didn’t open their hearts to see the beauty of a perfect melodrama. Love it so much. I will miss Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyeon so much. Thank you chingudeul in this thread for the companions, for the laughter, insightful insights, the friendship... Life is good again! Love is real! Although I doubt that there’s a man as perfect as Kim Jin Hyuk in the real life but this drama gives me hope in love again.
  13. Last night I didn't dare to listen to the conversations on the short videos posted on IG, since I saw those tears and eyes and scenes... My heart wrenched to see the current status of our couple... I cannot take it to see how CSH seems so lonely and alone! Especially after KJH's mom talked to her... It really broke her heart... my heart too.. our hearts.. I mean, I cannot say I don't understand why JH's mom did that.. Being a mom myself, if my son were that kind and nice and handsome, and to see that he's being harrassed by others because of a woman... I would feel her heartache and may wanted them to be separated.. BUT... I would have talked to my son and not to the girl! I hated it when my MIL came and talked to me things concerning my husband - He is your son, talk to him! Hence I hated KJH's mom's guts to come and talk to CSH for things concerning her son (and herself)... I saw that the written preview and the scene preview for tonight's episode were contradictory... I surely, truly, madly, deeply hope that the written preview will be more accurate... I hope the happy ending will be as CSH's version The Happy Ending where CSH and KJH can be together, happily, forever... Go to Cuba! Start a family there! Go out from Korea... Pleaseee... Hope no noble idiocracy will play here in this drama.... I am going crazy... I cannot stand the sadness....
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