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  1. Thank god it was just a misunderstanding, thank you very much for the clarification. I'm also waiting for June 17 to have new clues or an official announcement confirming that they are together.
  2. I love reading your comments, but I'm a bit confused right now, maybe I misunderstood, but ... is it my imagination or are some of you implying that our beautiful couple could have ended their relationship? Because of an announcement that was made on September of last year? I apologize if I misunderstood it, but could you please tell me why you think they might have separated?
  3. Hello, I have been a silent reader Most of the time I am shipper of the couples who make the characters in k-dramas and j-dramas, and I have rarely been a shipper of actors and actresses as couples in real life, but since W, I actually believe That both LJS and HHJ could be a great couple in real life, I really hope that one day they will be couple (if they are not dating already, because seriously with everything we have seen in the making, NG, BTS and interviews ). Can anyone please add me to the private group chat? You have no idea how much I want to talk about the content of W director cut. Thank you.
  4. Thanks adeleyam. I already received my package this Monday, and wow, it was truly worth every penny. I really wish I could know the korean language to understand all the additional material. I really love this forum, you have no idea how much I enjoyed reading your comments, see the images you shared and follow the live recaps of the episodes, read their theories and spoilers, thanks to all of you, you have made it so special "W Two Worlds" for me, so with all my heart, thank you very much.
  5. Hi everyone, for years I have been a silent reader, but I did not dare to comment because my English is not so good, however I want to thank all users for this post, thank you very much for making "W Two Worlds" even more Special, I loved reading their theories, as well as the way they deepened in each scene. Thank you very much. By the way, does anyone know if Innolife has already started sending out shipment notices for W DVD's and Bluray?