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  1. That has been my theory all along. The senior dentist might have been part of a criminal scheme.
  2. I just saw the KBS preview line up for today. I am totally skipping this weekend. There was no hope or comfort in sight.
  3. Is that clip from the past or the present time? I am curious. Perhaps, I should watch episode 4 again. All that I want is for this whole mess to be cleared up once and for all. But that is wishful thinking.
  4. For now, my anxiety level is at a peek. Did you see Dae Ryook totally collapsing shortly after his father hit the desk? Does that mean the father told him to split?
  5. I don't want Do Ran and Dae Ryook to split. I don't people giving Don Ran a hard time. I miss her old spunky self. She is so tame now. I can't deal.
  6. Palle, palle, palle tell us the story of that uncle. I have a feeling he is a killer or something really bad. This actor usually takes evil & sinister parts.
  7. I thought the same. I think he took the crime for someone else while he was young. I am not sure what the real story is. Let's say, he did kill Daya's father by accident it will be interesting how the show will progress. I also have a theory, that the father has run away from his annoying wife and is hiding with someone's money he stole. LOL
  8. Nothing good will happen. I am really the writer will pull a stunt and change the storyline by exonerating Mr. Kang. On an aside, my thought is that this drama does not reflect well on Korean society or any other society that treats their young brides this way. I realize the mother in law is a common theme in whichever culture one comes from. But the way those young brides get treated is beyond the pale once they are poor. The way they dress them down, kill their career ambition and taunt them for their economic status. I get it if you don't like the character of the daughter in law but to taunt her on her economic background in this day and age is just wrong.
  9. That's my man. Now, it his turn to protect DR from his mother and sister in law. Move out as soon as possible. I believe in WDR. I hope the girl from the past won't come and disrupt their marriage.
  10. @Ayame thank you for posting. It looks like Halmoni is going to get our DR will be needed by that family. WDR has demonstrated support toward her. Maybe the father attempt will be a wake-up call. I just hope that rich girl does not get in the middle of things. I doubt WDR has the desire or the energy to be with another person. She is being stupid to push herself at this point.
  11. smhelen

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    Revenge time. Probably, it is his time for revenge.
  12. I have not watched that scene carefully but I keep reading the posts and I was hoping he will be exonerated.
  13. Maybe he suffers from kdarma illness, Acute Noble Idiocy? Remember, he took the blame, originally, for his childhood friend and became a Juvenil Delinquent. Maybe that is the path he took? I don't know
  14. Hopefully, things will be cleared out and the rest of the episodes will be exonerating the father from being set up. I am also curious to know what the MIL was talking to DR about. I hope WDR will stick with her through this and take his wife away.