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  1. Last night I didn't dare to listen to the conversations on the short videos posted on IG, since I saw those tears and eyes and scenes... My heart wrenched to see the current status of our couple... I cannot take it to see how CSH seems so lonely and alone! Especially after KJH's mom talked to her... It really broke her heart... my heart too.. our hearts.. I mean, I cannot say I don't understand why JH's mom did that.. Being a mom myself, if my son were that kind and nice and handsome, and to see that he's being harrassed by others because of a woman... I would feel her heartache and may wanted them to be separated.. BUT... I would have talked to my son and not to the girl! I hated it when my MIL came and talked to me things concerning my husband - He is your son, talk to him! Hence I hated KJH's mom's guts to come and talk to CSH for things concerning her son (and herself)... I saw that the written preview and the scene preview for tonight's episode were contradictory... I surely, truly, madly, deeply hope that the written preview will be more accurate... I hope the happy ending will be as CSH's version The Happy Ending where CSH and KJH can be together, happily, forever... Go to Cuba! Start a family there! Go out from Korea... Pleaseee... Hope no noble idiocracy will play here in this drama.... I am going crazy... I cannot stand the sadness....
  2. Both Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan are on my watchlist... Can't wait to see them on the same screen! Count me in, chingudeul!
  3. Thank you for following me, @Tasia! :)

  4. Annyeong Chingudeul... Been a silent lurker and a fan of Yun Kyun Sang (since for 3 Meals A Day)... I was so excited to wait for this drama... And I really like the flow and the story line... I like how SK grown and healed by OS - well, they have become better and better persons after they met... Grandpa is still a problem... but I believe, love will conquer all And the KISS last night!!! Gahhhhh................... So cute... OS is just so petite especially comparing to YKS... but they do look good together!
  5. Whoaaa... I don't know what to expect for tonight's episode! Whether or not it is a proposal.... I am excited to see them both holding the bouquet with their couple rings intact.. Goshh... I can't believe only 4 more episodes to go! Next week will be our Last Encounter week!!
  6. Regardless of this show being ended happily or sadly... I think we need to accept the fact that these 3-4 episodes will be the "trials episodes"... Whereby the story may bring our CSH and KJH separated or breaking up and other heart wrenching situations may occur to their relationship with each other, their family... I don't know... And being a melodrama... I think we need to anticipate that much... But hopefully... really hopefully... this will not end on a sad note..................... Through this drama, the couple had revived my feeling of being loved and in love again... The beauty of love. Something that had gone cold within me... And against all odds, the non powerful non rich guy... with all his sincerity and love and kindness, loving this lonely, cold, sad, rich woman... I really, really need to see a happy ending, for them to be together in love..
  7. I think that last night's episode was so beautiful.... Also making me worried and nervous... A lot of signs of making this a sad ending.. Oh dear PD-nim, you cannot do this to them okay??? Now that I watched with the subtitle... It made me more nervous.... I really, really hope no sad ending for this drama pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......... KJH's words about not being together (separated by death) is not a sad ending... because the love continues... because it's true love... It's deep... And SAD!!!! It's wonderful to have a true love, being continuously in love even after the death of one's spouse/lover.... but still... being together is much more wonderful and meaningful... Being together and not separated... I really hope they will have a happy ending - being together until they're old... not having anyone terminally ill..... Sorry for the rant.. my heart just can't take it to think of the possibilities of having them separated... Gahhhhhhhh....
  8. Annyeong chingus... Wow, the casts! I love all 3 of them from 30 but 17 (YSJ), 3 Meals A Day (SH), and Mad Dog (WDH)... Am not really a fan of sageuk drama... But I am willing to take my chances with these 3... I can't seem to run away from especially YSJ's charm
  9. I am late but hope not too late... Just started watching Temperature of Love on Netflix... And gahh.... YANG SE JONG Am on ep 12 (24-25) Really love the love lines and the love bickers... Anyway, will lurk some more on the past posts while watching..
  10. Gahh... I kept on re-watching ep 10 since last Thursday.. And still can't get enough of the episode... Moreover after reading some analysis from uri chingudeuls in this thread... making each time watching a different experience... One time I will focus on the hands, the other times on the feet, on the lips... on the eyes... (special thanks to @bebebisous33 Gahhh..... I wish I can watch the online stream tonight... Nevertheless... it's still like 6 episodes to go... Therefore I think........ We may have some heart wrenching break up or unfortunate events between uri CSH and KJH coming up.... However I cannot see why it will end up as a sad ending... I think a happy ending is guaranteed... but how the road to the happy ending will be, that's what we are eager to find out... ~ How will KJH become someone powerful enough to protect CSH? ~ How will CSH be able to get the hotel out from Taegyeong's influences? ~ How will CSH's dad be successful in politics - and whether or not the mother will realize how a selfish b**** mom she is... ~ Will we get to see a baby?? BTW... I wonder why on ep 10, KJH's mom is nowhere to be seen... When he came back home, we only get to see his dad... Just hoping that the mom won't be one of the hindrance of their (KJH & CSH) relationship... Anyway... Off to reply again.... starting from the scene: KJH shouts: "Samuel harabeoji, kamsahamnidaaa"
  11. Come to think of it... this drama has almost everything Kdrama lovers love about Kdrama... Beautiful actress(es) Handsome actor(s) Beautiful love story Wonderful Cinematography Amazing OSTs Main characters holding hands Sweet Dates Beach scenes Watching movies together Play bicycle Video calling Mother the devils (in here 2 devilish mothers!!!) Best Friends support Hug Back Hug Kisses Hot Kisses Steamy Kisses Bed scene (I meant, carrying one to her bed... ) But again... this is tvN... who knows............................................................................... Regarding KJH's timing when he said "I love you" to CSH... I felt that because he may all along been feeling that he's too ordinary to help CSH... and when he's able to put the big smile on her lips when she received that phone call regarding the hotel, I think his confidence raised up and there he felt it could be his moment to tell her that he loves her, and that he would do anything he could for her... and he is extra ordinary... I don't know.. That's the makjang feelings I felt when he marched there to back hug her and to say "I love you" to her... Gosh... I am under their spell again!! The magic of Havana!!!
  12. Last night's episode was so, so hot and steamy. I dropped my phone when watching KJH said I love you and kissed CSH, due to trembling hand... So romantic and crazily hot!!!! I am a fan of SHK since Autumn in My Heart... Then a fan of SHK and SJK - uri SongSong couple... I have huge appreciation towards SHK's actings and how she portrayed every characters she's in. However, I came across a lot of negative comments like her being kissed/kissed PBG as a sign of her falling in love with PBG. About how she's cheating on SJK.. Oh come on... But what I see is those two, SHK and PBG, as two professional actor and actress who are doing their jobs perfectly, to act and give audiences a wonderful melodrama... The kisses are between Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk, in the drama nation called Encounter/Boyfriend... I cannot wait to see what this drama will offer... I sure hope CSH's ex-husband would not joined the evil forces against CSH... It is unfortunate that his love towards CSH was not felt by her.. It's just too late for them both anyway... and CSH' heart belongs to KJH... I wanted to know how will KJH's family reacted to CSH... especially the mother... I hope that cute Secretary will end up with the snail soup owner... Their bickering is fun to watch! This drama is so beautiful... From the cinematography, OST, actors and actresses, the story, the actings.... Now, back to the kissing.. Gah... I am having goosebumps again to see especially the HD GIF!!!