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  1. Havent watch the ep 3 with eng sub. But i love how u write about CSH exhusband.. i noticed it too during the ep2 when the woman said about their ‘relationship’ at the restaurant i knew that JWS just pretend to have scandal with her so that he can divorced CSH. But because of his love for her, he also refused to let her totally free from him. Their relationship was binded with the contract. But at least for CSH, she’s already has no relationship with her ex. I dont know how long JSW will continue to protect CSH especially when he knew it later CSH is with KJH. I obviously pitied her ex if what he did is purposely to protect CSH but I’m confident that i’m not into the second lead syndrome because like i said before KJH already have a soft spot in my heart. Hewhewhew
  2. I dont know about others but for me when I saw the 1st ep where KJH saw CSH for the 1st time, he already attracted to her. It’s their first encounter in Cuba that gave deep impact for both of them especially KJH. Maybe because he is still young then he has the guts to confess compared with CSH who already had experienced failure in marriage and a not so closed relationship with her mom
  3. I think it’s a sign that he wants to get closer to her but later CSH stepped back. This small gestures give a meaningful feeling for both of them
  4. This drama is still long way to go. Of course there will be conflicts.. push & pull between the main characters. Dont forget the mil and her own mother..m. but let’s hope a happy ending for this drama because KJH already have soft spot in my heart.. if he confessed to me, without hesitation i will accept it!
  5. Yeahhh.. me too. How i wish i can understand korean KJH facial expression. Auwwww... OMG!! We’re just in ep3 and the hero already made confession
  6. Is he already confessed to her? Seems like he already cannot hide his feelings anymore
  7. I just love how KJH smile towards her. It’s telling me that no matter what happened, he still can face it. Maybe this is one of the reason why CSH become more comfortable with him.. I think this is how his character should be. A young carefree man who fall in love with a divorced woman.. sorry for my bad english. Hewhew
  8. Hi everyone! It’s been a while i dropped a comment at soompi. I decided to crawl back to my cave as i give up watching the drama few months ago. but here i am hoping this drama can attracted me until the final episode. So far i’m enjoying the 2 episodes.. The characters, storyline, scenery totally not dissapoint me. Can’t wait for the next ep!
  9. Poor CS. I just hope he will ignore/doesn’t care about SW anymore. Let him in love with the woman he had just met in the hospital. At least CS was not rejected for the third time. Or will SW change her answer later? Nahhh I’m more interested in knowing the secrets of his ledger’s book. What happened to SW’s father? Sorry maybe I’ve missed the story as most of the time i just skipped it. I only want to see JH
  10. Indeed.. i also got confused when DSW said that she likes Poong in her dreams.. in reality? Hmmm.. if she already decided who is the right person for her, then why she asking DCS for time? This is exactly what DSW did at the restaurant when she rejects DCS and said she might want to know more about him later? correct me if i’m wrong but i think what she meant she worried that she will fall for him? last night ep seems like we already know DSW and Poong are the real OTP.. please dont hurt DCS anymore with this relationship. Just focus on other story i.e DCS history, revenge and DSW’s father
  11. 1-3 yesss please. I want to know DCS past story and his relationship with the gum lady. Looks like the gum lady considers DCS as her son. And been wondering what happened to SW’s dad.. seems like her dad had linked/related with DCS I believe DCS’s minions will stick to their boss no matter what. Maybe they will be back as gangster. Auwwww poor DCS Writernim, if you already decided with the OTP, please stop messing with DCS’s heart.
  12. DCS is really one of JH’s character that i really like.. a gangster yet so cute and funny. A soft hearted man in front of the woman he loves. I thought JRW’s character just like her previous drama in History of Salaryman. She’s so good portraying Yeo Chi. But her character as DSW is not bad. She’s cute I dont know if i can continue watching this drama. We got great actors. LJH as first lead although he is still a rookie but he managed to bring out the character as the chef. It’s just that the storyline Poor DCS. I just wish his happy ending
  13. I’m dying to know what DSW said to CS at the hospital.
  14. Yep.. i like the kissing scene My OTP is still CS-DSW And yesss JH is very good in action scene..I still remember his flying kick in Chuno/Slave Hunter.. Awesome